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Friday, September 14, 2007

Leave Bill Belichick Alone!

Belichik formerly at Bank of America?

Just giving you a warning if you have Bank of America-

Their policy is to present items from highest to lowest on a day of posting rather than when the transaction actually was authorized.

Chismillionare had 4 small less than 20 dollar debit transactions from 8/29 and 8/30. I also wrote a check on 9/3. All of those transactions posted on 9/4. You would think the oldest gets debited first?


The Check(since it was largest) posted first, before smaller transactions that were five days old. Their response was- "that is what our customers voted for when we polled them"

Doing a bit of digging on ripoff report ( )shows this to be a systematic abuse and an engineered algorithm by Bank of America to generate fees. The likelihood of overdraft is far more likely this way. Several class action suits are pending. More digging reveals this policy is not what account holders who pay monthly fees receive- their transactions are presented chronologically. Customers with My Access checking and savings accounts pay no monthly fee whereas Bank of America Advantage checking customers pay quite a hefty fee every month.

Is Belichik on their board of directors?

So, If there's not enough money to cover just the check that was written, all of the ATM transactions bounce triggering a $35 dollar fee per transaction instead of just the check as the last transaction. So instead of one $35 bounce item for the check they generate 5 bounces for a nice $175 fee.

So the $11 transaction costs almost $50.

A good rule of thumb is to always have a few hundred more than you mentally think you have(after all your cash should be in a higher yield instrument anyway like an ING account) or just use cash for purchases like George Carlin said.

Chismillionare is going to switch to a bank that does their transactions like we all do in our check register. It makes no sense that a check I write four days from now will post before this yummy order of spicy tuna rolls and triple shot of Patron and tank of gas for the chauffeur on my debit card right now!!!! How can you balance that check book?

Etrade bank now has no fee accounts with unlimited check writing and all ATM fees at ANY ATM are automatically credited back to your account.

Great Stogie Deal

Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia is one of, if not the, hottest names in the cigar industry right now. Since leaving Cuba in 2001, Don Pepin has exploded onto the U.S. cigar scene with such super-premium blends as: the brand new 601 Serie, Tatuaje, Don Pepin Black, Blue and Serie JJ, Padilla Miami 8/11, Padilla Signature 1932 and Troya among others. Don Pepin is a master in his field and a legend in the making. Years from now people will be smoking Don Pepin’s magnificent blends and remembering the young boy from Cuba who became King of Havana.

It's a Van Damme Friday- Dim Mak edition

Family Guy - Blue Harvest

Tune into FOX on Sept. 23 for a special one-hour “Family Guy” episode called “Blue Harvest” that’s a tribute to the Star Wars Saga as unique as only Seth MacFarlane and his talented team of writers can make it.

Click here for a larger image of this poster.

Stay tuned to for ongoing coverage of the show!