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Friday, February 15, 2008

Paris Hilton's A Trampy, Spoiled Version Of The Crazy Cat Lady.....

February 15, 2008

Paris Hilton's A Trampy, Spoiled Version Of The Crazy Cat Lady Except It's Dogs And There's Probably More Oral Sex And Cocaine Going On
Photos: Splash

So Paris Hilton told Ellen DeGeneres that she owns 17 dogs. Seventeen. I hope her cleaning staff is top-notch otherwise that place is going to smell like the seventh ring of canine hell. Anyway, there's some law in Los Angeles that says you can't own more than three at one time. So The LA Dept. of Animal Services arrived earlier this week to her house to investigate her ass. You know there were dogs in pink sweaters yipping "please help us, she tests her makeup on us" at them. In actuality, when they showed up they discovered all of the animals were with different handlers so they couldn't really call her ass on anything. Paris told Ellen she has so many because the bitches keep getting knocked up and she feels bad giving them away. ""They keep having babies and I feel bad about giving them away. If I had a baby and someone gave it away for me I feel bad for my dogs." Like she's never given away a baby in her lifetime. If she thought about it, those "babies" would have better lives if she had given them away! Hmm, nice life in an average suburban house with a big backyard, or having to deal with Brandon Davis throwing up in your waterdish and Paris spreading peanut butter on her nipples and forcing you to lick them? You do the math!

Posted by: J. Harvey

Radiohead: Live Webcast From 93 Feet East

"15 Step", "Bodysnatchers", "Nude", "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi", "All I Need", "Faust Arp", "Reckoner", "House Of Cards", "Jigsaw Falling Into Place", "Videotape", "Up On The Ladder", "You And Whose Army?", "The National Anthem", "My Iron Lung", "The Bends"

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Got a spare $25 - In case you were wondering who the chick is in Kanye West’s new “Flashing Lights” video bashing him with the shovel, here she is, Rita G. Rita is so popular that she sells used thongs on the internet: Worn Undies with my personal scent - Only $24.95!

“I’ve lost count of all the emails saying ‘I would pay any amount of money for the g-string right off your butt’. Well, here’s your chance. I will wear each pair of panties long enough to transfer my ‘natural’ scent, but these are limited, not mass-produced. So order them now. I might not be offering that many of them!”

$24.95 for Rita G’s ass scent huh? Who does this chick thing she is? I never even heard of her until 2 seconds ago. No fucking way I’m paying that. But that’s not to say I think it’s a stupid idea. There are plenty of chicks that I’d fork over 25 bucks for a game worn thong complete with authentic ass scent. In fact here are the top ten chicks in no particular order that I’d gladly pay money to add their thong to my thong collection. And I'm not saying these are the 10 best asses in the world, but just like with any collection there are different reasons for everything.

Barstool's Top 10

Alicia Guastaferro - The World’s Most Spoiled Teen?

Is this for real, who are these people!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Alicia Guastaferro, the 15-year-old beauty pageant participant and daughter of the latest star of “Wife Swap”, Karen Guastaferro. See her biography and photos here.

As a biography, Alicia Guastaferro is 15 years old of age and lives in Buffalo, New York.

Alicia has been participating in beauty pageants since she was 11 months old. In 2000, she was named Little Miss Buffalo. In 2003, she was named Miss Congeniality in the Gingerbread Nationals. In 2005, she won Outstanding Sportwear in Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen 2005 competition. In a 2006 Outstanding Teen competition she won the “Jubilee” award.

Guastaferro also participates in gymnastics. She was named to the Inferno team of the Greater Buffalo Elite Heat. And she makes the grades - in 2005 she made the honor roll.

So what could possibly go wrong? In 2008, her family starred on the premiere episode of “Wife Swap” on ABC. The Guastaferro family is fairly wealthy and believes in showering their daughter Alicia with gifts. For New Year’s, she got a 2008 Chevy Tahoe … and she’s not even old enough to drive it. The car was only one gift of 364 given in 2007, because the family believes in giving Alicia a gift everyday.

A harp made from frickin' laser beams

Stephen Hobley just perfected his laser harp. The audio is adjusted by breaking the beam between the source and mirror array above. No, you can't buy it, but we expect it to appear with a Ukrainian dressed in animal skins at Eurovision 2008. Until then, you'll just have to watch the video after the break.
[Thanks, Kevin P.]

Morgan Goes Back to the Future With 1930s-Style Hydrogen Car

Morgan Motor Co., the tiny British automaker so old-fashioned it still uses wood frames, is stepping well into the future with LifeCar, a hydrogen fuel cell hybrid it says will prove "a zero-emission vehicle can be fun to drive."

