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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bruce Willis Makes Expendables Cast Rule Even More

By Tim Gomez:
Oh my lord, my head just exploded. As if Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendable didn’t already sound awesome to begin with. I mean, Sly’s got Mickey Rourke on board, Jason Statham, Jet Li. He’s playing a part himself. He even somehow got the good old Governor of the place I call home to come back to action movies and shooting some dudes (thank the lord for that too, anything that’ll get him away from his desk).

Now MTV is confirming the rumor that Bruce Willis will be rounding out the cast of the movie, about a group of mercenaries that set out to take down a foreign dictator. I’m not always the most patriotic person in the world (by “not always,” I mean never), but this movie is uniquely American, and I will definitely be bringing my flag and constitution-approved weapon to the theatre (kidding, security).

It sounds as though the roles for Sly, Arnold, and Bruno will be small, perhaps only a short fan-service cameo where everyone in the theatre will get to cheer for 30 seconds. That’s more than enough for me though. Sly knows what his fans want. Violence. Distinct lines between good and evil. Cameos from people that we loved in our childhood. Man, when do tickets go on sale?

World's Most Unique Gadgets

by Gord Goble

We've already discovered why foreign countries outpace the U.S. when it comes to high-tech cars, robots, gaming devices, and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mobile phones, but there’s plenty more electronic wizardry that couldn’t quite fit in the first list. And you won’t find any of it down at the local mall. Granted, you can always turn to the Internet and one of the many overseas sites that market foreign goods if you really have a hankering for any of these items and don't have an issue with long-distance ordering, long-distance shipping, and potential warranty hassles. But for the most part, it’s look but don’t touch.

Miharu Home Care CameraMiharu Home Care Camera

Tiny cameras that sneak into tiny places are currently all the rage overseas, and Miharu's dental-oriented device is one of the pack leaders. Though it looks like a highly sophisticated toothbrush, the unit features a tiny video camera and an LED light, through which you can film in places that don't normally see the light of day – like the back of your mouth, the back of your refrigerator, or that little crack between the floorboards. Send the video to your big screen TV for maximum impact.

Hitachi Rotary RazaqHitachi Rotary Razaq

Its curvy esthetics will certainly appeal to the style conscious, but the Rotary Razaq is designed for performance, too. With a 3500-RPM motor, omni-directional, washable blades, and a handle that manual razor junkies will love, Hitachi's little shaving marvel may just be the ideal whisker remover.

LG GD910 Watch PhoneLG GD910 Watch Phone and Samsung S9110 Watch Phone

Korea will pay the ultimate homage to Dick Tracy this year as two of its preeminent electronics manufacturers duke it out for supremacy in the oh-so-pricey world of watch phones. Due to land in France any day now, the Samsung S9110 is said to be the slimmest watch phone ever released, featuring a 1.76-inch touch screen and such niceties as Bluetooth, voice recognition, MP3 player capabilities, a speakerphone, and e-mail functionality. Sporting similar specs but a slightly thicker profile, and a higher MSRP, LG's GD910 will also pack 3G video call capabilities and 2GB of internal memory (versus just 40MB in the S9110) when it arrives in France at just about the same time.

Sanyo Eneloop Portable Sonar PanelSanyo Eneloop Portable Solar Panel

Sanyo's Eneloop rechargeable batteries have been the Holy Grail for serious battery users for some time now, so it comes as no surprise that one of the first seemingly reputable, fully functional portable solar panels is part and parcel of the Eneloop brand. Just now available in Japan, the Eneloop Portable Solar Panel will power gadgets such as MP3 players, handheld gaming devices, mobile phones, cameras, and even some laptops, and look pretty good doing it.

by Gord Goble

Sanyo Eneloop Portable Sonar PanelSoladey 3

The latest iteration of a toothpaste-free toothbrush that's already convinced millions – yes, millions – of Japanese to take the plunge, the Soladey 3 is an oral cleansing tool with a very unique ionic twist. Unlike traditional toothbrushes, the unit is equipped with a solar panel that absorbs light and purportedly transmits electrons via a titanium oxide semiconductor to make plaque unstable and easily removable. Word on the street is that the Soladey concept actually works. Can millions of Japanese toothbrushers be wrong? Can you imagine a life without toothpaste?

Soladey 3Sega Homestar Pro 2nd Edition Home Planetarium

What if you could get that way-cool planetarium experience in the comfort of your own living room? With Sega's Homestar Pro Planetarium, you can do just that. The system – essentially a spiffy spherical projector equipped with a variety of night sky “discs” – sets up easily and apparently fills any room with more stars than you can shake a constellation at. Though Sega says the unit is a great introduction to astronomy, we wonder if there could there be a more relaxing, calming sleep aid.

I-O Data SEG ClipI-O Data SEG Clip

The SEG Clip is a USB stick and antenna that plugs into a PC and receives over-the-air television programming (via Japan's free-to-air mobile TV service, dubbed 1Seg). While that may not be particularly remarkable, the fact that users can then download a TVPlayer App and wirelessly watch whatever they've recorded on their iPod or iPhone is. You'd never need, or even be able to use one of these gadgets here in the States, but when in Japan…

Japanese ToiletsJapanese Toilets

Yes, we fully realize this is a consumer tech site. Nevertheless, no discussion of cool overseas devices would be complete without a mention of the venerable toilet. The sad truth is that we're so far behind (excuse the pun) in the toilet business that we never be able to catch up. In Japan, you can rest your derriere upon a seat that warms and massages you. You can turf the toilet paper and instead cleanse thyself with warm water. You can crank the MP3 tunes with your detachable remote, and you can rest easy knowing you're perched in a germ-resistant environment. You can even purify the air afterward. That such luxuries cannot be found easily here in North America is nothing short of an abomination, and we offer up this pic of a little Japanese girl staring in amazement at her automatic toilet seat as proof.

Top 10 Surprising Cars that Celebrities Drive

by Zach Bowman, Contributing Editor

We tend to think of celebrities as cruising around in high-dollar sheet metal 24/7, but the truth is not everyone who makes headlines in entertainment likes to roll in pricey rides. We’ve worked up a list of the top 10 surprising cars that celebrities drive. Have a look to see if your favorite celeb commutes like you do.

10 Larry David – Toyota Prius

Larry David's Prius
The award for least-exciting celebrity car goes to Larry David’s Toyota Prius. The hybrid gas-sippers are nearly as popular among the Hollywood elite as Bentleys and Escalades. The 62 year-old TV producer has been behind the success of shows like 'Seinfeld' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' so odds are he’s got the cash to drive around in something a little more prestigious. Then again, a green image counts for a lot these days.

9 Kate Moss: MG Midget Mk III

Kate Moss' Midget
Kate Moss is a little braver when it comes to the car she drives. The supermodel cruises around in an MG Midget MK III, a car renowned for its unreliability and safety hazards. What the little car lacks in modern convenience, it makes up for in charisma and driving bliss – characteristics we’re sure Moss appreciates.

8 Eric Bana: 1974 Ford XB Falcon

Eric Bana's Ford Falcon
OK, so this one isn’t actually Eric Bana’s daily ride. It’s his first car. The Australian-born actor has had this thing since he was 16 and recently converted it into a competition-spec racer to take part in the Targa Tasmania – a brutal rally race in the land down under. Bana even made a documentary about the car.

7 Conan O’Brien

Conan's Taurus SHO
Late-night funny man Jay Leno may be better known for his car obsession, but Conan O’Brien has a pretty interesting vehicle of his own. It’s a 1992 Ford Taurus SHO. Far from the high-tech 2010 Taurus SHO, this five-speed creation of the ‘90s rocks a Yamaha-produced 3.0-liter V-6 with around 220 horsepower. Not too shabby.

6 Jeremy Piven: 1977 Ford Bronco

Jeremy Piven's Ford Bronco
Actor Jeremy Piven may spend his time driving some high-dollar metal while playing Ari Gold in HBO’s 'Entourage,' but in real life the guy rolls in a seriously cool 1977 Ford Bronco. The truck has been restored to its former glory with a few extra tweaks, including larger wheels and tires.

5 David Spade: 1987 Buick Grand National

David Spade's Buick
Who would have thought stand-up comedian David Spade would drive one of the coolest Buicks ever produced? The Grand National boasts a turbocharged, 3.8-liter V-6 engine with 245 horsepower – big news for 1987. With a sinister look outside, the car doesn’t exactly fit Spade’s funny-guy persona, but we love it anyway.

4 Daniel Radcliffe: 2007 Fiat Grande Punto

Daniel Radcliffe's Fiat
When the star of the astronomically grossing Harry Potter franchise turned 18, he had access to his $37 million fortune for the first time. What did he buy? A 2007 Fiat Grande Punto. The tiny, econobox three-door is one of the most economical and eco-friendly rides in Britain, hence the purchase. Still, couldn’t he have gone for something a little more interesting?

3 Zac Efron: 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

Zac Efron's Oldsmobile
While Zac Efron may play the coolest kid in High School Musical, he drives around in a lowly 1999 Oldsmobile Alero. While the Olds is probably great reliable transportation, something tells us most actual high school seniors would laugh at this set of wheels. Efron’s either the most humble actor in the history of mankind, or this is some serious method acting.

2 Clint Eastwood: 1992 GMC Typhoon

Clint Eastwood's GMC Typhoon
Clint Eastwood spends his time cruising around in a GMC Typhoon. If you think this thing looks just like a lowly Jimmy, you’d be wrong. GMC produced the Typhoon for only two model years, from 1992-1993, and the company plopped a potent turbocharged 4.3-liter V-6 under the hood. Couple that mean powerplant to an all-wheel drive system and you have one of the quickest SUVs around.

1 John Goodman: 1997 Ford F-150

John Goodman's Ford F-150
Reinforcing his regular-Joe persona, actor John Goodman uses a 1997 Ford F-150 as his chariot of choice. With an Emmy and Globe-winning career, we would think the "Big Lebowski" star could afford something with a little more panache. Then again, the best-selling pick-up in America kind of fits the guy.

Crack an Egg with One Hand

Have a lot going on in your kitchen? Master the art of the one-handed egg crack to save time, avoid messes, and increase your culinary cred.

Most of us have the two-handed egg crack down pat. Tap the egg gently on the egg of the bowl, use the tips of the thumbs as slight leverage to widen the gap, and dump the contents of the egg into the bowl.

The one-handed egg crack, however, is not usually seen outside the realm of professional kitchens and cooking shows. Check out the video below to learn how to practice the one handed crack without wasting a bunch of eggs in the process:

For some extra pointers, check out the full post at FoodWishes. Have a kitchen time saver? Master of the food hacks? Let's hear about your favorite tricks in the comments.

2 Girls 1 Bike Amazing

Sports Videos, News, Blogs

Gameplay has finally been revealed for Gran Turismo 5, and it looks amazing!

Credit for the videos go to Gamersyde

Unfortunately, there is no sound for the videos, but still, we can see how great the game will look and how the damage feature will be used.

As you can see from these videos, Gran Turismo 5 looks to be another amazing game added to the amazing series.

To read more on the latest Gran Turismo 5 news, Click Here

And once again, full credit and thanks go to Gamersyde

The Best And Worst Cities To Look For A Job

by Erick Schonfeld

The unemployment rate in the U.S. was still 9.4 percent in July, but some cities are better than others to look for a job. Of the top 50 metro areas, Washington, D.C., is the easiest for unemployed workers to find a job, while Detroit is the hardest, according to a new Job Market Competition index put together by job search engine Indeed.

The index ranks cities based on how many unemployed people there are compared to job listings. For every one unemployed person in Washington, D.C., for example, there are six job postings. Whereas in Detroit, there is only one job posting for every 18 unemployed people. The higher the ratio of job postings to unemployed, the more chances there are of landing a job.

The top ten cities in the index for finding jobs (and their corresponding ratios of job postings to unemployed) are:

  1. Washington, DC (6:1)
  2. Jacksonville, FL (3:1)
  3. Baltimore, MD (1:1)
  4. Salt Lake City, UT (1:2)
  5. New York, NY (1:2)
  6. San Jose, CA (1:2)
  7. Hartford, CT (1:2)
  8. Oklahoma City, OK (1:3)
  9. Austin, TX (1:3)
  10. Boston, MA (1:3)

The worst ten cities for job searches are:

    41. Buffalo, NY (1:6)
    42. Orlando, FL (1:6)
    43. Sacramento, CA (1:6)
    44. Rochester, NY (1:6)
    45. Chicago, IL (1:7)
    46. Portland, OR (1:7)
    47. Los Angeles, CA (1:8)
    48. Riverside, CA (1:9)
    49. Miami, FL (1:10)
    50. Detroit, MI (1:18)

Just In: Michael Jackson's Huge FBI File For Sale, 10 Cents Per Page

Gay blogger and activist Michael Petrelis, who's based in San Francisco, received an interesting letter in the mail yesterday. According to the FBI, he can buy Michael Jackson's FBI file, which is a whopping 591 pages, for $49.10.

"There is a duplication fee of ten cents per page," writes FBI section chief David Hardy. "The first 100 pages will be provided to you free of charge."

Who's bad?
​Petrelis publishes the FBI's response on his blog, The Petrelis Files. He received the letter after he sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI, asking for any of the agency's documents concerning Michael Jackson. Petrelis writes that he was surprised there was a sizable file, but maybe he shouldn't have been.

First of all, Michael Jackson fought off child molestation charges in 2005, which most probably brought the attention of the FBI. And rock stars throughout the decades have been targeted by FBI investigators.

The FBI, for example, gathered nearly 300 pages of information on John Lennon between 1971 and 1972, which later became material for a movie and a book, titled Gimme Some Truth: The John Lennon FBI Files.

If you check the FBI web site, you'll also see the feds took notes on Elvis Presley (650 pages), Jim Morrison (89 pages), Motown Records (24 pages), and Jerry Garcia (4 pages).

Top 10 Movie Nazis: Our Nazi Basterd picks, plus advice on how to kill them.

UK, August 18, 2009 - IGN is with Aldo Raine on this one: the only good Nazi's a dead one. And with Inglourious Basterds about to hit screens worldwide, we'd thought now would be a good time to unveil our own hit list of top cinematic Fuhrer-fanciers - the great, the not-so-great and the downright diabolical - and plot their grisly demises. Unfortunately, neither Lt. Gruber, nor his little tank, qualified.

10. The Illinois Nazis
(Henry Gibson in The Blues Brothers)

No, they're not Nazis, but members of the swastika-flashing American National Socialist White Peoples' Party, who just happen to also hate Jews and blacks - although they've just added white-boy soul musicians who disrupt their hate speeches to the list. Writer Dan Aykroyd took the "what are you going to do about it, whitey?" rant nearly verbatim from the morons in the US Nazi documentary The California Reich.

How To Kill This Basterd?

A mile-high plummet in a Ford Pinto, leaving a crater in the road. It's notable that, of all the car smashes in the movie, the Nazis are the only people to actually cark it. "I hate Illinois Nazis" indeed.

9. Commandant Ilsa
(Dyanne Thorne in Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS)

Welcome to Camp 9, where the inmates are slave labour during the day and sexual labour at night, with those who fail to satisfy the leathery nympho-Nazi - allegedly based on 'Beast of Buchenwald' Ilse Koch - losing their lives or their balls. And if you thought this blitzkrieg of Nazisploitation, torture-porn and porny torture couldn't be any more tasteless and insensitive, the movie is dedicated to the survivors of the Holocaust. No, really, someone actually made this.

How To Kill This Basterd?

Gunshot. The uber-granny gets a bullet to the head delivered by her sneering superior, so he can smirk of her misdeeds: "The Allies will never know."

8. Neville Sinclair
(Timothy Dalton in The Rocketeer)

Arch-movie star and even archer-fascist secret agent, Sinclair's like an Errol Flynn who swapped his membership of the debauched Flynn's Flying F*ckers for a Nazi Party card. Yes, the debonair Deutsch-dabbling douchebag is looking to half-inch Howard Hughes' rocket-pack plans and turn the master race into flying aces. But given that it was just Bond in a slick 'tache (Dalton is always 100% improved by lip fuzz) no one in the audience was the least bit surprised when he turned out to be the villain.

How To Kill This Basterd?

Aero incineration. The old boy gets flambéed along with his mutant-Jimmy Hill-alike henchman, Lothar, when his zeppelin Hindenberg's itself into the 'Hollywoodland' sign.

7. Kurt Dussander (aka Arthur Denker)
(Sir Ian McKellen in Apt Pupil)

'The Blood Fiend of Patin' was only following orders, of course, but it helped that he loved doing it too. Now his relationship as fairy godfather to fascinated all-American boy Todd Bowden threatens to reignite those dark fires in his eyes. The pair share a mutually corrupting bond, their twisted power games underscoring two monsters' recognition - or is that attraction? - of themselves.

How To Kill This Basterd?

Exposure. When the old man's horrific past is revealed and extradition to Israel looms, he gives himself an air embolism. He dies scared but, sadly, not ashamed.

6. Adenoid Hynkel
(Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator)

Chaplin had never been fond of The Third Reich (one Nazi propaganda book called him "a disgusting Jewish acrobat") and so pushed forward with his then career-endangering determination to make Hitler as laughable as possible. The result is Tomanian dictator Hynkel, a duplicitous, garbage-spouting, hate-filled, petty little monster who's almost as puffed up as the inflatable globe he dances with. A pretty spot on impression then.

How To Kill This Basterd?

Fate unknown. He's mistaken for his Jewish-lookalike Shultz (also Chaplin) and arrested, while Shultz gets to impersonate Hynkel and reverse his fascist hate-policies. Score 1:0 to the disgusting Jewish acrobat.

5: Standartenführer Hans Landa
(Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Bastards)

Cheerful, charming, cunning and completely camp, Landa's like a Nazi Rob Brydon, but less annoying and more genocidal. His uncanny ability to track down and exterminate Europe's Jews is aided by a coal-souled empathy, devoid of sympathy and compassion. 'The Jew Hunter' steals the whole movie, by virtue of being the best-written and most-complex character in it and, accordingly, was so hard to cast that Tarantino almost called off the whole bloody affair when he couldn't find the right man.

How To Kill This Basterd?

Does QT give Landa the "Injun Haircut" he deserves or a lingering fate perhaps worse than death? Now that would be telling...

4. Dr. Christian Szell
(Sir Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man)

"A live, freshly-cut nerve is infinitely more sensitive." The White Angel is pure compounded evil - he's not just a Nazi but a dentist to (jack)boot. He sharpened his skills in Auschwitz by removing the diamonds from the teeth of Jews in exchange for their safe passage, then mercilessly betrayed them to the gas chambers anyway. Poor Babe Levy, his next patient, might just feel a little twinge. "Is it safe?"

How to kill this Basterd?

Greed is a killer, and so it proves when Szell accidentally stabs himself with his own hidden blade while diving after his precious, extremely unsafe diamonds.

3. Franz Liebkind
(Kenneth Mars in The Producers)

He wasn't stupid, he was a smartie, so he joined the Nazi Party. The writer of 'Springtime For Hitler' has an ear that's as tin as his hat and a soft spot for horrible vermin - the only thing he fancies more than his pigeons is the Fuhrer. "Hitler, there was a painter! He could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon! Two coats!"

How To Kill This Basterd?

Unlikely, as he's nigh on indestructible, surviving a suicide attempt and a close encounter with a bomb. He's still standing at the end of the movie, even though he is covered head-to-toe in a plaster cast.

2. Dr Strangelove
(Peter Sellers in Dr Stangelove)

Well you'd have to be a Nazi to appreciate the majestic awfulness of a Doomsday Device, and this Teuton's solution to the imminent end of civilization - taking a small select group of males deep underground idea with a gaggle of nubile mates - merely takes the idea of the master race to the next level. Sellers was so brilliant at improvising on set that even the clinically methodical Stanley Kubrick gave his star room to improvise.

How To Kill This Basterd?

Mutually assured self-destruction. It's the end of the world as he knows it, but at least he's magically regained the use of his legs.

1. Major Arnold Ernst Toht
(Ronald Lacey in Raiders Of The Last Ark)

Like the best movie Nazi's, Toht doesn't believe in the power of the Ark, he just believes in power. Just in case you didn't get the idea, Toht or Tod is German for death. His charming way with a coat hanger, less charming way with a red-hot poker, sinister giggle and sweaty, waxy complexion would make even hardened Nazi's think twice about letting him babysit their kids.

How To Kill This Basterd?

The Wrath Of God. It melts his face like a Jimmy Page solo while he screams like a girl. Bet the creepy bugger believes now. Gut tod, ya?

Museum of Image and Sound to Stand as Rio de Janeiro's Next Beachside Attraction

By Adrian Covert

If you're gonna hang out on the beaches of Rio, you wanna look your best, because everyone there is basically a model. TheMuseum of Image and Sound, designed by Diller Scofidio+Renfro looks like it just rolled out of bed.

Luckily, this is a building and not a person (in case you didn't notice). As such, the frumpy, wrinkled, bed-headed look is pretty awesome, even if it seems a bit out of place next to slightly less modern apartment buildings. Dezeen says the Museum of Image and Sound is expected to have seven levels more or less, with space for galleries, conference rooms, auditorium and food+drink. Oh yeah, there will also be an outdoor movie theater on the ROOF. Yes.






Construction will be finished sometime in 2011—at which time I will be purchasing a flight direct to Rio. Be sure to check out more photos over at [Dezeen].