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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Future Is Back: A Tour of the New DeLorean HQ

Owners of the ultimate geek car, the DeLorean, are no strangers to modifying their McFly rides, including hovercraft and electric conversions of the iconic silver-skinned sports car. Now, thanks to the new DeLorean Motor Company, buyers of new DeLoreans and owners of the classic ones can outfit them with everything but a Mr. Fusion.

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How to Lose Weight Watching TV

We are fast becoming a society of statues. A curious species who seem to have our collective asses permanently attached to a chair. Or preferably, a couch. We discovered that within a few years many of us will have identical movement patterns and daily activity levels to that of the oak tree.

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The BMW Museum's Takes Your Brain to Another Dimension

Ready to have your gray matter softly stroked? Perhaps you should take a trip to BMW's recently opened museum in Munich, where a kinetic sculpture comprising 714 metallic balls suspended in air will soothe your weary mind. It's one of those things that's better seen than described, but if you can imagine a wave of undulating orbs that appear to weightlessly float, you'll start to get the idea. Can't afford the flight? Check out the video -- which features some serious easy listening jams -- after the break and see the installation in action.


NBC Universal to buy The Weather Channel for $3.5B

By SETH SUTEL, AP Business WriterSun Jul 6, 5:42 PM ET

NBC Universal and two partners said Sunday they have reached a deal to buy The Weather Channel from Landmark Communications Inc., ending a drawn-out process that had attracted interest from several major media companies.

Financial terms weren't disclosed, but a person familiar with the matter who insisted on anonymity said the purchase price was $3.5 billion in cash. NBC was joined in the deal by the private equity firms The Blackstone Group LP and Bain Capital LLC.

In addition to The Weather Channel, which can be seen by 97 percent of U.S. cable subscribers, the deal also includes several related assets such as weather services for newspapers and radio stations and the widely used Web site

NBC Universal, a unit of General Electric Co., became the sole bidder for The Weather Channel last month after Time Warner Inc. dropped out. CBS Corp. and cable industry leader Comcast Corp. had also expressed interest earlier.

NBC already operates a digital weather and news service called NBC Weather Plus that was launched in 2004 and would make a logical fit with The Weather Channel. NBC Weather Plus is owned by NBC and its affiliated TV stations and can be seen on digital cable services and digital subchannels operated by NBC stations.

NBC and Landmark said in a statement that The Weather Channel would be operated as a separate entity out of its base in Atlanta. They said they expected the transaction to close by year-end, pending regulatory approvals.

Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., GE Commercial Finance, GSO Capital Partners and Sankaty Advisors LLC will provide debt financing for the transaction.

Landmark, a privately held media company based in Norfolk, Va., put The Weather Channel up for sale in January along with its other businesses, which include The Virginian-Pilot and eight other daily newspapers. No announcement has yet been made about the newspaper sales, which are continuing on a separate track.

The Weather Channel was launched in 1982. Its Web site has about 37 million monthly unique visitors, putting it in the top 15 Web sites, according to the company. The Weather Channel has 1,300 employees and estimated annual revenues of $550 million.

Heat Map of US Gas Prices

Now you can see what gas prices are around the country at a glance. Areas are color coded according to their price for the average price for regular unleaded gasoline.

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This has been added to the bottom of our Blog, so useful!!

17 Cool Speakers Designs that Look Better than They Sound

Home audio speakers are designed to sound great, but many designers take it to the next level and create something so sexy that people can’t help but stare. They know what they do, because in these days a product that looks good has better chances to be sold. These creative speaker designs that you’re gonna see in this post combine both style.

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2-Hour Charge Gets 150 Miles In Electric Car

You get in it like a normal car, turn the key like a normal car, put it into gear like a normal car and drive it like a normal car. But there is no smoke-spewing tailpipe, no noise, and no need to ever stop at a gas station. This electric vehicle goes about 3 cents to a mile, when compared with a gas vehicle that go between 10 and 12 cents a mile.

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Family Guy Recording : See The Crew Recording An Episode

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers

Nike has released the limited edition Back to the Future basketball sneakers.

Only 350 pairs of these Nike Hyperdunks have been produced, with the colour of the Nike shoes that Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future II, with a glow in the dark soles.

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 2

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 3

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 4

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 5

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 6

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 7

350 pairs were sold almost instantly (some are now for sale on eBay for as much as $2,000), a hundred of them at the UNDFTD shop in Santa Monica, where L.A. Lakers’ megastar Kobe Bryant arrived in a DeLorean time machine to be greeted by hundred of fans, some of them camping outside for more than 24 hours.

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 8

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 9

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 10

Back to the Future McFly Nike Sneakers 11

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Transparent Canoe

Transparent Canoe

See the world below you with remarkable clarity in this two person transparent canoe.

