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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mother Nature: Swiss Ice Storm

New, Full Length Golden Compass Trailer!

October 10, 2007
by Alex Billington

The Golden Compass Trailer

By now you've heard about The Golden Compass, but are you excited to see it? This new, full length 3 minute trailer is long, epic, and exciting. It's obvious New Line is going 100% all-out, sparing no expense, hoping this will be the next Lord of the Rings. Like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter before it, The Golden Compass has a fairly strong fan base that will drive its hype more and more leading up to it. What it will all come down to is if the film delivers as much as enjoyment the trailer does. Can filmmaker Chris Weitz pull it off?

I suggest you also watch the previous Golden Compass teaser trailer from May as well. After watching the new trailer below, I'm very excited and definitely looking forward to it. I know it's going to be entertaining and enjoyable completely, I'm just not sure it can live up to Lord of the Rings. That's a very hard one to top in my book.

Please be patient and let the trailer fully load - it's a long trailer and the file size is big!

Watch the trailer for The Golden Compass:

You can also watch the Jimmy Carter Man from Plains trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

The Golden Compass is both written and directed by Chris Weitz, who has only directed Down to Earth and About a Boy previously. The Golden Compass is originally based on a series of books by Philip Pullman. The film will hit screens everywhere this winter on December 7th. The newest poster is featured below as well.

The Golden Compass


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July 10th, 2007

You might see it on store shelves and think it's a joke. It looks like cattle and tastes similar to beef, but that's only about half the story. Some Northwest ranchers are promoting beefalo as an alternative to what's for dinner. Ed Muir explains

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