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Monday, September 24, 2007

Macgregor has it right

And this scene from the Octagon proves it. Sho Kosugi was one of my heroes as a kid, but Norris owns him here.

Ninjas vs. Pirates


Posted Jan 10, 2006

When the most archetypal enemies in the universe clash for the ultimate battle, lives and love are on the line. This could be the most epic and important film of this century. Directed by Micah Moore (

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Chuck Norris round house kicks both Ninja and Pirate!

What $30 gets you in Alabama

You can't even make this up.
Sweet Ho's Alabama

The Dude Abides

Ninjas beat pirates hands down

Pirates are better than Ninjas

Lilly: The World Map Master Baby Genius

Women Of Israeli Army #2

This is why I love Holland

Prince Charles opens cannabis garden

Prince Charles opens cannabis garden

Article from: AAP

By Amy Caulfield

September 22, 2007 12:07pm

THE Prince of Wales will today open the only public garden in Britain to be allowed to grow cannabis.

The Prince will officially open the second phase of The Alnwick Garden, in Alnwick, Northumberland, which includes the UK's only public poison garden, growing plants such as cannabis and coca under lock and key.

Earlier in the day, Charles will visit Alnwick Castle, where he will present the country's only Territorial armoured reconnaissance regiment with its first consecrated flag.

The first phase of The Alnwick Garden, which has cost £35.1 million ($A82.04 million) to construct, was officially opened by the Prince in October 2002.

This afternoon, he will view the second phase of the project, which also contains the world's largest wooden tree house, a unique set of water sculptures that combine physics with the arts and an imposing pavilion designed by architect Sir Michael Hopkins.

In the morning, Charles will present The Queen's Own Yeomanry Regiment with its first regimental guidon - a flag of crimson silk damask embroidered and fringed with gold, with the regimental battle honours emblazoned upon it and the regimental emblem embroidered in the centre.

The Queen's Own Yeomanry is a formation reconnaissance regiment in the Royal Armoured Corps and was formed in 1971.

It is made up of five sabre squadrons administered from a regimental headquarters in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

In his role as patron of the Prince's Trust, Charles will also meet Prince's Trust volunteers from the North East.

1 GB 20 years ago vs. Today

F18 Fly by


Our Solar System

What's the standard dosage for pot?

What's the standard dosage for pot?

Hydroponics in action
Anne Cusack
HYDROPONICS IN ACTION: Andrea Nagy tends the marijuana plants she grows at her medicinal dispensary in Thousand Oaks.

Washington state allows a 60-day supply of medical marijuana. Now the Legislature wants to know how much that is. Any ideas?
By Lynn Marshall, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

September 23, 2007
SEATTLE — Patients using marijuana for ailments ranging from chronic back pain to cancer are allowed by Washington state law to possess a two-month supply of the drug. But medical marijuana doesn't come with a standard dose or even a standard method of taking the drug.

The 1998 law has never spelled out how much usable pot nor how many plants make up a 60-day supply.


Now the Legislature has demanded an answer to the question by July, and the state is holding hearings to ask experts and citizens for their opinions on how to determine a two-month supply.

"There is so much you will have to take into account," says Joanna McKee, founder of Seattle's Green Cross Patient Co-op. "What about people who eat it? How different is the amount they need from people who smoke it?"

McKee was one of many who spoke at a state health department public meeting this month in Seattle. More than 100 people attended, and about 45 people spoke. Another meeting in Spokane drew similar numbers.

Most people at the meetings were clearly medical marijuana advocates. So are most who have posted comments on a Washington Department of Health website, but a few have written to express dismay at any use of marijuana. "It is a waste of our time and resources to address this non-issue," reads one such comment.

But the issue is crucial for patients who use medical marijuana.

"What has ended up happening is that in each county, law enforcement effectively decides what constitutes a 60-day supply," says attorney Alison Holcomb, Marijuana Education Project director for the state ACLU. "And in some counties, that amount has been set at zero."

Of the 12 states that protect medical marijuana patients from state prosecution, Washington is the only one without clear guidelines on the amount a patient or designated caregiver is allowed to possess.

Those amounts are different in almost every other state. Oregon allows the largest supply -- 24 ounces or six mature plants -- and several states only allow patients to have one ounce of usable marijuana on hand. In California, state law sets a limit of 8 ounces or six mature plants, but cities and counties are free to establish higher guidelines.

Dr. Gregory T. Carter, a professor of rehabilitative medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine who studies the effects of marijuana in treating patients with ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, says that all of these codified limits may be too low.

"There are so many variables here. Even if you just look at smokers, you have to look not only at the quality of the pot, but also at the efficiency of the smoker," he says. "Some people are better smokers than others."

Carter and several colleagues studied the dose amounts used on a federal study of medical marijuana, which has been in progress for more than 30 years. Based on this, he says that a 60-day supply works out to nearly 4 1/2 pounds per patient -- far more than the amount allowed by any state.

And, he says, "that's probably a pretty conservative estimate."

Tom McBride, executive secretary of the Washington Assn. of Prosecuting Attorneys, welcomes the change in the law. "It doesn't make sense for a judge or prosecutor to have to determine how much a sick person needs -- that's a medical decision, and I've always felt it should be made by a doctor."

McBride says he isn't worried about a high limit shielding recreational pot dealers.

"Under Washington law," he says, "group growing and distribution isn't legal, and codifying a 60-day supply won't change that."

Many advocates hope the state will ultimately allow patient co-ops to grow and distribute medical pot, as is the case in some parts of California. But no one expects that to happen here any time soon.

Bruce Mirken is director of communications at the Marijuana Policy Project, a national nonprofit group that works for both medical and recreational marijuana policy reform. He worries that Washington's new definition will be set too low, but at the same time emphasizes that safe access remains the larger issue for all medical marijuana patients.

"It's going to remain a problem, as long as the federal government remains hostile to medical marijuana," he says.

That worry was reflected in many of the comments offered at the Seattle meeting.

Caroline Welch, 47, was one of the first to tell her story. Diagnosed with stage-three ovarian cancer earlier this summer, Welch attributes much of her ability to withstand her treatment to medical marijuana.

"There were people producing it for me before I knew I'd even need it," she says. "It would have taken me till next summer to cultivate the plants, get the knowledge base. There is no way that I could have done it."

McKee, of the Seattle patient co-op, said she had worked with thousands of medical marijuana patients over the years. "I have never seen anyone with a 60-day supply. I have seen people with a few ounces, a few plants," she said.

Public comments on the issue will be accepted until the end of the year, and in early 2008, the department of health will publish a proposed rule. The final rule must be in place by July, which is also the deadline for the health department to report back to the Legislature on the issue of safe access to medical marijuana.

The miracle of opposable thumbs wroughts?

Way over the top Chismillionare style: OceAnco yachts

Huge Rock near a gravel pit on Hwy.25

I'm told that there is a huge rock near a gravel pit on Hwy.25 in rural Iowa ..

For generations, kids have painted slogans, names, and obscenities on this rock, changing its character many times.

A few months back, the rock received its latest paint job, and since then it has been left completely undisturbed.

It's quite an impressive sight.

Be sure to scroll down and check out the multiple photos (all angles) of the rock.

I thought the flag was draped over the rock, but it's not. It's actually painted on the rock too.

Here's the artist
Ray "Bubba" Sorensen.

Thank you!

" God Bless America "

Chismillionare's Monday Deal of the week!

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The millionaire's free Mac software post was great - now for the PC side - a pretty comprehensive list is here.