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Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 first date rules for guys

This is some very good advice for us single/dating men!!

By Susannah Breslin, The Frisky

Guys should act confident, smile and listen on a first date.
Guys should act confident, smile and listen on a first date.

(The Frisky) -- Ah, first dates. So nerve-wracking. If only you knew exactly what was going to happen, then you could plan out everything in advance. But first dates are kind of like playing the lottery. You've got to be in it to win it, but sometimes you end up empty-handed. If you're a woman, you know these sorts of situations don't always go so smoothly.

If you're a guy, here are 10 tips that can make the first date easier on all of us.

Take charge. We do not want to decide where to go. We will never tell you this, but it is true. Ask us what kind of place and/or food we like; then, pick a place like that. Do not leave it up to us to choose. You are the man. Act like one.

Smile. When we arrive, smile. Maybe you are a tough guy. Maybe you are nervous. Maybe you are paralyzed. Either way, smile. Women are strange, exotic, intuitive creatures, and we respond well to positive reinforcement. Do not glower.

The Frisky: Marry my poor boyfriend?

Mind your body language. If your legs are crossed and your hand is over your mouth, we will unconsciously think you are hiding something. If you are sprawled out all over with your legs spread wide and your hands behind your head, we will think you are a slob or generally loose. Sit up straight, lean in closer, and keep your hands where we can see them.

Ask questions. This seems obvious, but it's surprising how many men don't do this. You know what women like? Attention. Also, kittens, flowers, and cupcakes. Nothing else. If you seem curious about the woman sitting across from you, she will like it. For sure.

Listen. You can't just ask a bunch of questions, and then not listen to the answers. They call this a "date," but, really, for women, it's more like a "test." If you e-mailed or talked on the phone beforehand, remember what the hell she told you about herself. If you forget, we will feel angry and want to leave. Then you will be sorry.

Use flattery, appropriately. If at some point during our meeting, you tell us we are "beautiful," "attractive," or "pretty," we will like you better than if you didn't. It's. Just. That. Simple.

Act confident. We really do not care if you are secretly neurotic, deeply insecure, or mildly nuts. We are interested in how you portray yourself. Act confident, interested, engaged, self-assured, ambitious, and happy. We like that. Thanks.

The Frisky: Tired of waiting for men

No pawing allowed. If you're going to score with us at some point, we will let you know. Trust. Occasional physical contact is OK -- a hand to the small of the back, a touch of the thigh, a brief holding of the arm while making a point. Do not grab anywhere in the red light zones. If we want your hands there, we will put them there.

Please pay. Feminism, shmeminism. Take care of the bill without comment. That is what we want. Wave off any offer to go dutch. We lied. We don't want to pay half.

Say goodnight. Don't meander off into the night. Do something. What -- that is up to you: a handshake, a hug, a kiss. Do it right, and you might get a second date

The Frisky: 20 ways to feel more confident about your relationship

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$550 Kobe Bryant Aston Martin Sneakers Are Gross


This is the Nike Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant Aston Martin Edition sneaker. It features fancy leathers, the Aston Martin logo on the tongue and Kobe's signature embossed inside. Collectors are already lining up at $550. For a pair of shoes.

Our faith in humanity is wearing devilishly thin these days. Were they Aston Martin driving shoes, they would make a bit more sense, but this is just brand snobbery and celebrity worship taken to a freshly obnoxious level. [OSneaker]

7 things in your apartment that will scare a woman away

The second a woman walks into your apartment after a date (or drunken bar make-out), you can usually assume you’ll at least be getting to second base. However, just because she’s taking off her shoes and slurring all her words doesn’t mean that anything is for sure happening. If you have any of the following items in your apartment, it’s a safe bet she’ll walk right back out that door.

1 Broken furniture

You’re an adult now and your apartment should reflect that. There’s a problem if you’re still using your college couch with duct-tape patches as a realistic seating option. Throw out the bean-bag chair, take down the ceiling tapestry, and recycle the empty beer can collection you’ve been storing pyramid-style over the fridge.

2 Exotic pets

It’s the rare woman that will walk into an apartment and swoon over your naked mole rat. And no one wants to hook-up while a 12-foot boa constrictor munches on mice in his cage. Now is the time to decide if you want to raise an alligator in your bathtub or you want to see a girl naked before you die.

3 Locked doors

Movies have made it clear that there is never anything good behind a locked door. The options run the gamut from ailing grandmother to dead hookers to a collection of toe-nail clippings. Try and keep her from imagining the worst by refraining from tackling her and yelling “I told you never to ever go near that door!”

