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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beastie Boys: Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Directors Cut)—  This is the world premiere of the explicit epic length video/ short film for the Beastie Boys 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win'. Though no Yeti's were harmed in the making of this video, please remember, that there are some scenes that are a rugged and raw depiction of a world that is at times violent, and even frightening. Directed by Spike Jonze and written by Adam Yauch

Published on Jul 19, 2011 by
Official Full Length, Ultra HD and Explicit Director's Cut music video for Beastie Boys "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (featuring Santigold)" off their album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.
Directed by the legendary Spike Jonze. Production Company: Oscilloscope. Producer: Samantha Storr
Get Hot Sauce Committee Part Two on iTunes:
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Music video by Beastie Boys performing Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Full Length). (P) (C) 2011 Capitol Records, LLC and Beastie Boys. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of app...

Video: 'Largest Ever' Marijuana Field Torched In Mexico

By Steve Elliott


One of Mexico's largest-ever seizures of marijuana was torched by the army in El Rosario, Baja California on Friday.

The massive haul went up in smoke three days after Mexican soldiers found a pot plantation covering almost 300 acres, according to the Defense Department, reports Russia Today.

The plantation is four times larger than the previous record discovery by police at a ranch in northern Chihuahua state in 1984.

The pot plants -- disguised under black screen-cloth in the Baja California desert -- were discovered about 150 miles south of Tijuana.

The screening, which is often used by regular farmers to protect crops from too much sun or heat, made it difficult to detect from the air what was growing underneath, according to Army Gen. Alfonso Duarte, reports Adriana Gomez Licon of The Associated Press.

It was only when soldiers on the ground reached the isolated area that they found thousands of cannabis plants as tall as 7.5 feet. The average height of the plants was about 4.5 feet, according to Duarte, who said they weren't yet ready for harvest.

"We estimate that in this area, approximately 60 people were working," Duarte said. "When they saw the military personnel, they fled. No arrests were made at the scene.

Duarte claimed that traffickers could have harvested about 120 tons of cannabis from the plantation, worth about $160 million.

The site is near the coastal town of San Quintin.

Duarte claimed he did not know which drug cartel operated the huge plantation.

record mexican pot bust.jpg
Photos: Russia Today

Forget booking a taxi, now you can RIDE your luggage to the airport as firm designs 'scooter suitcase'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Ride to check-in: The £250 scooter can be detached from the case and carried onto the plane
Ride to check-in: The £250 scooter can be detached from the case and carried onto the plane
Trying to run with a suitcase because you're late for your flight is a nightmare that most of us have had to deal with.

But now a firm has designed a case that could make the desperate dash across Heathrow a breeze - with a bizarre 'commuter scooter'.

The Micro-Luggage case has an in-built scooter so travellers can ride their case to the gate after dropping up to 20kilos of luggage off at check-in.

The new £250 bag consists of a 26-litre case and a lean-and-steer scooter. It is being marketed at frequent business flyers and people making short commutes to work.

The case can be detached from the scooter and wheeled around in the same way as an ordinary suitcase.

It is designed by Micro Scooters UK, a Colchester-based company behind, who produced micro scooters which were popular in the early 2000s.

A spokesman for the company said: 'Micro Scooters UK has already changed the face of the school run with thousands of families having swapped their gas guzzling 4x4s for the Mini and Maxi Micros.

'Now the company is set to do the same for commuting with the Micro Luggage scooter.
'Not only is it a healthier option to a car, it's a great way of reducing your carbon footprint.'

Carry-on: Case can be detached from the scooter
The Micro-luggage is a 26-litre capacity case and lean-and-steer scooter
Carry-on: The case and scooter, pictured together right, can be detached. The £250 product is being marketed at frequent flyers
Regular flyer Dave Gardner, 35, said the new case would be a big help when he is at the airport

'I've missed flights because my taxi has been delayed,' he said.

'It's left me running across the terminal with luggage that won't roll straight and turning up red faced to a closed gate.

'If I could whizz across the terminal it might save me a lot on re-booking business flights.'

However, the price is putting some off the product.

'Surely I could just take a micro scooter with me and put in my bag when I get to work rather than forking out for this - I'd look like a fool riding around on that' said Claire Evans, a 35-year-old banker from Dudley, West Midlands.

