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Friday, May 29, 2009

Hypnotic Iceberg - Amazing picture

In Case You Want Your Coffee Served By Women in Bikinis...

It's service with a smile, bikini and
high heels.

Reporter: Al Naipo
Posted by: Scott Coppersmith

Garden Grove ( - Some Vietnamese coffee houses in Orange County are brewing up something different.

No, it's not a new tea or coffee blend. It's the waitresses... who wear a uniform consisting of little more than a bikini with high heels.

Cafe Di Vang 2 in Garden Grove is one of a growing number of local Vietnamese coffee houses where the waitresses wear the revealing outfits.

According to one waitress there who spoke with FOX 11's Al Naipo in his video report, the place is more like an "Asian Hooters for coffee."

Hot beverages and smoothies... that's pretty much all they've got. There's no food, but the the waitresses will take time to sit and chat with the customers.

"We talk to you," says one of the waitresses. "(We) ask you how your day going. Care for you as a friend, too."

It's all about friendly service and making the customer feel at home... a place where they can watch tv, play cards or a board game, and just hang out.

The servers tell us they're ok with wearing very little and also that they rarely get customers who want more than what's on the limited menu.

"How they treat the customer is very respectful and nice," says owner, Dan Nguyen. "I don't have any problem at all."

By the way, if you're wondering what prices are like at Cafe Di Vang 2, here are a couple of examples... the coffee's $4.50 and the smoothies are $6.00.

Not a bad price to pay for the priceless service!

More information:

Cafe Di Vang 2
14221 Euclid Street
Garden Grove CA

Click here to visit them on the web.

The First Google Chrome Extensions: Block Ads, Check PageRank, and Use IE8 Accelerators

Written by Sarah Perez

During the Google I/O conference this week, one of the presentations from Day 1 was on the subject of Google Chrome's extension system. The long-awaited feature will finally deliver what Firefox and IE users have had for ages: a way to add more tools, services, and additional features to the browser.

If you're playing around with one of the developer builds of Google Chrome, you can test drive this feature before it makes its public debut. Already, there are a handful of extensions available including an ad-blocker called AdSweep, a PageRank checker, and Cleeki, an extension that ports IE8 Accelerators to Chrome.

About Extensions in Chrome

According to articles from both Google Operating System and CIO, here's what we know about how extensions work in Chrome, as described during that I/O presentation:

  1. Extensions use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS so they're easy for developers to write.
  2. You don't need to restart the browser after installing an extension (hurray!)
  3. Extensions will work in all future versions of the browser. Developers won't need to update their extensions with each new release. (No more abandoned extensions!)
  4. Extensions will run as separate processes: one per extension.
  5. Extensions can appear at the bottom of the browser. During the demo, an add-on that displayed new stories from Google Reader was shown in a bar at the bottom of the browser.
  6. Google will control the look of extension buttons to keep Chrome's UI uncluttered and consistent.
  7. Google will build an extension gallery where developers can submit extensions and users can find extensions to install.

Extensions Available Now

There are already some interesting extensions under development, which you can test out now in a developer build of Chrome.


AdSweep is an add-on that hides advertising on web page you visit similar to how AdBlock works. It uses JavaScript to adjust the CSS of a page and is also available as a user script.

Page Rank for Chrome

Page Rank for Chrome (shouldn't that be "PageRank?") is a simple extension that shows the Google PageRank for the current web site.


Perhaps the most fascinating of the three, however, is Cleeki, an extension that delivers the functionality of IE8's Accelerators to other browsers, a list that now includes Chrome. Accelerators are one of the newest (and best) features in the most recent version of Internet Explorer. Available from the right-click menu, they let you quickly perform actions that would have previously required opening a separate web page (e.g. "map this," "translate this," "find on Facebook," "define this," "email this," "Digg this," etc.)

With Cleeki installed (read how to here), you can do many of those same actions, although its appearance is somewhat different. IE8 accelerators are listed in a small right-click menu, but Cleeki actually opens up a secondary window like a pop-up where you can choose from the available actions and see the results.

The size of that window may turn off some users, so it's a shame that Google Chrome doesn't currently allow for a user preference system since Cleeki is actually very customizable (size, skin, behavior, etc.). According to the Cleeki blog, there's a hacking way to customize it, but they haven't shared that info yet...perhaps they will in the future.

Developers, Write Your Own Extensions

In the meantime, while we wait for this feature to hit the public build of Chrome, developers can get cracking writing their first Google Chrome extensions. For help getting started, they should check out these sample extensions and this tutorial which demonstrates how to write a simple extension.

