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Monday, June 23, 2008

The World's Largest Cruise Ship

Pictured: The state-of-the-art luxuries aboard the world's largest cruise ship

Currently under construction, these pictures offer a first glimpse of the luxury that awaits passengers on the world's largest cruise liner.

The Oasis of the Seas will be a state-of-the-art travelling city complete with a shopping mall, numerous bars and restaurants, and an outdoor amphitheatre the size of a football field with its own micro-climate and rock-climbing walls.

The 220,000 tonne behemoth - which will be 1,081ft long and tower 213ft above the water line - will have a staggering 16 passenger decks.

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Enlarge Oasis of the Seas

An artist's impression of how the Oasis of the Seas, complete with rock-climbing walls, will look once construction has been completed

Enlarge Oasis of the Seas

Hi-tech: A bar that moves between decks

She is currently being built at a cost of £610million in Aker Yards in Turku, Finland and is due to set sail next year.

Designed under the name Project Genesis, she was rechristened Oasis of the Seas last month, following a contest to name the ship.

The cruise liner is scheduled to hit the seas in late 2009, when she will operate Caribbean cruises out of Port Everglades in Florida.

Construction on a sister ship, Allure of the Seas, is due to begin shortly.

Enlarge Oasis of the Seas
Enlarge Oasis of the Seas

The luxurious liner will come with its own shopping mall

Enlarge Oasis of the Seas

The ship's open-air amphitheatre that will come with its own micro climate

Oasis of the Seas

Gargantuan: The Oasis of the Seas will be the world's largest passenger vessel

France's First Lady Posed Nude, Admits 30 Lovers

If an American first lady, or would-be first lady, described herself as a “tamer of men” and had a “man-eating” past filled with naked pictures, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, sultry prone CD covers, breaking up marriages, bragging that she believes in polygamy rather than monogamy, it would take more than an appearance on The View to sweeten her image

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can see the pic here

Let's hear it for the little guys!

Hewlett-Packard launches touchscreen PCs

MSN Tracking Image

Hewlett-Packard launches touchscreen PCs
TouchSmart, starting at $1,299, designed around music, photos, video
By Georgina Prodhan
updated 1:56 p.m. ET, Tues., June. 10, 2008

BERLIN - Hewlett-Packard, the world's biggest computer maker, launched a new generation of PCs on Tuesday that respond to users tapping or stroking the screen, potentially bringing user-friendly computing to the masses.

The TouchSmart All-in-One is designed around music, photos and video but has a full set of PC functions, and is the most persuasive product yet in HP's turnaround of a PC business that was once defined by run-of-the-mill products and low margins.

The starting price of $1,299 for the TouchSmart, which will go on sale in 17 countries in July, is comparable with that of other premium models that are less distinctive and easy to use.

The way icons or documents on the screen can be enlarged, diminished or scrolled through by a fingertip brush of the screen is reminiscent of Apple's iPhone, although HP has been developing touch technology for a quarter of a century.

"No new product has been more significant as this new TouchSmart PC we just showed you," said David Roman, head of marketing communications for HP's Personal Systems Group, at HP's main annual product launch held this year in Berlin.

Todd Bradley, the group's executive vice president, told Reuters: "We don't think about this as a niche. We think about it as a global product that will inspire demand and drive desirability," he said, but declined to speculate on what size the market for such PCs might reach.

Crawford Del Prete, executive vice president of global research at IDC, said: "I think the price point is getting compelling for a premium PC. I think it would be even more attractive if they could get it under a thousand."

He pointed out, however, the risks HP was taking by making large investments in an unproven market.

"It requires a set of marketing expertise and it requires a significant amount of investment," he added. "An Apple or someone else could do this but it's not for the faint of heart, it's not for people who don't want to invest in the product."

HP's touchscreen technology works on top of Microsoft's Vista operating system, and product managers said there were no current plans to develop versions for other operating systems, such as open-source Linux. ( is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

HP's launch came a day after Apple announced a new version of its ground-breaking iPhone, the original version of which sparked intense interest in touchscreens and a host of imitators.

IDC's del Prete said: "I don't think Apple's impact can be underestimated."

Rob Enderle, chief analyst with technology research firm the Enderle Group, said HP's products launched on Tuesday, which include 17 new notebooks and a professional display monitor that can show a billion colors, could put it out of rivals' reach.