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Crazy Penguin Guy

Marriage Proposal Gone Bad

This is from last night's Kings vs. Rockets game during half-time. It looks pretty fake to me, but funny none the less.14 February 2008

Man strangles wife over bad pancakes

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Jacob Andrew Laws, 28, was arrested Monday afternoon for attacking his wife because he was unhappy with breakfast, according to an Oklahoma City police report. Displeased with his pancakes, cLaws began to verbally and physically attack his wife Jessica, according to the police report. Laws took his flapjack distaste to an extreme level when he allegedly grabbed his wife by the neck and threw her to the floor. She got up, but Laws then threw her on their bed and began hitting her, read the report. Police said when Laws was finished attacking his wife, Jessica drove, with a friend, to the Will Rogers Briefing Station with her two children. Police photographed the red marks on her neck and face, but have not yet released those photos. Laws was arrested for domestic abuse and assault and battery. He also has arrest warrants for failing to appear in a Canadian County courtroom for DUI charges and fraudulent check charges.

Free Folder Synchronization Tool from Microsoft

Found this today while searching for a home backup solution. I want something easy to setup, easy to manage, and something that is devoid of proprietary file formats so that I'm not tied to one solution going forward. Basically, I just wanted something to handle raw file copies from one location to the other that I could turn on and walk away from. Well, I think I found one for FREE from an unlikely source - MICROSOFT! Seems that they have a pretty active Professional Photographers community (who knew?) and this grew out of their wants and desires.

What it is:

A very small downloadable utility called SyncToy.

What it does:

It synchronizes folders. But it makes it ridiculously easy and offers a good variety of options on how you want that synchronization to take place. It separates your desired folders into "pairs" - the "left" is your original folder and the "right" is where you want it synchronized. You can have as many "pairs" as you want and you can set the options for them independent of each other.

Your options for synchronization are broken down as:

Synchronize: New and updated files are copied both ways. Renames and deletes on either side are carried out on the other.

Echo: New and updated files are copied left to right. Renames and deletes on the left are copied on the right.

Subscribe: Updated files on the right are copied to the left (I am thinking this would be great if you had access to a common file share with other people and wanted local copies of whatever is placed there)

Contribute: New and updated files are copied left to right. Renames on the left are repeated on the right. No deletions. (great option to guard against accidental deletions!)

Combine: New and updated files are copied both ways. Nothing happens to renamed or deleted files.

Now remember, you don't have to choose one sync type for all your files! Mix and match for each folder "pair" you define!

It gets even better - to make it a completely brainless solution you can even schedule the syncing of the "pairs" using XP's built in task scheduler.

It currently comes in two flavors - 1.4 and a 2.0 beta.

Incredible Robot Sings, Dances and Writes the Entire Bible

A bizarre wonder of German engineering, this incredible industrial robot has been trained to dance, paint portraits and (yes) write the complete Martin Luther bible in beautiful calligraphy.

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Russian Ice Breaker

This thing is amazing, click on photo for large detailed pic.

Speed Racer vs. Batmobile Zoomdown: Entire 2008 Toy Lineup

We've got Mattel's entire line of Batman and Speed Racer cars for 2008, and we hope the movies are as geekgasmic as the toys. The Batman lineup punches all of my little fanboy buttons, Speed Racer's got the Mach 5, its sleeker, zippier successor the Mach 6, plus a battle bus!

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Giant LEGO Bombers

This stunning 1:36 scale B-1B bomber is made of about 8,000 LEGO blocks

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Wheel Of Fail-tune

Failure is everywhere. The best place for failure is on a game show in front of millions of viewers for expensive prizes. Check out the biggest cases of fail from the Wheel of Fortune.

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Striking Nanoscale images

Check more out here

Man Falls Backwards Down Concrete Stairs and Breaks his $1M Violin

Thursday, 14 February 2008

London- David Garrett, the former model, named the David Beckham of the musical scene, said he tripped when leaving Barbican Hall after a violin performance. Unfortunately, he was carrying his 18th century violin and smashed it to pieces. Garrett had bought the 1772 violin for $1 million in 2003, and is devastated. Apparently, he is in denial as well because he is hoping it can be repaired in New York. This was not exactly a graceful fall said witnesses. One witnesses said it was the most humorous thing he has ever seen. He recalled Garrett flipping around backwards, falling down the concrete stairs, and then screaming, "My violin." The violin was a G.B. Guadagnini, and unfortunately he will be playing with a loaner for his Valentine's Day concert. Garrett told the associated press, "I hope and pray that it can be fixed, but if it can't, I hope my insurance policy will let me buy another great violin," the 26-year-old musician said. To learn more visit, and in the photo below, pretend that laptop=violin since no one actually seems to have photographed the violin in mid-air.


New and Promising BitTorrent Sites

Written by Ernesto on February 14, 2008

BitTorrent’s popularity is still growing, and new sites are launched every day. Unfortunately it is impossible to feature all the new sites here, so we decided to post a selection of BitTorrent sites that look promising, or offer something new.


PizzaTorrent is a meta-search engine, inspired by the enormous success of another site we introduced last month, YouTorrent. The site has a similar look and feel as YouTorrent, but it also includes some unique features. One of the most significant differences is that it sorts the torrents by category. In the sidebar you can also click on one of the indexed sites to perform a direct search.

