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Friday, March 7, 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - NEW PICS


this looks great!

Click for high-resolution image.

'24' prequel set

Two-hour TV movie to bridge gap between Seasons 6 and 7

By Nellie Andreeva


Surnow leaves '24'

Fox's "24" will be returning in the fall, after all.

The producers of the Emmy-winning series are developing a two-hour "prequel" to the upcoming seventh season.

The movie, designed to bridge the two-year gap between Seasons 6 and 7, is targeted to air in the fall, leading to the January return of the real-time drama. On Wednesday, "24" producers began securing the show's core cast members for the film.

"24" was one of the biggest casualties of the writers strike. Three days into the work stoppage, Fox decided against airing a partial season of the serialized drama with the eight episodes produced before and during the first weeks of the strike.

Each season of "24" is a closed arc that takes place in real time over a 24-hour period. The upcoming seventh season is set in Washington and features the first female U.S. president, played by Cherry Jones.

At the end of the writers strike, there were rumblings about a possible split of the seventh season into two parts to air in the fall and in midseason. But Fox was quick to put those rumors to rest, reiterating that the show's scheduling pattern will remain intact with a January launch.

The "24" writing team is back at work, with filming on the remaining episodes of the seventh season slated to begin in April. Missing from the writers room is the series co-creator/executive producer Joel Surnow, who left at the end of the strike. Since the fifth season, "24" has been run by exec producer Howard Gordon.

Fox and 20th Century Fox TV, which produces the series with Imagine TV, declined comment Wednesday.


Trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind. In this section you will find the peripheral definitions of what the event is as a whole, but to truly understand this event, one must participate. This site serves to try to paint a picture of the Burning Man experience to those who are new to the project, as well as to give those participants looking to keep the fire burning in their daily lives an environment in which to connect to their fellow community members. For a brief yet eloquent overview of the entire event from the time of arrival to the time of exodus, please read "What is Burning Man?", an essay written by participant and one-time web team member, Molly Steenson. Please see archived sections for each year to read more about the art themes, art installations and theme camps for each year.

Here you will find links that will take you on a trip through the past - through the history of Burning Man - from its early days on a small beach in San Francisco through its evolution into the bustling city of some 48,000+ people that the Burning Man event has become today. These people make the journey to the Black Rock Desert for one week out of the year to be part of an experimental community, which challenges its members to express themselves and rely on themselves to a degree that is not normally encountered in one's day-to-day life. The result of this experiment is Black Rock City, home to the Burning Man event.

There are no rules about how one must behave or express oneself at this event (save the rules that serve to protect the health, safety, and experience of the community at large); rather, it is up to each participant to decide how they will contribute and what they will give to this community. The event takes place on an ancient lakebed, known as the playa. By the time the event is completed and the volunteers leave, sometimes nearly a month after the event has ended, there will be no trace of the city that was, for a short time, the most populous town in the entire county. Art is an unavoidable part of this experience, and in fact, is such a part of the experience that Larry Harvey, founder of the Burning Man project, gives a theme to each year, to encourage a common bond to help tie each individual's contribution together in a meaningful way. Participants are encouraged to find a way to help make the theme come alive, whether it is through a large-scale art installation, a theme camp, gifts brought to be given to other individuals, costumes, or any other medium that one comes up with.

The Burning Man project has grown from a small group of people gathering spontaneously to a community of over 48,000 people. It is impossible to truly understand the event as it is now without understanding how it has evolved. See the first years page and Burning Man 1986 - 1996 for the legendary story of Burning Man's beginnings and to understand how the event has come to become what it is today. The timeline gives a short overview of what each year looked like. Please also check out the detailed archives for years 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. Within each of these years are descriptions each year's art theme, theme camps, large art installations, as well as maps, journals of our city being built, the newsletters to the community for each year, issues of the Black Rock Gazette (a daily news publication produced and printed on the playa), and clean up reports for each year, including a list of those sites that failed to "leave no trace". These pages help understand the larger scope of the entire experience, from the planning that happens year-round to make each event possible, to the clean-up efforts which take place for sometimes months after the city has disappeared.

