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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Amazing Upside-Down Guitar Woman

Pepsi's Dream Machine Aims to Make Recycling a Slam Dunk

Pepsi's Dream Machine Aims to Make Recycling a Slam Dunk

PURCHASE, NY — With the goal of boosting the nation's beverage-container recycling rate by nearly 50 percent in the coming years, PepsiCo and Waste Management have launched a multi-year partnership to bring reverse vending machines to the masses.

The Dream Machines program will bring as many as 3,000 recycling machines to high-traffic areas, where individuals can recycle their cans and bottles and earn reward points or donate cash to charities.

In launching the partnership, the companies have set a goal of increasing the amount of bottles and cans that get recycled by a significant amount: With only 34 percent of non-alcoholic bottles and 25 percent of PET plastic bottles recycled annually, Pepsi and Waste Management aim to boost that number to 50 percent through increased recycling at reverse vending machines like the Dream Machines.

dream machineHere's how the system works, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal:

The machine itself is like a vending machine in reverse. A video screen plays advertising and informational videos, which are updated wirelessly and tailored to each site. A consumer first touches the screen and follows instructions, either to swipe a key fob to track rewards points or to defer registration for later, if at all.

Next the user scans the product barcode, and places the plastic or aluminum bottle (no glass yet) in the proper chute. The machine then spits out a receipt with reward points good for travel or movie tickets, or other benefits, such as coupons for Pepsi products.

The bin does not crush containers, as the sponsors' research says consumers don't like the noise. Each kiosk can hold about 300 bottles or cans. [...] The person responsible for emptying the machine gets an alert via email when the machine is nearly full. The recyclables are picked up by Waste Management.

For more details about the Dream Machine program, as well as finding a reverse vending machine, visit For more on the benefits of reverse vending machines, read "Beyond the Blue Bin: The Next Generation of Recycling" and "On-Site Recycling Facilities Can Provide a Win-Win-Win."

Birds Sing 'The Imperial March' From 'Star Wars' (Video Compilation)

Guys, it's May 4th, AKA Star Wars Day! (Get it? "May the 4th be with you." Do you get it? You get it. Let us know if you don't get it.) So, we decided to celebrate with a compilation of birds singing 'The Imperial March' from Star Wars... wait, WHAT?!

Yeah, I had thought that birds mostly just sat around cheeping and being cute and and eating seeds and what-not. But, the more I looked into it, the more I realized that birds LOVE to sing Darth Vader's 'The Imperial March' from Star Wars. I'm sure a lot of you already knew that, but not everyone can be so educated on the intricacies of bird life.

After the break, check out a sweet video compilation of birds singing their favorite tune.

Lindsay Lohan Will Play 'Deep Throat' Porn Star

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is set to play Linda Lovelace, the porn star featured in 1972's infamous 'Deep Throat.' Although the news feels like just another talking point tossed on the gossip pile, LiLo's chum/photographer Tyler Shields is presenting the casting news as hard fact -- no matter how snugly it seems to fit into the never-ending LiLo narrative.

"Shields confirmed to us this weekend that the actress has indeed landed the gig," E! Online reports.

The film is an independent venture titled 'Inferno,' rumored (again, those dang rumors...) to be officially announced at Cannes Film Festival later this month.

467diggsdiggOur gut reaction to the role -- particularly after LiLo's gun-in-mouth, blood-splattered photo shoot with Shields just last week -- is that it has a certain scent of shock value. But in a recent (and oh-so-perfectly-timed) Pop-ed, one of our suggestions for Lohan to regain her career mojo was this: Shrug your shoulders and say, "Whaddya gonna do?" And isn't that exactly what this role does for LiLo? She's doing precisely what the tabloids expect her to do, and in the process, getting back on the silver screen and possibly flipping the gossipmongers on their heads.

Consider: Linda Lovelace "later denounced her pornography career, claimed that she had been forced into it by her sadistic first husband, and for a while became a spokeswoman for the anti-pornography movement" (thanks, Wiki). Sounds like this seemingly unsurprising role could wind up being something resonant and poignant for Lohan -- a metaphor in art a la Mickey Rourke's hard times and comeback being mirrored in 'The Wrestler.'

Or maybe it's just Lindsay Lohan playing a porn star.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/
500 photos
Lindsay Lohan visits Millions of Milkshakes on April 26, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - April, 26 2010 Los Angeles, CA United States April 26, 2010 Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ To license this image (60282154), contact,feedConfig,entry&id=699616&pid=699615&uts=1272555068,aolsvc&omni=1&ke=1
Lindsay Lohan Snapshots
Lindsay Lohan visits Millions of Milkshakes on April 26, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - April, 26 2010 Los Angeles, CA United States April 26, 2010 Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ To license this image (60282154), contact
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Colorado beers: fifty to try before you die -- or die trying

​Last week, GQ magazine released a bucket list of fifty beers to drink before you die. It was a decent compilation, but a little short on Colorado offerings. So we decided to come up with our own list of fifty Colorado-made beers to drink before you die.

We have tried every one of these beers (arranged alphabetically) -- or trust someone who has.

Now drink in our list -- and then start arguing about how we screwed up! Cheers. (For more beer news, follow me on Twitter at @ColoBeerMan.)

Avery Mephistopheles
Avery The Reverend
Avery Dupceleuse
Avery Maharaja
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter
Breckenridge 471
Boulder Beer Hazed & Infused
Bristol Winter Warlock
Bull & Bush Man Beer
Bull & Bush Legend of the Liquid Brain Imperial Stout
Del Norte Orale
Del Norte Luminaria
Dry Dock U-Boat Hefeweizen
Dry Dock Victory ESB
Estes Park Brewery Raspberry Wheat
Grand Lake Plaid Bastard
Great Divide Yeti Oak Aged Imperial Stout
Great Divide Old Ruffian
Great Divide Hoss
Great Divide Hercules
Left Hand St. Vrain Trippel
Left Hand Double Sawtooth
Left Hand Milk Stout
Left Hand Smokejumper
Mountain Sun Colorado Kind IPA
Mountain Sun Nihlist
Mountain Sun Bombshell Blonde
New Belgium Frambozen
New Belgium 1554
New Belgium La Folie
New Belgium Biere de Mars
Odell Mountain Standard
Odell IPA
Odell Red
Odell Woodcut No. 2 or 3
Oskar Blues Gordon
Oskar Blues Ten FIDY
Oskar Blues Gubna
Oskar Blues Old Chub
Pints Pub Dark Star
Sandlot Where the Helles Bill
Ska Modus Hoperendi
Ska True Blonde Dubbel
Steamworks Ale Diablo
Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown
Twisted Pine Hoppyman
Wynkoop Silverback Smoked Porter
Wynkoop Mile HI.P.A.
Wynkoop Patty's Chili Beer
Wynkoop Schwarzbier

Face Transplant Man Goes Public


A SPANIARD who had one of the world's first face transplants has appeared in public today to thank the donor and surgeons who operated on him.

The patient named only as Rafael said: "I am full of joy and happiness. I want to thank the family of the donor and the medical team."

Rafael, 34, was the third person in Spain and the tenth in the world to receive a partial face transplant.

The operation was carried out after Rafael was left with a series of tumours on his face from a rare condition that caused cells to grow abnormally.

Dr. Tomas Gomez Cia (R) chats with Rafael (L), the first face  transplant patient in Andalusia, Spain, during a press conference
Thanks ... Rafael with Dr Gomez Cia

He appeared before the media at the Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Seville, southern Spain, where he underwent a 30-hour operation on January 26 and 27.

He has since been released from hospital and says he can feel pain, heat and cold in his face — and has even started shaving.

Rafael still has difficulty in talking clearly as he is not expected to regain complete control over his tongue for another three months. His face is also still inflamed.


He told reporters he is a fan of Seville football team Real Betis and is looking forward to going back to their stadium to watch a match.

Rafael appeared at the press conference alongside his mother Juana and sister Belen, who held his hand throughout.

He asked for his privacy to be respected, saying: "Please, after this press conference I want you to leave me, my family and my friends in peace."

The doctors said the transplant involved the patient receiving donor tissue for the lower two-thirds of his face.


The first part of the transplant involved removing the facial tissue, blood vessels and nerve endings from the donor. The second part involved attaching them to the patient.

Rafael spent five weeks in intensive care and a week in the burns unit before being moved to a regular hospital bed on March 15.

Surgeon Tomas Gomez Cia, who lead the transplant team, described the patient as "an incredibly brave person".

He said: "It is difficult enough for us to appear before all these cameras, so you can imagine how Rafael feels."

The team of plastic surgeons spent a year practising for the operation on bodies and 3D computer simulators.

A nurse (L) laughs next to Rafael (R), the first face transplant  patient in Andalusia during a press conference
Recovering ... face transplant patient and nurse

Juan David Gonzalez Padilla, director of maxillofacial surgery at the hospital, said: "He has recovered his sensitivity in the lips, the cheeks, he can distinguish cold and heat, and he's even shaving, something which he wasn't able to do before because of his illness."

He added that Rafael "is already swallowing normally" and within three months he will have normal mobility in his face.

Dr Gonzalez Padilla said the patient "recognised himself" when he first saw himself in a mirror after the surgery, and added: "He didn't see himself as a monster, in fact he thought he looked younger."

Rafael had suffered from the congenital disease neurofibromatosis type 1, formerly known as von Recklinghausen disease, a genetic problem which causes cells to grow abnormally, since birth.

He had benign tumours on two thirds of his face as a result.

Dr Gomez Cia said for Rafael "there was no reconstructive alternative except for a tissue transplant from a dead donor".

Since Rafael's operation, surgeons in Barcelona have carried out the world's first full face transplant.

A farmer whose face was deformed in a shooting accident five years ago underwent the operation at the city's Vall d'Hebron Hospital.

A team of 30 took 24 hours to complete the operation in late March. The patient has not been identified.

14 Things You Should Know About Pizza

14 Things You Should Know About Pizza
Via: Online

Dissecting Microsoft Office 2010

35 fantastic U.S. beaches for Summer

Summer is fast approaching. Where are you going to spend your vacation? How about visiting one of our country's many fantastic beach locations? Bring your lover or family, a bathing suit, sun lotion, a blanket and a picnic basket, and you are all set for a romantic get-away or a relaxing family get-together on one of these magnificent sandy stretches. Wondering if we picked one of your favorites? Take a look below!

Delray Beach, Florida
Delray boasts a great family-friendly stretch of sand, with youngsters playing Frisbee games and teens surfing the waves. Enjoy the well-preserved dunes and the warm, snow-white sand and comforting turquoise water. After a day on the beach, take a stroll in the European-style town and dine at the sidewalk bistros.

Mexico Beach, Florida
Mexico Beach is located on Florida's panhandle near St. Joseph Bay and Cape San Blas on the Gulf of Mexico about 30 miles east of Panama City. This secret, romantic location is still mostly free of the crowds because it is exceedingly hard to get to. Enjoy long stretches of rosy-white sand and crystal blue water.

Kauapea Beach, Hawaii
Kauapea Beach is the most spectacular of all beaches in Hawaii and also one well-known for nudists. The cliffs and plantation in the background are stunning, and the beach is covered with pinkish-yellowish sand, stretching into warm cuddling bluish-greenish water. Though nudity is illegal on all beaches in Hawaii, the laws are rarely enforced. To get there you need to hike down a dirt road and then down a narrow trail from Kalihiwai Road, just about half a mile North of Kilauea on Rt. 56. Consummate your relationship in the most ravishing and breathtaking scenery in the US.Ocracoke Island Beach, North Carolina
You will need to take a ferry boat from Hatteras Island to get there, unless you own a private helicopter. The degree of isolation afforded by Ocracoke is a big part of its appeal. There is an aura of natural beauty surrounding Ocracoke Island, which features miles of silvery sand and surf that have been well protected.

Wildcat Beach, California

Wildcat Beach is located 30 minutes from San Francisco. A 5-minute hike is all that's required to reach this sandy gem. Take a soothing stroll hand-in-hand bare-footed on long stretches of ivory sand facing a turquoise and tranquil Pacific Ocean.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida
New Smyrna Beach is located on the central east coast of Florida, south on I-95. Enjoy long stretches of white sand, free of the crowds and noise. This is probably also one of the least polluted beaches in Florida. Perfect for a romantic getaway, pre-baby furlough or fertility vacation.

-- The above was written by Berit Brogaard, Seed contributor.

Poipu Beach, Hawaii
Say "aloha" to paradise at beautiful Poipu Beach on the South shore of Kauai. This island retreat gets the vote for best exotic getaway in the U.S. White sand beaches are decorated with enough lush tropical foliage to make Jimmy Buffet jealous. Visitors often find themselves overwhelmed by the beach's wealth of activities, many of which include snorkeling, diving, kayaking, surfing, deep-sea fishing and horseback riding.