20 of the Freakiest Custom Bikes on the Road [Pics] — Tall bikes, choppers, cargo bikes, freak bikes, art bikes, clown bikes…much more than just two wheels, two pedals, and a chain.

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Miracle Beer Diet

Lose weight with this amazing new diet plan!

("What's my secret? I drink beer!")

Hulu Desktop (PC and Mac clients) — Hulu Desktop is a lean-back viewing experience for your personal computer. It features a sleek new look that's optimized for use with standard Windows Media Center or Apple remote controls, allowing you to navigate Hulu's entire library with just six buttons.

Click here for all the info and downloads..

Good Boy! The World’s Ten Smartest Dogs

By PetMD (View Profile)

We’ve gathered a wide sample of dog breeds, sharpened their No. 2 pencils (you know, no opposable thumbs), and asked them to fill out a simple intelligence questionnaire.

Okay, maybe not.

But PetMD did come up a list of the top ten smartest canine breeds in the world. See if your dog’s breed makes the grade.

#10 Australian Cattle Dog
Yes, that Australian Cattle Dog from Down Under. A working dog that is traditionally occupied with controlling and herding cattle, its qualities are exceptional intelligence, alertness, resourcefulness, and a fiercely protective loyalty over its property and people. They are agile, strong, active dogs, both physically and mentally, which revel in new experiences. The flip side is that they bore easily and will unintentionally find trouble while looking for activities to occupy themselves with. The Cattle Dog is very organized; many are known for putting their own toys away after playing.

#9 Rottweiler
Another herding dog, the Rottweiler began in Germany as a true work companion. They are still primarily used for work as guard dogs and as police dogs. They are well known for their stoicism, keen perception, courage, and unflagging loyalty. They make an excellent addition to the family.

#8 Papillon
This deceptively cute, butterfly-eared dog is smarter, tougher, and stronger than it appears (it’s like the bionic dog). Often described as big dogs in little bodies, they have the athletic stamina to keep up on long walks, and the bravura of a canine ten times its size. The Papillon is a true companion and watchdog. Although they can be ferociously protective over what belongs to them, their keen intelligence makes it possible to take them anywhere. Let’s not forget they can be litter trained, a big plus.

#7 Labrador Retriever
The Lab, as it is affectionately called, is the most popular breed chosen by families. Another member of the working class of dogs, the Lab is best known for its intelligence, affection, patience, and gentility, making them perfect companions for households with kids. They are easily trained, and, in fact, are one of the top dogs chosen for search and rescue, assisting the disabled, and police work. They are also known to self-train, observing behaviors in humans and repeating them—a great asset in emergency situations.

#6 Shetland Sheepdog
Another herding dog, the Shetland takes this ability into the home, showing the same commitment and protectiveness over its human “herd” as the farm raised version does. Highly intelligent, the Sheltie handles life with great efficiency and diligence, learning new commands with little repetition, and making sure that all of the family is safe, sound, and in place. They show great devotion to their families, and are happy to live just about anywhere.

#5 Doberman Pinscher
Due to an inborn fearlessness and deep stamina, the Doberman is one of the most popular of guard dogs. Smart and assertive, they can easily be trained for dominance or docility. Because of their past as war and police dogs, they may appear fearsome, but they are actually quite gentle. Their loyalty and acuity make Doberman’s great additions to the family.

#4 Golden Retriever
A very affectionate and popular breed, the Golden Retriever is highly regarded for its intelligence. They can learn well over 200 commands, making them indispensable companions, both in the home and in the workplace. Loyal, loving, and patient, with a willingness to please and a love of learning, this is a fabulous companion pet to bring into your family.

#3 German Shepherd
The German Shepherd was originally bred specifically for intelligence. Smart, courageous, and protective, the Shepherd is one of the most dependable of companions. They learn tasks after only a few repetitions, and obey first commands nearly always the first time it is given. They are eager to learn new tasks, as this gives them direction and purpose—very important for a Shepherd. Besides being used for herding animals, they are often used as guard dogs, police dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, and have even been trained by the military for parachute jumps.

#2 Poodle
Easily trainable, steadfast, and sharp-minded, Poodles flourish in human company. Even with the frou-frou hairdos, Poodles are sometimes made to endure and can be quite effective as guard dogs, especially the standard sized Poodles. In fact, the “poodle clip,” was created specifically for the working Poodle, so that it could swim more effectively, while still having fur to protect its organs as it went about the business of hunting and retrieving. The Poodle excels at training and obedience, and also loves creative play time. This is what made them so popular as circus performers. But, this can be a drawback as well. If left alone to boredom, Poodles can be creative about finding ways to amuse themselves, sometimes finding trouble along the way.

