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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Speedo Guy..............WTF

Mild-mannered Duke Divinity student is...... Speedo Guy

Dennis Hopper: I Voted For Obama Because Of Palin

Dennis Hopper stopped by "The View" on election day to promote his tv series "Crash." Before that though, they asked if he voted. He did, for Obama.

Hopper said that he had been a Republican since Reagan, but the choice Sarah Palin pushed him over the edge and he voted for Barack Obama instead. He then told a lovely anecdote of Obama saying kind words to him about his mother's death once.

Hopper previously said he prayed for an Obama victory, but didn't say why. Palin!


Unbelievable High School Football Catch

Tight end #13 of the Lassiter Trojans makes an amazing catch! Definently play of the year for high school

Germans are developing 'cognitive' cars

KARLSRUHE, Germany, Nov. 4 (UPI) -- German engineers say they are developing a software program that will, for the first time, help several cars coordinate their movements to avoid an accident.

Scientists said the software allows vehicles to form a network via car-to-car communication.

"In dangerous situations, the cars can independently perform coordinated maneuvers without their drivers having to intervene," said Thomas Batz, who developed the software with colleagues at the Fraunhofer Institute for Information and Data Processing and Karlsruhe University.

The so-called cognitive automobiles are equipped with integrated sensors such as cameras, GPS and radar systems and continuously transmit current position and driving information to a car designated as group coordinator.

Sudden dangers, such as a child running onto the road, are recognized not only by the car directly affected, but also by the group coordinator. If the car in question can neither brake nor swerve because there's another car on the lane to the right, the group coordinator orders both vehicles to swerve to the right in a coordinated maneuver to avoid an accident with the child or a collision with one another.

Although the system is still under development, the scientists said its group formation function has already been implemented.

© 2008 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

He Said/She Said: 20 Boy-Girl Duets for the Ages

By Douglas Newman
November 4th, 2008

There’s something special about duets with male and female voices. The contrast of sounds is pleasing to my ears. I especially like the ones where the vocalists are having a conversation through song - a musical he said/she said.

Below are 20 of my favorite boy/girl duets, listed in chronological order. Well, at least they’re my favorites as of today. What are some of your favorites?

1) “Tramp” by Otis Redding & Carla Thomas (1967)

Otis Redding

A soulful romp between Carla Thomas and Otis Redding finds her lamenting how he’s too poor and just not sophisticated enough to be her man. “Look here/You ain’t got no money/I got everything/You can’t buy me all those minks and sables and all that stuff I want.”

2) “Coração Vagabundo” by Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso (1967)

Gal Costa

You can’t get much smoother than this bossa nova gem with Tropacalia masters Caetano Veloso and Gal Costa. No matter where you listen to this track, it’s sunny and sultry.

3) “Some Velvet Morning” by Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra (1968)

Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra

Universally hailed as one the best duets, “Some Velvet Morning” is a sultry psychedlic masterpiece delivered stunningly delivered by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. The lyrics consist of the male part describing a mysterious, powerful woman named Phaedra, who educated the speaker in the ways of love. The male part alternates with the female part, who identifies herself as Phaedra and speaks over ethereal, twinkling music about beautiful nature imagery — “flowers growing on a hill / dragonflies and daffodils” — and about the secrets held by an unknown collective “we.”

4) “Jackson” by Johnny Cash & June Carter (1968)

Johnny Cash

The quintessential collaboration between Johnny Cash and June Carter, “Jackson” tells the tale of a married couple who find that the “fire” has gone out of their relationship. The song relates the desire of both partners to travel to a city named Jackson (possibly Jackson, Mississippi or Jackson, Tennessee) where they each expect to be welcomed as someone far better suited to the city’s lively night life than the other is.

5) “Je t’aime… moi non plus” by Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin (1969)

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

Erotic to the core, this duet was originally sung by Gainsbourg and his ex, Brigitte Bardot, but she pleaded with him not to release it fearing repercussions by her then husband, Gunther Sachs. A year later, Gainsbourg re-recorded the song with his new lover, English actress Jane Birkin. The song was controversial for its suggestive lyrics (”I come and I go, in between your loins”) and simulated orgasm sounds. It was banned from radio play in Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, and denounced by the Vatican in a public statement.