The search results are presented in a clean way and ordered by rank, which is the output of a formula that looks at the torrent name, keywords, date added, number of seeds and seeds vs. peers. The administrator of PizzaTorrent told TorrentFreak that his site is indeed based on the YouTorrent concept, but that he will continue to add more unique features.

pizza torrent


Bit-Tunes is a BitTorrent /iTunes mashup based on the popular blog platform Wordpress. The site collects information from iTunes on both the newly released and most popular albums available on the iTunes store. It fetches the album cover in high-resolution from online stores such as Amazon, and matches every album dynamically with torrent downloads available on various BitTorrent sites.

The Bit-Tunes administrator told TorrentFreak: The purpose of the site is to discover great music albums and new artists, and download music DRM-free without the need to go through the iTunes Store or own an iPod. I have a bunch more ideas of which contextual information can be added to every album (buy it on Amazon, preview / listen online), to provide an even better user experience.

bit tunes


LookTorrent is another BitTorrent meta-search engine that was launched recently. The difference with PizzaTorrents is that search results are presented in tabs, similar to Torrent-Finder. Each tab shows the search results of one BitTorrent site, and you can select which sites you want to search. In addition, LookTorrent allows users to rate the sites and it displays search suggestions at the bottom of every results page.

looktorrent look torrent


ShareByte is different from most other search engines because it is a community driven site where users add and edit the torrents. At the moment is is still a bit low on content, but the idea might appeal to people who like to participate. All the files are categorized and links to subtitles, video trailers, IMDB ratings and more are included, or can be added by users.

In addition, the site offers some useful features to registered users, as they can add torrents to their favorites and rate the audio and video quality of the files.


As said before, BitTorrent meta-search engines can be really useful, but they are useless if all the sites they index host the same .torrent files. A bit more diversity might be a good idea, especially in the long term.

Do you know any other new BitTorrent sites that are worth visiting? Leave a comment and share it with us…

A better way to capture Carbon

Researchers have developed porous materials that can soak up 80 times their volume of carbon dioxide, offering the tantalizing possibility that the greenhouse gas could be cheaply scrubbed from power-plant smokestacks. After the carbon dioxide has been absorbed by the new materials, it could be released through pressure changes, compressed, and, finally, pumped underground for long-term storage.

Such carbon dioxide capture and sequestration could be essential to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, especially in countries such as the United States that depend heavily on coal for electricity. The first stage, capturing the carbon, is particularly important, since it can account for 75 percent of the total costs, according to the Department of Energy.

The new materials, described this week in Science, were created by researchers at UCLA led by Omar Yaghi, a chemist known for producing materials with intricate microscopic structures. They absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide but do not absorb other gases.

Techniques already exist for capturing carbon dioxide from smokestacks, but they use large amounts of energy--15 to 20 percent of the total electricity output of a power plant, according to one estimate, Yaghi says. That is because existing materials, known as amines, need to be heated to release the carbon dioxide they've absorbed. Indeed, capturing and compressing carbon dioxide through these existing methods can add 80 to 90 percent to the cost of producing electricity from coal, says Thomas Feeley, a project manager at the National Energy Technology Laboratory.

Feeley says that Yaghi's materials "compare favorably" with other experimental materials that absorb carbon dioxide that are being developed to help bring down these costs. Yaghi says that his materials could lower costs considerably since they use less energy, although exactly how much will require testing the materials at power plants.

Top 10 Wired Countries

Monks browsing Web
China Photos/Getty Images
Monks browse the Web at an Internet cafe in Lhasa, Tibetan Autonomous Region, China.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) regularly conducts studies of 30 nations to measure broadband penetration. Broadband penetration refers to the number of broadband Internet subscribers compared to the overall population.

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Nanotubes debut as "last mile" interconnect in 1GHz chip

Researchers at Stanford and Toshiba have unveiled a 1GHz CMOS circuit that uses carbon nanotubes as an interconnect. The 11,000-transistor chip has 256 ring oscillators and was fabbed at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, or TSMC for short. According to electrical engineering professor Phillip Wong, this particular chip is the first to demonstrate a commercial speed of 1GHz.

While the chip in question is an impressive accomplishment, it's not a "true" carbon nanotube design. The core is an array of ring oscillators. Each oscillator (all built on standard copper) is missing a connection. The nanotubes in question were inserted to bridge that gap and complete the chip's various circuits. The tubes in question are rather large, at 5 microns long and 50-100nm in diameter—researchers eventually hope to to build single-wall nanotubes as small as 1nm in diameter.

One of the challenges of working with nanotubes has been assembling them into appropriate structures. The team working on the project got around the issue with a bit of ingenuity. The circuit itself was designed with multiplexing circuity that allowed each individual oscillator to be charged separately. A solution of nanotubes was then floated over the oscillators, and an AC signal was applied. Once a nanotube snapped into place to bridge a particular oscillator gap, the AC charge was shut off for that particular oscillator until all the individual circuits were completed with their nanotube components.

Remeber Children, the sidewalk is not a Bathroom

A Special Van Damme Friday Video

It's not just any Friday, it's VAN DAMME FRIDAY!