#1 Border Collie
The Border Collie comes in at number one. Because of their extraordinary intelligence and high energy, it is essential to give Border Collies an occupation or purpose, or you may well find your home wrecked upon your return from a long day at work. They have an intense connection with humans, making them ideal work and home companions. However, keep this in mind: Border Collies invariably will not do well unless they are with people who are as high energy as they are; they do best with humans who can participate in dog sports with them. Also, because of their background as herding dogs, they may be frustrated by small children, as their inability to herd the children as they deem fit is confounded. For the right human, the Border Collie is well behaved, exceptionally good at learning, and a true-blue companion.

Image sources: #10 ELF (cc), #5 Llcivan (cc), #1 Northdevonfarmer (cc), all others York Public Library.
First published March 2009

This Motorcyle Jump Is 1000 Different Kinds Of Awesome [PIC] — Jeff Fehr jumped over a cowboy settlement at the historic Bar U Ranch in Alberta, Canada, with the Rocky Mountains in the background Wednesday. (Joerg Mitter/Global-Newsroom/Reuters) | via the-day-186/

Man Sexually Assaulted By Police After Smoking Pot

Michael Mineo

Michael Mineo said he was sodomized by NYPD officers.
(Photo by Patrick E. McCarthy / December 8, 2008)

A man who's accused city police officers of beating and sexually assaulting him sued the New York Police Department and the city for $220 million yesterday in federal court.

Michael Mineo, a 24-year-old tattoo worker, said he is not worried that the timing of the suit - some four months before the anticipated start of the trial for the three officers charged in the incident - makes it seem like he cares most about making money.

"Not at all," he said outside Brooklyn federal court after his lawyers filed the suit. "It's going to speak for itself because I'm not lying. There's no way I could have lied and made this up. I don't want the accused officers on the police force anymore."

One of his lawyers, Kevin Mosley, said "to not file a suit would almost look like he was trying to hide something. He has nothing to hide."

Mineo made headlines last October when he accused three officers of beating and sexually assaulting him with a nightstick in the Prospect Park subway station while trying to subdue him after he was stopped for smoking marijuana.

The case drew immediate comparisons to the 1997 attack on Haitian immigrant Abner Louima inside the 70th Precinct. Louima was violated with a broomstick by Officer Justin Volpe, who plead guilty and is in prison.

In December, Officer Richard Kern was indicted on a charge of sexually abusing Mineo, while officers Alex Cruz and Andrew Morales were indicted on charges of hindering prosecution and official misconduct.

"It's not surprising," said Richard Murray, Morales' lawyer. "He hopes they'll prevail and he'll get a lot of money. But I'm confident that after trial, Officer Morales will be found not guilty of any criminal misconduct, and my belief is that there was no misconduct on behalf of any of the officers."

Cruz's lawyer, Stu London, said, "I've thought, from the beginning, that his financial interest was always his primary interest as opposed to the accuracy of the events as he related them."

Attorneys for Kern and the NYPD had no comment, and lawyers for the city say they have not had a chance to review the suit.

Morales and Cruz saw blood from the attack and did nothing, prosecutor Charles Guria said at the time of the indictment, while Kern warned Mineo he faced felony charges if he went to the hospital or to a precinct.

Mineo was given a summons for disorderly conduct, and police left the scene. The summons was defective, an apparent attempt to make sure what had happened would never be learned, according to law enforcement sources.

But Mineo did go to the hospital, and he says the incident has emotionally scarred him and left him unable to return to work. His injuries - a rectum laceration - cause him great pain, he says, and he's aware of the case's place in history.

"My kids are going to know about this when I have a kid," Mineo said. "It's humiliating. This is considered a rape."

Daniel Edward Rosen contributed to this story.

Breathtaking Art by Illustration Master Adam Hughes

We don't call people masters very often. This is a title obviously reserved for those who are capable of take our breath away with their art. Whether it's illustration, photography, sculpting, architecture, or whatever fields of creativity, some guys, like Adam Hughes just got the talent to make astonishing art.

In 1987, Hughes penciled two short stories and the first issue of the character Death Hawk, created by Mark Ellis. In 1988 Hughes' work appeared in Comico's Maze Agency with co-creator/writer Mike W. Barr, and stayed on the book for one year. When Maze Agency was canceled by Comico, DC Comics offered him a job on Justice League America. He did both covers and internal renditions on that series for two years, before switching to providing covers only.