"Todd Bradley took a unit that many thought was a liability to HP and turned it into one of HP's top performers and into segment leadership ... to a point where it may not be possible for a competitor to catch it," he said.

The new TouchSmart PCs will launch in countries including the United States, Japan, China, India and Britain on July 13. The models sold in Europe will be about half as expensive again as their U.S counterparts, partly due to extra features.

Del Prete said the HP TouchSmart could appeal to social groups such as families or students sharing an apartment who wanted a PC that could also double as a group messageboard or second television set.

When invited to compare the touchscreen interface with the early days of PCs, when users unfamiliar with using a computer mouse would commonly jab at the monitor with a fingertip, del Prete said: "Now you point at the screen and something happens."


Rocky and the Terminator Team Up

By Edgar 'El Toro' Arce on June 22, 2008

There’s an interesting article online that talks about a Bollywood film that will be made for the first time at Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s going to be a huge production, the biggest of its kind in Bollywood history.

Now normally that wouldn’t be such a big deal, but this one features an interesting catch. It will feature “the Oak” himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside Sly Stallone. That’s right, you read it correctly. The Govenater and Rocky Balboa. According to the story the movie will be about an Indian stuntman who takes Hollywood by storm but cannot find true love there. The two will appear alongside the Bollywood stars Ashkay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor in Incredible Love.

The article goes onto to confirm:

Sajid Nadiadwala, the producer, said his success in landing Stallone and Schwarzenegger reflected the growing power of the Indian film market and Bollywood’s increasing cooperation with Hollywood studios that are keen to cut costs.

Mercedes' Amazing CL63 AMG

The AMG versions, the CL63 and CL65, have sport-tuned suspensions, extra-big brakes, 20-in. wheels, and special badges and interior appointments that emphasize their ultra-high performance. The CL63 starts at $138,375 and is powered by a 6.3-liter, 518-hp V-8. The CL65 starts at a mind-boggling $198,375 and has a 604-hp V-12 under its hood.

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FLIP Research Vessel

FLIP Research Vessel - The best free videos are right here

The FLIP is a 355 ft open ocean research vessel designed to partially flood and pitch backward 90 degrees, resulting in only the front 55 feet of the vessel pointing up out of the water, with bulkheads becoming floors.

Amy Winehouse suffers lung, heart ailments from crack...

Frail Amy Winehouse has been struck down by the deadly lung condition emphysema - and she could be in a wheelchair within a MONTH if she doesn't stop smoking crack cocaine, her dad revealed last night.

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George Carlin Has Died

George Carlin Has Died
Copyright 2008 Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

A sad loss ...

ET breaks the news that comedian George Carlin has died from heart failure. The man who made famous the "seven words you can never say on television" passed away at 5:55 p.m. Sunday at Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica, his longtime publicist said. He was 71.

Carlin, who has had several heart attacks and a history of cardiac issues, went into the hospital this afternoon after complaining of heart problems.

Carlin has more than 20 comedy albums, 14 HBO specials, numerous TV and movie roles, and three best-selling books to his credit. Last year, he celebrated his 50th year in show business, and he had just finished his last HBO special in March, "It's Bad for Ya."

George Carlin's classic standup routine about the importance in our lives of 'Stuff'. This was from his appearance at Comic Relief in 1986.

RIP George

92 More Must See Creative Photographs

Due to the popularity of the last 56 Awe Inspiring Must See Creative Photographs post I thought I would do another bunch of creative photographs.

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Germany 'is world's greenest country'

By Harry de Quetteville in Berlin

Last Updated: 2:01pm BST 20/06/2008

Germany has been labelled the world's greenest country after it cut its energy use by more than any other state in 2007.

  • EU greenhouse gas emissions fall slightly
  • Follow Germany's lead, invest to save energy
  • Angela Merkel's green image under attack
  • German use of oil, gas and coal in 2007 fell by 5.6 per cent compared with 2006, according to a new report from BP. Global energy consumption, driven by China, America and India, rose by 2.4 per cent in the same year.

    A coal-fired power station in Berlin: Germany 'is world's greenest country' after cutting emissions
    Coal-fired power station in Berlin: Germany cut its emissions by 5.6 per cent

    The report emerged as the German government passed a new round of environmental laws designed to ensure the country meets ambitious carbon dioxide reduction targets.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the laws as "crucial for climate protection" and said they would help Germany reduce its 1990 level of emissions by 40 per cent come 2020.

