Are funny and sexy mutually exclusive traits for women? Nope-- the attractive, yet comical female is no longer a fantasy creature. These days, it seems like Hollywood is cranking out gorgeous women who have it all-- the ability to make a man laugh and look good while doing it. Check out our picks for the top 15 sexiest funny women in Hollywood.

1. Anna Faris (above)
When it comes to casting the role of a sexy, dumb blond, Anna's your girl. We first saw her in Scary Movie and have since enjoyed watching her in Just Friends and House Bunny. If anyone can make playing a ditz hot, it's Anna Faris.

2. Tina Fey
[Image: GQ]

When it comes to attractive female comedians, Tina Fey takes the cake. She has made our stomachs ache from laughter with her outrageous skits on SNL-- her seamless impersonation of
Sarah Palin may or may not have affected the outcome of the 2008 presidential election. And did we mention she was the mastermind behind the pop culture phenomenon Mean Girls, and writes the award winning series 30 Rock? Need we say more?

3. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has charmed us with her all-American good looks in the hilarious comedies There's Something About Mary, The Sweetest Thing, and What Happens in Vegas. The rom-com star originally began her career as a model-- making her a perfect candidate for this list.

4. Elizabeth Banks
[Image: Maxim]

Don't let her pretty face fool you-- Elizabeth Banks isn't afraid to get down and dirty to get a few laughs. You may have seen this blond bombshell in The 40 Year Old Virgin and Zach and Miri Make a Porno. With her alluring looks and that certain je ne c'est quoi, it's no wonder L'Oreal Paris chose her as a spokeswoman alongside Beyonce and Eva Longoria.

5. Isla Fisher
[Image: Allure]

When your fiancé is Sacha Baron Cohen, a sense of humor is almost required. Isla Fisher is able to pull off funny and look sexy while doing it. Who could forget her role in Wedding Crashers as the clingy and borderline psychotic girl who ends up marrying Vince Vaughn? We'd love to know how she makes crazy look so good!

6. Aisha Tyler
[Image: Maxim]

With her good looks, guest roles on shows like Reno 911 and Chelsea Lately, and her own book, Aisha Tyler just might have it all. She is proof that women can be sexy, funny, and smart-- breaking the stereotype of the "unattractive comedian."

7. Jenna Fischer
[Image: Shape Magazine]

Jenna Fischer's role on the hit TV show, The Office, has catapulted her onto the Hollywood scene. Her understated humor and subtle sarcasm have contributed to the show's popularity, fulfilling the cliché male fantasy of the sexy receptionist.

8. Chelsea Handler
[Image: Allure]

Host of her own show, Chelsea Lately, and a two-time New York Times best selling author, Chelsea Handler is yet another hilarious woman who isn't bad on the eyes. She has filled our late nights with laughter and witty commentary on the latest celebrity news and pop culture, and she's notoriously open about her sexual escapades. It's no wonder men secretly set their DVRs to Handler's show each night.

9. Kristen Wiig
[Image: GQ]

Deep down, underneath the outrageous hair and the unflattering SNL costumes, is a very hot lady. Kristen Wiig's looks are often camouflaged, but at the end of the day, you can't deny her sex appeal. After all, sometimes the sexiest thing about a person is their ability to laugh at themselves-- and makes others laugh too.

10. Christina Applegate

The talented and beautiful Christina Applegate has made us die with laughter in several comedies including The Sweetest Thing, Anchor Man, and her ABC show, Samantha Who?. Not only is she an Emmy Award winning actress, but Applegate is a philanthropic one too-- she founded her own charity for Breast Cancer (after fighting the battle herself). The comedienne is an inspiration to many-- not to mention a knockout. This list would be incomplete without her.

11. Kaley Cuoco


Most well-known for playing the airhead daughter on 8 Simple Rules, Kaley Cuoco has won audiences over with her good looks and amazing sense of humor. Cuoco's latest role in The Big Bang Theory earned her an Ewwy Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. With her sexy blond hair and hot bod-- this is one actress to watch out for.

12. Lauren Graham

We originally knew Lauren Graham from the TV series Gilmore Girls as a lovable, sarcastic and quirky-- we just have to say it-- MILF. The brunette beauty also played opposite Steve Carell in Evan Almighty and stars in NBC's brand new comedy, Parenthood. Plus, she looks as if she hasn't aged a bit in years--how does she do it?

13. Jane Krakowski
[Image: JustJared

Best known for her role in Ally McBeal, Jane Krakowski is another impossibly funny, yet stunning woman in Hollywood. She is also among the many talented actors on 30 Rock-- which earned her a SAG nomination for her performance as a self-centered actress/singer.

14. Sarah Silverman
[Image: GQ]

Although Sarah Silverman's comedy borders on controversial, you can't deny its humor. We can't help but burst into laughter over her crude jokes that bring some humor to subjects of religion, sex, and racism. The funny girl started out her career writing for SNL, and has been entertaining us for the past few years on her own show, The Sarah Silverman Program. While she may not be conventionally beautiful, guys love her for her "one-of-the-guys" sex appeal.

15. Leslie Mann
89895_1269009456_486x.jpg[Image: Vanity Fair]

When you're a knockout and your husband is the writer/producer of films like The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Funny People-- there's a good chance your career will flourish. You may have seen Leslie Mann in the above films as well as Big Daddy and 17 Again. But, don't think that she relies solely on her hubby Judd Apatow for roles-- Mann had been making funny movies long before the couple met.