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Friday, August 3, 2007

Sorry - Chismillionare knows best!

Chin Chin for Mr. Bill O'Neil suggesting the Greyhound as well-- 1.5 oz Vodka per 4 oz fresh grapefruit juice. That will take the edge off nicely.

Cape Coddah!

Yellow Card on Chismillionare. Can someone help him find his masculinity?

I've taken the liberty of finding you a link full of suggestions for your next "Britney Spears Party" - have no fear, your beloved Cape Codder is represented.

You know what day it is!

Yellow flag on Pig Roaster- Cape Codder perfectly acceptable drink for any man!

10 Drinks Men Should Never Order

I can think of a few that aren't listed (Cape Codder, anyone?) - but its a decent list.


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