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Friday, December 11, 2015

"Star Wars" at the FC CSKA game

"Star Wars" at the FC CSKA game
"Star Wars" at the FC CSKA game
Posted by on Thursday, December 10, 2015

An 'Oh-Hell-Yeah-This-Gift-Is-Awesome!' Gift Guide



Finding the perfect holiday gift is hard. Checking out our holiday gift guide is not. And we’ve made things even easier by picking the coolest, smartest and techiest gifts for everyone on your list. (Even if that means just you — hey, no judgements here.)


The Tech Junkie

The earliest of early adopters, these folks know the coolest gear and, let's be honest, probably already own it. Which is why these under-the-radar finds are exactly the way to go when gifting for the gear-obsessed.


The Audiophile

We all know one: that person with exquisite music taste, who knows every deep cut ever and has more records that you have of, well, anything. Picking their gift can seem as scary as admitting that you’re still really into The Strokes. But, fear not, these gifts will get even the biggest music nerd's seal of approval.


The Sartorialist

These folks just ooze style. They know how to look sharp, always have the latest trend on lock and can even pull off a man bun without looking totally lame. How they manage that last one is a mystery, but picking their gift doesn’t have to be.


The Gamer

We all play games, sure. But for everyone out there who understands that gaming isn’t just a hobby or time-killer but a Way Of Life, these gifts are for you.


The Frequent Flyer

Always on the go, the one thing jet-setters want more than anything is any one thing that will make traveling suck less. No matter where they’re sitting on the plane, these gifts are first class.