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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nine Inch Nails To Reissue Pretty Hate Machine

By Seraphina L.

Nine Inch Nails To Reissue Pretty Hate Machine Nine Inch Nails To Reissue Pretty Hate Machine

If there are any bitter Nine Inch Nails fans out there because they haven’t been too happy with the band’s hiatus nor are they satisfied with the former frontman’s project with his wife, How To Destroy Angels – and definitely not welcoming Reznor’s collaborative score with Atticus Ross for The Social Network, then this may be the one day they can crack a smile of approval if not one of joy.

Although we’re actually digging the material Reznor’s been working on lately, an announcement in regards to another reissue of NIN’s album, Pretty Hate Machine (via Consequence of Sound via TwentyFourBit), is pretty much going on top of everyone’s list. Details after the jump!

We say “another” reissue because the album was re-released in 2005. However this time around, Reznor claims this release will have the album sounding like “a greatly improved sonic experience.” He also went in to further detail on the official NIN website:

“It’s been an interesting trip watching the fate of this record float from one set of hands to another (a long and depressing story) but it’s finally wound up in friendly territory, allowing us to polish it up a bit and present it to you now. We had fun revisiting this old friend, hope you enjoy.”

The reissue will be available to hold in all your needy NIN hands on November 22nd via The Bicycle Music Company and UMe Records. Check the tracklist out below!

Pretty Hate Machine 2010 Reissue Tracklist:

01. Head Like a Hole
02. Terrible Lie
03. Down In It
04. Sanctified
05. Something I Can Never Have
06. Kinda I Want To
07. Sin
08. That’s What I Get
09. The Only Time
10. Ringfinger
11. Get Down, Make Love (Queen cover)

'Tron Legacy' Daft Punk Music Video


It's TRON Tuesday! This week, the good people at Disney have shared a listen to the soundtrack - composed by electronic duo Daft Punk! Everything about Frenchmen Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter's act is perfect for this TRON sequel. The duo's sound and look screams retro-futurism - and their persons fit into the TRON universe seamlessly. Check them out at the 1:30 mark - that's them manning the ones and twos at the End of the Line Club, presided over by Michael Sheen's Castor.

Tron: Daft Punk Music Montage

Trailer Park Movies | Myspace Video

Here's a closer look:


RIM Demos BlackBerry PlayBook live from Adobe MAX


Why am I excited about this tablet? Not the tablet itself but the transferability of AIR to all platforms. This will expand the market for AIR applications for tablets x-fold meaning that Android tablets will get to piggyback, much like it currently gets to piggyback on iPad enabled websites. Loving the innovation that is coming to the tablet realm right now.

I think this is an excellent demo, but I think that it feels doomed to be outshone by a retooled iPad 2. Especially since I feel pretty strongly that Apple is going to release a 399 ipad. I find it hard to believe some of these other companies are going to be able to undercut them or gain near the same marketshare.

There’s a maturity and solidity to the way this PlayBook is coming together that I find pretty impressive – So Far…

Now it’s all about refinement and developer support, and Adobe’s a very good start.

First craft lands at Spaceport America (Exclusive Video)


The future of travel is one step closer to taking off. Last Friday, Spaceport America officially dedicated its recently completed tarmac by welcoming two craft to land in front of a large crowd of Spaceport officials, future astronauts, and press.

Gadling was on-site to witness history as Virgin Galactic's spaceship VSS Enterprise, carried by mothership White Knight II, made a dramatic flyover and landed on the enormous 200 ft wide by 10,000 foot long runway.

Situated under restricted airspace in the desert of New Mexico, the Spaceport is the first purpose-built commercial facility designed for vertically and horizontally launched spacecraft. The facility will serve as Virgin Galactic's headquarters for the initial 20 years of operation, but aims to serve as a base for many types of commercial spacecraft as this new industry is formed.

For more information about Virgin Galactic's approach to commercial spaceflight, head on over to their website. For a look at the event and interviews with Richard Branson, Governor Bill Richardson & a few future astronauts, watch our exclusive video below!

The Tallest Rock Climbing Wall in the World

Located in Groningen, Holland, this climbing wall is considered the tallest in the world. Photos courtesy of Eric Kieboom.

It's lonely at the top

The photographer used a custom-rigged kite with a camera attached to achieve the aerial shots.

click image to expand

Located in Groningen, Holland, this climbing wall is considered the tallest in the world. Photos courtesy of Eric Kieboom.

