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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Since the theme today is travel, I thought I would share a tip. Make sure anyone who travels outside of the country drinks a coca-cola. Almost all countries outside of the US, make there coke still with Cane Sugar, US only uses High-Fructose Corn Syrup, gross.

Except for those few weeks during the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Yellow-Cap Article

Fly Right anti Jet Lag formula

Jaw Bone- if you really want to be a space man!

This is one sick sick piece of gear!

Blasster for the Iphone?

My Green Post of the Day


Get Friday- the Virtual Assistant (A Your Man In India Service)

They can pretty much do whatever you need for about $5 per hour plus in some instances a task fee. Security is excellent. Need flowers sent, bills paid, tickets booked, research done, house plans made and blue printed, legal opinions and research, car hire, financial planning, asset allocation, adoption (yes), property management/tenant screening, college transcript requests and applications, wedding planning and vendor procurement, health care appointments and on and on and on. Get it done-------.

Forget food shopping with the dragging kids and heavy bundles and door dings in you brand new car while having to go out in the crappy cold weather. Simply give your Get Friday Virtual Assistant a list with when you want it delivered and have them go to Peapod and get it DONE!

Just wait at home for delivery in your Lebowski bath robe and tell the guy to bring it in to the kitchen. You just saved hours of aggravation for 5 bucks and can now spend all that extra time with your family or sleeping in, or watching the Sox...

Need research done--- submit what you are looking for, and overnight while you sleep, they work during their the day and send you the answers. Soooo Money.
They are even on Blogspot with us.

Your security is important to us at GetFriday. Credit card information is limited to supervisory personnel only. This means that if an assigned task requires the use of your credit card, your assistant will carry it out to the last step at which point the shift supervisor on duty will take over, entering the credit card information.
Our Security Measures
Password protected servers with limited access
Credit card information limited to supervisory personnel only
Background checks before hiring
Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
No external storage devices
Screening of employees
Hack proof servers

Common Tasks handled:


CCRANE LED lighting

Smaller, brighter, prettier and less expensive! Isn't technology wonderful! This 18 LED light bulb makes an excellent high definition reading light. Perfect to help you not feel guilty about leaving an accent light on all night. Run it for twelve hours a day for a whole year at a cost of about 80 cents. This LED light bulb should last about 10 years, and works well with a dimmer switch. Your choice of 120 or 12 volts bulbs available.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 22 percent of electricity used in the U.S. powers lighting. In a world with soaring energy prices based on the availability and control of fossil fuels, and with growing concern about sustainability of the environment, a revolution in lighting is long overdue.
Light emitting diodes, called LEDs, are revolutionizing lighting. Switching to LED-based lighting can save 40 to 70 percent of the electricity a city uses for certain lighting applications such as parking garage, parking lot, outdoor public area, street and portable lighting.
In addition to helping protect the environment by reducing electricity consumption of lighting, LEDs, due to their long service life, also reduce the amount of material going into landfills (i.e., light bulbs). Furthermore, LEDs, unlike some traditional light sources, don't contain hazardous mercury or lead.

Travel tips

Just add some great sites:

These tell you the fluctuation in prices, what is the best time to fly.

In Europe: this one is great for finding cheap quick planes, much cheaper than the Famous EURORAIL

Disability Travel:

Bloom Energy Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.

Producing electricity from Fuel without burning the fuel! the Ebay for Manufacturers

1. Entreprenuer/Inventor, Engineer or purchasing manager who needs a part submits a description and CAD drawing to

2. Manufacturers offer bids. The site is free for buyers, suppliers pay a $6000 yearly subscription fee

3. Buyer chooses which manufacturer's bid to accept and the part and its price are added to the's database


Clients and customers already include GE, Newell Rubbermaid, Apple, Ford and Northrop Grumman.

Traveling Tips and Tidbits

For the road warriors and ex pat wanderlust out there:

If you are on a budget, check out
Introduces you to locals who give tips on restaurants and cafes etc...

Mr Blass. strongly urges travelers to avoid Heathrow airport in London at all costs. Instead fly to Stansted, Gatwick or Amsterdam to avoid the mess.

Chismillionare likes Frankfurt from Boston on Lufthansa. Gets you centrally located to the continent.

Arthur Bergman says not to trust the airlines with flight updates. Instead, go to to get an up to the minute status of all aircraft in the sky and allows you to check for delays. If it tells you your plane is late try rebooking immediately before everyone else is doing the same. $0 dollar trades, & no minimum balance

How do they make money you ask? On the interest from holding your money and the $3.50 option contracts.

Open Moko- The Open Source Iphone