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Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Cash Cab for Real? 7 Contestants Speak!

See the original image at If you’re reading this post, you probably love trivia and game shows as much of the rest of us _flossers. So chances are you’ve watched at least one episode of Cash Cab on Discovery Channel, right? And chances are you’ve wondered whether it was rigged or not.

Click here for the full article: Is Cash Cab for Real? 7 Contestants Speak!

Miami's Ugly Attempt At Keeping the Super Bowl

A new roof may be on the way for Dolfans


You may have thought the Dolphins' home stadium had hit bottom with its "Land Shark" moniker, but now another bizarre retrofitting is in the works.
With NFL officials warning that Miami is about to be on the "Do Not Host Super Bowl" list, stadium officials are suggesting a 621,000 square-foot roof be attached on top of the stadium.
The immediate online responses to the roof ("mind numbing ugly," "could scare away a hurricane") have been brutal. Thankfully, the proposed changes inside are getting much better reviews:
The good news for football fans at both levels is that seating is being brought in closer to the sidelines. The gap between the bleachers and the field was always a gridiron drawback, and it's corrected somewhat with the latest revisioning. Plus those upgraded video screens looks awful sweet.

More lower bowl seats and big-screen TVs are also proposed renovations.
The roof would cover all the seats in the stadium, while at the same time allowing the sun and rain to come down on the field.

So while spectators would be spared the rain, which plagued the last Super Bowl here, the field and game play would be subject to the elements.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee made it clear Thursday the renovations are not about the loyal Dolfans who faithfully come to the games during the regular season. This is all about the Super Bowl.
"This is not about the Dolphins or the stadium," Dee said. "It's about economic development. It's about being able to compete for events on a national and international level."
The next question is who is going to pay for all these renovations, which could escalate to close to $300 million.

"Eco-Friendly" Mobile Phone Runs on Coke

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto  

mobile phone runs on coke photo

Designer Daizi Zheng tells Rose at Dezeen that phone batteries are not very good- "it is expensive, consuming valuable resources on manufacturing, presenting a disposal problem and harmful to the environment."
So instead she designs a cell phone to run on Coke.
mobile phone runs on coke photo coke and phone
Now to be fair, fuel cells that run on sugar have been around for decades, and it can run on any sugary water, not just Coke. But if you are selling an idea as being environmentally friendly, why start with Coke?
mobile phone runs on coke photo phone in hand
The Designer writes:

The concept is using bio battery to replace the traditional battery to create a pollution free environment. Bio battery is an ecologically friendly energy generates electricity from carbohydrates (currently sugar) and utilizes enzymes as the catalyst. By using bio battery as the power source of the phone, it only needs a pack of sugary drink and it generates water and oxygen while the battery dies out.
mobile phone runs on coke photo phone rear
Bio battery has the potential to operate three to four times longer on a single charge than conventional lithium batteries and it could be fully biodegradable. Meanwhile, it brings a whole new perception to batteries and afternoon tea.
More at Dezeen. and from the Designer's website.

View from the top of Burj Dubai tower

Video by: ebusdk

Video from the top of Burj Dubai tower - the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 818 m (2,684 ft). The video belongs to Tom, who send it to us at - thanks mate

Burj Dubai tower is part of the 2 km2 (0.8 sq mi) center called "Downtown Burj Dubai" at the First Interchange along Sheikh Zayed Road, near Dubai's main business district.

The total budget for the Burj Dubai project is about US$4.1 billion, and for the entire new "Downtown Dubai", US$20 billion

Floor layout:
160-206 Mechanical
156-159 Transmission
155 Mechanical
139-154 Office
136-138 Mechanical
125-135 Office
124 Observatory
111-123 Office
109-110 Mechanical
76-108 Residential
73-75 Mechanical
43-72 Residential
40-42 Mechanical
19-39 Hotel
17-18 Mechanical
5-16 Hotel
4 Hotel, Mechanical
3 Hotel, restaurant
2 Hotel, lobby
1 Hotel, lobby, restaurant
Concourse Restaurant, lobby
B1-B2 Parking, Mechanical

25 “Big Cat” Pictures As Captured By A Cat Whisperer

By Angie

There are many excellent wildlife photographers, some of whom specialize in snapping shots of specific species. There is a photographer who has a uncanny knack for capturing images of big cats like the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopard and the smaller “large cats” like the cougar, lynx and caracal. If he is a cat whisperer, wouldn’t all the kitties be clamoring to have this guy take their photo? Akishin Vyacheslav is a Russian photographer who is like a cat whisperer, traveling to zoos and reserves to snap shots that show us “how similar to human emotions” these cats can portray. Most of us have been around small domesticated cats, but using 25 of a cat whisperer’s extraordinary images, here are 10 large cats that we might not otherwise get close enough to say, “here pretty kitty kitty, smile for the camera.”


