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Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings Time Explained (INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC) Why do we move our clocks forward in March? Learn about the origins and why we change the time.

IKEA Subway Display in Paris : An Insane Idea or A Genius Promotion Campaign?


From 10 to 24 March 2010, IKEA develops an interesting event in four important metro stations in Paris. Furniture collections are currently displayed in high-traffic spots, giving the potential customers a chance to interact with the brand by checking out the products. The subway walls are also filled with prints that showcase IKEA interiors. What a creative way to do advertising! Moreover, this action completely changes the way the Paris subway station look and creates a cool atmosphere. Imagine waiting for the train n a comfortable sofa! We are certain this is the sort of event that French people will talk of for years to come. What do you think of this idea?

ikea paris

ikea subway

ikea campaign

ikea design
ikea paris2 IKEA Subway Display in Paris : An Insane Idea or A Genius Promotion Campaign?

ikea paris IKEA Subway Display in Paris : An Insane Idea or A Genius Promotion Campaign?

ikea 56 IKEA Subway Display in Paris : An Insane Idea or A Genius Promotion Campaign?
ikea6 IKEA Subway Display in Paris : An Insane Idea or A Genius Promotion Campaign?

ikea IKEA Subway Display in Paris : An Insane Idea or A Genius Promotion Campaign?

ikea 39 IKEA Subway Display in Paris : An Insane Idea or A Genius Promotion Campaign?

Author: Lavinia

Eco-Punk Lego ‘Crawler Town’ by Dave DeGobbi

by Desmond Williams

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Brick-loving kids will be bowled over by designer Dave DeGobbi’s new Lego concept, Crawler Town. The story of Crawler Town begins with an end… the inhabitants of this steam-punk world have exploited the earth’s natural resources and can only find life’s simple luxuries “like pizza, fresh vegetables and beer” while vacationing at moving structures like Crawler Town. Yes, the environmental lesson this toy teaches is a pretty dark one (it’s best suited for older kids) but in all of this, forced by necessity, the townspeople have figured out a more energy efficient means of survival.

Vehicles in Crawler Town are powered by hydrogen cells, and solar panels and wind turbines play prominent roles in the town’s infrastructure. The town’s mobile design is such that it allows access to what limited resources still exist.

In executing the project, DeGobbi realized the Crawler Town was quickly evolving from a purely steam-punk aesthetic to something more environmentally grand, “a roaming city where self sustainability and eco efficiency became the theme.” Naturally this begged for a new designation, so Crawler Town falls under what Dave calls “Eco-punk,” and there’s no doubt that this city rocks.

+ Crawler Town

Team of Sexy Housekeepers Cleaning up Florida

By: Ann Butler

MIAMI -- They're the housekeepers men dream about, and now they're reality.

"You're enjoying the view, you're enjoying the cleaning," said Nina Torres.

That's the concept that motivated Torres to start Edan's Maids R' Us, a team of sexy housekeepers that service South Florida. "They actually clean, I can guarantee you that," said Torres.

The website specifically explains it is not an escort service.

"No, we are 100 percent house cleaners, we clean your house, we organize, we cook we do laundry, nothing else," Torres said.

Edan's maids charge $60 per hour with a two hour minimum.

But before you call, you can go online and access their menu of maids. They have 15 total and you can choose which one comes to your house.

When you click on a maid, it shows their stats, including height, weight, age, ethnicity, even measurements.

"It's like a restaurant, in a way" said Frances, one of Edan's Maids. "You get to choose the plate that you want."

"Someone yesterday said it's so hard to choose just one," Torres proudly explained. "They said they love them all, just give me the best."

Edan's maids go out on jobs alone, but Torres screens customers on the phone and has every girl call when they arrive and leave to make sure they're safe.

"If somebody ever tries to be fresh, I mean you have to tell them this isn't what it is, I'm sorry if you must have a misunderstanding," Frances said.

