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Friday, August 24, 2007

Lexus LS 460s To Make Beautiful Music in 12-Car Symphony Performance

LONDON — The Lexus Symphony Orchestra will appear on stage in London this weekend. In place of the expected formally clad string and brass players, a dozen Lexus LS 460 SE-Ls will sit on stage, doors open, and perform orchestral works piped through the cars' 19-speaker Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound audio systems. The music was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, with the Bach Choir, in London earlier this summer and includes two original works: "Summon the Hero," which Lexus says shows the car audio's "more dynamic and upbeat capabilities;" and "Karma Nirvana," a piece to show the "softer side" of the high-end audio system.

They can be heard at Lexus' U.K. Web site. For the performance, the cars will be arranged onstage like a traditional orchestra, with each car playing the parts of a section, including strings, brass, woodwind, bass and percussion. Lexus is taking pains to note that no PA system or special effects are involved and that all sound will come from the "perfectly standard" cars themselves. The Lexus performance will take place at the "Last Night of the Summer Proms" Pops in the Park event in South London. This will be the second appearance for the car orchestra; the first was earlier this month at Castle Howard near York, England. After the concert, audience members will be invited to check out the cars and their audio quality up close.

Google Voice Local Search - FREE

Welcome to Google Voice Local Search

Google Voice Local Search is Google’s experimental service to make local-business search accessible over the phone.

Amazing Back Flip

Amazing Photo Gallery of Pics of Earth

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Mountain Dew Game Fuel

New Flavor for a limited time to coincide with Halo 3 launch

This day in tech 12 years ago

START me up! Say hello to Windows 95.

Ahh Fredo - We Knew it all along--

AT&T Ditches 'Fewest Dropped Calls' Ad Campaign

Following a Better Business Bureau investigation into Cingular's (now AT&T's) "fewest dropped calls" ad campaign and a protracted legal fight with Sprint over the issue, AT&T is reportedly dropping its claim, according to an employee.
Turns out, the assertion was never really true, and was based on only a small part of a larger Telephia report. As a whole, the report notes that AT&T Wireless did not have the most reliable network in places like New York, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles, according to Broadband Reports. Recent studies from Consumer Reports and JD Power mirror these findings, and have placed Cingular/AT&T at or near the the bottom of their rankings for reliability and satisfaction.
Update 8/23: An AT&T spokesman says that dropping the "fewest dropped calls" language is just part of an overall shift to a new message: "More bars in more places." Okay then!

How to Buy a Cheap Airline Ticket in First Class

Step-By-Step Guide to Finding and Purchasing Cheap First Class Seats:

These discount first class tickets are the airline industry's best-kept secret. Called Y-Ups, they price like a coach ticket, they look like a coach ticket, but when you sit down, you are one seat behind the pilot -- and they serve warm cookies. is the only web site that tracks over 100,000 of these confirmed discounted first class airfares. Y-Up airfares are intentionally published by the airlines to look exactly like a coach ticket, but the seats are allocated in the first class cabin. This sneaky little trick allows corporate travelers to legitimately & inexpensively get around their "No First Class Travel" policy.

Y-Up airfares are deeply discounted first class airline tickets available for travel within/between the United States and Canada. They do NOT apply to international coach, business or first class air travel.

Full Article: How to Buy a Cheap Airline Ticket in First Class

2008 Dodge Viper--> 600hp with a warranty

0-60mph in 3.7 sec in first gear. Quarter mile in 11.8 sec @ 125mph. 22mpg highway fuel economy.

I love this country!!!! Any 18 year old in flip flops with enough money can go buy this thing.