The impact of the Burning Man experience has been so profound that a culture has formed around it. This culture pushes the limits of Burning Man and has led to people banding together nation-wide, and putting on their own events, in attempt to rekindle that magic feeling that only being part of this community can provide. The Black Rock Arts Foundation promotes interactive art by supporting public art that exists outside the event, and has a special interest in supporting art at regional events. Additionally, Burning Man has over two thousand volunteers who work before, during and after the event (many who work year-round) to make the event a reality. To give of your time and talents, please see the Participate section of the website.

If this is your first visit to this site, a good starting point is the FAQ page, the glossary, and the timeline. From here you can stroll through the carefully archived sections for each year. Community, participation, self-expression, self-reliance; these tenets of Burning Man are lifeblood of the Burning Man experience. Whether you are new to this site or are returning for your umpteenth visit, you are encouraged to delve into these pages to expand your viewpoint and definition of these ideals, and to connect with yourself to find your niche in our community. The giving of yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the Burning Man community, and is imperative to the survival of this unique experiment.


The Aliens have landed (PIC)

Flickr description:
Kunsthaus - Graz (Graz Art Museum) was built as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations in 2003 and has since become an architectural landmark in Graz, Austria.
Its unusual architecture differs radically from conventional buildings, many of which maintain the traditions of the modernist "White Cube". The team of architects used an innovative stylistic idiom, known as blob architecture within the historical ambiance of the "Murvorstadt". Thus, the gigantic building called the "Friendly Alien" by its creators Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, in form and material, stands out against the surrounding baroque roof landscape with its red clay roofing tiles but nevertheless integrates the façade of the 1847 iron house.
Teh picture was taken from the castle mountain ("Burgberg").

Dutch University Uses BitTorrent to Update Workstations

Written by Ernesto on March 06, 2008

In the US, several universities have banned filesharing applications such as BitTorrent, mostly under pressure from the RIAA. A university in the Netherlands has taken a different approach. They use uTorrent to distribute software and OS updates across 6500 workstations, and end up saving a lot of time, money and resources by doing so.

inhollandThe BitTorrent protocol was designed to save companies time, resources and bandwidth while distributing large files. For some reason this aspect of BitTorrent never really got off the ground. Until now that is.

According to an article in the weekly Dutch magazine Automatiserings Gids, the Dutch university INHOLLAND uses BitTorrent as a network management tool to distribute software to 6500 desktop computers in 16 different locations throughout the Netherlands. Instead of distributing software updates and images from several centralized servers, INHOLAND now utilities the efficiency of BitTorrent, and uses all the computers in the network to help distribute the files.

Before they decided to use BitTorrent, more than 20 servers were needed to distribute 25.6 TBs of data to the desktops, and even then it could take up to 4 days to update them all. Now, with BitTorrent, this process has speeded up significantly, and all computers are updated with the latest software in less than 4 hours. The data doesn’t have to be distributed from one location, since all the workstations connected to the network actively help in the distribution.

The university has now only 2 central servers that run SMS2003, which is sufficient to keep all the 6500 workstations updated. ICT specialist Frank Gombault commented:

The university now uses 20 servers less than before, those servers were placed decentralized to send data to the desktops and to spare the WAN-connections.

It is not hard to see that BitTorrent saves them a lot of money on hardware and power.

Leo Blom, an ICT consultant at ITeleo came up with the idea and worked it out together with BitTorrent Inc, the developers of uTorrent. “I received a lot of support from the developers at BitTorrent, and they benefit on their turn [sic] from having access to all the relevant logs from this professional test case,” he said. “It is a win-win situation.”

