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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Landlord - a Will Ferrell Classic

20 Creative Ways People Have Smuggled Drugs and Been Caught

Obviously these are not creative enough or they would have never been caught but you have to give the smugglers kudos for being creative. Read more about each one below

1. In New York, DEA agents discovered bags of heroin surgically implanted in live, purebred puppies2. In Memphis , customs officers found 7 pounds of heroin hidden in three baseball bats.

3. Bananas

4. In an Elmo Doll

5. Everyone tries putting them in fish. But how a
bout liquid cocaine being used to ship the fish in. They place a water bag with the fish in it insided the bag of liquid cocaine.

6. More than 300 boa constrictors from Colombia were implanted with cocaine-filled condoms inserted into their rectums (which were then sewn shut), causing the deaths of all but 63 of the creatures

7. Hair coated with cocaine. This seems like alot of work.

8. Hide "mini bricks" of heroin inside bricks of cocaine. It is cheaper to pay someone to ship Coke than it is heroin. Maybe they should have gotten some quotes from Fedex or UPS

9. Hide them in Virgin Mary tombstones.

10. Incorporate liquid cocaine into plexiglass and make fishtanks or dvd cases.

11. Stuffing a giant squid.
Photo shows how much was actually in that thing.

12. In vanities (bathroom counter with mirror). Went to Home Depot but the missed a few.

13. 4300 pounds of Pot in a tractor trailor filled with corn chips and Salsa

14. Surgically inserted into a man's thigh

15. This one I like. A load of marijuana in the floorboard of a truck carrying two live bears(Corky and Pumpkin) . Talk about a good distraction.

16. Marijuana mixed with coriander. Hard to detect with smell? Guess not.

16. Disguising marijuana in regular OTC snap packs.

17. Thinly sliced sheets of cocaine made to look just like Pringles. Pringles might be the more addicting thing here.

18. The first guy caught smuggling with the submarine ruined it for everyone.

19. Who would think to look for drugs in those cute Garden Gnomes?

20. Why ruin a good bottle of alchohol by filling it with marijuana?