6) “Don’t Believe Nothing” by Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm with Tina Turner (1973)

Ike & Tina

This is a somewhat rare Ike and Tina track from the early seventies when Ike was starting to experiment with more funky arrangements and advanced recording techniques. He was a fairly early adopter of the ARP and drum machine, taking a cue from Herbie Hancock and other cosmic funksters. I first heard this song quite recently on the wonderful compilation, More Dirty Laundry: The Soul Of Black Country. Pure genius!

7) “In My Hour of Darkness” by Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris (1974)

Gram Parsons

I never tire of this track, one in a long line of brilliant collaborations between Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. Their voices seem to have been made for each other. Listen to this song and you’ll know what I mean.

8) “I Never Talk to Strangers” by Tom Waits & Bette Midler (1977)

Tom Waits

Taken from Tom Waits’ boozy, bluesy album Foreign Affairs, “I Never Talk to Strangers” is a humorous romp with the pre-cheesy torch singer, Bette Midler. It’s basically a dialogue between two lonely singles at a bar, delivered with the gruff resignation of Tom Waits and the zippy jazz vocals of Midler.

9) “Los Angeles” by X (Exene Cervenka & John Doe) (1980)


X’s Los Angeles is one of the great recordings of the punk era, thanks in part to the perfect vocal team of John Doe & Exene Cervenka. Add to that the ace rockabilly guitar work of Billy Zoom and Doe’s poetic lyrics and you got one of the decade’s most exciting, and underrated, bands.

10) “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel with Kate Bush (1986)

Peter Gabriel

Taken from Gabriel’s hit album, So, “Don’t Give Up” describes the despair of a man who feels that the economic system has no place for him, and the support and wise counsel sung in the refrain by Bush. It’s a beautiful ballad with an ultimately uplifiting message that serves, over 20 years later, as a great anthem of our current economic times.

11) “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl (1987)

The Pogues

Without question one of the best duets in rock and roll, Kirsty MacColl and the Pogues’ Shane MacGowan play the roles, in a classic call and response, of two Irish immigrants, lovers or ex-lovers, their youthful hopes crushed by alcoholism and drug addiction, reminiscing and bickering on Christmas Eve in New York City.

12) “Shaking Hands (Soldier’s Joy)” by Michelle Shocked with Uncle Tupelo (1991)

Michelle Shocked

Uncle Tupelo were at the height of their powers when they were recruited by Michelle Shocked to record this duet for her Arkansas Traveler album in 1991. A raucous alt-country classic, the song features Jay Farrar as a wounded Confederate soldier who becomes addicted to morphine during his recovery. “Shaking hands — I took the bitter pill/Tell the story on my grave, my soul they could not save/What the bullet could not kill, the needle will.”

13) “Sometimes Always” by The Jesus & Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval (1994)

The Jesus & Mary Chain

This song by The Jesus and Mary Chain with Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval is pure cool and a great example of the he said/she said style of I referred to in the introduction. An amazing song from a vastly underrated album. I dare you to listen and not be hooked.

14) “Interlude” by Morrissey & Siouxsie Sioux (1994)

Morrissey & Siouxsie Sioux

Two eighties new wave giants hooked up for this string-drenched ballad, a song first featured in the 1968 film of the same name and sung by Timi Yuro. It’s definitely got that 1960s decadence sound and Morrissey and Siouxsie perfectly capture that era with their dramatic vocal performances.

15) “Where the Wild Roses Grow” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds with Kylie Minogue (1996)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

A truly eerie song sung by a murderer and his victim from beyond the grave. Cave’s character is entranced by Elisa Day’s (Minogue’s character) beauty and hates the idea of it fading, so he kills her in order to preserve the memory of her beauty forever.

16) “Marriage Made in Heaven” by Tindersticks with Isabella Rossellini (1997)


Tindersticks have become masters at the duet form, with Stuart Staples’ sonorous baritone nicely contrasted with various female vocalists, including Ann Magnuson from Bongwater and Carla Torgeson from The Walkabouts. But my favorite is a lighthearted collaboration with Italian actress Isabella Rossellini. Listen to her giggling at the end of the track and you know that her glee is genuine.

