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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pow! Honk Kong

Funny Internet Helpdesk Videos

La Tomatina - tomato fight

La Tomatina - Tomato Fight Festival in Bunol

click to see more of this annual crazy event in Bunol, Spain, a ton of pics and videos


Web cam Dashboard

this was a request, very simply Webcams form around the world, very cool stuff

Best Skirt Ever

If every man is an island, why not your house

Chismillionare likes this spot in Greece. Variaam monastery

Da Moon

click pic for High-Res

MIT's latest prank on Harvard pays tribute to "Halo Day"

MIT's known for pranks, or hacks, against rival school Harvard (and sometimes even on their own campus). Their latest hack today enhances the John P. Harvard statue with a battle-ready Master Chief Spartan helmet and assault rifle (with a bullet count of 2E) in honor of Halo day. Other notable, and perhaps more difficult, hacks include assembling a painted MIT Campus Police car on top of their great dome, assembling a MIT Fire Department truck on their great dome, and a gigantic Triforce on top of the great dome. If they somehow got the Harvard Master Chief statue on top of their great dome, we'd declare this the best hack ever.