    The laws, which target high polluting lorries and make energy saving designs compulsory for homes built after 2009, should allow Germany to shave 35 per cent off 1990 emissions.

    German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said the extent of the laws was "the largest worldwide" and said that, with rising energy costs they amounted to "a money-saving programme, a piggy bank". He said Germany was looking at ways of cutting the final five per cent of carbon emissions to reach its 40 per cent goal by 2020.

    Nonetheless, Germany's Green party and environmental campaigners said the package did not go far enough, and criticised the shelving of proposals to tie car taxes to how much individual models pollute.

    Even the council of experts which helped advise the government while the laws were being drafted has said they do not take full advantage of emerging technologies.

    The influential Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said that German legislation was dispensing with "'native' energies like nuclear and coal, while favouring Russian gas and oil".

    "The hens are doing the fox a favour by leaving the coop door open," it said.

    But while the BP world energy report confirmed that Germany made one of the world's biggest cuts in nuclear energy last year, with use falling 16 per cent on 2006 levels, it also revealed that oil and gas use was slashed too.

    Only coal consumption increased, as Germany's total energy use fell by 5.6 per cent.

    The UK, where oil and coal consumption also fell, managed an overall reduction of 3.8 per cent, making it runner up to Germany in European energy reduction. The EU as a whole reduced its energy use by 2.2 per cent.

    "Issues such as energy security, energy trade and alternative energies [are ] at the forefront of the political agenda worldwide," noted BP chief executive Tony Hayward. "Continued weakness in oil supply and increasing demand highlight the challenges we all face in maintaining secure energy supplies. "

    Plague of rats devastates Burma villages

    Last updated: 3:10 PM BST 21/06/2008

    After the fury of Cyclone Nargis, a new disaster looms in Burma: packs of rats that swarm through the hills once every 50 years have consumed everything in their path, reducing thousands of poor farmers to the verge of starvation.

    The bamboo, which flowers once every 48 years, causes a surge in the Burmese rat population
    Villagers believe the bamboo seeds are a rodent aphrodisiac

    Burma's latest human disaster is unfolding almost unseen by the outside world in the jungle-covered mountains of Chin State, far to the north of the Irrawaddy Delta where 134,000 people died last month.

    The plague of rats happens twice a century when bamboo forests produce flowers and seeds, then wither and die for five years in a phenomenom locally known as mautam or bamboo death. Villagers believe the bamboo seeds are a kind of aphrodisiac for the rodents, whose numbers explode until all the seeds have been eaten. Then they turn on villagers' rice stocks, stripping ripening corn and paddy in the fields and even digging up seeds at night after farmers plant them.

    The regime's generals will permit no food aid or humanitarian workers into affected areas of the strategically important region in a repeat of their callous refusal last month to permit emergency aid sitting in foreign ships off Burma's coast to be distributed to cyclone survivors.

    Exiled Chin leaders say that villagers who are too weak to flee over the border with India have already begun to die. They fear that thousands more now face a lingering death in the deep bamboo forests where most of the state's million-strong population of Christian tribal people live far from roads or towns.

    The Chin, one of Burma's many minority ethnic groups, are under the brutal rule of occupying soldiers from the Burma Army who terrorise civilians and sporadically fight Chin guerrillas. The soldiers have made the food shortage worse by stealing rice and forcing villagers to work as conscripted labourers. Cheery Zahau, 27, from the Women's League of Chinland, met William Hague and Gordon Brown in London this week to ask for British help.

    She said: "The reports that are trickling out to India are heartbreaking. They tell of dehydrated children dying of diarrhoea and the poorest and weakest being left behind as stronger villagers start to escape over the border to where there is food. We don't really know what is happening deep inside Chin State where there are no telephones or roads. We fear that thousands will die if no help is made available."

    Villagers roast rats they catch on sticks, but that food source rapidly disappears when the rodents have eaten everything in the village and move on.

    In Mizoram State in India and the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh, similar rat plagues in the last few months have also stripped fields bare after the flowering of the Melocanna Baccifera bamboo. Unlike Burma those governments have put work and food programmes in place to aid villagers.