17) “I’ve Seen it All” by Bjork with Thom Yorke (1997)


A meeting of the king and queen of experimental pop music, this stunning duet was featured on Bjork’s Selmasongs, the quasi-soundtrack album for the film Dancer in the Dark. Those two idiosyncratic voices are magic alone and absolutely sublime together. The two recently hooked up again for Bjork’s latest single, “Nattura,” which benefits Náttúra Campaign, the Icelandic environmental movement co-founded by the pixie songstress.

18) “The Way You Dream” by Michael Stipe & Asha Bhosle (2002)

1 Giant Leap

Recorded for the 1 Giant Leap project, this duet finds R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe singing with Indian superstar, Asha Bhosle. Jungle beats, furious hand-drumming, putorino (a New Zealand flute) and kora blend with the voices to make a spellbinding multi-kulti gem.

19) “Portland Oregon” by Loretta Lynn with Jack White (2004)

Loretta Lynn

An inspired collaboration between country legend, Loretta Lynn, and indie rock god, Jack White. Lynn’s comeback album was produced by White and features a more raw crunch than her previous efforts. This song capitalizes on each artist’s strength and is a classic.

20) “Death to Los Campesinos!” by Los Campesinos! (Aleksandra & Gareth) (2008)

Los Campesinos

This song is just pure fun and rabid energy with humor to boot from one of my favorite bands of 2008.

Trip or Treat

Parents of Minn. 7-year-old find methamphetamine and $85 in cash among his Halloween treats

RAMSEY, Minn. (AP) _ When their children returned from Halloween trick-or-treating, a couple found suspected methamphetamine and $85 in cash among their 7-year-old son's Snickers bars and Skittles.

Lars and Shelly Brosdahl called police, who confirmed that the substance was methamphetamine, worth up to $200 on the street.

Someone who looked like a teenager dropped something into their son's bag as he went trick-or-treating with his 9-year-old sister on Halloween night, the Brosdahls say.

"He said some bigger kid ran by him and asked if he wanted some candy," Lars Brosdahl said. "He said 'Sure,' and the kid dropped it into his bag."

The clear crystals looked like rock candy, the parents said.

"The (kids) could have OD'd on it. That's what makes me so shaky and upset," Shelly Brosdahl said.

Police think the young man was a suspect fleeing police after a report of an assault in the area that night.

Police in Ramsey, northwest of Minneapolis, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Tuesday.


Information from: Star Tribune,

'24' to return to four-hour premiere

Two-night season opener

By James Hibberd

Fox has set a premiere day for the return of "24," planning a two-night, four-hour event in January.

The seventh season debut will air on Sunday, Jan. 11 and Monday, Jan 12 at 8 p.m.

The network used a similar rollout plan for 2007's sixth season premiere. Delayed due to the writers strike, the premiere is the first new regular episode of "24" in nearly two years.

"Day Seven" opens with CTU dismantled and Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) on trial. Bauer's day takes an unexpected turn when former colleague Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) returns after being presumed dead.

Two-hour prequel movie "24: Redemption" will give viewers a head start on the season when it airs Sunday, Nov. 23.

The Eerie Amusement Parks of North Korea

By: Dahlia Rideout

I’m hooked on virtual tourism and one of my favorite stops in Google Earth includes Pyongyang, North Korea. While traveling along the Taedong River, I noticed something that looked like an amusement park, an intriguing find in such a pragmatic and tedious city.

It turns out there are three funfairs in Pyongyang in various states of disrepair, the largest being the Kaeson Youth Park. Opened in 1984, it was built to project an image of progress and the ingenuity of its citizens. Backed by Russia and China when they were heavily funding the DPRK’s growth, the Kaeson Youth Park is the largest of three funfairs still in operation in the greater Pyongyang area.

As freaky as it looks, if I were a kid growing up in Pyongyang, I’d be pretty excited to visit these parks.