Star Wars Blu-Ray extras revealed through iOS app

By Electronista Staff

App debut in time for San Diego Comicon

Two months ahead of the formal release of the six-part Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray, a "sneak peek" app has previews of some of the 40-plus hours of bonus features and footage, and will be available for download from the iTunes App Store on Wednesday, July 20th, Engadget reports. The bonus material will include never-before-seen content from the Lucasfilm archives, and new interviews with the cast and crew.
The release of the free companion app -- titled "Star Wars Blu-Ray: Early Access" -- so far ahead of the actual release is unusual, but was timed to be available during the San Diego Comic-Con, one of the largest "cult media" and entertainment events in the U.S., regularly drawing tens of thousands of fans and selling out months in advance. Lucasfilm representatives and the app developers will be at booth #3528 with demonstrations of the app and further looks at the extra material on the Blu-Ray edition, including an "in-universe vantage point" of one of the saga's most iconic moments.

The box set, containing all six films, is expected to retail for $140. Two "Trilogy" Blu-Ray packages will also be made available for $70 each, as well as the individual films. This marks the first time the films have been officially made available in high-definition, and the first time the entire set of six films has been offered in a single package. Pre-ordering is available now through Amazon. [via Engadget]

Vintage Air Hostesses [PICS]



Billy Breathes Bud For A Job

Published by Rib
Image via
Astronaut, Playboy photographer, editor at Vogue: whatever vocations are on your personal list of dream jobs, make room, because "pot critic" just became a real thing. Westword, an alt-weekly newspaper out in Denver, has hired one "William Breathes" to judge the quality of the city's medical cannabis and the dispensaries which sell it.

Breathes (it's not his real name, and is almost certainly a Phish reference) examines the grow quality of different bud he finds at dispensaries in the area, as well as the atmosphere and staff he encounters on his trips. He has been self-medicating for a stomach ailment for some time and seems to be young-ish, but many of the 100,000+ Colorado residents with medical marijuana cards are geriatric and may feel uncomfortable walking into a place in a bad neighborhood wallpapered with velvet posters and blasting the Disco Biscuits in its waiting room. The 300 dispensaries in Denver should offer something for everyone though, and Breathes describes the location, layout, pricing and of course the MM products from the ones he selects for review.

The weed reviews themselves are accompanied by photos of the buds, wax, etc. the author has purchased that week, along with pricing and info on how it looked, smelled, felt and smoked. It's a standardized system throughout his columns, and as clear and concise as any largely subjective review process can be.

Mr. T Loves Pitted Foo?

Ohhhhh, it’s “Pity the fool.” That makes much more sense.

Man Claims $300K House for $16


A tip of the hat to our pals at Curbed for tipping us off to this one. Thanks to a little-known provision in state law, enterprising Texan Kenneth Robinson -- either a hero or a squatter, depending on your point of view -- has taken possession of a foreclosed $300,000 house for a mere $16. That's the amount he forked over to file a claim of "adverse possession" of the property with the Denton County courthouse.

Robinson contends that the abandoned house is his for the taking, since neither the original owner nor the bank is likely to go to the trouble or expense of kicking him out. If he can manage to stay in the property for three years, he says, the law grants him the right to petition the court for title to the house.

Crafty though Robinson may be, not all of his new neighbors are happy to see him in their midst. Watch the video to see how the controversy unfolds.

2011-07-15 05:43:50.0

Stranger moves into foreclosed home, citing little-knownTexas law


Flower Mound’s Waterford Drive is lined with well-manicured $300,000 homes. So, when a new neighbor moved in without the usual sale, mortgage-paying homeowners had a few questions. view full article

The Beatles in the USA

The Fab Four made two hysteria-inducing visits to America in 1964, launching the so-called "British Invasion" of the mid-1960s.

As they visited Washington DC and Baltimore a young photographer, Mike Mitchell, snapped dozens of images of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Now, after being filed away for nearly 50 years, these never seen before black-and-white photographs are being sold at auction at Christie's in New York.

click here to see some pf the photos:

GoldenEye 007 reloaded for PS3, 360

Activision adding 60 frames-per-second HD visuals to latest remake of Nintendo 64 first-person shooter; PS3 version to support Move peripheral.
While GoldenEye has become just another James Bond film featuring the super suave super spy, the 1997 Nintendo 64 first-person shooters based on it has become the stuff of gaming legend. Activision has already capitalized on the game's reputation once with last year's Wii reimagining, and now the publisher is taking another shot at the project, this time in HD.

Activision today announced GoldenEye 007: Reloaded for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, set for release this fall. The publisher is touting the game as built on a brand-new engine, with 60 frames-per-second high-definition graphics and PlayStation Move compatibility for PS3 owners as selling points.

The game's single-player campaign will let players employ gameplay modifiers (infinite ammo, Golden Gun mode), with additional Mi-6 Ops challenge levels and an expanded time trial mode. For multiplayer fans, the game will let up to 16 players compete online with new modes, maps, weapons, and characters from the Bond universe.

For more on GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, check out GameSpot's first look at the title..

Screenshots here: