I don’t have a preference for motion controls, especially the idea that they will some how save the gaming industry. Watching Nintendo go from being doubted, and counted out in the early parts of this generation. It’s amazing to see how they are in the lead, but it’s not lost on me why they are. I could go into detail about all of the reasons. Instead I’ll stick with the one that counts the most. Motion control brought in more gamers, and found a way to do it successfully. For other companies no matter the industry outside of Apple, and Nintendo find it hard to do introduce new products/services. Let alone, not lose their shirt, and make a profit. Even in losing game cycles Nintendo finds ways to still win. Where Nintendo drops the ball is in graduating their game audience. They could careless. This is why Sony’s Jack Move…I mean Move controller could be the end of Nintendo’s reign with the Wii.

Sony’s Jack Move (slang term for taking, or stealing) is plain, and simple. Get out of third place, keep the momentum of 2009 going, and don’t let Microsoft’s Xbox 360 get ahead anymore than it is. By any means necessary. Sony’s Jack Move is smart because titles like Madworld from Sega, a great game that could not find a home in the Wii. Titles that are so ground breaking on the platform become afterthoughts. “The Conduit” being another example of this. It’s not Sony’s fault that Nintendo thought ahead, and was shortsighted at the same time. Is there any reason that the Wii couldn’t be in HD? No…I was huge proponent of them making it HD. I knew full well as soon as I saw the Wiimote that it would impact gaming in a great way. Nintendo has always found ways to innovate control interfacing, and the Wiimote for me made so much sense. Yet, the tried, and true Nintendo dummy move was to hate on all things next generation. Turning their nose up to HDTV, Online gaming, and all things that would have put the Wii in an untouchable place. Nintendo had the chance to have the hardcore, and casual gamer…They missed the chance.

This generation is not like the last. The one in which Sony’s PS2 smacked the competition around like Tyson in his prime. As Microsoft spent money to find an identity, Nintendo had to figure out what they will become for the future. Sony’s lead with the PS2 was astronomical. There was no touching them. With the PS3 this generation Sony’s in third place, but it’s a bit decieving. Sure the Wii is head by a considerable margin, but there’s more than enough time to catch Nintendo. But, let’s forget the PS3 catching up with their second motion controller (Sixaxis being the first, and a failure). Rather the focus now is whether or not Sony can be competitive because there’s no reason to not own a PS3 right now. Yet, there is no reason to own a Wii compared to a PS3 now. Unless you are a hardcore Nintendo fan, already own a Wii then why? If you think this theory is some kind of hater concoction I made for you, then explain to me why the Wii has started to stall in sales? Nintendo is aware of this. So now they are focusing on games, but casuals don’t play the Wii consistently enough for software to be critical mass for Nintendo to rely on. Again, games like Madworld will thrive on the PS3 because of that they add to the mix of exclusives that Sony has been churning out on the platform. Each title more stellar than the last.

Sony’s Move controller is a godsend for developers already involved in Wii development. With Sony making it an easy development environment this allows developers to really maximize the PS3. At the same time the innovations developers have made on the Wii don’t have to go to waste. You add in option tools such as 3d gaming, online playability with PSN, and now the Sony PS3 is in a position to be the visible bully. Sure the achilles hill for Sony has been their marketing this generation. At the same time no one can tell me those Kevin Butler VP of Sony games commercials aren’t making the PS3 an attractive choice for gamers. In fact they are downright hilarious.

Sony’s Jack Move is smart if they aim straight at the heart of Nintendo. Going up against the Xbox 360 doesn’t matter much. With worldwide sales Sony just needs to focus on creating the games, and expanding their service in a much more defined manner. Make sure every game that comes out of their studio is standard top shelf. Invite developers to push on their end. They don’t have to spend money on exclusives, just on development tools, and sending out engineers. Go have a conversation with Crytek for Crysis 2. Push a bit harder Sony. We know full well that Nintendo won’t.

With all that said it’s not clear how well Sony’s motion controller move will move in the market. Coming in under $100 the whole package has to be attractive to reach critical mass. Microsoft’s motion control is so different, and applicable beyond the games that its really about how creative, and diligent Microsoft is with the roll out. Microsoft is a dangerous company when they have a plan, and are focused. This gaming generation with the Xbox 360 is testament to that. Hate all you want, but the Xbox 360 is kicking ass. So if Natal is the unknown element, then Microsoft may find the alchemy to make true magic with it. Right now though, Sony’s jack move, with the move controller unveil at GDC is the front-runner for next gen motion control gaming. Nintendo better figure something out…Asap