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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wheelchair Lacrosse a Hit with Palo Alto Vets

It could be the next big sport to hit the Paralympic circuit: wheelchair lacrosse... coming to a VA near you.
By Aaron Selverston

With only two organized teams in the country, wheelchair lacrosse remains in its infancy, but organizers at a demonstration for veterans at the Palo Alto VA insisted the sport would become the next paralympic hit.

More info at:

NorCal Wheelchair Lacrosse Team Page

Amazing Ping Pong Cup Shots 8 (⑧) - "Child Ping Pong Master" - ORIGINAL 1080P HD

Song is Flowering Night (SWR) by Zun/Team Shanghai Alice

56 Amazing Ping Pong "Beer Pong" Trick Shots
0:06 1:34 1:43 1:53 2:13 thanks to !
0:10 thanks to !

The people in the video are actually 14 and 13 but I guess people think it's cooler if it was a 12 year old so whatever no problem or anything x3

Song Info: Sakuya Izayoi's theme from Touhou: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody made by ZUN (creator of all the Touhou games and music)

First glasses-free 3D smartphone arrives on AT&T

By Raymond Wong

First glasses-free 3D smartphone arrives on AT&T

Here we go. It's smartphone season and everybody's going for dual-core this and four-inch screen that. This puppy right here is taking a page from Nintendo's 3DS — the LG Thrill 4G will be the first U.S. smartphone to boast a glasses-free 3D screen.

It's been a big wave this week for AT&T, but luckily for fans of LG and Android the Thrill 4G will be landing. The Thrill 4G's main attraction is obviously its glasses-free 3D 4.3-inch screen and dual 5-megapixel cameras capable of shooting 3D photos and high definition 720p video. If 3D is not your cup of tea, 2D recording will top out at full HD 1080p resolution.

Under the hood you'll find a dual-core 1GHz processor, 8GB of internal storage and an included 16GB microSD card. As its name implies, the Thrill 4G will also be a 4G smartphone with which you can expect blazing download and upload speeds.

Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, with AT&T only hinting at a release in the coming months, but overall the Thrill 4G sounds like a slick and powerful smartphone. What do you think? Does glasses-free 3D have a better chance at surviving than regular 3D that require glasses?

Update: Check out our hands-on with the Thrill for more, as well as our coverage of the Thrill's main contender, Sprint and HTC's EVO 3D

Gallery: Internet Explorers 1 Through 9

By Alexis Madrigal

Internet Explorer 1, 1995

Internet Explorer 1, 1995
CLICK IMAGE ABOVE for Full Gallery:

Full Screen
Internet Explorer 1, 1995 Internet Explorer 2, 1995Internet Explorer 3, 1996Internet Explorer 4, 1997Internet Explorer 5, 1999Internet Explorer 6, 2001Internet Explorer 7, 2006Internet Explorer 8, 2009Internet Explorer, 2011

Note that the backgrounds of all web pages were this wonderful gray.

When Internet Explorer 1 came out in 1995, Mark Zuckerberg was 11 years old, and Microsoft dominated the software world. Earlier this week, just 16 years later, the company released Internet Explorer 9, its most ambitious design revamp in a long time. In-between, the web came of age, bubbled and burst. Google was birthed. Facebook, Twitter and social media exploded. Broadband became ubiquitous among the wealthier classes. A lot has changed on and around the web.

So, go back in time with us, and take a look at the evolution of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Click here for Full Gallery Slideshow:

The Hobbit Begins Filming, First Photo From The New Zealand Set!

Author: Josh Tyler


It’s an exciting time to be a movie fan. Filming on the first of The Hobbit films began today in New Zealand. To celebrate the production has not only released a first look at director Peter Jackson climbing back into his Hobbit hole, but they’ve also launched an official Hobbit production blog.

The first three Lord of the Rings movies revolutionized the way fans connect with the movies they’re excited about with unprecedented, never before since duplicated access behind the scenes video, images, and access straight from the New Zealand set. Since then Hollywood has drifted away from letting us all in to the world behind the screen, but hopefully The Hobbit blog will bring it all back. To kick things off, here’s your first look at Peter Jackson on The Hobbit set!

Peter Jackson re-enters Bag End.
If those photos look at all familiar, it's probably because Peter Jackson took a very similar photo during the start of filming on Lord of the Rings, now more than a decade ago. Here's that photo of Peter Jackson in Bag End, striking a similar pose while filming Fellowship of the Ring:

For more on The Hobbit, including the movie's new official synopsis and complete cast list, visit its page in our Blend Film Database.