BitTorrent Inc. co-founder Ashwin Navin told TorrentFreak in a response: “Ever since we launched BitTorrent DNA there has been a lot of interest in the commercial applications for BitTorrent. We believe BitTorrent will become a key piece of business infrastructure and the IT community in Holland is agreeing with that vision.”

Initially, the university’s management team was a bit reluctant to use the popular filesharing protocol as a desktop management solution, simply because it is often linked to copyright infringement. However, after they had seen it in action, they were totally convinced that they had made the right decision. Apart from that, the BitTorrent clients have no connection to the Internet, and students and employees don’t have access to it since the modified version of uTorrent runs on a special user account.

Most of TorrentFreak’s readers already know that BitTorrent can save quite a bit of money, but it is good to see large organisations start realizing this as well.

Perhaps YouTube’s next?

Grand Turismo 5 Car and Track list

Finally, the press release we’ve been waiting for! SCEA has announced a plethora of new features, along with a complete car and track list that is raising quite a few eyebrows. Our resident GT news aces amar212 and alba have posted the full press release in our GT5 Prologue forum, with the highlights below.

Ferrari F40: Since Ferrari first joined up with Polyphony Digital to include their cars in the game, we haven’t really seen anything beyond newer models such as the F430 and 599 GTB. Now, though, all of that is beginning to change as the landmark Ferrari F40 (’92) - one of the most celebrated cars of all time - dominates the list. The lesser-known Ferrari 512BB (’76) is also a very pleasant addition that further diversifies the lineup. See the full list here…

Tuned Cars: In previous games, some cars were available for purchase in a special “tuned” form, which included external modifications such as spoilers and racing livery. These cars are once again making a comeback in Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, much like the tuned Nissan Skyline in this screenshot. Look through our complete gallery to see other cars such as the BMW 135i, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, and the Nissan 350Z in their own unique racing trim.

Drift Mode: Similar to what we saw in last year’s Gran Turismo HD demo, “Drift Mode” returns, allowing you to score points “based on drift angles, racing lines, and speeds within evaluation zones located at various turns on the course.”

Extensive Tuning: Without getting too specific, it appears that more in-depth car tuning facilities will be made available in the new game. According to the press release, players will be able to modify the vehicle’s power and weight in addition to the regular options.

High Speed Ring: Back in early February, we reported a mysterious “6th track” would be included in the North American version of the game. This speculation was correct, and we are happy to confirm this track is the infamous High Speed Ring, a fictional circuit which made its debut all the way back in Gran Turismo 1.

2-Player Split Screen: With most new racing games abandoning the classic 2-player split screen in favor of LAN or web-based multiplayer, it’s refreshing to see that Polyphony has decided to continue supporting those of us without two PlayStation 3’s around the house.

Full Car List:

Acura NSX ‘91
Alfa Romeo 147 TI 2.0 TWIN SPARK ‘06
Alfa Romeo Brera Sky Window 3.2 JTS Q4 ‘06
Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo
Amuse/Opera Performance Gran Turismo 350Z RS
Art Morrison Corvette’60
Aston Martin DB9 Coupe ‘06
Audi R8 4.2 FSI R tronic ‘07
Audi TT Coupe 3.2 quattro ‘07
Blitz Dunlop ER34 ‘07
BMW 135i Coupe ‘07
BMW 135tii ‘08
BMW M3 Coupe ‘07
BMW Z4 ‘03
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C6) Tuned Car
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 ‘06
Citroen C4 Coupe 2.0VTS ‘06
Clio Renault Sport V6 24V Tuned Car
Daihatsu Copen Active Top ‘02
Daihatsu OFC-1 ‘07
Dodge Viper GTS
Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe
Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe Tuned Car
Ferrari 512BB ‘76
Ferrari 599 ‘06
Ferrari F40 ‘92
Ferrari F430 ‘06
Ford Focus ST ‘06
Ford GT ‘05
Ford GT Tuned Car
Ford Mustang V8 GT Coupe Premium ‘07
Honda Integra TYPE R ‘04
Honda NSX Type R ‘02
Jaguar XK Coupe ‘06
Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione ‘91
Lexus IS F ‘07
Lexus IS F Tuned Car
Lotus Elise 111R ‘04
Lotus Elise 111R Tuned Car
Lotus Elise ‘96
Lotus Elise Tuned Car
Mazda Atenza Sport (2007 Tokyo Motor Show reference exhibit)
Mazda RX-7 (FD) Special Tuned Car
Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) ‘02
Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) Tuned Car
Mazda RX-8 Type S ‘03
Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG ‘02
Mine’s BNR34 Skyline GT-R N1 base ‘06
Mini Cooper-S ‘06
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR ‘05
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR Premium Package ‘07
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR Tuned Car
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR Tuned Car
Nissan Fairlady Z Version S ‘07
Nissan GT-R ‘07
Nissan GT-R Proto ‘05
Nissan Skyline Coupe (V36) Tuned Car
Nissan Skyline Coupe 370GT Type SP ‘07
Nissan Skyline Coupe Concept ‘07
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur ‘02
Nissan Skyline Sedan 350GT Type SP ‘06
Peugeot 207GTI ‘07
Peugeot 307cc Premium AVN ‘04
RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7
Renault Clio Renault Sport V6 24V ‘00
Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STI spec C Type RA ‘05
Subaru Impreza WRX STI (18inch BBS Wheel Option) ‘07
Suzuki Cappuccino ‘95
Suzuki Cappuccino Tuned Car
Suzuki Cervo SR ‘07
Suzuki Swift Sport ‘07
Suzuki Swift Sport Tuned Car
TVR Tamora ‘02
TVR Tuscan Speed 6 ‘00
Volkswagen Golf GTI ‘01
Volkswagen Golf V GTI ‘05

Full Track List:

Suzuka Circuit
Eiger Nordwand
Fuji Speedway
London City Track
Daytona International Speedway(R)
High Speed Ring

36 New Screenshots

March 7th, 2008

Along with the press release above, we’ve just added 36 new high-resolution Gran Turismo 5 Prologue screenshots to our extensive gallery! The new images start here on page 7 and page 8, with some of the highlights below. Enjoy!

A Piano that Looks more Like a Futuristic Spaceship

At a first glance the Schimmel Pegasus Piano doesn’t look like a piano. With those beautifully sculpted curves this piano looks more like a futuristic spaceship. The Piano has over 200 strings with a key assembly of 10000 pieces with a fully adjustable hydraulic lid. Now you can have your own Schimmel Pegasus Piano because there’s one for sale until March 15th, only 14 were made ten years ago for people like Eddie Murphy, Lenny Kravitz, and Prince. The pianist’s touch determines the speed and energy of the hammer contacting and energizing the strings. The pianist’s touch determines the speed and energy of the hammer contacting and energizing the strings. Details in workmanship and material are paramount if the pianist is to enjoy playing the instrument and experience rich, expanded dynamic sonority. Schimmel keyboard/action systems are examples of exclusive workmanship, regulated to discriminating standards and ideally matched to the strung back assemblies. they are asking only $110,000, and their highest bit is currently at $100,000.

Future PianoBlack PianoModern PianoSchimmel Pegasus Piano

Schimmel Pegasus

Via - Gizmodo & Automorrow

Airborne settles lawsuit for $23.3 million

The herbal supplement firm will settle class action lawsuit that alleges false advertising; money will be refunded to consumers, non-profit advocacy group says.

Vitamins for kids
Doling out children's vitamins is a morning ritual for some parents as CNN's Judy Fortin reports in this Health Minute.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Airborne - the herbal supplement company that once claimed to help fight off colds - will pay $23.3 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought against the company for false advertising, according to one of the groups that joined the suit.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit advocacy group, said the company will refund money to consumers who bought Airborne's product. It will pay for advertisements in major publications instructing consumers on how to get their money refunded.