So far, Torres said there hasn't been a single problem and her maids often spend time just chatting with customers who are looking for company.

"It's like a partner for a little bit, it's a friend, somebody to spend time with and have fun with," Frances said.

So, if your house is really dirty, this might not be your best bet, but, if you've got some chores that need to be done and you want a sexy show at the same time, Edan's Maids R' Us are for you.

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New photos of Beatles' John Lennon appear after 40 years

Candid pictures of John Lennon which have never been seen in public have been found after being kept hidden in a photographer's drawer for more than 40 years.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono who is talking to 16-year-old Gail Renard: New photos of Beatles' John Lennon appear after 40 years
John Lennon and Yoko Ono who is talking to 16-year-old Gail Renard Photo: CATERS

The extraordinary photos of the musician and Yoko Ono, taken during their famous Bed-in for Peace in Montreal in 1969, snapped by Life photographer Gerry Deiter.

He was the only photojournalist allowed to witness and document the bed-in for the full eight days and managed to capture pictures of the couple totally off-guard.

But his story about them, due to run in Life magazine, was ditched at the last minute for an article on the Vietnam war.

Since the photographer's death in 2005, the unpublished photos were hidden away until this week, when they go on exhibition for the first time in Coventry Cathedral, West Mids, on Saturday.

Lennon and Yoko flew to Montreal on May 26 where they stayed in Room 1738 and 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, writing and recording the song Give Peace a Chance from their bedroom.

Nick Chevasse, the Cathedral's tourist director, said the photos had only recently been unearthed.

He said "Gerry Deiter was the only photojournalist there the entire eight days, with complete access.

"He was on assignment for Life magazine, but his story was bumped in favour for one about Vietnam.

"The photos were never published, they never ran, so Deiter hid them away.

"This is why many of the images are not familiar, even to Lennon fans - they have never been seen before by anybody.

"He captured the celebrity visitors, the action and intimate, behind the scenes moments between John and Yoko."

The candid pictures show the couple writing and recording their song to peace during their week long stay.

Lennon, holding his iconic guitar, looks relaxed as he pens what would become the first solo single released while the Beatles were officially still together.

In one photograph, while John strums his guitar, Yoko chats to 16-year-old Gail Reynard.

The youngster had scaled the hotel's fire escape and pleaded with the couple to let her stay.

And as one of the few to be present for the entire event, Gail was given the original handwritten lyrics for Lennon's peace song.

Gail, now a TV comedy writer, sold the piece of rock history at auction for £400,000 in 2008.

She said the photos brought back great memories from the iconic protest.

She said: "When I first saw the images from the exhibition, I was carried straight back to that amazing time.

"They started to unlock details that I thought I had forgotten."

When the song was released it quickly became the anthem of the anti-war movement, and was sung by half a million demonstrators in Washington, D.C. at the Vietnam Moratorium Day, on 15 October 1969.

It was narrowly pipped to the UK number one spot by The Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women".

A Cub of a Different Color


This momma jaguar, named Lolo, is playing with her new cub at the Jordan Zoo. The mother is a melanistic, which is why her coat is black and different from her spotted baby. You can tell by her face that she’s still adjusting to being bitten… constantly… (via zooborns, photos by Ali Jarekji/REUTERS)

More: Jaguar Momma And Cub on Snuzzy

Japanese Girl May Be The First Female Pitcher To Make The Pros

Eri Yoshida wants to take her knuckleball proEri Yoshida an 18-year-old Japanese baseball player comes to America and tries to make the pros ... and she's a girl! It sounds like a magnificent sequel to "Mr. Baseball," but it's a-happenin'.

Yoshida is the first woman drafted by a Japanese professional baseball team, and she may be the first female pitcher to go pro. Her secret weapon is the old knuckleball, an elusive pitch that few have mastered, and the one thing that makes her attempt viable. Earlier this month, she hit the spring training circuit in Arizona, where she pitched under the tutelage of the Red Sox's Tim Wakefield. (Yoshida says she taught herself the pitch by watching videos of him.)

