We've rounded up a few videos of would-be thieves getting a little comeuppance from marks who fought back. Think of it as When Victims Attack. Brutal? Maybe. Unquestionably satisfying to watch? Definitely.

The Bicycle Thief, aka, "Don't steal bikes, bro."

How Not to Rob Someone
This mugger masquerades as a good Samaritan and then grabs a traveler's cash. He is promptly "thanked" with a beatdown on a staircase and strangled into unconsciousness.

Beauty Shop Beatdown
This thug tried to rob a beauty school run by 30 women. His biggest mistake? Bringing a gun to a curling-iron fight.

Biker Bar Robbery Ends Predictably
Two thieves hold up an Australian club, and they would have gotten away with it too ... if it wsn't for the gang of 50 hardcore bikers that bum-rushed and hog-tied them.

Armed Robber Knocked Out
A stick brawl erupts in this convenience store. Watch as the owner one-shots the unlucky robber in the back of the head, knocking him out cold.

Store Clerk Attacks Thief With a Hammer
Convenience store workers often protect themselves with guns and bats. This guy's weapon of choice? A hammer.