"There's no credible evidence that what's in Airborne can prevent colds or protect you from a germy environment," said CSPI Senior nutritionist David Schardt. "Airborne is basically on overpriced, run-of-the-mill vitamin pill that's been cleverly, but deceptively, marketed."

According to the company's Web site, Airborne was created by second-grade teacher, Victoria Knight-McDowell, who "studied the benefits herbal therapies used in Eastern Medicine." The site says Airborne "boosts the immune system with seven herbal extracts and a proprietary blend of vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants."

A recorded message at the toll-free number of the class-action settlement administrator said that Airborne Health Inc. has admitted no wrongdoing. Airborne Inc., Airborne Health Inc. and Knight-McDowell Labs are among the defendants in the class action lawsuit, filed in the Central District of California in U.S. District Court.

"Defendants deny any wrongdoing or illegal conduct," the message says, "but have agreed to settle the litigation."

A hearing to consider final approval of the settlement is scheduled for June 16.

Airborne changed their advertising campaign when a plaintiff filed suit against the company in March 2006.

That came after an ABC News report disclosed that the company's clinical trials were not conducted by doctors or scientists, but instead carried out by two laypeople.

Advertisements stopped mentioning the study and cold-curing claims and instead touted claims that it helped boost the body's immune systems.

In late 2006 the CSPI joined the suit as co-counsel against Airborne and in 2007 the Federal Trade Commission and an assembly of state attorney generals began investigating the firm's cold-curing claims professed since its creation in 1999.

Customers interested in more information about how to recieve a refund should log onto To top of page

His Dudeness or Dudearino

Van Damme Friday- for the connoisseurs

Ten most Wired cars of Geneva Auto Show

Thumbs up for the Fisker Karma, Maserati Gran Turismo S and Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Spyder

Adaptable polymer inspired by Sea Cucumbers

larger text tool icon

Smart polymer: Sea cucumbers inspired the design of a new nano-composite that rapidly switches from hard to soft. The novel material could find use in neural microelectrodes.
Credit: F. Carpenter
See the sea cucumber and the materials it inspired.

Scientists at Case Western University have made a biopolymer that switches rapidly between rigid and flexible states, using material inspired by sea cucumbers. The new material softens in the presence of a water-based solvent, and it stiffens back up as the solvent evaporates. Christoph Weder, lead researcher and professor of macromolecular science and engineering, says that such a material may be useful in the design of implantable electrodes able to record brain activity over long stretches of time, with minimal scarring compared with conventional electrodes.

One of the challenges facing researchers developing neural implants to help paralyzed patients is that the electrodes are typically made of metal. Such brittle and stiff material can cause tissue damage over time. (See "Stretchable Electronic Skin.") Indeed, over a couple of months, the electrode's hard exterior rubs against soft brain matter, causing scar tissue to form and significantly decreasing the electrode's recording ability. "We need a new generation of electrodes that are different than the usual metal electrodes that produce all sorts of damage after a while and don't work anymore," says MIT Institute Professor Emilio Bizzi, who was not involved in the study.

To overcome this problem, Weder and his colleagues looked for biocompatible materials that could transform from rigid to flexible states, and they found an ideal model in the sea cucumber. As a sea cucumber maneuvers its way across the ocean floor, its pliable structure makes it easy to worm through cracks and crevices. At the first sign of danger, its skin stiffens, forming a rigid armor against likely predators. Researchers have found that the sea cucumber's skin is composed of an ultrafine network of cellulose fibers, or "whiskers." In defensive mode, surrounding cells release molecules that cause the whiskers to bind together, forming a rigid shield. In a relaxed state, other cells release plasticizing proteins, loosening fibers and making the skin pliable.