This hard shell transparent canoe provides 100% visability. It weighs only 40 lbs., and is lighter than most aluminum or wood canoes.

Price: $1,475 + $175 Shipping

Transparent Canoe 2

Transparent Canoe 3

Transparent Canoe 4

The Transparent Canoe

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Dismantling the World's Largest Gantry Crane (PIC)

We wrote once about the Huge Floating Crane which can lift bridges and submarines. We also had a rare look inside the workings of Largest Crane and Container Ships. But this gargantuan scene asks for its own page, as the memory of the biggest gantry crane structure slowly fades into the stuff of legends.

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20 Abandoned Cities and Towns from Around the World [PICS]

These 20 abandoned cities of the world share an eerie, haunted quality that is part of what makes them so fascinating.

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Friends With Benefits: The Chart

Greenest Island Runs Completely on Renewable Energy . . .

Danish Isle Runs Completely on Renewable Energy, Is Greenest Guinea Pig Ever

In this week's New Yorker, Elizabeth Kolbert wrote about the Danish isle of Samsø, which over the past 10 years, has gone from exclusively using fossil fuel energy sources, to living exclusively off renewable energy. Using a combination of onshore and offshore turbines, private mini-turbines, solar panels, straw-burning furnaces and biofuels, the 4,300-resident island has become a sort of a sandbox for green experimentation.

The man responsible for Samsø's shift is Søren Hermansen, who after deciding farming wasn't for him, became an environmental sciences teacher, and then a renewable energy expert. Growing up on the island and seeing the impact the people were having on the environment, Hermansen felt he could talk the residents into making some changes. The public response was favorable, and the transformation began. The island now has 11 onshore turbines, a biomass plant, and a straw burning plant, which are invested in by the residents of Samsø, as well as outside, private investors. All the while, this green movement has brought in a constant flow of researchers, scientists and sociologists trying to figure out Samsø's mojo.

And for those in the giant turbine market, I think it's worth noting that giant turbines come with panoramic sunroofs. Not sure about power locks and cruise control, however. [New Yorker]

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The Biggest Wave Ever Surfed (& caught on video)

Youtube comments seem to dispute whether this is at Peahi off of Maui (aka "Jaws") or Cortez Bank, west of San Diego CA. Anybody know for sure? Either way...Holy Freaking Shit!

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And you thought crop circles were cool…

They’ve got nothin’ on this Japanese rice field art.

Anyone else have a poster on their wall in college that was suspiciously similar?

“Mona Riza” has got to be my favorite of the bunch.

If you happen to read Japanese, you’ll find more info about these mysterious crop patterns here.

10 Amazing Volunteer Opportunities With Free Travel

Many ask for donations or fees to cover costs, others operate as profitable businesses but the list below is just a few that cost little or nothing to become involved and help out.

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16 Simple (and Sexy) Ways to Lose 50 Pounds a Year

For many people, losing weight seems like an impossible task. "I don't have the willpower!" they say.

But it doesn't have to be that hard. The basic rule of weight loss is that you take in fewer calories than you burn -- and if you want to turn a positive calorie balance into the calorie deficit you need to lose weight, just make some smart choices in what you eat and drink, and how you burn calories.

The second rule of weight loss is that if you take in 3,500 fewer calories than you burn, you'll (generally) lose a pound of fat. So if you can have a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day, you'll burn a pound of fat a week (7 times 500 is 3,500), which is about 50 pounds a year.

If you have been maintaining the same weight for a little while, you are taking in the same amount of calories as you're burning. So you just need to choose a few of the options below to lose 50 pounds in a year. However, if you've been gaining weight, you'll need to choose a few more of the options below to go into calorie deficit.

Remember that 50 pounds a year is only about 4 pounds a month, so you won't notice a huge drop in the first month. Be patient, stick with it, and you'll start to see weight loss in the following months.

Also remember that with any of the changes below, it's hardest for the first few days. After that, you get used to it, and it gets easier.

  • Drink water. If you typically drink lots of juice or soda or alcohol, replacing these calorie-filled drinks with water will cut a few hundred calories a day.

  • Exercise for 15-20 minutes. If you have a weight problem, chances are you also have a problem with regular exercise. That's probably because you tried to do too much. Just commit to 15 minutes a day. That's not hard at all. And don't do anything intense, especially for the first month. Take it easy -- do a few crunches, a few push ups, jog in place for a few minutes. If you do this every day, you'll burn 100-150 calories, depending on your size and metabolism.

  • Replace a fatty snack with veggies. Potato chips, fries, anything that's greasy -- those are laden with calories. Fat is the most calorie-filled food type there is. If you eat a snack like this every day, replace it with cut-up carrots, broccoli, celery, or a salad (with low-fat dressing, not anything fatty).

