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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wii Fit

Tahoe Hybrid boosts Fuel economy 25% on 15/21 mpg average

Chismillionare likes the green and likes big vehicles, so naturally this is good stuff. This is where Hybrids should shine- doing work! Displacement on demand and a Hybrid- now just make it a direct injection twin turbo diesel instead of a sissy 5.3l V8 and we're in business.
So expect 19 City 25 highway

2008 Harley Davidsons are out

While Chismillionare is a big fan of the V Rod, he took special note of the Screamin Eagle Road King with the 110 Cubic Inch air cooled V twin engine and six speed transmission.

Also of note the new custom chopper look of the Rocker and Rocker C

Pole vaulter misses mat

Makes no sense- we have ladders to get over things. I have no sympathy for those who injure themselves in this fashion. Same goes for trampoline accidents. - Watch more free videos

Didn't know about it, now I do. I think we are all better off now.

2009 Jaguar XKR With JaguarDrive - Dials and Switches

In the C-XF, the shift dial is rendered in solid aluminum and set within concentric polished aluminum rings, all of which are embedded flush with the transmission tunnel. The rings around the dial spiral downward, one by one, about an inch once the driver—or passenger, we suppose—presses the throbbing red start button (said to evoke the “heartbeat” of the car), leaving the dial right in the palm of the hand. The rings motor back up when the engine is shut off. OooOOOOooh.

Now, while the multiple rings don’t appear to have translated into this development mule, nor can we tell if the dial will rise or the surround piece will fall (or both?), it is clear that the dial will become a new Jaguarism. It also appears that the ignition button won’t throb, which is just as well. We also hope JaguarDrive’s mounting piece is more lovingly integrated in production.
Tranny Remains Intact
Importantly, JaguarDrive does not indicate the presence of a whole new transmission, but is merely an aesthetically appealing—not to mention Bond-like—way to actuate the current Jaguar automatic.

Jessica Biel in GQ

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Baby mammoth discovery unveiled

World’s largest telescope to make first observations Friday

Green Bus - runs on Veg Oil

I saw this at Deveroux Beach in Marblehead yesterday, came all the way from Cali.

New England Sand Sculpting Festival on Revere Beac