Weder's team isolated stiff cellulose fibers from the mantles of tunicates, sea creatures with skin similar to that of sea cucumbers. The researchers then combined the fibers with a rubbery polymer mixture. The fibers formed a uniform matrix throughout, reinforcing the softer polymer material. These intersecting points hold the network together, creating an inflexible material. "It's like a three-dimensional web in which these nanofibers overlap at certain points, and wherever they overlap, they stick to each other," says Weder.

He says that cellulose fibers are particularly good at binding with each other because they contain many hydroxyl groups on their surface. In the absence of any other hydrogen-containing molecule, these hydroxyl groups stick together, forming a fibrous web. In order to break the fiber bonds and loosen the web, Weder's team injected a water-based solvent into the material that contained competitive hydrogen groups. In response, cellulose fibers decoupled as their hydrogen groups combined with the water solution. Alternately, as water evaporated from the mixture, fibers reconnected, becoming stiff again.

Sleeping Cuties

Sorto NSFW but interesting at the same time:

Sleeping Cuties

Trailer Park!

Startup Makes Cheap Solar Film Cells With Inkjet Printer

This year could bring the Silicon Valley-funded renaissance in solar power we've all been waiting for. First, San Jose-based Nanosolar began delivering its affordable thin-film solar coating, followed by a construction boom in American solar thermal power plants—essentially the reflective equivalent of geothermal power.

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He Sings, He Runs and He's Only 101

Meet the Man Ready to Become World's Oldest Marathon Runner


LONDON, March 5, 2008 —

101-year-old Buster Martin is training to become the world's oldest marathon runner when he runs in the London marathon next month. He ran the half marathon last weekend, completing it in just over five hours. (Pimlico Plumbers)

Buster Martin is an unlikely candidate to set a marathon record. He drinks beer, smokes cigarettes and stays out late. And he's 101.

But Martin expects to shatter, or at least ease past, the record next month when he runs London's marathon. And he is counting on having a beer at the finish line.

"He smokes, drinks, stays out late, which is probably why he is still alive," said Charlie Mullins, the managing director of the plumbing company where Martin cleans vans.

When not working three days a week for Mullins, Martin can be found in a nearby boxing gym working with a pair of trainers in preparation for April's run. He refuses to be impressed by the fact that he is still running.

"I am not doing anything unusual. I am just running a marathon," he told ABC News.

Age is no more an obstacle to Martin's running than that strip of winners tape at the finish line. "You are never too old to do what you enjoy."

And Martin likes running, "but not as much as I like my beer," he added.

He is already a man of many firsts. Martin holds three world title records for the oldest person to run the 5K, 10K and the half marathon.

Martin says that in the last weekend, he's completed a 13-mile half marathon that took him a little more than five hours. It would have been faster, he says, but he says he stopped for a beer and a cigarette.

Martin runs in the name of charity. He is raising money for the Rhys Daniels Trust, which provides a "home from home" for parents of children having treatment for life-threatening illnesses.

Mullins describes him as a "remarkable chap, unbelievable. He's an ordinary fellow but remarkable at the same time especially for someone at his age to get involved in this sort of charity."

Martin is also the father of 17 children, which also doesn't impress him. "Pity I didn't have anymore kids," he said with a sigh.

He "likes to live life to the full. & He is as sharp as a razor," Mullins said. He told ABC that Martin's got "unbelievable hearing."

To his colleagues, at 101 years old, Martin is a "great inspiration, he's got a million stories to tell, he is so knowledgeable," his manager said.

To celebrate Martin's birthday, his work colleagues named a beer after him called Buster's Beer.

So, does his manager think Martin can achieve his goal of being the oldest runner in the world? "Undoubtedly," said Mullins.

Martin was also part of the seniors' rock 'n' roll group called the Zimmers.

The band had a combined age of more than 3,000 years and scored a hit single last year with a cover of The Who's ''My Generation.''

When asked what Mullins thought of Martin's voice, he replied, "It's actually quite good."