    Benny Manser, 24, a photographer from Aylesbury, slipped across the international border from Mizoram State last month to visit affected villages.

    He said: "We saw stick-thin children and old women who hardly had the strength left to dig up roots to eat. Villagers were telling of vast packs of rats, thousands strong, which would turn up overnight out of the bamboo thickets and eat everything in sight."

    Nissan's 4DSC is back- 2009 Maxima

    Like high-performance SUVs that suffer from high curb weights and tall centers of gravity, front-drive sports cars are born under-equipped to navigate a cruel, unfair world. Asking the front tires to throw a wave of power to the ground and turn almost two tons of metal at the same time is expecting a lot. What are those back tires doing? Sitting on their steel-belted asses and enjoying the ride, that's what.

    Needless to say, I slid into the 2009 Nissan Maxima's heavily bolstered seat with more than a little doubt. Faded is the 4DSC (four-door sports car) halo that shone brightly over the roof of the third-generation, 1989-94 model. For 2009, the 3.5-liter V-6 under the hood has been tweaked to 290 hp and 261 lb-ft, a noteworthy increase from the outgoing car's 255 hp and 252 lb-ft. But would this be a good thing? The last front-driver I piloted with this much power was the Chevy Impala SS, a car whose body twists about as readily as its torque converter.

    Visually, it's hard to call Nissan's latest top-dog sedan forgettable. It's almost four inches shorter than its predecessor, with half of that taken from inside the wheelbase. Combine that with an extra 1.5 inches of width and a decrease in height of a half an inch, and the new Maxima starts looking more aggressive on paper. But like the outgoing car, the new one's sheetmetal should be awfully polarizing. From high angles, the hourglass shape is flowing and attractive with an organic, wind-blown look to it. From other views, the car can look heavy and slightly confused.

    Actual figures haven't been published yet, but the 2009 model is expected to sit right on top of the '08's 3600-pound curb weight. Nissan product specialist Pete Haidos says the desire to keep the weight off played a large role in keeping the front wheels driving the Maxima. But while it is lighter than the 3886-pound Pontiac G8, the Maxima is heavier than the Infiniti G35, which uses the same engine. Was sticking with front-drive really a weight-saving decision or one made to protect Nissan's luxury division?

    The Maxima could very easily wear an Infiniti badge. Fully optioned, it actually offers more luxuries than a G35, including a heated and cooled driver's seat, a dual-pane glass roof, HID lights, a heated steering wheel, navigation with traffic reporting, two grades of leather, and a bevy of other features and gadgets. It even borrows a few rear suspension components from the M35. And unlike any current Infiniti sedan, the Maxima uses exhaust-side variable valve timing.

    My first impressions behind the wheel put me more in the mind of near-luxury, performance-oriented front-drivers like the Acura TL than of mainstream sedans like the Toyota Avalon. The seats in the sport package use black leather accented with red stitching, and while they'll be slightly too wide for some drivers, they're well bolstered and even have adjustable thigh support. They're still comfortable even after a full day of driving. In my short time as a rear passenger, I was impressed with the back seats, too, which offer an option for a pair of more sculpted buckets. Thoughtfully, this available rear seat will still accommodate three if necessary, unlike the similar option on the last model.

    But the real news is the Maxima's performance. Acceleration to 60 mph comes in the mid-to-high five-second range with a deep grunt of intake noise passed through an amplifier, a concept pioneered by the BMW Z4. Beyond that, the steering is the definite high point of the car's dynamic profile; The wheel itself is an attractive three-spoke design with a small diameter and a thick, leather-wrapped rim. I couldn't get confirmation, but expect to see it again when the 370Z debuts at the next Los Angeles show. The same goes for the Maxima's "twin orifice" (stop snickering!) speed-sensitive rack-and-pinion steering, which is similar to the system found in the current Z. A quick 15.2:1 ratio provides a direct feel with just the right amount of on-center weight. It's among the best I've felt from any front-drive sedan.

    That impression is further enhanced by the surprising lack of torque steer. Compared with the old car, the new Maxima's engine is lower and uses six mounting points instead of four. The lowering of the engine allows the axle shafts to sit more horizontally, which, along with front control arms that are longer than the current Altima's, helps minimize the steering wheel's desire to twitch. Acceleration lags slightly off the line, an indication that the drive-by-wire throttle eases onto the power at a more controlled rate than a mechanical system would at full throttle.

