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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In The Studio - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Documentary with Redbeard


In The Studio with Redbeard for Wish You Were Here documentary

North American syndicated radio show InTheStudio celebrates the 35th Anniversary of PINK FLOYD's Wish You Were Here!

Producer and host Redbeard uncovers differing opinions among bandmembers David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason & the late Richard Wright on what the true state of PINK FLOYD's health, as a band, really was as early as 1975.

Listen as Gilmour, Waters, Wright and Mason discuss life after The Dark Side of the Moon and how the success of that album impacted their professional and creative lives.

In addition, hear a rare full interview online with the late Rick Wright on what Wish You Were Here meant to him.

This show airs this week on more than 55 stations in the U.S. & Canada.

To find out where to listen on the radio, visit In The Studio website or listen online here.

Avatar Porn and Other Hilarious Hollywood Porn Parodies [SFW]

Avatar Porn and Other Hilarious Hollywood Porn Parodies [SFW] — The following is a list of films that have gone above and beyond the boring damsel in distress meets Mr. Fix-It porn plots. With actual budgets these productions use makeup, costumes, special effects and hilarious titles to recreate some of your favorite Hollywood films, porno style!

Click here for the article:

Roger Waters The Wall Live Tour 2010/2011


Kipp Lennon, one of the backing singers on Roger Waters The Wall Live Tour of 2010 2011 has made a post on the Venice band website (Venice are doing the backing vocals) and has posted some photos of the Venice band. Of particular interest is one of them rehearsing with Roger Waters for The Wall tour!

In the blog post Behind The Wall, Kipp Lennon said that the Venice website will be “a tour diary of sorts.” So it will be good to keep an eye on that website. Your humble narrator here will be!

The Wall Tour Rehearsals Photos

The Wall Tour Rehearsals Photo 2010

The Wall Tour Rehearsals Photo 2010

Some interesting thoughts from Kipp Lennon:

Roger is such a pleasure to work with. He is open to re-examining things, appreciative of the team he has assembled, demanding the best from us all in a good way. Definitely firm in his vision and belief in the importance of being true to the original. He’s constantly wearing so many hats as he considers the history, the music, the stage design…everything down to the costumes, technology and souvenir programs. He’s VERY excited about the technological advances and innovations that a thirty year wait has brought to this project, and his enthusiasm is infectious. I can’t reveal any of the new stuff here, obviously, but, man you should hear him talk about it. You can’t help but step back sometimes and marvel at the enormity of this project and at the man driving it all. His vision and fire, adapting “The Wall”…updating it… preserving it… re-discovering it… he is just as passionate now as he was when he wrote it. And we get to be part of it. He continues to tweak it and polish it and shape it into his vision. It’s funny, after all these hours of rehearsing and hanging, we mostly get accustomed to being with him now, and we’re all just making music together, but every once in a while he’ll start a song like “Mother” or “Don’t Leave Me Now,” and we look at each other like, “That’s the actual guy right there.”

Drive-In ‘Sex-Boxes’ May Spread To Zurich

By David Chalk

Zurich’s new police chief has received “thousands of complaints” from residents about the city’s thriving red light district. So he’s planning a police trip to Germany to check out a possible solution: ’sex-boxen’, or drive-in boxes where prostitutes can do their thing in relative privacy and safety. The boxes were first used in Holland, and Cologne became the first German city to implement them in 2002, after which they spread to other German cities like Essen.

Jessica Francis of the Swiss daily Blick (translated from German) stresses that the Zurich policemen who are going on this German study trip “do not go for pleasure,” instead they just want to study if something similar can be implemented in their city. In Cologne, the city fenced in an area about the size of a football field, provided a gate and privacy screen, and outlawed filming and photography. After the first three years, they declared the sex-boxen a success, with little violence perpetrated against prostitutes and improved health among sex workers.

Still, it’s hard to picture Richard Gere and Julia Roberts falling in love in one of these:

In an interesting twist, the Zurich police department’s spokesman is really named Reto Casanova. “We can’t get rid of prostitution,” Casanova says, “so have to learn how to control it.”