Pro Golfer Faces Criminal Charges for Killing Hawk

PGA Tour golfer Tripp Isenhour was charged with killing a hawk on purpose with a golf shot because it was making noise as he videotaped a TV show Isenhour was with a film crew for “Shoot Like A Pro” on Dec. 12 at the Grand Cypress Golf course. The 39-year-old golfer, whose real name is John Henry Isenhour III, was charged...

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There WIll Be Bud

Chismillionaire can't wait for his Neiman Marcus Catalog for the Hennessey Viper

Neiman Marcus to sell Hennessey Venom 700NM Viper

Posted Yesterday 12:08 PM by Zach Gale
Filed under: Car News, Dodge, Exotics

Hennessey Venom 700NM Viper

Can a car known for pure, raw power complement a famous catalog known for luxurious, upscale products? Neiman Marcus will find out soon with its 2008 Hennessey Venom 700NM, which will sell for $179,500 in the spring Men's Catalog.

The car's mission starts with a 700-horsepower, 645-lb-ft engine propelling it from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds, a time matched by the $14,500 Hennessey Venom 650R package on which the Neiman Marcus edition is based. For comparison, a stock Viper produces 600 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque. Stock Vipers or even ACR-edition Vipers, though, won't get black-and-red leather trim inside, embroidered floormats, and matching luggage that fools no one into thinking the Venom 700NM is the perfect weekend getaway highway cruiser. The Venom 700NM also gets a giant rear wing tested at 200 mph. Also significant, however, is that cost of the seven Venom 700NM Vipers includes the price of one day of high-performance driving school at Lonestar Motorsports Park.

With only seven to go around, don't expect any of these unique Vipers to be left if you call even just a few minutes after 9 a.m. on Monday, April 10, when Neiman Marcus opens its phone line. And if you do miss the boat, don't pull alongside one of these Hennessey-tuned beats at the stoplight in your standard Viper. You'd just be asking to get smoked.

For more on Neiman Marcus special-edition cars, check out the 2008 Lexus IS F special edition HERE and the BMW M6 special edition HERE. We'll have live pictures and coverage of the Hennessey Venom 700NM at the 2008 New York auto show later this month.

3D Virus Image Taken At Highest Resolution Ever

Obtaining information about viruses is very important for the progress of modern medicine. This image shows a bacteriophage at a resolution of 4.5 angstrom - the highest resolution achieved for a living organism of this size.

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Apple to Allow VoIP Over Wi-Fi


If someone develops a VoIP program for the iPhone, Apple will only prevent it from making calls over a cell network to protect poor little AT&T. If you're in a Wi-Fi hotspot, however, go nuts. This opens up a pretty big door for developers to make some sweet programs that'll save you quite a few cell minutes. Basically, it'll allow all iPhone users to have what T Mobile offers with its @Home program but without the monthly fee, at least as soon as someone writes the program. This is gonna be huge.

Your Mom Wasn't Your Dad's First

Just a great Ad!!

The 17 Worst Bar Shots Ever Created

If you've ever wanted to get back at someone, or just get your friend completely plastered for their 21st birthday ... take a look at this list of awful tasting shots that are sure to lay anyone out.

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Modern Day Warrior

AK 47? Check.Ipod? Check.Lip dish that doubles as a target? Check.

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Beautiful Ice Crater On the North Pole of Mars

In 2005, ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft discovered a patch of water ice sitting on the floor of an unnamed crater near the Martian north pole. The crater is 35 km wide and has a maximum depth of approximately 2 km beneath the crater rim. The circular patch of bright material located at the centre of the crater is residual water ice.

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In pictures: Grand Canyon flooded

Water is unleashed from Glen Canyon Dam towards the Grand Canyon in the United States - an experiment to mimic natural floods and recharge the ecosystem.

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Who's thirsty? Old beer commercials...

Via Dethroner - a great "guy" blog...

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