    Equally impressive are the Maxima's brakes, which now benefit from vented rotors at all four corners. The 12.6-inch front and 12.1-inch rear rotors, all squeezed by single-piston calipers, are effective at scrubbing speed. Three consecutive 70-0 mph stops result in minimal fade and little to no ABS intervention. Along the way, the pedal feels confident and linear without being grabby.

    Mountain roads don't exhaust the brakes, either, and they also demonstrate the Maxima's newfound (or should I say re-found?) handling competence. The new body is 15 percent more rigid, while sport and premium models gain 17 percent more torsional rigidity by giving up the base model's 60/40 split folding rear seat. Instead, those models get a small pass-through cut into a steel panel that accounts for the extra stiffness. The suspension — struts and coil springs at the front and multi-link at the rear — incorporates lighter aluminum components and gets thick stabilizer bars at both ends. Sport-package cars get firmer dampers and 19-inch wheels wrapped in all-season tires or optional 245/40WR19 Bridgestone Potenza RE050 performance rubber.

    With all the sport goodies added, the Maxima stays remarkably flat through corners, and while the tires start moaning early, they continue to stick; understeer only takes over if you really induce it. Getting this big front-driver to rotate, however, is a lost cause.

    For how composed the Maxima remains through the mountains around Ojai, California, the highway route back to Los Angeles reveals its abilities as a long-distance cruiser. The dampers are firm yet forgiving and probably exhibit a better compromise than a G35's, which don't take so kindly to sharp impacts. With the cruise at 75 mph, the car settles in and the CVT spins the engine at just under 2500 rpm. But that brings me to the car's Achilles heel.

    For the Maxima, Nissan's Xtronic CVT (the car's only transmission option) has been retuned, boasting over 700 shift algorithms that search out the optimal settings for any drive situation. In regular mode it acts like a conventional, shiftless CVT, while a gearshift-selected sport mode tells the transmission to imitate six gears that can be selected manually via column-mounted paddles. Its ability to hold the engine at its power peak makes it wonderful for city traffic, while its lack of gears lets the engine turn slower at highway speeds, delivering an estimated 26 mpg. But as much as Nissan engineers have tried to make this transmission sporty, it isn't.

    Through tight uphill corners it's easy to confuse the CVT. Diving into a 25 mph corner that begs for third (pretend third) or even second gear, it won't drop below fourth. I get back on the throttle but the transmission has already committed to a ratio that isn't ideal. The engine bogs while the mysterious belts and pulleys below the hood talk the situation over and finally bring the engine back to life. In an Altima or a Murano this hasn't been a problem, but the Maxima is so wonderfully capable that the transmission just can't keep up. After a half-hour of such flogging, a familiar yet unwelcome smell enters the cabin; it's decidedly not the brakes, so I decide to back off the poor CVT.

    The take-rate on manual-transmission Maximas last year was somewhere around two percent, so don't expect Nissan to commit to a mid-cycle addition. A diesel Maxima is due out for 2010 and it'll use a traditional automatic. Pete Haidos also estimates that the diesel will run 30-35 percent more efficiently than the 3.5-liter gas motor and claims the 3.0-liter Renault powerplant has "the best NVH management of any diesel V-6." It should be worth the wait. Plus, that extra year will allow enough time for would-be buyers to save up the price premium it's sure to carry.

    The Maxima isn't likely to steal many buyers away from enthusiast-focused rear-drivers like the Infiniti G35 or the BMW 328i, which will live in the same price range as the Maxima once sport and premium packages are added to the its estimated $29,000 base price; but a wide range of manufacturers — Buick, Acura, Lexus, and Toyota among them — should be worried. The Maxima represents the best combination of sportiness, comfort, and technology available in a front-drive platform. Its polarizing styling and the not-so-impressive CVT will likely be the only thing turning buyers away from the car, but Nissan is prepared for that. Want something more conservative? Buy an Altima. Something a little more emotional? Infiniti has you covered. The Maxima is for those who want a little taste of both.

    SSL Encrpytion Coming to The Pirate Bay

    June 22, 2008
    Thomas Mennecke

    Encryption and file-sharing technology have a long history together. Usenet servers, LimeWire, uTorrent, and many other applications and protocols have taken advantage of encryption technology to help give the end user an additional layer of security. In response to Sweden's new wiretapping law, The Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde has announced the tracker’s intention to offer encryption services to its users.