There's a special eeriness reserved for an abandoned amusement park.

A looping roller is a stark contrast to an out of commission merry-go-round. Image source: NKeconWatch

The "Wheel of Death" at Kaeson Youth Park is notorious for ejecting riders. There are no safety straps and it apparently spins very quickly. Image source: The Real Jeku

The "Roller Coaster of Death" at Kaeson Youth Park. Image source: Kernbeisser

Another image of the "Roller Coaster of Death." Notice the derailed car. Image source: redjef25

Shooting games are popular in all of the funfairs. Image source: Lucaskt

This might very well be the worst job at the funfair. Image source: Lucaskt

Often times political imagery is used for the shooting games. Image source: Lucaskt

Sometimes the imagery lacks political correctness. Image source: Lucaskt

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but it has something to do with a basketball. And blood. Image source: Lucaskt

The wheelie adds a nice touch. Image source: Lucaskt

This image of Kaeson Youth Park looks surprisingly inviting. Image source: The Real Jeku

Upon closer inspection it seems this ferris wheel could use some love. Image source: Lucaskt

The Roller Coaster of Death, Kaeson Youth Park.

Pats Cheerleader Fired For Pics With Drunken, Grafittied Pal

A New England Patriots cheerleader was kicked off the squad on Tuesday after pictures posted online showed her with a drunken friend covered in profane words, pictures and swastikas, according to the Boston Herald.Caitlin Davis and another person appeared to be writing on the passed-out person in pictures posted on Facebook, the newspaper reported.The photos later appeared on a number of other Web sites, including England Patriots Spokesman Stacey James told the Herald that Davis was "no longer with the squad."Even though the team said that she was removed from the squad, photos of Davis remained on the Patriots' Web site, including some from the team's Oct. 26 game against the Rams when she dressed up as an angel.In April of this year, Davis told the Sun Chronicle during cheerleader tryouts that part of why she was drawn to the squad was that it would require a number of community service appearances."In addition to spreading a good image for the Patriots, you do some good things for others," she told the Chronicle.Click here to view the controversial photo.

Lightsaber Types: A Visual Comparison.

NComputing: The Energy-Efficient $70 PC


Imagine a PC unit that costs only $70 and uses as little as 1 watt of power. Sound too good to be true? Not anymore, thanks to the innovation of a California-based company called NComputing. The company creates access devices that have no CPU, memory, or moving parts. Instead, the devices connect to a central shared computer that uses NComputing’s virtualization software to share its excess processing power.

According to NComputing’s Chairman and CEO Stephen Dukker, 30 users can share a single $500 PC and still run videos, the Internet, and a host of other programs. And since the access devices don’t have any moving parts, they use 95 to 99% less energy than a traditional PC—in most cases, just 1 to 4 watts per user. That same lack of moving parts means the devices have a service life of 10 years or longer.

NComputing’s solution has been quick to catch on—in only 20 months, the company has sold over 1 million units. Not surprisingly, many of the devices have been sold to developing countries like Macedonia, India, and Bangladesh.

So will you use an NComputing device in your home anytime soon? Probably not, but don’t be surprised if they pop up in schools and offices around the world— after all, almost any organization would jump at the chance to save thousands of dollars while looking environmentally responsible.

Photo Credit: NComputing

Heart Attack Grill Diet Center

The Heart Attack Grill is a Chandler , Arizona burger restaurant that has become internationally known
for incredibly large unhealthy hamburgers and due to being criticized by the Arizona Board of Nursing
and Baltimore-based Center for Nursing Advocacy for putting its waitresses in naughty nurse uniforms.

The Heart Attack Grill was founded in 2005 by Jon Basso, with the intent of serving "nutritional
pornography", food "so bad for you it's shocking". The menu includes "Single", "Double", "Triple",
and "Quadruple Bypass" hamburgers, ranging from half a pound to two pounds of beef,
"Flatliner Fries" (cooked in pure lard), cigarettes, beer and liquor, and soft drinks.



6185 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, Arizona 85226
Open 7 Days A Week: 11am-9pm
(SW Corner of Chandler & Kyrene)