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Thursday, August 5, 2010

British Person Goes Insane On Bus Then Turns Terminator watch!
Who said the British are polite. This guys goes ape sh*t on the bus. 4 minutes of total rage. I don't understand a single word he says. At the end, he goes terminator.

Shaquille O'Neal and Justin Bieber....dancin?

By Trey Kerby

If there are two things in the entire world that Shaquille O'Neal(notes) loves more than anything else, they are:

1) Dancing
2) Being famous

Somewhere further down that list is playing basketball, but in the summer that definitely takes a back seat to chillin', loungin' and cuttin' up. However, there is another activity that Shaq enjoys, and it's rapidly rising up his list of favorite things — hanging out with Justin Bieber.

You've seen him singing to the 16-year-old wunderkind, now you get to marvel in the glory of Shaq learning a dance routine from Biebdawg. Why? I don't know, but it really happened.

With moves like that, it's easy to see why the Celtics wanted — or perhaps more accurately, couldn't find a good reason to pass up — the well-traveled giant. The Celtics' dancers are a recent addition to the storied franchise and adding a well-known choreographer will really legitimize the squad in the eyes of Boston fans. Shaq's already earned his stripes as a premium rug-cutter, so adding him to the team is a no-brainer. Instant credibility.

Wait. Shaq's playing for the Celtics? Not dancing? Oh. Nevermind.

In that case, this must be part of "Shaq Vs." for when he'll take on the teenage heartthrob in a dance competition. That makes a lot more sense than my cockamamie Shaq dancing for the Celtics theory. Well, not a lot more since it's still a Hall of Fame center challenging a 16-year-old to a dance-off on national television, but at least a tiny bit of sense is made with this explanation.

(h/t You Been Blinded)

Disney parks raising ticket prices


Disney ticket prices for parks in California and Florida are set to go up on Thursday.
Disney ticket prices for parks in California and Florida are set to go up on Thursday.

(CNN) -- It's going to cost vacationers more to visit with Mickey Mouse starting Thursday, when Disney parks in California and Florida will raise ticket prices.

Disney posted an announcement about the price hikes Tuesday on its Disney Parks blog.

At Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the base price for one-day, one-park passes will rise from $79 to $82 for ages 10 and up. Tickets for children ages 3 to 9 will go from $68 to $74. The additional fee for park-hopper tickets will jump by $2 for one-day access, to $54.

One-day, one-park tickets to Southern California's Disneyland Resort will rise from $72 to $76 for ages 10 and up and from $62 to $68 for ages 3 to 9. Prices for one-day park-hopper tickets will go up by $4 for both age groups.

Increases will also apply to multi-day passes at both parks.

Prices for annual passes will rise by $10 to $18 at Disney World and by $20 for premium annual passes at Disneyland.

Prices for tickets and passes already purchased will not be affected.

Disney's blog provides links to information about the new pricing, going into effect August 5.

Katy Perry's 'California Gurls': Frame By Frame

Katy Perry's 'Naughty Twist' On Candy Land

Masato Akamatsu Makes The Greatest Home-Run-Saving Catch Ever (Video)


Last season when Dewayne Wise climbed the center-field fence to rob Gabe Kapler of a home run, many considered it to be the greatest home-run-saving catch ever. While the grab was an impressive one, much of that label could be attributed to the timing of the catch, which took place in the ninth inning with Mark Buehrle's perfect game still intact. The catch would keep things that way and pave the way for Buehrle to enter the history books.

As for this outstanding over-the-fence catch by Masato Akamatsu of the Nippon Professional Baseball League's Hiroshima Carp, it may not have saved a perfect game, but just the sight of him scaling the entire wall is easily enough to make this the new front-runner for greatest home-run-saving catch ever.

Hat Tip - [NESN]

14-year-old girl begins attempt to sail around the world

By the CNN Wire Staff

Laura Dekker, 14, waves goodbye as she leaves the harbor in Den Osse on August 4, 2010.
Laura Dekker, 14, waves goodbye as she leaves the harbor in Den Osse on August 4, 2010.

(CNN) -- A 14-year-old Dutch girl set sail Wednesday morning on a journey to travel around the world.

Laura Dekker left her home port of Den Osse at 9:10 a.m., her spokesman Peter de Lange confirmed.

"She will arrive in Portugal, near Lisbon, in two or three weeks," de Lange said. "She is traveling in her yacht, Guppy, with her father until Lisbon where she will start the official solo sailing trip around the world."

Dekker's attempt to circle the globe hasn't always been smooth sailing.

Last August, Dutch authorities placed Dekker under state care for two months after her parents refused to prevent her from undertaking the potentially dangerous voyage.

Last October, a Dutch court ruled against letting Dekker sail solo around the world, saying she is not experienced enough to make the trip on her own. However, she would be allowed to travel this year if she fulfilled certain requirements the court established for her to sail.

Dekker is seeking to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world.

Ex-UFC Star in Bloody Street Fight -- Caught on Tape

TMZ has obtained footage of former UFC superstar Roger Huerta engaging in a bloody street fight in Austin, Texas this weekend -- against a man who appears to have socked a woman in the head.

Robert Huerta Street Fight Video

27-year-old Huerta -- who was once featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated -- was in front of a bar in Austin around 2 AM on Saturday morning ... when some other people began fighting. Roger was near the scuffle ... when he saw one of the men involved punch a female who was standing near the ruckus.

