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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Weightless Dog

Zune Gen 2- 80 GB $250

80 GB. Holds up to 20,000 songs, or 25,000 pictures, or 250 hours of video.[2]

Beautiful, big screen. Featuring a 3.2-inch color screen, Zune 80GB is perfect for portable video viewing.

Premium headphones. Big screens are great for videos, but premium headphones are essential for music. Included with Zune 80GB are headphones designed to block out external noise.

Touch controls. Kiss slow scrolling goodbye. The innovative new Zune pad makes browsing your device a blast. Fly effortlessly through your music, picture and video collections.

Wireless sync. Cut the cord to your PC. Refresh your Zune with new content anytime you charge your device, through your home wireless network. Learn more.

Wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing. Share full-length tracks of your favorite songs, albums, playlists, pictures and even audio podcasts. Listen to the full track of any song you receive up to three times, and even pass along songs you receive to other friends nearby who have a Zune. If you like a song you receive, you can easily add it to your wish list and then buy it from your PC the next time you sync.

Recorded TV or movies to go. Zune will import unprotected .WMV, .MPG4 and H.264 files into your video library. Also, if you’re recording TV shows or movies with Windows Media Center in Windows Vista®, you can import and sync them to your device. Load up your favorite videos and hit the road.