There are 2 places where you'll find more of his work: at his DeviantART profile and at his personal website. I totally, 100% recommend you to go visit these, because there's no way a person can get enough of these illustrations. And that's it. Enjoy guys... enjoy. ;)

Breathtaking illustration by Adam Hughes

Breathtaking illustration by Adam Hughes

Click here for more Breathtaking Art by Illustration Master Adam Hughes

Italian Prime Minister is Having an Affair with 18 yr Old

Berlusconi denies affair with model

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has denied having an affair with an underage girl and said he would resign if he was caught lying about it.

Mr Berlusconi said that if someone asked had he had "a spicy or more than spicy" relationship with a minor, his answer would be "absolutely not".

"I have sworn this on the lives of my children," he told reporters in Rome.

Mr Berlusconi, 72, is under pressure to explain his relationship with Noemi Letizia, 18, an aspiring model.

His wife, Veronica Lario, announced earlier this month that she was divorcing him after it was reported that he had attended Ms Letizia's 18th birthday party in Naples and given her an expensive necklace.

"I cannot remain with a man who consorts with minors," she said.

Mr Berlusconi said he had only gone to Ms Letizia's party because he happened to be in Naples that day and was an old family friend.

But photographs later emerged of them together at several social events last year, when she was 17. The prime minister also confirmed that she had stayed at his villa in Sardinia and attended a new year's party there.


During a meeting with reporters in Rome on Thursday, Mr Berlusconi repeated previous denials that he had had sex with a minor.

"I have answered the only question that anyone has the right to ask me: 'Prime minister, have you had a, let's say, spicy, or more than spicy, relationship with an underage girl?' The response is: 'Absolutely not,'" he said.

"I am aware that, if this were perjury, I would have to resign a minute later."

The age of consent in Italy is 16, but people under 18 are considered minors.

The comments come a day after the leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Dario Franceschini, asked Italians at a European Parliament election rally: "Would you want your children brought up by this man?"

The question provoked a furious response from Mr Berlusconi's children, who have rarely made public statements in the past.

"Angry?" asked Marina, his eldest daughter from his first marriage and chairman of publisher Mondadori, in an interview for Corriere della Sera.

"I am indignant. Furious. No, this is enough. This time, I don't intend to stay silent. My father has always worked a lot, but there has never been a time, a single time, in which I did not have him near when I needed him."

Her younger brother, Mediaset deputy chairman Pier Silvio, demanded to know how Mr Franceschini dared make such a "bad taste" remark.

The premier's three youngest children also said in a statement that they had been "brought up in a family atmosphere that was balanced and full of values".

"Politics should not turn to judging the role of a father, which has nothing to do with politics," Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi said.

10 Geezers Who Prove Old Age Is Not For Sissies

Long doomed to be cast off into nursing homes and the faded memories of time past, the elderly, while historically strong voters and ardent supporters of the flea market, are the most underutilized demographic in Hollywood. Like the black farmhand who loves singing or the irrational woman who needs the consolation of a man, the elderly have been sentenced to grin and bear it as grandfathers who read the Princess Bride and grandmothers who can’t help but comment on how your boobies are coming in. But every now and again, a funny thing will happen on the way to the viewing. Sometimes Maude lets Harold get to second base. Sometimes Mrs. Peacock really is the murderer and every now and again, Joseph ’Blue’ Pulaski gets a bid into the frat.

In this weekend's major releases, both Drag Me to Hell's baddie Mrs. Ganush and Up's hero Carl Fredericksen are major elderly characters who do more than just nap, watch QVC and tell long-winded stories. Far from simply a weird phenomenon or outside the box marketing scheme, these two films represent further entries into geriatric Garden Of Eden, a mythical, timeless place where all behave recklessly, impulsively and with a bit of youthful flair. C. Montgomery Burns is running the power plant, seducing younger women and posing for naked pictures. Blow it out your ass, young Hollywood. Here are ten Goldwater Girls and Exeter Academy Boys who still party, fight and fuck every bit as hard as their grandchildren.

Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood), Gran Torino
There’s something beautiful about a man sitting on his porch, petting his dog and pounding back Pabst Blue Ribbons from a blue cooler. I guess it’s reminiscent of a simpler time, like Walt Kowalski’s polished ’72 Gran Torino Sport or his no-apologies racism. America has grown up, become more sophisticated and in doing so, passed many of our greatest by. But while so many of those products of a different generation compromise and spend their days figuring out the new-fangled Tivo, Walt Kowalski and his horrifying sneer keep on living, balls-to-the-wall without apology or second thought. He’s pissed his granddaughter would show up to a funeral in casual attire, and honestly, it’s our fault for not sharing his hostility.

