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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

There are no ugly women

This photo was taken at a competition in June 2006. The
competition was between 9 women for best makeover. They had every
possible beauty treatment available to them over a period of 12 hours
before the contest.

Look at the before and after photos.

Conclusion - There are no ugly women,
only those who can't afford a makeover.


(The woman 2nd
from the
left won the contest.)

where vehicles are left to die

here are some examples of vehicle cemeteries around the world, areas on earth that have unwittingly become the home to rusting, unused machines - remember, this is just a selection of the many boneyards on earth and while they often look stunning and make for a great photo, the environmental costs far outweigh the view.

(photos found on flickr link to source)

- ships

bay of nouadhibou, mauritania

welcome to the bay of nouadhibou, mauritania, an area containing over 300 ships which have been abandoned during the last 20 years.

until recently the attraction of this particular area for frustrated boat owners was, unsurprisingly, money. in order to avoid the high costs needed to discard a ship properly, people from all around the globe slowly realised that the harbour authority in this particular bay was corrupt and would turn a blind eye to any decaying vessel in return for a cheeky backhander.

the result can be seen below. it’s a surreal, haunting image. there’s an unembeddable clip of some of the dead ships here.

have a look on google maps here.

- mining vehicles

consolidated diamond mine, oranjemund, namibia

i found this brilliant photo on flickr (click pic to go source) and, according to the description, once a piece of mining equipment or a mining vehicle enters the consolidated diamond mine in oranjemund, namibia, it’s never allowed to leave. for that reason there’s a huge vehicle graveyard near the mine. considering the mine apparently owns the largest private earthmoving fleet in the world, that must be a huge boneyard.

i’ve had a look on google maps for the boneyard but the area is massive. the picture below is of a collection of machinery i found - whether it’s the correct collection i don’t know. take a look on google maps here.

- planes

amarc/the boneyard, tuscon, arizona

home to over 4000 aircraft, amarc (aerospace maintenance and regeneration center) is managed by the us airforce material command who claim to carry out ‘a continual process of anti-corrosion and re-preservation work’ in order to stop the unused aircraft damaging the surrounding environment. whether that’s the case or not, i don’t know.

either way, it’s an immense amount of aircraft in such a relatively small area.

take a look on google maps here.

a drive through the area…

- trains

train cemetery, uyuni, bolivia

a kilometre outside the town of uyuni in bolivia is the train cemetery, a resting place for dozens of old steam engines along a short length of unused track. pretty much all of the trains are comlpetely covered in rust and way beyond any kind of repair, the eerie sight attracting a large number of tourists each year who have come to the area to see the world’s largest salt flats (salar de uyuni) and a few locals on the hunt for scrap metal.

the area on google maps can be found here.

- nuclear-propelled submarines

various harbours, far east russia

frightening but true.

following the cold war, russia is now home to the largest fleet of nuclear-propelled submarines in the world, a large percentage of these currently out of service and residing in harbours on the eastern coast of russia in various states of decay, the main reason for the neglect apparently being lack of funds. these areas have become known as the ’submarine cemeteries’.

here are some photos from just a couple of these harbours.


above: 2 unused submarines at zvezda shipyard.

below: a similar scene on google maps. direct link here.

chazma bay

above: submarine reactor compartment units floating in chazma bay.

below: a simliar view on google maps. link here.

sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Deputy Dog blog source

Y ellow Card on boy survives on Wing at 500mph for two hours

Sorry, not possible. Ahh hypoxia ring a bell?