But of all the wackiness, action and gadgets in Ghostbusters, most would agree that it would not have reached legendary heights without the talent of one man, Bill Murray, aka Peter Venkman – and here are 15 awesome moments to prove it.

The Paranormal Investigative Team, Grant Me Asylum/Stapler Me Death – Episode 1

1. ESP – The Opening Scene

Venkman conducts an experiment with students and ESP – always zapping the nerd, never zapping the hot chick. This is a classic Venkman life lesson: reward the hot chick.

2. “Don’t Cross the Streams”

This is for sure one of the most quotable quotes from the movie. Venkman, in his unscientific scientific way, needs some clarification on why it’s bad to cross the streams – think two guys peeing in the same place at the same time. Actually, don’t think that.

3. The Mayor’s Office

When the boys try to explain how dire the ghost situation is in the city, “biblical” is the only way to explain it. Venkman puts it ever so eloquently, “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

4. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Come on, tell me you didn’t come close to wetting your pants when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man got pissed. Luckily, Venkman smooths things over the only way he knows how: “We’ve been going about this all wrong. This Mr. Stay Puft’s okay! He’s a sailor. He’s in New York. We get this guy laid, we won’t have any trouble!”

5. Venkman Gets Real

“We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!” Laugh all you want at their funny gear, their hearse and their broken down headquarters, the Ghostbusters are cool. And after they proved that they were the only ones capable and gullible enough to tackle the most evil demons and survive, the city owed them some props.

6. Venkman Gets Slimed

“He slimed me.” Between Ghostbusters and Nickelodeon, the 80′s were all about “Getting Slimed.” It was fun. It was harmless. It was a rite of passage whether you were an awkward teen or a dorky Ghostbuster. But no one has worn it better than Peter Venkman.

7. Alice, the Librarian

Venkman is smooth with the ladies. He gets right to the heart of things without the usual mumbo jumbo a guy would use when picking up chicks. While interrogating their first victim, Alice the Librarian, he goes to the root of the problem with some key questions. “Are you menstruating?” When the library administration butts in, he simply says, “Back off, man. I’m a scientist.” The man deserves respect.

8. Venkman Gets Real

“This Chick Is Toast.” Regardless of how sexy, nimble or supernatural a woman may be, Peter Venkman knows just how to handle them. And when push came to shove, he wasn’t afraid to zap a woman who deserved it.

9. Peck Goes Dickless

When the character of Peck call’s out the boys for being frauds, Venkman confirms the fact that he is in fact, dickless. At least that’s what he heard. Bravo to Dr. Raymond Stantz for putting it out there, and hats off to his teammate for backing him up.

10. Venkman is Cool as a Cucumber

When the boys come to terms with the fact that their gear is untested, Venkman get’s snarky. “Why worry? Each of us is wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back.” Nerves of steel.

11. A Friend of The Key Master

When Venkman visits Zuul (Sigourney Weaver) he lets her know he is a friend of the Key Master, and maybe she should pick up the place. Never afraid and always willing to forgive a woman’s shortcomings, Venkman is a chameleon when it comes to dating. He’s anything you want him to be. And he’s always up for anything – even the coming of Gozer.

The Paranormal Investigative Team, Dead and Breakfast – Episode 2

The Paranormal Investigative Team, Ghostus Interruptus – Episode 3

Jason Horton is a New Jersey native breaking all the rules in Hollywood. He is an actor, writer, comedian, and improviser performing sketch and improv comedy weekly at both iO West & the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He is also frequently in the top 100 viewed comedians on YouTube. He also wants pizza, now.