Curly (Jack Palance), City Slickers
We all remember Jack Palance doing one-armed push-ups at the Oscars when he accepted the statue for this hard-bitten role. But even though City Slickers is most remembered as a Billy Crystal showcase, Palance is the man in this thing, delivering grizzled glares and withering cut-downs as if he were the Marlboro Man incarnate. Sure, it sucks that Curly has to die halfway through and give the stupid New Yorkers a chance to be real men on their own. But at least we know that, in real life Palance could have arm wrestled the hell out of all of them-- newborn cow Norman included.

Captain John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery), The Rock
Not only did Mason steal J. Edgar Hoover’s personal microfilm files documenting every secret Uncle Sam had to spill, the bastard broke out of Alcatraz successfully and read more books than any of us will ever get to. He’s an over-educated, slyly hilarious knifesman with no qualms about taking human life to protect his daughter, a smoking-hot daughter, I might add, who he conceived at a Led Zeppelin concert with a chick whom I can guarantee was hot. Like crazy hot. Oh, and did I mention he knows how to avoid gang rape in the shower? Yet another life skill to check off the list.

Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth), The Straight Story
The original Carl Fredericksen, Alvin Straight-- a real person!-- drove his tractor across the Midwest to visit his brother when his driver's license was revoked and he couldn't afford a bus ticket. In David Lynch's quiet, completely un-Lynchian movie, Straight emerges as an icon of American resilience and stubbornness, refusing to stop on his trip even when his tractor breaks down, even when it doesn't even seem that clear that his brother wants him visiting. And during filming Farnsworth, at 79, was suffering bone cancer so painful that he killed himself the next year. Farnsworth got an Oscar nomination, Straight made it to see his brother, and all of us should be ashamed of what lazy assholes we really are.

John Hammond (Richard Attenborough), Jurassic Park
Sporting a pimp suit and a white cane, John Hammond, CEO of InGen, owns an island filled with dinosaurs, gigantic, scary, life-will-find-a-way dinosaurs. This, ladies and gentleman, is perhaps the only man in history who can truthfully claim he’s hugged his grandchildren and watched a T-Rex consume a goat on the same day. He also has Samuel L. Jackson, Newman and that effeminate sidekick from Father Of The Bride on his private staff and openly hates lawyers to the point of ridiculing them without mercy to their faces. Your move, Andrew Carnegie.

Ben Luckett (Wilford Brimley), Cocoon
Much like Benjamin Button Wilford Brimley was born old (and probably mustachioed), but he’s never let that keep him from being the world’s oldest badass. In The Firm he scares the hell out of you from behind his burly mustache, in his Quaker Oats commercials he stares straight into your soul and demands you eat their homey goodness or else. He was only 51 when he made Cocoon but as Ben Luckett he convincingly plays an elderly fellow staring down the grim reaper and refusing to go quietly into the night, even if it means enlisting the help of aliens to feel young again. Wilford Brimley may have been born old, but that doesn’t mean he has to act like it.

Queen Elizabeth II, Helen Mirren, The Queen
This isn't just the ruler of one of earth's most powerful countries we're talking about. This is a woman who, well into her 70s, takes hikes out into the countryside with the corgis, looks a stag dead in the eyes, and thinks to herself "Hey, you're just like me." Oh, and then there's the whole "I'm not bowing to national pressure, shut up everyone, I do what I want" attitude, which seemed cold after Princess Diana's death in 1997, but in the context of this movie is totally justified. Not to mention that in real life, this is a woman who can't be touched by Michelle Obama without it becoming an international scandal. You stay classy, Liz.

Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and Saruman (Christopher Lee), The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Yes, they're mortal enemies, one of them protecting the hobbitses and one of them a filthy turncoat on Sauron's side. But really, Gandalf and Saruman are two sides of the same coin, two old wise men with staffs who understand the influence of their power and have great resources to make their goals happen. Of course, only one of them can be resurrected after being dragged into the pits by a flame beast, which is what gives Gandalf the White the upper hand here. But as depicted by Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee in Peter Jackson's two movies, they're both two old guys you'd want on your side in any fight.

Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman), The Royal Tenenbaums
Living out of a hotel with his former assassin and current manservant, Royal Tenenbaum lies, cheats and schemes his way through life like a brilliant six year old tricking his first grade classmates out of their fruit rollups. But he does so with an aww-shucks grin, begging you to forgive him because, well, he just couldn‘t help himself. Think of him as a likeable Dick Cheney or a less trigger-happy Frank Costello. Either way, he’ll be doing brunch at his mother’s grave, and he’d like it if you’d pay your respects--unless she’s not your real grandmother, in which case you can stay at home and write mediocre plays.

Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), Back to the Future
How old exactly is Doc Brown supposed to be when the time-traveling kicks off in 1985? Old enough to have had crazy gray hair for the last thirty years, but young enough to romance Mary Steenburgen when the time comes. Really, he's the kind of old person we all want to be, hip enough to hang out with a high schooler, still in charge of all his mental faculties (well, at least as in charge as he ever was), and not giving a damn that Strickland calls him a real nutcase.

Teens in ABC Documentary: Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss

Teens in Documentary Say Oral Sex 'Not That Big of a Deal' and Get Paid for Sexual Favors


May 28, 2009 —

They don't give their names, but viewers can see their faces plainly and what these teens are saying is shocking parents.

"I ended up having sex with more than one person that night and then in the morning I was trying to get morning-after pills," one of the girls said. "I was, like, 14 at the time."

It's just one of dozens of stories from teenage girls in a new documentary by Canadian filmmaker Sharlene Azam that aims to shed light on the secret, extremely sexual lives of today's teens.

Have a question about teens and oral sex? Click here and Claire Shipman may answer online. Also check out Claire Shipman's blog by clicking here.

After four years researching for the documentary, Azam told "Good Morning America" that oral sex is as common as kissing for teens and that casual prostitution -- being paid at parties to strip, give sexual favors or have sex -- is far more commonplace than once believed.

"If you talk to teens [about oral sex] they'll tell you it's not a big deal," Azam said. "In fact, they don't consider it sex. They don't consider a lot of things sex."

Evidence of this casual attitude may be seen in the fact that more than half of all teens 15 to 19 years old have engaged in oral sex, according to a comprehensive 2005 study by the Centers for Disease Control's National Center for Health Statistics.

'Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss'

In the documentary, "Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss," girls as young as 11 years old talk about having sex, going to sex parties and -- in some extreme situations -- crossing into prostitution by exchanging sexual favors for money, clothes or even homework and then still arriving home in time for dinner with the family.

"Five minutes and I got $100," one girl said. "If I'm going to sleep with them, anyway, because they're good-looking, might as well get paid for it, right?"

Another girl talked about being offered $20 to take off her shirt or $100 to do a striptease on a table at a party.

The girls are almost always from good homes, but their parents are completely unaware, Azam said.

"The prettiest girls from the most successful families [are the most at risk]. We're not talking about marginalized girls," she said. "[Parents] don't want to know because they really don't know what to do. I mean, you might be prepared to learn that, at age 12, your daughter has had sex, but what are you supposed to do when your daughter has traded her virginity for $1,000 or a new bag?"

Sex Favors Traded for Relationship Stability

For some of the girls, the sexual favors are not about clothes or money, but used to keep a relationship together in a chillingly objective way.

"I think there's very much trading for relationship favors, almost like 'you need to do this [to] stay in this relationship,'" one girl told "Good Morning America."

"There's a lot of social pressure," said another. "Especially because of our age, a lot of girls want to be in a relationship and they're willing to do anything."

The girls laughingly admitted they never talk to their parents about their sexual activity.

"I mean, we're not looking for our future husbands," one girl said. "We're just looking for, maybe like ... at our age, especially, I think all of us, both sexes, we have a lot of urges, I guess, that need to be taken care of. So if we resort to a casual thing, no strings attached, it's perfectly fine."

Azam said she thinks the "no strings attached" romances could be a defense mechanism against a greater disappointment.

"A lot of girls are disappointed in love," she said. "And I think they believe they can hook up the way guys do and not care.

"But unfortunately, they do care."

Twenty Bizarre Star Wars Ads


Whenever an epic film franchise hits the screens, it’s almost a given that commercials on everything from socks to cheese slices will be all over the place. Star Wars was, of course, no exception. Now, despite the fact that nearly every toy ad from the films was nutty in its own right, these twenty commercials are about everything but the playthings. Take a look at the bizarre and laugh.

Click here for the vids

Ghostbusters Video Games: Then and Now [Slideshow] — With Atari's new Ghostbusters game due in stores on June 16, we took a look at how much the spirit-filled movie games have changed (for the better, we hope) in this week's Retro Rewind.

Click here for the slideshow: Ghostbusters Video Games:

Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking chicks

A bird used her body as a dam to stop overflowing drainpipe water from soaking her chicks.

Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking chicks
The female thrush's body is semi-submerged in the water of the gutter as she holds back the flow, protecting the nest and her chicks Photo: SOLENT

The Mistle Thrush had built her nest on top of a downpipe, blocking the water's passage and causing the gutter to flood.

But desperate to protect her young, she puffed herself up to twice her size and sat in the drainpipe to stop the tide of rain water swamping the nest.