4 Dorm room posters

Posters that were cliche in college are now just embarrassing. Whether it’s the John Belushi college poster or the Bob Marley smoking weed poster, it’s absolutely unacceptable. Tear them down and replace them with a still life of fruit and a classic framed Playboy spread.

5 Moldy food

If the general rule in your fridge is to keep food a year beyond the expiration date, there’s a problem. Unless your fridge is stocked with blue cheese, there’s no reason to keep moldy and rotten food. And if your fridge is stocked to the brim with blue cheese, you’re probably more in need of the article “7 reasons you’re morbidly obese.”

6 Stains

Excessive drink stains, rust stains, and blood stains all tend to be a major turn-off when you’re trying to create a romantic atmosphere. Either rip out the carpeting before you bring ladies home or insist on only using candles. The candle light gives you the added advantage of looking far more handsome than you will ever look under fluorescent lights.

7 A huge mess

If you’re the kinda guy that considers your floor the trashcan and your trashcan a toilet, than you might have problems getting girls to stay at your place. While some girls may look at the roach infestation as an indoor sneak peak at nature, others will run out looking for the largest container of hand sanitizer. If the thought of cleaning up the mess gives you hives, do yourself a favor, and at least flush the toilet.

Astonishing Illusion Cave in the Middle of London

By: travelet

Imagine that you are walking down the street in urban area and suddenly there is a huge cave in front of your feet in the middle of your way. If you see such thing then probably some of pavement artists like Edgar Muller are somewhere around. Edgar Muller paints incredible illusion paintings on streets so they look like real caves.


Here you can see one of his artworks that has been painted in London. Edgar Muller tried to paint same cave that has been recently discovered in India. You can see here the photos so you can judge how realistic his paintings really are.





For Sale: Repurposed, Recycled and Renovated Atlas Missile Base

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto

silo conversion underground home photo

There is nothing greener than renovation, repurposing and reuse of existing buildings, so how could we not publish this conversion of an Atlas Missile base in the Adirondacks into a lovely 2300 square foot underground home, complete with private runway, contemporary fiber optic effect lighting along with natural sunlight rendition back lighting, and a ventilation system specially designed to deal with the challenges of everyday living, including nuclear and biochemical attack.

silo conversion underground home photo base

Most of the paraphernalia relating to the Atlas missiles has been removed, leaving an empty silo with 20,000 square feet of expansion space. And no need to worry about noise or vibration; the entire superstructure is mounted on a spring suspension to absorb the shock of a direct nuclear hit.

silo conversion underground home photo doors
Stairway to silo, and secure looking blast doors

silo conversion underground home photo living

On top of the silo is a modern " 2000 sq. ft., home on the surface with an open floor plan, a large garage and a wrap around porch which hides the underground structure entryway." I would blow this away and put a big glass dome on top.

Although Tipster Becca just sent us the listing from 20th Century Castles today, (2.3 million bucks) It was shown on Make last October and was offered on the Silohome website last April, so it may well be off the market by now.

silo conversion underground home photo drawings

But imagine, a constant 58 degrees, no heating bill, a 20,000 storage and playroom and when you lock that door at night, ain't nobody going be bothering you.

Hover-Chair Brings Senior Citizen Air Hockey One Step Closer To Reality

A Real Way to Hover 'Round The hoverchair can float up to 330 pounds around a room on a cushion of air.

Never at a loss for creative ways to make aging look like more fun than it is, the Japanese are developing an approach to senior mobility that's far more like a hovercraft than the mis-named Hoveround. Researchers there have engineered a chair that floats on a cushion of air, gently cruising above the floor like a puck on an air hockey table.

The prototype, designed by Tsunesuke Furuta and colleagues at Japan's Kobe Gakuin University, can be fitted with a performance-style car seat as well as a zabuton -- that's a Japanese-style floor cushion -- and reportedly can corner with ease while transporting a 330-pound payload.

The research team at Kobe Gakuin is looking for a commercial partner to help develop their hover-chair. In the meantime, you can see it in action below.


Alice In Wonderland: A Tattoo Story

By FrankSh

Undoubtedly with the new major motion picture due out in the near future, there will no doubt be some fair weather Alice in Wonderland fans coming out of the woodwork to profess their love for all that is Alice (and Johnny Depp, as the case may be). With that in mind, I’d just like to let everyone know that you’re not a real fan unless you have just about the entire Alice in Wonderland story inked into the upper half of your body.

alice in wonderland tattoo back

There were a few things that ran through my mind when I first saw this picture. My first thought was that’s totally awesome, the second was wow that had to hurt like hell but it would have to be a great conversation starter, and finally I thought that I really hope this person trusts whoever does their tattoos. If you’re a long time reader here are Walyou, you’ve seen some pretty rad tattoo displays like the cool Tetris tattoo and of course the Pacman tattoo, but this one has to take the cake. I think given the choice between these I’d have to go with Tetris…but I guess I’m not hardcore enough to be a Disney fan if this is any indication.