  • Have sex daily. One of the best exercises there is. Of course, you'll need to do it beyond your usual three minutes. If you can get 15 minutes of sex in a day, you can burn 150 calories. You also might need to find a willing partner. The exercise in the item above might help with that.

  • Replace a sugary snack with fruits. If you eat Twinkies, Ding Dongs, donuts, candy bars, a carton of ice cream ... you know you need to cut those out. Try fruit instead. Berries are my favorite.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. If you eat eggs and bacon, or something covered in syrup, or anything else sweet or fatty, replace it with something healthier. Steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries, ground flaxseed and almonds is a great choice that is delicious. Also try whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk or soy milk.

  • Walk, and use the stairs. Park 5-7 minutes away from work, which adds up to about 10-15 minutes of walking a day, to and from work (in addition to the exercise mentioned above). Use the stairs instead of the elevator. That's about 100 calories total.

  • Use non-fat milk in your latte. If you use half-and-half in your latte, using non-fat milk will save you about 250 calories.

  • Skip butter. If you put butter on your toast, your roll, and your baked potato, you can save 200-300 calories a day if you skip the butter.

  • Plan snacks, don't snack randomly. Munching on little things here and there, throughout the day, can add up to hundreds of calories. Instead, plan on a midmorning and mid afternoon snack, and make at least one of them healthy. Don't snack in between snacks.
  • Go with red pasta sauce, not white. Marinara sauce instead of Alfredo will save you a couple hundred calories. Skip the meat too.

  • Eat baked chicken, not fried. Fried chicken contains a lot of fat absorbed from frying oil, as well as the fatty skin. Skip the skin, and bake the chicken. Herb it up good, with some pepper, and it tastes great.

  • Skip seconds, and eat slower. If you go back for an extra piece of meat and buttered bread, you're adding another few hundred calories. Instead, eat slowly, and you'll get full faster. Also, even if feel hungry after the first helping, wait for 20 minutes. Often, the feeling of hunger will go away.

  • Air-pop popcorn. Movie popcorn is full of oil and butter. Tons of fat. Instead, air-pop the popcorn. You can put salt on it, but not butter.

  • Go for pretzels, not peanuts. Nuts contain tons of calories. Instead, snack on mini-pretzels (not the soft kind), which can satisfy the salt craving without all of the fat.

  • Skip the muffin. Muffins are just cake, if you buy them at a coffee shop, donut shop, or grocery store. You can make your own muffins that don't contain all that fat and sugar, but instead, try eating the healthy breakfasts mentioned above.

How Scientists Brought Magic Mushrooms Into the Mainstream

Peter Dejong / AP
After a long hiatus, researchers are once again probing the medicinal value of hallucinogenics--such as these "magic" mushrooms, grown in the Netherlands.

For a time, it seemed that convincing America's premier research institutions to fund or sponsor research on hallucinogenic drugs was nearly impossible. In fact, the recent Journal of Pharmacology study on magic mushroom effects represents a 30-year effort to rebuild legitimate psychedelic research programs from the ashes of 1960.

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Times Square Gets Solar-Powered Billboard

By Robin Lloyd, Senior Editor

An electronic billboard entirely powered by the sun and wind is set to go up in Times Square in December, a company said today.

Artist rendering of the Ricoh billboard in Times Square to be located at Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street. Credit: PRNewsFoto/Ricoh Americas Corporation

Pacific Gas & Electric's new solar-powered billboard, just off Interstate-101 in San Francisco. The placard generates enough energy to power the household of a family of three to four people during the day. Credit: PG&E

The "eco-friendly" billboard is the first of its kind in Times Square and the eastern United States, the second in the United States and the third in the world, said Ricoh Americas Corp. spokesman Russell Marchetta.

The billboard, for Ricoh Americas' parent company Ricoh Company Ltd. of Tokyo, will measure 47 feet (14 meters) high by 126 feet (38 meters) long. Its floodlights will be powered on site by 45 solar panels and four wind turbines.

The result will reduce carbon dioxide usage by 18 tons a year, Marchetta said.

The office automation equipment and electronics supplier already has an electronic sign in Osaka, Japan, that is 100 percent solar- and wind-powered.

The first solar-powered billboard in the United States came last year when Pacific Gas and Electric erected one in San Francisco.

The new billboard will wrap around the corner of Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street. The exact image is yet to be announced, though an artist's rendering with a dummy image has been released.

On days lacking enough solar or wind power, the sign will go un-illuminated, Marchetta said.

"If the floodlights aren't on, you'll be able to see the sign. You just won't have the lights on it," he told LiveScience.

The Twelve Best Parades To Pick Up Hot Chicks

Parades. They're crowded, smelly, and corny… but you can get some incredible tail if you go to the right ones.

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Special Paint Job!!

click here for about 50 more

Ronald Jenkees messing with a guitar sound

Suitcase Scootcase