The Excalibur Awaits

This monstrous climbing wall called Excalibur towers at over 121 feet.

click image to expand

Located in Groningen, Holland, this climbing wall is considered the tallest in the world. Photos courtesy of Eric Kieboom.

Aerial photo trick

Another angle from the kite photo rig.

click image to expand

Located in Groningen, Holland, this climbing wall is considered the tallest in the world. Photos courtesy of Eric Kieboom.

It's a long way up ... and a longer way down

Many beginner climbing paths are available as well as more treacherous expert routes.

click image to expand

Located in Groningen, Holland, this climbing wall is considered the tallest in the world. Photos courtesy of Eric Kieboom.

Flat as Kansas

The Excalibur is hard to miss in a country as flat as Holland. What Texans Will Do For Five Bucks


For sale, cheap: Critiques of your dating profile
Hair Balls has five bucks burning a hole in our pocket, and we're thinking about spending it on a postcard from a Houston-based model no one's ever heard of. Or possibly a Texas State Fair award-winning pecan pie recipe.

The problem is, there are just so many awesome things we can get for a five-spot on, a website where people offer random/borderline sociopathic services, and we need your help making the right choice. Here are five things Texans will do for $5. We don't know how to feel about this.

1) This woman from Houston will "like any facebook page, follow any twitter account, and subscribe to any youtube channel." If NAMBLA has any social media presence, we're totally taking her up on this.

2) Melany will talk to us "over Skype for 10 minutes." Topics include, but are not limited to, "fashion advice, hair styling, makeup, boyfriend/girlfriend advice, school issues, bullies, etc." Given Melany's apparent young age, we don't know how far to go with the joke possibilities without popping up on some FBI radar, so we're going to leave this one alone.

3) This dude will "post your band sticker on the most popular street in austin texas, s. congress." We were going to go with this right away until we remembered that we weren't douchebags.

4) This woman, who is licensed to practice law in Texas, "will send you a photo of the world's cutest dog, my Scottie glen, with your choice of pose and personalixed message, and all proceeds go to local animal rescues...." She had us at "your choice of pose." But since she also provides a service whereby she'll critique your online dating profile and pic "with brutal honesty," we'd like to get all meta and use the pic of her and her dog as our profile pic, thus making her critque her own picture, and her own dog. That shit's deep.

5) Of course, we've always dreamed of having a message carved into a tree behind a complete stranger's house, so you can imagine our near heart attack when we came upon maliciousdelano's offer: "Send me your name and whatever message you want carved into a tree behind my house."

We were also intrigued that maliciousdelano's 8-year-old son "wants to try his hand at selling online also!" He'll paint you a picture of anything for $5. But based on the samples his mother has posted, the lad has no sense of advancing and receding colors, atmospheric perspective, negative space, or, for that matter, basic perspective: in a truly haunting portrait of what appears to be a deranged man in blue coveralls and wizard hat and his dog on a boat, moments before they're devoured by a phalanx of headless, multi-colored sea-birds whose terrifying wingspans nearly blot out the entire sky, the man's hand is practically as large as his head. What the fuck, Michael? That's worth a buck-fifty at the most. But if we give you $5, will you promise not to blow it on Legos like you say, but to invest in art school instead?

Let us know if you find any other good offers, 'cause the holidays are right around the corner, and we've got a ton of gifts to buy.

A Gallery of Good and Bad Avatar Na’vi Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and there are going to be two pop culture costumes of choice this year for the trend followers. A) Snooki and B) Na’vi.

If you thought I was going to make a gallery of potential Snooki costumes for you to look at, think again.

So yes, what you see below are either prime examples, or cautionary tales of how you should or shouldn’t design your own Na’vi costume. And trust me, a store bought Avatar-getup is the worst thing you could do.

Check them all out below:

In case you want to rob a bank on the way to your party

You got a little troll in my Na’vi

A worthy adversary always helps

Your paint is cracking, but good effort

For those who just can’t choose between vampire and Na’vi

“Yo dude, let’s ride some dragons!”

This tribe is clearly starving



Massive amounts of photoshop works too

…because sometimes actual makeup looks creepy

Nice flip flops

Underwear? CHEATING! And that dude has some wicked varicose veins

Minimal effort award

Very nice!

“Yeah I got some candy for you little boy.”

I hear jumping around in trees is a good workout.

We have a winner…