(image credits: Акишин Вячеслав)
2010 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger but there may be as few as 3,200 tigers left in the world. The tiger is the most powerful, largest and heaviest of the Asian big cat species. Above is a tiger wallowing in the snow, licking its paw, and one posed as if playing peek-a-boo with photographer Akishin Vyacheslav. He states, “I have a desire to show beauty and grace of these remarkable animals.”

White Tiger

(image credits: Akishin Vyacheslav)
White tigers are the same species as other tigers, but do not have the orange color due to a recessive gene that creates the pale coloring. Akishin Vyacheslav wants to show us how human these large cats can be. He calls the top left photo “Well do not be angry, Mom.” The pink nose and blue eyes of the white tiger is striking in both pictures of the tiger in the snow and the tiger soaking in the water.



(image credits: photosight)
Lions are largest of the African big cat species. The lion is the tallest of the felines and is the second-heaviest big cat after the tiger. The male lion is roaring in the snow as if it is a bit cranky. Only the true “big cats” are capable of roaring. The female lion’s sneer is interpreted by the photographer as the zoo is bothering her, but she may be impersonating Elvis?


(image credits: photoanimal)
The leopard and the jaguar are often difficult to distinguish which is which. The jaguar is third-largest big cat after the tiger and the lion, while the leopard is the smallest of the four big cats. A leopard’s head is not as large as the jaguar’s and the leopard’s spots are smaller and more tightly clustered rosettes without the central spots found on most jaguars. The biggest difference between these two felines is that they live on different continents. The bottom right image is called “Gossips.”

Black Panther

(image credits: sinkau686.photosight)
Black panthers can actually be several species of large cats with an increased amount of dark pigmentation. Only two types of big cats are scientifically recognized as legitimate black panthers, the black  jaguar and the black leopard. This feline has its typical markings upon close inspection. Often times people will call any large black cat a panther, whether it is a cougar, jaguarundi, bobcat or lynx. Their dark coloring may give them an advantage in the darker, dense regions of the forest where light levels are lower.


(image credits: sinkau686.photosight)
The cheetah is the fastest land animal. It is a large cat and considered a big cat by the more expansive definition. The cheetah can accelerate from 0 to 64 mph in three seconds. Besides the narrow waist and deep chest of a cheetah, these felines have “black tears” running from the corners of their eyes. Unlike “real” big cats, the cheetah can purr, but cannot roar.


(image credits: Akishin Vyacheslav)
The puma is also known as the cougar, mountain lion, mountain cat, catamount or panther, depending upon the region where they live. In fact, these slender agile cats hold the Guinness record for the animal with the highest number of names, including over 40 names in the English language alone. Cougars are almost as large as jaguars, but are less muscular and not as powerful. Although pumas resemble the domestic cat, they are about the same size as an adult human. Therefore, other than humans, no species preys upon mature pumas in the wild.

Snow Leopard

snow leopard
(image credits: Акишин Вячеслав)
Snow leopards are smaller than the other big cats and have long thick fur, an adaptation to survive the cold mountainous regions where they live. They have stocky bodies, small rounded ears, and thick whitish fur on their bellies, all to help minimize heat loss. Snow leopards have wide feet that help them walk in the snow. They use their thick furry tails like a blanket across their faces when they sleep, again to help them hold in heat.


(image credits: Akishin Vyacheslav)
The lynx have short tails and distinguishing tufts of black hair on the tip of their ears. The baby lynx will stay with its mother for one winter, about a total time of nine months, before going out on their own to survive. The smallest lynx species are the bobcat and the Canada lynx, but a maximum of 88 lbs has been seen in different variations of the lynx species depending upon what area this feline lives.


(image credits: photosight)
The caracal is the quickest yet heaviest of all small cats. Males weigh between 28-40 lbs, while females weigh about 24 lbs. These cat are about 2-3 feet long, with another 1 foot of tail. In Africa, caracals are considered a type of vermin that preys on domesticated livestock. They hide well and are rarely seen in the wild. At the Moscow Zoo, this caracal was hybridised with the domestic cat.
You can find more of Akishin Vyacheslav’s (Акишин Вячеслав) photos here.

Crazy “Big Cat” Sounds

Here are more “big cats” so you can hear the funny noises that they make.