Sanibel Island, Florida
Sanibel Island is located just off the mainland of Florida's northern west coast. Though tourism has increased in recent years, Sanibel still retains much of its natural appeal. Green palm trees set a background for the pristine white sand of Sanibel - all of which is complimented by the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. For beach-goers who want to do more than soak up the sun, a variety of activities including golf, tennis, shopping and boating are available to islanders.

South Padre Island, Texas
If you are like most, when you think Texas, the beach is not the first thing to come to mind. However, the Lone Star State is more than just cowboy hats and barbecue. South Padre Island is a stretch of land near Corpus Christi that draws thousands of visitors every year. With a beachside waterpark, parasailing, resort accommodations and enough sandy coastline to last for days, the beaches of South Padre make for an ideal weekend vacay.

Catalina Island, California
Catalina Island is a SoCal dream. Known as "the island of romance," honeymooners are swept away by the privacy and romance that Catalina offers. Luxurious resorts with ocean-view suites are scattered throughout the island's shores. Some resorts offer access to champagne, strawberries, chocolates, spa services and even glass-bottom boat tours. Whales and dolphins are no strangers to the area, and couples can view marine wildlife at its best on one of Catalina's underwater sea excursions via semi-submersible submarine. After a long day at the beach, relax with an intimate couple's massage or an evening bike ride on a bicycle built for two.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Beach season in Maine may be fleeting, but award-winning Old Orchard Beach in Maine has families visiting its shores year-round. The area has a distinct community atmosphere that seems to make time slow down. A traditional pier darts into the waters where families can peruse shops and eat seafood at seaside restaurants. At the center of it all is Palace Playland, a beach side amusement park popular with the kids. Seven miles of white sand exude Old Orchard's 200 year history as one of the top beaches in Maine.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Travel to the northwestern corner of the U.S. and visit Cannon Beach, Oregon, a serene encounter with nature and the arts. The premier attraction is Haystack Rock which is said to be the third largest monolith in the world. Towering a staggering 235 feet high, more than 2,000 birds nest on the rock and large amount of delicate sea life resides below it. The beaches here are unusually wide and stretch a lengthy nine miles. Beach comers can browse through the shops that line the beach and select souvenirs amongst an endless supply of homemade crafts and works of art.

Malibu Beach, California

If you are looking for the beach to see and be seen, look no further than Malibu Beach. One of the most popular beaches in the world, Malibu Beach draws even the biggest celebrities to its vigorously maintained coastline. The likes of David Letterman, Tom Hanks and Demi Moore are known to have called Malibu home in addition to many others. The beaches of Malibu are great for morning runs, family picnics and intimate seaside gatherings, and getting a glimpse of your favorite silver screen actor is a welcome bonus.

Panama City Beach, Florida
Panama City Beach, or PCB as the locals call it, is a descended upon by thousands of college students looking to make the most of their spring break vacations each year. Keg parties and white t-contests rule the day, and bars, nightclubs and restaurants offer a variety of entertainment when the sun goes down. It is not unusual to encounter film crews from networks such as MTV looking to promote spring break programming. Though the beach is popular with families year-round, you may want to avoid bringing the kids along during spring break.

Galveston Beach, Texas
According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the gulf coast allows for the best shell collecting in all of North America. Galveston Beach, which is already popular with tourists due to its large indoor waterpark and Moody Gardens, offers premier shelling - especially when windy cool fronts from the North push the waters back, revealing an abundance of natural shells ripe for the picking. Children and parents alike will love scouring the shores for these tiny treasures.

Biscayne National Park, Florida
Snorkeling is perhaps the most popular water sport because it requires virtually no skill and minimal physical requirements. Biscayne National Park in southern Florida is home to the best snorkeling in the U.S. Snorkelers observe entire underwater ecosystems, coral reefs, pirate shipwrecks and colorful marine wildlife. Unlike most national parks, Biscayne is 95 percent underwater and is highly preserved due to the government's stringent protection of the park.

-- The above was written by Allison Westbrook, Seed contributor.

Hanalei Bay, Hawaii
Hanalei Bay's location is somewhat off the beaten path of the Hawaiian islands. Yet this beach offers vacation seekers adventure within a wide-assortment of activities including surfing, canoe rides, stand-up paddle and surfboard rentals. Lined with palm trees, and covered with white sands. This beach sits between a backdrop of stunning waterfalls and green mountains which stretch across the sky-line of Hanalei Bay. The 2-mile coast is home to spectacular plant and animal life, and gets more rain than any other Hawaiian island.