Now aside from the obvious practical issues, you have to admit this is pretty cool. All of your favorite characters from the animated movie are here, including the Mad Hatter, Chershire Cat, and of course some of the card soldiers. I’d like to see a view from the front as well, but I’m not sure how much you could see without venturing into the land of inappropriate.

alice in wonderland tattoo 1alice in wonderland tattoo 2alice in wonderland tattoo 3

One has to wonder if we won’t see similar tattoos when the live action version of the story comes out. Personally I think having Johnny Depp staring at me for the rest of forever would be pretty creepy, but I’d be willing to bet there are some ladies out there who would disagree. Of course you might run into some copyright issues there…and getting a tattoo of that magnitude removed would take some serious pain and money!

Tattoo Artist: Holly Azzara Via: Rainbow Zombies Ate My Unicorn

Unusual Luxury Yacht

Posted by panta

Yacht is a high end recreational boat. The term designates two rather different classes of watercraft, sailing and power boats. Yachts are different from working ships mainly by their leisure purpose, and it was not until the rise of the steamboat and other types of powerboat that sailing vessels in general came to be perceived as luxury, or recreational vessels. Later the term came to encompass motor boats for primarily private pleasure purposes as well.

yacht 1 Unusual Luxury Yacht

A famous French shipbuilder ship company and one of Monaco joined hands together to build this yacht with enormous dimensions: The WHY 58×38. (58meter long and 38 meter wide)

This is a “green” yacht.

yacht 2 Unusual Luxury Yacht

Wally et Hermès use green energy to 20 to 30% fuel savings and 40 to 50% electricity consumption on board. Therefore there are 900 m2 equipped with solar panels, producing a daily output of 500 kW.


yacht 3 Unusual Luxury Yacht

Three decks, a 25 meter pool, a spa helicopterpad a 100m2 with hammam, sauna, gym and massage room,a promenade of 130 meter, a music room, a dining room, a cinema, sun decks, suites, terraces, a lounge, a bibi. The luxury is at the rendez-vous. The decks are connected by stairs but there is also an elevator.

The suite of the owner

yacht 4 Unusual Luxury Yacht

With an area of 200m2 and completely covers the third deck. (This is the bedroom) The sea view is great and there is a private terrace of 25 meter long.

A sea of light.

yacht 5 Unusual Luxury Yacht

The yacht has the shape of a horseshoe and has a roof so everything is bathed in a sea of light.

The spacious lounge

yacht 6 Unusual Luxury Yacht

On the lower deck are the common premises, such as lounge, piano bar and dining area…

Dinning Room

yacht 7 Unusual Luxury Yacht

The dining room opens onto the sea view.

Suites for the guests

yacht 8 Unusual Luxury Yacht

For the guests, 5 suites with sea views (on the middendek).There is also a reading room equipped.

yacht 9 Unusual Luxury Yacht

Awesome Ghostbuster Wii Peripheral

Modder Jack Rossi took it upon himself to build the controller for the ‘Ghostbuster Wii’ game that we all dreamed about. Yup, your very own ‘Ghostbuster Proton Pack’.

The replicate ‘Ghostbuster Proton Pack’ is fully functional, even the back pack which tells the player how much power left in the pack and which player is selected in the game. As of now,

Straight from Egon’s lab, after months of Beta testing I bring to you the first ever fully fictional Wii-Proton Pack to be used in conjunction with the Nintentdo Wii version of the Ghostbusters Video game. The cyclotron features four blue LEDs allowing you to know which player is selected or active and the Blue Power Cell actually shows you how much power the pack has. The Thrower has been carefully designed in regards to ergonomics and function. The front of the wand has an area in which you can place the Wii-mote and the back handle is where the Nunchuck is placed. Since the Wii-mote has in internal speaker in it’s ABS housing, when playing the game the pack makes all the iconic Ghostbusters SFX. And being that the Wii utilizes wireless technology, the wand is not tethered to the pack via a cord. I will be shooting some video footage this week and will post it as soon as it’s finished so you can see the pack in action! Thanks for looking!


I would definitely wear this for Halloween too! (and..Christmas, Easter, Columbus Day, yeah just about every holiday, I would whip it out)