Some brand new concept designs from Terminator Salvation have appeared online. They give us a closer look at some of the new Terminators that we saw in the leaked footage a day or two ago.

First is the T600, a downgrade from the T800 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in James Cameron’s films.

Next are the Mototerminator’s. If John Connor and his friends outrun the T600 then these will no doubt catch them up.

Below is a Hydrobot. McG and the producers have made it so that the human resistance cannot escape by water. It also means taking a bath will be more risky.

The Terminator below is called the Hunter Killer. I’ll leave it up to you to think of what it’s main purpose is.

And finally we have the Harvester. The image comparison below shows us how large it is. Again, the names of the Terminators are self explanatory and we can expect this one to stomp around, picking up humans in the process.

You can see hi-res version of these by going here.