Although she isn't trying to make it to the majors -- she's only hoping for a spot in an independent league -- we would certainly love to watch an 18-year-old, 5-foot-1-inch lady strike out her juiced-up competitors.

Stargate Atlantis Home Theater – Truly Sci Fi Pleasure


Stargate Atlantis home theatre is a specially designed theme theatre with special Visual and Acoustic effects. When you wave a hand at the Atlantis Logo at the entrance of the theatre, the doors automatically slide open just like the star Wars.

stargate home theater 1

There are motion sensors which on stimulation trigger the air pockets doors to open, thus welcoming you into the world of the famous Stargate Atlantis Home Theatre.

stargate home theater 2

stargate home theater 3

As you step inside, you are fascinated and feel like stepping out of this world into Lantea which is the actual fictional home of the TV series Stargate Atlantis. Who could have created this home theatre? Yes, it is none other than Jacob Yarmuth located in Louisville, KY .He is the world’s biggest fan of the Stargate Atlantis series.

stargate home theater 4

Jacob Yarmuth whopped out $ 70000 to make his dream come true-the dream of creating a replica of the Stargate Atlantis Home theatre. The Screen is circular and 1 foot in diagonal just like the star gate screen.

stargate home theater 5

Other Sci-Fi features include Sony Mega changers that house up to 80 DVD’s can attest to that, a star dome that shows comets shooting across space. The THX speakers pump out seven channel sound and are accompanied by 2 polko Audio IW subwoofers.

stargate home theater 6

stargate home theater 7

The Atlantis technology is immense and must be seen to be believed. In other words the Atlantis Home theatre creates magic and bringing alive the fictional Stargate series into your home.

Via Electronichouse.

World's oldest whisky goes on sale -- Feeling rich?


It is older than Chuck Norris and was laid down in a small Scottish distillery the year before the outbreak of the Second World War.

Behold, the world's oldest whisky ever to go on general sale. A cool £10,000 and a bottle of this malty goodness is yours.

The Mortlach 70-year-old Speyside was sampled by a select group of tasters at a ceremony in Edinburgh Castle, yesterday.

And bottles of the rare piece of Scotland's ''liquid history'' have now hit the market.

The Spanish oak hogshead cask – formerly for bodega sherry – which was on display at the castle yesterday yielded 54 full-size and 162 small decanters bottled at cask strength.

However, collectors (or wealthy boozers) will need to dig deep – a 70cl decanter will sell for £10,000, while the 20cl version costs £2,500.

It was filled into its cask on October 15 1938 on the order of John Urquhart, the grandfather of the firm's joint managing directors, David and Michael Urquhart.

Exactly 70 years later, the decision was made to empty the cask and bottle its contents.

A bottle of Mortlach was piped into Edinburgh Castle today and tasted by guests in the Queen Anne Room. David and Michael Urquhart today described it as a malt ''without comparison''.They would though, wouldn't they?

Michael Urquhart said the company had presented a bottle to the Queen but the vermouth drinker requested that it should go on display at the National Museum of Scotland.

Whisky writer and connoisseur Charles MacLean described the world's oldest single malt as "a delicate, fresh, vital, fruity whisky, with unusual attributes of waxiness and smokiness". That's everything then, surely?

Each bottle will be presented in a slick, tear-shaped Glencairn crystal decanter with a silver stopper. Keep reading to see some of the other rarest, oldest and most expensive whiskys ever.


Some of the world's most expensive and oldest whiskys.