Once Huerta sees the woman collapse to the ground -- he instantly tries to confront the attacker saying, "You just punched a f**kin' girl."

Moments later, Huerta takes off his shirt ... slams his hat to the ground ... and rushes after the man.

Chaos ensues and people scramble after the fighters, blocking the camera -- but seconds later ... a shirtless Huerta can be seen finishing his attack on the other man ... who is sprawled out on the street.

People rush in to aid the bloody man on the ground -- who eventually gets off the pavement -- as Huerta walks away from the battle ground.

Austin PD tells TMZ that officers were called to the scene -- but so far, no arrests have been made.

Huerta's manager tells us, "I have not spoken to Roger yet about this incident, but I can say that it's in his nature to be very protective of women."

The 20 Worst Construction Fails (PICS) Construction is hard, and failing at it is hilarious.

train track balcony construction fail

The Johnsons loved having coffee on their new balcony. On the first morning at least.

House with a tree piercing construction fail

Unfortunately, Flordia law makes it illegal to disturb a palm tree in any way.

Click here for the Full Gallery:

Head Like a Hole Meaning


How deep is your love for this song? Go deeper.
Nine Inch Nails has to be one of the modern-day recording industry's more unlikely multiplatinum success stories. Nine Inch Nails isn't really a band at all; it's really just a vehicle for the abrasive musical genius of Trent Reznor, who writes all NIN material and typically performs all instrumentation on NIN tracks. (For live shows, obviously, Reznor has to bring along some other musicians since he can't play everything at once.) So why should it be so surprising that NIN has sold more than 20 million records worldwide since its 1989 debut? Well, for one, when it all started Reznor was working as a janitor in a Cleveland recording studio, stealing unused studio time to lay down his musical vision while no paying customers were using the equipment. And that musical vision itself isn't quite what you'd usually expect for a bestselling pop artist; Reznor's music is deliberately challenging, if not even unpleasant, to listen to. And finally, Reznor hates the recording industry itself and has spent much of the last two decades feuding with his own record labels. Not exactly the usual recipe for selling tens of millions of albums, perhaps, but hey, somehow it worked.

And it really started working with "Head Like A Hole," the second single off NIN's debut album, Pretty Hate Machine (1989). The song wasn't dissimilar from the album's first single, "Down In It" (which was also the first song Reznor ever wrote). Both songs combined a drum-machine dance beat with raw vocals, layered sampling, and a generally dark mood. But "Head Like A Hole" was probably the more successful piece, more fully realizing Reznor's dark vision. The song remains a fan favorite staple of NIN live sets today, fully two decades after its first release. Some have even called it an anthem, the industrial-dance equivalent of Nirvana's groundbreaking grunge staple "Smells Like Teen Spirit," which emerged about the same time and plumbed similar themes of alienation and sexualized angst.

Thrasher magazine captured well Reznor's genius in describing Pretty Hate Machine as "the clammy warmth of psychosexual angst set against the detached cold of coarse rhythmic aggression. NIN is an entrancing juxtaposition of imagery and energy built on a foundation of intermingled repulsion and desire." Songs like "Head Like A Hole" offer an intoxicating blend of attraction and repulsion, heat and cold, passion and detachment, agony and alienation. "Head Like A Hole" is, like "Teen Spirit," a song for the disillusioned. With its lyrical tirade against those greedy ones who lust after wealth as if it were "God Money," becoming sucked into its seductive wickedness, this song is told from a non-mainstream American point of view. This is a song that people who'd reject the dominant socio-economic ideologies of the Age of Reagan. At the same time, it's also a song of more carnal and perhaps even deviant passions; suggestive lines like "nail me up against the wall" were carnal enough to help turn Trent Reznor into a sexual icon of the goth world in the '90s.

The binaries established in the lyrics are echoed in the way the music plays against itself. Trent Reznor himself insightfully described Pretty Hate Machine as an album "about juxtaposing human imperfections against very rigid, sterile, cold arrangements. You can't just have icy vocals over icy music. If the music is very precise, make a vocal tape that's less perfect, so you've got this meshing of man versus machine." Clearly we've got an artist who knows what he's doing here. How does "man versus machine" work in context of the meaning of the song, its attractiveness as an "anthem," with regard to the music itself?

You do not have to be a musicologist to make some observations about the music and the vocals. The music is, as Reznor said, very precise. With most instruments synthesized electronically, this is machine-cut precision, if you will, like a finely crafted watch. Then there's the looping of various samples, which also feels precise and mechanical. The vocals, however, are very much the opposite. Reznor said that they were imperfect, and as a result he sounds very emotional and honest. The opposition of cold music and hot vocals echoes the lyrical theme of opposition between righteous "us" versus the greedy "thems." The bloated, distorted, robotic, yet sexual grind of the music contributes to the sense of what God Money is all about, while Reznor's single-take vocals ring out as a lone voice in angry opposition. (This could almost be the soundtrack to Ridley Scott's famous "Big Brother" Apple TV commercial.) Indeed, Reznor sings as if he were one of the bruised upon whose backs God Money and his hedonistic followers carelessly dance. And there is power in that; Reznor's anger and imperfection translates into a charged, energetic honesty that is, frankly, inspiring.