Tattoo in Art – Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Posted by: Vivian

Last summer, I wrote a post about 3D Tattoos which got a heated response. Today I will continue the exploration of the amazing tattoo world, talking something about Traditional Japanese Tattoos which is known for their full body styling, bold lines, historic patterns and traditional images. Fans of Japanese culture and of tattoo art will find much to enjoy in today’s topic which explores the diversity of Japan’s tattoo scene.
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
There are so many different terms for tattoo in Japanese, such as Irezumi, Horimono, Kakushibori… (wiki). Each one has slightly different meaning, as complex as the tattoo shown in this blog… (lol)
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Continuing since about the 3rd century, tattooing in Japan is a tradition that has been developed over a long period of history. Popular themes include: carps, tigers, mythical animals such as dragons and phoenixes, flowers such as Japanese cherry and chrysanthemum, and the Buddhist motifs like Amitabha Tathagata, bodhisattva and Siddham script (bonji).
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Japan traditional tattoo are usually on arms, shoulders and back. In recent years in Japan and popularity among young people of today to a tattoo.
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
And just keep in mind, you’re not allowed to enter a public bath (onsen) in Japan if you have tattoos.
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Tattoo in Art - Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Image credits: editionreuss, shift, hubpages, art-japanesse-tattoo, tattoobringer, 1st-japanesetattoos, crazy-tattoo-designs

Alka-Seltzer added to spherical water drop in microgravity

Saturday Morning Science:
Alka-Seltzer added to spherical water drop in microgravity onboard the International Space Station.

(March 22, 2003) --- Expedition Six NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit performs a series of microgravity experiments with water spheres and effervescent antacid tablets. In the second of four videos, Pettit inserts a tablet into a 50-millimeter sphere and observes the fizzy results.

Marijuana Stores Trump Starbucks In Denver

If you want more proof that selling legal pot is a booming business, consider this statistic: Denver has more medical-marijuana shops than Starbucks Corp. locations.

Denver's City Treasurer Steve Ellington tells ABC New affiliate Channel 7 that at least 390 pot dispensaries applied for a sales-tax license recently. That compares to 208 Starbucks in the entire state of Colorado, the station reports. Denver's city council took a step toward regulating the marijuana stores last night, and the businesses are filing their tax applications.

The Denver statistic sheds light on a business that is becoming more institutionalized as local governments try to figure out ways to raise revenue. The Denver council will hold a public hearing and take a final vote Monday. Only a day later, on Tuesday, a California Assembly panel is expected to vote on a bill that would legalize pot across the state.

Denver is an example of how desperate politicians are to collect taxes on this burgeoning industry. The marijuana dispensaries are rushing to get their sales-tax applications filed to beat a deadline as part of a new law being considered. The change in law: No marijuana store can be within 1,000 feet of schools or child-care centers unless you get your tax application in before a deadline.

The Most Expensive Homes All Around the Globe

The Most Expensive Homes All Around the Globe

Home is certainly an easy and feasible place where a person could stay for a long period of time. It includes all of the basic, fundamental and secondary needs of life that are needed to live a contented and proper life. A home can either be a simple and precise one that is pretty much enough for five to six people including a living room, kitchen, dinning area, restrooms and bedrooms for the most part. But there are certain houses which you can only think of as an imaginative place. They are simply luxurious and stunning in their structure and accessories. The style and furnishing done to them is simply eye-catching and gorgeous.

In this article, I am going to talk about a few of the most expensive homes all around the globe that are the utmost symbols of excellence and extravagance. These spectacular and astonishing creations are among the world’s most expensive properties with the credit crunch in full swing. This is the reason why it is difficult to sell these homes.

Villa La Leopolda costing about $50m is the second name we are going to consider. It was formerly the home of Bill Gates but now belongs to really rather rich Roman Abramovich. It is more likely to set up a price of about L250, 000,000, close to half a billion. The property is about 10 acres of verdant green garden filled area that requires around 50 gardeners to look after it with the best home insurance to satisfy the safety needs.


Villa Leopolda is a $750 million estate that is located in the south France. The area is generally known as Côte d’Azur. This place was pulled by Russia’s richest man Mikhail Prokhorov to a great extent. However, after the recession of the last decade, he amassed great misfortune and the home had to be put on sale which is still a disputed matter.


Mikhail Prokhorov, Russia’s richest man had to pull out on the much reported deal to purchase Villa Leopolda, a $750 million estate in Côte d’Azur, the South of France after seeing a good portion of his amassed fortune lost in the current global recession.
The much reported sale was widely speculated over around August last year and now it seems that all the excitement has been for nothing. But the saga continues as the current owners of the villa simply refuse to hand Prokhorov back his initial deposit of €44 million.
Even though his lawyers are seeking a refund, they might be out of luck since the French law states that purchasers lose their deposits if they pull out after the sales agreement has been signed.

