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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Using Math To Win Guess Who 96% Of The Time

Mark Rober sorted out an easy way to almost-always win a game no one really plays anymore. It unclear if it still works if your opponent is also using this strategy.

Backyard UNDERGROUND Apocalyptic BUNKER

Published on Nov 17, 2015
It's finished and its amazing, the ultimate man cave and survival cell rolled into one sub garden room.
There are more things to add such as air filtration and different power source but it's a great space,

To see the build throughout its stages here are the previous 4 video's

Ep 1
Ep 2
Ep 3
Ep 4

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More from Sky1 - more from Sky1 - out more about the You, Me & The Apocalypse here: Sky on Twitter @Sky1 #ApocalypseSky1
Watch You, Me and the Apocalypse - Wednesday at 9am,on Sky 1.Catch-up on the show on Sky On Demand.

Music is by "Heroic" a great band from sweden and the song is called
"when thoughts collide" more about them in the links below.

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SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller

SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller

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