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Monday, July 30, 2007

Free Toys for Blasster

Print em, punch em, out and assemble. Very Cool!

Thriller - LEGO style

Why the United States is best!

F15 Eagle- never been shot down in almost 30 years of service 104-0

Take off to 30,000 feet in 60 seconds still holds the time to climb record!

And then it's a
Satellite killer

ASM-135 test launch.
From January 1984 to September 1986, an F-15A was used as a launch platform for five ASM-135 ASAT missiles. The F-15A went into a Mach 1.22, 3.8 g climb of 65° and released the ASAT missile at an altitude of 38,100 feet (11.6 km). The F-15A computer was updated to control the zoom-climb and missile release. The third test flight involved a retired communications satellite in a 345 mile (555 km) orbit, which was successfully destroyed by sheer kinetic energy. The pilot, USAF Major Wilbert D. "Doug" Pearson, became the only pilot to destroy a satellite.[9][10]

Tallinn, Estonia

Herpes helpful against infectious disease?

Place of the Week: Argentina

Microsoft embraces BitTorrent

Microsoft released a beta of Visual Studio 2008 last week and to go along with it the company has unveiled a new downloading scheme that sounds a lot like bittorrent. The Microsoft Secure Content Downloader (MSCD) as the new protocol is known, is what Microsoft describes as “a peer-assisted download manager.”
Further details make the setup sound even more like bittorrent. From the MSCD site:

Each client downloads content by exchanging parts of the file they’re interested in with other clients, in addition to downloading parts from the server.
No matter how great the internet’s demand for the file, you will always be able to make progress downloading.

MSCD lets you download content quicker than is possible without peer assistance.
Unlike bittorrent though, these files are secured through an unspecified mechanism, but otherwise the system sounds like Microsoft has reinvented bittorrent as a means of downloading software updates. Or at least is testing the system.
Here’s where it gets interesting though:
Some MSCD clients may be connected to each other via peer connections, forming a ‘cloud’ of clients. Pieces of the file you are downloading are sent through these peer connections between clients, as well as through connections with the file server. As a member of the cloud, your computer both serves as a client and server to other members of the cloud. Data destined for the cloud may be routed through your computer and sent to other cloud members. The other cloud members connected to you will be able to access only pieces of the file you are downloading via MSCD – they have no access to any other data on your computer

A New Zealand pizza chain uses President Bush's picture on a billboard

Technology as a % of consumer spending

Longest Place Name in the World

Blue Lagoon Island Resort - for SALE EBAY

FIDSCHI - INSEL - 90 Hektar - Blue Lagoon Island Resort

Microwave Maniac

Western Digital Elements 500GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - WDE1U5000N

119 bucks at

Beer Cannon

My friends actually made this, they were supposed to be on David Letterman last week, but due to problems with Milwaukee's Best they have to wait. But until it is on tv there is youtube:

Beer Cannon Montage

Beer Cannon 101

A lulu of a loo - Public toilet has 1,000 stalls in four stories

World's largest toilet 0:56
Largest toilet in the world, which can accommodate 1,000 visitors opens in China.

For the DeLorean, it's back to the present

New DeLorean
The iconic gull-winged sports car is once again hot, and there are plans afoot to place it back in production.

Lamborghini Police Car in London: The World’s Coolest Cop Car

There is a police car traveling in London: It is the car of the year!

The Police - Fenway - 07/28/07 - Click for Album
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