The Southampton, Village Oceanfront Sanctuary New York tops the list with $80m. These homes are built on an area of about 13,500 square feet having an inner space up to four stories. The outline of the houses ranges from nine bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, and four powder rooms to a home theatre. Amazing, isn’t it? Not just those, these homes are located between a pond and the ocean giving it an exceptional look. There is a 1,000 feet of shore front and 1,000 feet of pond front.


Ira Rennert House, New York - $170m
The billionaire found of the Renco Group, Ira Rennert, owns a place in Sagaponack, New York, and at 63 acres of grounds, is considered by many to be the largest residential compound in the whole of America.
The house itself has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, as well as the usual gigantic dining room, sport courts and bowling alley and contents insurance to cover it all. The property is valued at roughly $170,000,000-180,000,000.

Updown Court, Surrey, England - $140m
With neighbors like Elton John and the Queen of England, Updown Court in Surrey is going to be a rather decadent household. Launched with a price of £70,000,000 (roughly $140,000,000).
Containing 24 bedrooms, each with a marble en-suite bathroom, and an underground garage, the property is estimated to cost around £250,000 ($500,000) a month to run, not to mention the cost of the house insurance!
This property even has it’s own website:
And check out the video of this amazing home:

Donald Trump House, Florida - $250m
Donald Trump owns this 18-bedroom waterfront palace, which is listed as costing £125,000,000.
Situated in Florida, Trump says it’s location in Palm Beach is “the richest community in the world” and it doesn’t seem like he’s joking! We also doubt that he’s one to settle for cheap building insurance, either!
Check his house out…

Tree Ponds, New York - $75m

In Bridgehampton, New York, there sits a $75,000,000 estate that has its own golf course!
Called “Three Ponds” due to the fact that it has, er, three ponds (each stocks with an ample supply of fish, which are hopefully included in the home insurance), and the expansive grounds also house 14 different gardens, each with their own theme!
Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills, California - $125m
This $125 million estate was modelled after Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles, France. It encompasses 45,000 square feet and took five years to build in all. It all came to fruition when Suzanne Saperstein accumulated five acres in the 1990s.
What was once a dream became a reality and today Fleur de Lys features a 50-seat screening room, an nine care auto garage with a treasured collection of automobiles and a library filled with first-edition books.

Jacobean Manor, Greenwich, Connecticut - $90m
The manor sits proudly on 40 acres of rolling green hills, broken only by lawns and meadows to provide ample privacy for the owners.

The 14 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms are spread over 21,897 square feet. Features such as marble floors, vaulted ceilings, limestone walls, bay windows and wood panelling impress the ficklest of visitor.
There is also a 52-foot long indoor swimming pool. Ah yes, the manor is priced at a hefty $90 million.
Tranquility” Lake Tahoe, Nevada - $100m
Situated on the tax-free side of Nevada’s Lake Tahoe, this 210-acre property is owned by Joel Horowitz, the co-founder of fashion label Tommy Hilfiger. He built the property from scratch.

The house is made up of 20,000 square feet of living space and modelled after a northern European mountain home. It also has a 3,500-bottle wine cellar, an indoor swimming pool and atrium, as well as a 19-seat movie theatre, ensuring constant entertainment, even if snowed in. It is worth $100 million.

Eurasia Estate, Moscow, Russia - $100m
No list is complete without a bit of Russian flavour.
This property consists of an 11,700-square-foot manor house, as well as two 4,000-square-foot guest houses and a massive 91,000-square-foot recreation centre that features a pool, Turkish and Russian baths, a gym, sauna and lounges. Eurasia is worth $100 million.
Hillandale, Stamford, Connecticut - $95m
You will be forgiven to think you are looking at an English country manor when you see Hillandale. With a stone construction, hedged and manicured gardens, a grassy tennis court and distinctive chimneys, this 20,000-square-foot residence has eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.
Hillandale is so big that the property straddles the New York-Connecticut border. The grounds also include four guest and staff residences and two barns, all connected by five miles of private roads. The price tag is $95 million.

BootJack Ranch, Pagosa Springs, Colorado - $88m

The ranch includes a massive 3,100 acres of land. This luxury property is much more than a working ranch. The main house alone is 13,800 square feet and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.
Further, outlying guest cabins and lodges can host up to 50 people and bring the total interior space up to 77,000 square feet.
In addition, there’s a 12,000-square-foot spa and aquatic centre. Just the right thing to soak your weary feet at the end of a long working day. That is if you can part with $88 million.
All the above homes must have absolutely massive bills just to keep them in running order. Just imagine the quotes on home insurance for these homes yet alone the energy bills, electricity and water!