So far the police department doesn’t have a site in mind for Zurich’s version of the boxes, but they are preparing a report for the city council on their findings.

Google Instant Streaming Search Results Eliminate the Search Button


Live: Google Instant Streaming Search Results Eliminate the Search Button

The Google streaming search results are here. Already leaked, and seen in the wild by users, the new Google search updates on-the-fly, as-you-type, without you having to hit the search button when you're done. They call it Google Instant.

To recap, here are some of the recent search changes at Google.
Live: Google Instant Streaming Search Results Eliminate the Search Button

Live: Google Instant Streaming Search Results Eliminate the Search Button

This is what a search looks like right now. The user-interaction part where you type in a query and selecting a result takes the most time.

Here's a video showing Google instant. You can try it out by visiting this site and setting that as your home page.

The search results automatically pop up as you're typing, complete with auto correcting. If your search has various suggestions, you can scroll up and down to each selection and the page will automatically update to reflect what would happen if you had actually searched for that.

Google says it's not exactly "search as you type", but they predict what you're likely to type and bring you results for that, instead of the half-of-a-word you only typed.

Live: Google Instant Streaming Search Results Eliminate the Search Button

A screenshot of it working, showing the result of what Google things I'm going to type, when I've only typed Goo.

Google Instant will be available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 8 starting today. They'll roll out as part of their home page and search results today, but they'll roll out in the next week internationally (for people who are signed in), in these countries:
Live: Google Instant Streaming Search Results Eliminate the Search Button

Here are the pieces that Google say make up the pie. Instant results, Predictions and Scroll to Search.

Live: Google Instant Streaming Search Results Eliminate the Search Button

A sample Google search: Typing the letter W predicts that you're going to look for weather, and knows your location, so it looks up weather for you in your location after just one keypress.

Prediction! If someone types in "the gi" when you don't know the entire title of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", it'll predict the title for you and show you results so you can see if it's what you want.

And scrolling to search gives you various information, say, if you want to take a vacation to yosemite, the predictions are stuff like, weather, maps, lodgings and other likely results you'd want if you searched for this.

When all three gears come together, this is what you get. Feedback.

In Google's example, they show that three searches (searching for a a title, searching for the title + musical, searching for the title + musical + tickets to find tickets), can be combined into "one" search, because you get auto-predict and streaming results when you continue to type.


Google Instant is coming to mobiles, in the future. It works the same way as it does on the desktop. It's coming "later this fall".

Live: Google Instant Streaming Search Results Eliminate the Search Button

Some interesting Q&A results from Google's page:

Will Google Instant slow my Internet connection?

We anticipate that Google Instant will not slow your Internet connection, and we plan to automatically turn it off for very slow connections. Even though we are serving more results pages, the additional load this enhancement creates is very small when compared to other types of web services such as streaming video and online gaming. We've also worked hard to minimize the amount of data that is sent and received during the search process. For example, when rendering new results as you type, we only send the parts of the page that change, without updating the static elements, such as a the page frame around the results.

If an offensive or lewd word is a fraction of my query, will Google push these results in front of me as I type?

As always, we provide options to filter the content you see in search. You can choose to set SafeSearch to filter out explicit content, and parents can lock SafeSearch to the strict setting. In addition, autocomplete excludes certain terms related to pornography, violence and hate speech. Learn more about SafeSearch.

This will be on web browsers (Chrome), from the search box, in the next few months.

Send an email to Jason Chen, the author of this post, at

A Google TV Refresher: What We Know So Far

Jared Newman, PC World

A Google TV Refresher: What We Know So Far

Google TV's planned fall launch is not news, but given that Google hasn't said much about its television plans since May, it's time for a refresher. Here's a quick rundown of everything to know about Google TV as anticipation grows for the imminent launch of the service:

What is Google TV?

It's a platform that joins the Internet with traditional television. Google TV shares some traits with TiVo Premiere -- search by name for a movie or show, and you'll find ways to watch on cable or the Web -- but Google's approach to the Internet is more open. Google TV can act as a full Web browser for Flash videos, e-mail and reading, and users can set up home screens for their favorite channels, shows and Web sites.

