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Friday, June 4, 2010

Titanic 3D Confirmed by Avatar Director Cameron

by David Finklehorn

Titanic 3D Confirmed by Avatar Director Cameron

Avatar director James Cameron confirmed at the D8: All Things Digital conference that Titanic would be rereleased in 3D.

During an interview with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, Cameron was asked about the possibility of bringing a 3D uplift to his classic love story.

“We’re not thinking about doing that, we’re doing it. We’ll have it ready for the ship’s 100th anniversary,” Cameron said according to CNET News.

The triumph of Avatar has prompted a surge of 3D movies which have had varying degrees of success. “There are ways to do it well and there are ways to do it poorly, and I think we have seen examples of both; mostly the latter,” Cameron added. The stunning visuals of How to Train Your Dragon are perhaps the best example outside of Avatar of how 3D done properly can really add to a film. By comparison, the Clash of the Titans 3D experience was little more than cheap parlour tricks to jump on the 3D bandwagon.

Unlike Clash of the Titans however, Cameron promised that Titanic would be handled carefully and scheduled a Spring 2012 release of the 3D version to coincide with the centenary of the ship’s demise. Clash of the Titans was blitzed for 3D in two weeks, Cameron intends his project to take at least six months.

Asked whether other blockbuster classics would be renovated with a 3D treatment such as The Terminator, Cameron was coy: “It depends. We’re going to spend months and millions converting Titanic. But if we do lousy jobs of conversions, “pop-up book style”, that’s going to get old quickly.”

The 3D movement has been set in motion, but as far as Cameron is concerned, it’s a revolution that could be extremely short-lived if not handled properly. A lot rides on Titanic for the future of 3D retro films, let’s hope that it doesn’t sink in the dramatic fashion of the ocean liner.

by David Finklehorn

New Contra Announced for PSN and XBLA

Hard Corps Uprising to be spiritual successor to original Genesis game, under development by Arc System Works.

By Kat Bailey


Having already made an appearance on WiiWare, Contra will soon be making the jump to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. This time though, it will be as a spiritual successor to the Sega Genesis's Contra Hard Corps.

IGN has an early hands-on preview of Hard Corps: Uprising, which is being developed by Arc System Works, best-known for their work on titles including BlazBlue and Guilty Gear.

While the look is a bit more anime than usual, the gameplay looks to be much the same as previous games. The first level will reportedly include the familiar wall boss, and power-ups like the Spread Shot will also be making their return.

Contra has a reputation for being tough, and the Hard Corps mode will stick with the series traditions. However, there will also be a Rising Mode, which will allow players to take three bullets before going down, instead of just one.

Hard Corps: Uprising is slated for a winter release. Expect more detailed impressions at E3.

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