Name: Bruichladdich 40 Year Old
From: Bruichladdich cellars, Islay Island, Scotland
Age: Guess...
Price: £1,020 a bottle
This is the oldest ever bottling by Bruichladdich and the most expensive to come from Islay. The whisky was distilled in October 1964 and filled into fresh bourbon casks before four decades of slow aging on the coast. The result is probably the most complex Bruichladdich ever produced. It'll get you pretty hammered, too. Which is nice.
Name: Glen Garioch 1958
From: Glen Garioch is found outside Aberdeen in the farming town of Old Meldrum.
Age: 46 years when removed.
Price: £1,250
An ancient bottling from a fine distillery. A limited edition of 336 bottles, with only 60 being released in the UK makes this one of the most expensive Highland whiskys. At 46 years old this is the oldest Glen Garioch ever released. Presented in a 'Rose' hardwood box with velvet lining (ooh fancy!). Glen Garioch is a distillery with a comparatively low profile, and quality has varied over its lifetime under a succession of different owners - but real aficionados will tell you that the older expressions are some of the best malts in Scotland. Or so says the oldest, wisest bloke in the office. He smells like whisky too and it's only 11am.

Name: Chivas Regal Royal Salute
From: Strathisla Distillery at Keith, Moray in Speyside, Scotland.
Age: 50
Released in 2003 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, its lead malt is the superb Strathisla, which accounts for the exceptionally rich and creamy character. Only 255 bottles of the Scottish whisky were released worldwide, which helps account for the high price. We reckon you'd fine this bad boy in Darth Vader's drinks cabinet.
Name: Macallan Fine & Rare Collection, 1939
From: Macallan Distillery near Easter Elchies House, at Craigellachie in the Speyside
Age: 40
Price: £6,000
The 1939 was first bottled in 1979, hence its designation as 40 years old. Then, in 2002, the entire Fine & Rare Collection was rebottled for the sake of consistency. Macallan describes it as having rich peat and powerful wood flavors overlaid with sweet toffee and dried fruits. We can't confirm or deny that, because we don't have £6,000 to spare. We have £6 and it's all going on Peroni.
Name: Glenfiddich Rare Collection 1937
Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland
69 years when sold.
£12,000 for one bottle.
This exceptionally rare spirit was auctioned on April 4, 2006 in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal, New York City. The spirit was slowly aged in cask for 64 years and bottled in 2001, resulting in a liquid of deep, robust character. With a rich walnut colour, nose of toffee, cinnamon and cloves and sweet, cedar-y palette. That's what we thought when we necked the stuff after 4 hours in the Dog and Duck, anyway.
Name: Glenavon Special Liqueur Whisky
From: Glenavon Distillery, Banffshire, Scotland.
Age: Upwards of 150 years (didn't go on general sale)
Price: Auctioned for £14,850
Experts believe this is the oldest single bottle in history and was owned by an Irish family for generations, before eventually being sold in auction to an anonymous bidder. We'd like to think the mystery man sunk the lot in one booze-fuelled night of debauchery. The green bottle is unusually small in size and holds about 14fl oz (about 400ml) and was bottled in the 1850s. Yes it's older than the Mortlach but it really is just a one off find and as such doesn't get the crown of wrinkliest whisky.
Macallan Fine and Rare Collection, 1926
From: Macallan Distillery near Easter Elchies House, at Craigellachie in the Speyside
Age: 60
Price: £25,000
The oldest and most sought-after of Macallan's revolutionary Fine & Rare Collection is now sold out. It is still possible to taste this totally unique Scotch whisky at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, N.J. However, it sells for $3,300 (£2,000) per dram. In 2007, a bottle of 1926 vintage The Macallan was sold at a Christie's auction for $54,000 (£36,000), making it one of the most expensive bottles of liquor ever sold.

Dalmore Oculus
Glasgow based distillers Whyte & Mackay.
Blend of whiskys as old as 140 years
Auctioned for £27,600
Blended from some of the most exceptional whiskies of the past 140 years, the single bottle had been expected to reach up to £20,000. Instead, it raised the largest amount of money ever paid for a Dalmore whisky. The buyer asked to remain anonymous.The oldest whisky in the blend was distilled in 1868, with others from 1878, 1922, 1926, 1939 and 1951.