When a German brewery announced it had beaten the British held world record for the strongest beer, it was a matter of national pride to win it back.

The beer wars (yes we're going there) started back in November when Scottish firm Brew Dog launched a 32% abv brew, called Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the world's strongest beer.

It instantly took the record from the German brewer Schorschbräu's Schorschbock 31 (a measly 31% abv) - a fact the Germans were non too happy about.

In fact, they spent the next couple of months creating Schorschbock 40, which unsurprisingly came in at 40% and was released a couple of weeks ago, taking the record back east to Germany. It was good, too.

But now the Scots have hit back with a 41% volume ale, aptly named 'Sink The Bismarck!' which will sell for £40 per 330ml bottle and more importantly bring the record back to Blighty.

James Watt of Brew Dog said: "This is just an amazing experience on your palate, there is so so much bitterness there it punishes you.

"There's a sweetness from the malt and there is an avalanche of hops coming at you. Wolfgang is not going to like this."

The beer launch was also accompanied by a light-hearted video jibe at the Germans. Keep reading for that and our league of some of the strongest beers in the world...

Schorschbock 40 - Germany - Schorschbräu - 40% abv - £45 per bottle

Guess where the first place in the UK was to get their mitts on this German potion. Scotland!

The West brewery and bar on Glasgow Green sold 25ml tots of the German brew - which had an alcohol content of 40 per cent - for £10.

Owner Petra Wetzel decided to import Schorschbock 40 after Fraserburgh firm BrewDog launched their 32 per cent alcohol beer Tactical Nuclear Penguin (below).

Petra, from Bavaria, Germany, said: "Schorschbock 40 has a totally unique flavour that will appeal to any beer connoisseur. You have to drink it like whisky, although it really tastes like beer. It's a bit like light, golden beer. There are only 40 bottles of it in the world. We have two. We are restricting sales of Schorschbock to one measure per customer." Harsh... but probably wise.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin - UK - Scotland - Brew Dog - 32% abv - £30 per bottle

Madcap Scottish brewing maestro Brew Dog launched the then world's strongest beer to a volley of criticism from health chiefs, back in November 2009.

The 32% abv brew, called Tactical Nuclear Penguin (great name), took over the mantle as the world's strongest beer from German concoction Schorschbraerm (a measly 31% abv).

The incredible strength was attained when the beer, which started life as a 10 percent imperial stout, was aged for 16 months in two different whisky casks before being stored in a freezer at a ball-shriveling -20°C for three weeks.

Schorschbock 31 - Germany - Schorschbräu - 31% abv - £45 per bottle

This eisbock beer is made by freezing a doppelbock brew then removing the ice to concentrate the flavour and alcohol content. It is deep copper in colour with ruby highlights and tastes intensely hoppy and sweet.

The bock is a traditional brew that goes back to the 14th century, when apparently, binge drinking was still a bit of a problem.

Sam Adam's Utopias - USA - Boston Beer Company - 24% abv - £56 per bottle

Not only is it one of the strongest beers in the world, Samuel Adams Utopias is also among the world's most expensive. Only 8,000 of the limited edition brew were made and came in this odd copper kettle (left).

Boston Beer Company, the brewer responsible for Utopias, said the beer was designed to be enjoyed slowly as an after dinner tipple.

Brewery founder Jim Koch said: "We are passionate about brewing quality, one-of-a-kind beer that amazes beer lovers and aficionados alike."

World Wide Stout - USA - Dogfish Head - 23% abv - £12 for 6 (plus £25 p&p)

This burly little stout is a pitch black malty number designed for sipping rather than gulping. Head retention can be a problem due to it's hefty alcohol content, but by the time you've finished a bottle you probably won't care.

This Delaware based brewers has garnered a reputation for supremely crafted ales in a very short space of time since they started churning out beers in 1995.

Tokyo - UK - Brew Dog - 18.2% abv - £47.35 for 24

According to the Brew Dog website this Stout was inspired by Space Invaders.

They also claim: "The irony of existentialism, the parody of being and the inherent contradictions of post-modernism, all so delicately conveyed by the blocky, pixelated arcade action have all been painstakingly recreated in this bottles contents."

Which oddly makes us want to try it. We've never tasted contradiction before, well apart from, like, kinder eggs.