Siesta Beach, Florida

Consistently rated as a top 10 beach in the USA, Siesta Beach holds some of the finest, whitest sand in the world. Soft to the touch, these unpolluted sands are a tourists delight, as the county of Sarasota takes extra care in making sure the sands stay clean. Off shore, there are amazing coral reefs, supply recreational opportunities, for snorkelers including unique underwater formations. Siesta Beach, attract snorkelers and scuba divers as the warm crystal clean water is ideal for swimming. The beaches extra wide shore is ideal for sports and fun activities.

Cooper's Beach, New York
New York, Cooper's Beach is surrounded by large sand dunes, dotted with long beach grass. The beach sand is made of grainy white-quartz sand, (dark brown in color). What makes Cooper's Beach particularly special is the view - when night comes, the moon shines off the water and is very romantic.

Coronado Beach, California

Coronado Beach has lush subtropical vegetation, a Mediterranean climate, and a warm and mild surf. The Hotel de Coronado, a local landmark, was built more than a hundred years ago. This timeless treasure offers "spectacular" architecture. Coronado Beach's sunsets are truly spiritual, when viewing the San Diego shore-line. Seeing the sunshine collide with ocean, is so amazing. The climate is warm and the air is truly freshening.

Hamoa Beach, Hawaii
Who could turn down a beach once frequented by writer Ernest Hemingway? Ranked as one of the world's best beaches, Hamoa Beach includes a coral-and-lava-sand shore, rimmed by tall cliffs. Hamoa Beach is covered with coconut palms and "beautiful" flowering vegetation. The beach has unbelievable waves, which attract thrill seeker surfers, from around the world.

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
If you want to see what a beach looked like when the native Americans inhabited the region, Cape Hatteras is the place. With its historic fishing villages and some of the best surfing along the East Coast. Cape Hatteras was the first U.S. National Seashore, designated as coastal areas for preservation. Make sure you bring insect repellent the sand fleas and mosquitoes are ferocious. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse, is the most famous lighthouse in the country. The lighthouse has 257 steps and is 210 feet tall.

Cape Florida State Park, Florida

A large offshore sand shoal makes the emerald-colored waters off Cape Florida State Park ideal for swimming, humans, and sea life. You can watch --sea turtles, swimming near the shore. The Cape Florida Lighthouse allows for a breathtaking view of this beautiful beach. There are coral reefs, which divers can explore year around. The beach has a romantic, appeal and allows lovers to go on sunset strolls.

Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts
Accessible only by bike or shuttle bus. Coast Guard Beach of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has a ponderous view and soft sand that slopes down to the water's edge. If you visitor, swimming is only feasible during the summer. Water temperatures get no warmer than 65 to 70 degrees. Coast Guard Beach is named, after the old Coast Guard station, it offers an astonishing, view of the bay.

Beachwalker Park, South Carolina
Beachwalker Park is a public beach with an abundance of recreational resources. Visitors can canoe and kayak through the tidal inlets. The beach is home to thousands of birds. Individuals can walk along the compact sand of the 10-mile barrier island. Those who love fishing can catch amazing shrimp, big enough to eat and even large eatable game fish, frequent the shore-line. The sun is heavy and the surf is smooth and calming. At night, walking the beach, stir at the moonlight and share an unique experience where phytoplankton, luminosities the sand.

-- The above was written by Bryan DeLoatch, Seed contributor.

Assateague National Seashore, Virginia
Four wheelers and surf fishermen can ride side by side with the famous wild horses. Like other Atlantic beaches, the surf is kind to swimmers. Maryland's Ocean City is a short drive to the North for plenty of food and fun for adults and kids.

East Atlantic Beach, New York

Like many overlooked Atlantic beaches, "EAB" is vast and wide. Weekdays are quiet, giving this expansive stretch an exclusive vibe. The neighboring "West End" rocks with restaurants and bars that feature cold drinks, hot crowds and great live music. Less than an hour from New York City as well.