She was so occupied with her task that her mate was left to feed her and their young.

The images were captured by amateur wildlife photographer Dennis Bright at a house in Fareham, Hampshire.

Mr Bright said he was astounded by the female bird's behaviour.

"The nest was tucked away from the weather in the shade of the roof but it was so close to the downpipe the gutter flooded when it rained.

"It was only a matter of seconds before the pipe flooded, and water cascaded over the sides."

Mr Bright said he was amazed by the bird's ingenuity.

"She had to come up with a solution so she puffed herself up so she was twice the size of her mate and used her body as a cork to stop the water - it was absolutely amazing.

"She was very dedicated, sitting there even when the rain was hammering down. Then every half an hour she would get out, dry herself off and come back.

"The male was doing most of the work - feeding her and the chicks when she was sitting in the pipe. I feel so lucky to have witnessed something so rare and unique."

Hester Phillips, from the RSPB, said she had never seen such a situation.

"We've heard of them nesting in some unusual sites before, namely on the top of traffic light, but we've certainly not come across anything like this before.

"Birds can be amazingly hardy creatures, their endurance is incredible - especially when protecting their young."

3 Easy Ways To Restart Your Computer Over The Internet

By Ryan Dube

I am very obsessed with technology, and I like to push the limits of whatever technology currently exists. Personally, I think it’s very cool that there are lots of remote access tools out there, like the 7 free ones listed in Aibek’s article on Screen-Sharing and Remote Access applications or the remote mobile VNC app I wrote about recently that lets you access your computer with your mobile phone.

However, there are circumstances when connecting to a PC isn’t easy or even possible, yet you still need the ability to reboot your web server or file-sharing server at home because an application is locked up or the server isn’t responding. These days, doing a remote computer restart is fast and easy - and it’s now even possible to do so from any web browser or by using the popular micro-blogging tool known as Twitter.

1. How To Perform a Basic Remote Computer Restart - Shutdown.exe

For those of you who don’t already know how to remotely reboot a computer, the simplest approach if you’re sitting on the same network as the target PC is to make use of the Windows shutdown.exe tool. The Microsoft support page makes the command a bit more complicated than it really needs to be, because there are a number of “switches” available so that you can tailor the shutdown command.

Essentially, from a command prompt or an application, you can issue the shutdown command using the syntax: shutdown -r -f -m \remotecomputerIP -t 00

  • -m \remotecomputerIP - substitute remotecomputerIP with either the network name or IP address of the computer
  • -r forces a restart
  • -f forces all running applications to close
  • -t 00 tells the command to restart without any time delay (zero seconds)

Depending on your reason for remotely restarting, you’ll want to use these commands carefully. For example, if you just want to set up an application that does a regular reboot every two or three days, you may want to consider allowing a user who’s currently on the computer to cancel the reboot, or at least allow them the option to save whatever they’re currently working on.

However, for the purpose of this article, all we really want to do is remotely force a reboot if you’re away from home and you’re in a situation where your web server isn’t responding. To do this, the command above will work. The one drawback with the “shutdown.exe” approach is that you need to be sure you are connected to your remote computer as a user that has administrator privileges. When you prefer to keep tight security on your PC or server, this isn’t always easy to accomplish.

2. Remotely Reboot Your Computer Through a Web Browser with Shutter

One of the easiest ways to get around this security quagmire is by installing a free application created by Denis Kozlov called Shutter. The cool thing about Shutter is that once you’ve got it set up on your target PC, you can perform various functions on your computer through any web browser on the Internet. First, install Shutter to your target PC or server and the initial screen that comes up will look like this.


First of all, don’t worry about the settings on this screen because these are for when you use the application locally. However, your interest is in using the application as a sort of “web server” that gives you access to your PC from any browser. To set it up, click on the Options button and choose the “Web Interface” tab.


On this screen, select “Enable,” choose a “Listen IP” from the list and enter whatever port you’d like to use. Most folks just use port 80 since it’s default, however if you want added security you can use some obscure port. Finally, choose your Username and Password (required), click save and the application is set up - it’s as easy as that! The only last step is to make sure that if you’re using a router, you open up a “hole” so that you can connect to your Shutter server through the router.

To do this, just go to your router administration control panel (usually or, depending on your router’s brand) and configure port forwarding as shown here.


Just make sure the IP and port you defined in Shutter is defined here and that it’s enabled. Once you save, setup is complete. Now you can go to any web browser and send not only a “restart” command to your computer, but also a whole list of other commands.