So it's not actually a television?

Not necessarily. Just as Android is a platform for smartphones, with hardware partners like Motorola and HTC, Google TV will run televisions and set-top boxes from other manufacturers. So far, Logitech has announced a set-top box called the Revue, and Sony plans to launch a television that integrates Google TV. Any cable box should be able to connect with Google TV devices at launch, but Dish Network HD DVR receivers will be "optimized" for the service, extending universal search to the Dish TV Guide, DVR recordings and on-demand movies.

How will subscription Web TV services work?

They'll be available through the browser like any other Web site, but whether there will be special treatment for services like Netflix and Hulu Plus remains unclear. Google has at least demonstrated embedding of Amazon and Netflix content within the main Google TV interface.

Will there be apps?

Google TV will start supporting the Android Market next year, bringing smartphone apps to the television, but it's still not clear how touchscreen apps will translate to the remote control. Separately, Google is encouraging Website developers to create Web apps for the television, optimized for viewing from the couch and controllable with buttons.

Do you need a mouse and keyboard?

It's a possibility, but Logitech's set-top box will include a remote that combines a mini-keyboard, remote control and touch screen. Logitech also has free remote apps for iPhone and Android, and this image shows the different kinds of controls that can be used. Sony's remote control plans are not as clear-cut.

Any other phone integration?

Android phone owners will be able to control the TV with voice searches and push videos that they're watching on the phone onto the television.

Can I watch movies and shows stored on other local media?

At the very least, I hope Google TV's future support for Android apps will allow streaming from networked computers and media centers, but I can't find any remarks from Google, Logitech or Sony on this topic.

How much will Google TV cost?

Pricing is still a mystery. For context, consider that Apple TV costs $99, and the upcoming Boxee Box, another Internet TV device that uses its own interface to pull in Web content, will cost $200 when it arrives in November.

iPad Orchestra is the Symphony of The Future


The iPad Orchestra from Alex Shpil on Vimeo.

The iPad Orchestra shared this video with us that shows off the sounds of Amidio's latest App, Seline HD. The piece is called Sweet Dream and is an original piece created on the software. We love iPad-made music.

The folks at Amidio make some awesome musical Apps. We've featured them in the past for their Touch DJ App.

You may not have your own full band to create a piece like this one, but if you're interested in Seline HD, it's available at the App Store for $5.99: Link

Behold! The Nintendo Entertainment System Coffee Table


Behold! The Nintendo Entertainment System Coffee Table

A man named Matt has built a coffee table. It is designed to look like the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is awesome.

Here is how it compares size-wise to an actual NES. The coffee table is bigger!

Behold! The Nintendo Entertainment System Coffee Table

This is more than an enormous Nintendo Entertainment System. It is an enormous NES with a fully functionally, jumbo NES controller.

Behold! The Nintendo Entertainment System Coffee Table

"Opening the lid reveals the storage for the controller, or even can store remote controls and game controllers in there for easy access/storage," Matt tells Kotaku. "The controller ports are actually two power outlets so I can plug in my laptop to charge."

Behold! The Nintendo Entertainment System Coffee Table

It is also possible to open up the back of the NES coffee table for more available storage space. Check out a video of the coffee table in action here.

Flickr: mattcyborgelt's Photostream [Flickr Thanks, Matt!]

2010 Fall TV Preview

2010 Fall TV Preview

2010 Fall TV Preview — From 'oldies' many have come to love, to brand new shows we're getting amped up for...this guide helps us flick through the channels purposefully this upcoming season

Click here for the Analysis:

The Women Of Surfing: A Gallery

surfer butts 25 620x874 The Women Of Surfing: A Gallery

It’s Wednesday, and being the middle of the week, we like to offer some nsfwishness to those who find themselves mindlessly sifting through blogs from their office cubicle, forgetting they are at work, forgetting they are supposed to be working.

Cut to: Boss walks by.

Schwartzman! What the fuck are you looking at!?… See me in my office.