Deerfield Beach, Florida
This South Florida spot is the perfect "grab a book" escape. Somehow the water at Deerfield Beach manages to be a perfect 78 degrees. Great cocktails (and shrimp cocktail) at one of the little food shacks that line the boardwalk. You can also rent a bike to cruise A1A and check out the trendy scene in nearby Delray.

Andrew Molera State Park, California
Right off the breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway. Set up camp, then hike dense trails that lead to the dramatic bluffs and cul de sacs of this Northern California coastal gem. Wildlife (deer, seals, sea turtles) can all be seen in abundance either at sunrise or sunset.

Ditch Plains, New York.
Low key and hassle-free, Ditch Plains, located on the far Eastern tip of Long Island, is literally "The End." The local beaches are home to world-class east coast surfing and Hamptons celebrities galore. Paul McCartney's a regular, but only because no one bothers him. One of the best food trucks in the country holds court in the parking lot.

Hailewa Beach, Hawaii
Hale'iwa Beach is one of Hawaii's great surfing Meccas. In winter, be awed as the pros and hardcore locals take on the 50-70 footers (The ground literally shakes when the waves hit the beach). The rest of the year is safe for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. The perfect blue water and crystal white sand are true paradise.

Sea View Beach, Massachusetts
Sea View Beach is another lesser known Atlantic Coast gem. Wide and quiet with gorgeous bluffs. Legendary surf fishing and pods of dolphin are a normal occurrence. The expansive quietude makes this spot quintessential Cape Cod. Great shopping and eating on adjacent Route 28.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia is among the East Coast's more popular national parks, but the beaches are underrated and transcendent. Rugged hikes spill out onto the most Northeastern point in the United States. The town of Acadia is authentic and bustling with great food and nightlife.

South Beach, Florida
South Beach is probably the only" mega-star" on our list. Crank up Pet Sounds, slip on the shades, take the top down on Collins Ave. and let the rest speak for itself. You've arrived.

-- The above was written by Drew Moss, Seed contributor.

Oval Beach, Michigan
The Atlantic and Pacific Coast beaches of America usually get all the love, but the state of Michigan boasts some of the longest stretches of prime beach you'll find anywhere in America. Head for the state's Western shore bordering Lake Michigan where you'll find lovely beach gems like Saugatuck Michigan's Oval Beach. Not only is this beach consistently named among America's best, the lovely sand dunes and beautiful sunsets will have you in beach heaven. Midwest beach lovers represent!

Washington D.C. Legalizes Medical Marijuana

By Steve Elliott
Photo: Dave's blog of random shit
Federal medical marijuana patient Irv Rosenfeld smokes a joint in front of the Capitol Building
The D.C. Council on Tuesday approved amendments to a medical marijuana law first passed in 1998 by 69 percent of District voters. Congress had blocked implementation of Initiative 59 for more than a decade, until it lifted its ban last year.

With Tuesday's vote, the District of Columbia joins the 14 states across the country which already allow qualified patients to use medical marijuana without fear of arrest.

"Today marks a long overdue victory for D.C. voters and potentially thousands of chronically ill residents who will benefit from legal access to medical marijuana," said Karen O'Keefe, director of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project.

Photo: MPP
Karen O'Keefe, MPP: "The District will at last have a law that recognizes... marijuana can be safe and effective medicine"
​ "It has taken nearly 12 years, but the District will at last have a law that recognizes the mounting scientific consensus that, for many conditions, marijuana can be safe and effective medicine," O'Keefe said.

"A well-working medical marijuana program in the nation's capital will also provide members of Congress who have never seen such programs up close with a unique opportunity to do so," O'Keefe said. "Once they see for themselves that these laws do nothing but provide compassionate care for seriously ill patients, hopefully they will understand the need to create a federal policy that no longer criminalizes patients in any state who could benefit from this legitimate treatment option."

Under the District's law, physicians will be able to give medical marijuana recommendations to patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and other serious conditions that can be alleviated through marijuana.

Qualified patients will have access to their medicine through a limited number of dispensaries within the District.

Unfortunately the District followed the bad example of New Jersey, the most recent state to allow medical use of marijuana, by prohibiting patients from cultivating their own medicine.

Currently, 14 states have effective medical marijuana laws and more than a dozen others are considering them.

In November, South Dakotans will vote for the second time on a medical marijuana ballot initiative, and Arizona is expected to have one on the ballot as well.

Eighty-one percent of Americans support medical marijuana laws, according to a January ABC News/Washington Post poll.