To access the Shutter service, you can just type in the IP on your local network. In my case, I’d open a browser and type “″ to access the web interface. From an external Internet location, like a library or from work, I simply type in my external IP assigned by the ISP followed by the port, such as “″ and the web interface will come up after you log in with the ID and password you defined.

Editor’s note: If you don’t know what your external IP is, just visit


As you can see, the Shutter web interface lets you perform a whole list of tasks on your remote computer, including muting the volume, turning off the monitor or running a specific program. The great thing about this approach is that all of these commands are issued from the application running on your target computer, so you don’t need to perform any special security configurations to remotely trigger these commands.

3. Remotely Reboot Your Computer Through Twitter With TweetMyPC

Easily one of the coolest applications I’ve seen in a very long time, TweetMyPC is an application you can install on your target PC, just like Shutter. The difference is that in this case, the application “listens” intently to all of the “tweet” messages that you send out from your Twitter account. Whenever you issue a command such as Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff - the computer does exactly as it’s told.

Just install the application, go into settings and enter your Twitter credentials.


Click “Save and Close,” and you’re done! No complicated security configuration, no tweaking your router’s internet settings - just install the app, insert your Twitter credentials and you’re golden. Finally, go into your Twitter account and just issue your command.


The convenience of this restart technique are the awesome possibilities. Just imagine, now you can pull out your cellphone and text a Twitter “Restart” update to reboot your computer. Any place where you can access your Twitter account, you can issue one of these three commands to your remote computer. The good news is that the author of this application is in the process of developing a Mac version.

Do you know of any other cool ways to remotely reboot your PC? Share your own tips in the comments section below.

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Is Google Wave the future of email?

Is Google Wave the future of email?

Google has unveiled its vision of the future of email.

Google Wave is a hybrid of email and instant messaging which opens inboxes to the real-time sharing of text, video, maps and even social network feeds. The aim is to make online communication more dynamic, more collaborative and more useful.

Google offered the first glimpse of its latest offering during the company's annual conference for software developers. Other internet users will not be able to surf Google Wave until later in the year.

By the time Wave rolls out for everyone, Google hopes independent programmers will have found new ways to use the service.

The company is counting on developers to figure out how to weave Wave into the popular services like Twitter, social networks like Facebook and existing e-mail services, according to Lars Rasmussen, a Google engineering manager.

A "wave" is equal parts conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together with richly-formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

Wave's users invite others to join their "wave" about a particular topic so they can all follow the thread of messages. Everyone on the list can see individual messages as they are typed, letter by letter, in real-time.

Users can drag and drop photos and maps onto the wave to make them immediately visible to others. They can also edit documents or blogs together, potentially appealing to workers who are collaborating on a project. The feature is aimed at consumers and businesses.

You can even collaborate over a real-time game of chess.
Mr Rasmussen and his brother, Jens, helped build Google's online mapping service. The Rasmussens switched from that in 2006 to concentrate on building a service that would enable email and instant messaging to embrace the web's increasingly social nature. They contend email has barely changed since its invention during the 1960s.

They started with three basic questions:

Why do we have to live with divides between different types of communication — email versus chat, or conversations versus documents?

Could a single communications model span all or most of the systems in use on the web today, in one smooth continuum? How simple could we make it?

What if we tried designing a communications system that took advantage of computers' current abilities, rather than imitating non-electronic forms?

"We started out by saying to ourselves, `What might e-mail look like if it had been invented today?'" said Lars Rasmussen, who worked on Wave in Australia with his brother and just three other Google coders.

I think Wave has some very interesting possibilities and the point about the lack of dynamism in email exchanges is well made. But I don't much like the cluttered look of the user interface presented so far. But I suspect that will get better once the designers and the developers get going.

There are more details and the demo at Google I/0 available here but beware - the video is 80 minutes long.

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I TOLD you he was real!
Anyone of a certain age riding an F-Line trolley or bus on Market toward Van Ness can be forgiven for wondering if they've hallucinated, projecting a vestige of their childhood onto a passing wall. Many riders probably conclude that's the case; blink and it's gone.

But those walking past Market and Brady know it's true: There's a professional-grade graffiti mural composed of Donkey Kong Jr., Q-Bert, and, a treat for the careful onlooker (again, of a certain age) Ghost Monsters from Pac Man.

The San Francisco 1980s nostalgia wall was tagged on the videogame-centric Web site Pixelated Geek in a feature highlighting worldwide videogame-related graffiti. We are self-admitted San Francisco chauvinists, but we couldn't help but chuckle at the following, spotted in Halifax, Canada:
Here are some more good ones:

The San Francisco treat...

Melbourne, Australia
Ann Arbor, Michigan

C'est Mario et Luigi en Montreal!

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