    According to the Local, Sweden's surveillance law, which passed on Thursday of this week, allows the government to monitor all incoming and outgoing transmissions in the name of national security.

    Although The Pirate Bay's lobbying efforts against the bill were unsuccessful, the tracker still has a few cards left to play. According to Sunde, The Pirate Bay will roll out an encryption option this week.
    "Many people have asked me what we’re planning to do," Peter writes in his blog "- and the answer is “A lot!”. We’re going to help out in any way we can with fighting the law. This week we’re going to add SSL to The Pirate Bay. We’re also going to help out making a website about easy encryption - both for your hard drives and your net traffic. As some people know, we’re running a system for VPN-tunnels already and we’re going to lower the price for that as well and open it up for international users as well."

    The level of protection offered likely varies on the individual's geographical location. Since The Pirate Bay isn't actually situated in Sweden, a user in the United States isn't impacted by the law. However for the concerned user living in Sweden, the new SSL feature will offer some security against the perceived threat.

    Historically, BitTorrent end users have faced little in the way of legal repercussions, regardless of their association with a tracker. Despite the seizure of LokiTorrent and EliteTorrent's userbase information, the only legal action taken was against the administration. That's not to say that can't change in Sweden, however history is on the side of the user – and so is The Pirate Bay. The irony, interestingly enough, is that both The Pirate Bay and Swedish Government's intentions are in the name of security.

    Future Sox Outfielder?

    Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch

    Turns out this is a fake, no real surprise I guess. Was hoping it was true but evidently it was an un-aired Gatorade commercial created by Element 79 that was never run.

    Low-Cost Buses from Boston to NYC

    There are two low-cost bus companies, now that offer service from Boston to NYC. Both leave from South Station and go to Penn Station. They are trying to compete with the not-so-famous- Fung-Wah $15/one-way.

    The biggest complaint of the Fung-wah, besides the tires falling off, are the long lines, to get on the bus.

    These two new companies are trying to follow, in their footsteps, but up the anti a bit.

    First is
    The bus leaves on the half-hour, every hour, and seats start at $1.00, that's right $1.00, now here is the small catch, not all seats are $1.00 just a select few, but on average the seats are under $10.00

    Next is BoltBus
    The bus leaves on the half-hour, starting at 7:30am, and seats start at $15.00-$20.00. BoltBus, does offer Wi-Fi, and power plugs for laptops.

    The way these companies are competing with Fung-Wah, is that you can register and reserve your seat online/phone, ahead of time. That way locking in some great fares, and most import not standing on long lines, in dirty China-Town.

    More resons to try the new buses:

    just posted today:

    Fung Wah bus involved in New York fatality

    June 23, 2008 12:02 PM


    (Photo by Annie Tritt for The New York Times)

    By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff

    A crash involving a Fung Wah bus in New York’s Chinatown left a woman dead this morning.

    The 57-year-old woman was on the sidewalk, getting ready to board the bus, when the bus was struck by a dump truck at 7:49 a.m., according to New York Police Department. The impact sent the bus onto the sidewalk where the woman was standing.

    Others, including tow police officers, were treated on the scene for what were believed to be minor injuries.

    Several other vehicles were also struck by the bus after it was hit, said Detective Chris Filippazzo.

    People who answered the phones at Fung Wah’s offices in Boston and New York declined to comment.

    The low-cost bus carrier, which shuttles passengers between South Station and Chinatown in New York, is popular among bargain-hunters but has had a history of safety problems, including a rollover on an Interstate 290 ramp in September 2006 that injured 34 passengers.

    The Air I Breathe

    I saw a real good movie yesterday, by a new and upcoming director, Jieho Lee. i really enjoyed this movie. It reminded me of the movie Crash, which incase you didnt' know won Best Picture.

    take a look The Air I Breathe

    McLaren F1 vs Enzo

    Building the Corvette ZR1 video

    Know Your Tequila

    This guy writes more on Tequila than I knew there was to write! It is probably (hopefully) obvious to everyone that Cuervo is one step up from bum juice swill, but this guy goes into great detail about the different types of tequilas available, what they are best used for, and even gives example brands to try. I smell a Mexican night in my near future!

    Read it here.