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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jude Law Gets Bloody in the Restricted Trailer for Repo Men

Jude Law hits theaters soon as Dr. Watson opposite Robert Downey, Jr. in 'Sherlock Holmes.' But on April 2, 2010, Law's got something completely different in mind -- harvesting high-tech organs from deadbeat patients in the futuristic action-thriller 'Repo Men.' That's right, and we've got the gritty, blood-splattered restricted trailer to prove it. The only catch is, Law's character Remy awakens to find out he's the recipient of a top-of-the-line heart. When he can’t pay for it, his company sends his former partner Jake (Forest Whitaker), to hunt him down and collect. But wait there's more - check out the hot-off-the-presses 'Repo Men' poster below. Don't forget to tell us what you think!

“Family Guy’s” 14 Greatest Star Wars Spoofs So Far



When it comes to Star Wars spoofs, nobody comes close to “Family Guy” (except maybe “Robot Chicken,” but they aren’t on a real network). And with “Family Guy’s” latest Star Wars send up, “Something Something Darkside,” hitting stores, we thought we’d take a look at the greatest Star Wars spoofs the “Family Guy” has done so far. So hold on to your Jawas and try not fart as we take you to a “Family Guy” galaxy that’s far, far away…
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Darth Vadeer, Meter Maid
On Earth, this would be Vader's real life. The only thing missing is a scene of him playing a Cthulhu-themed role-playing game with a bunch of other middle-aged men.
Seth MacFarlane vs. Seth Green
It may have beaten “Family Guy” to the punch on Star Wars spoofs, but “Robot Chicken” is still just a bunch of grown men playing with Star Wars dolls. Your move, Green. Click here to watch the clip on Hulu!
Star Wars Muzak
In Star Wars, even the elevators are action-packed. Well, at least in terms of elevators, they are.
The End
Well done, Peter. We're especially proud that you didn't fart. For a guy like you that's really saying something.
Something Something Something Something Darkside
Just in case you were wondering how the sequel got it's name, here's a clip of the Emperor delivering the titular line. Is it still a titular line if it's in a different movie? Well, anyway, he says it. And it became a title, so there.
Skywalker the Paggro Jerk

If Star Wars were like “America’s Next Top Model,” this scene would totally have been in it. That goes for any reality show, when you think about it. It even goes for any random moment from my life....minus the part about blowing stuff up. I don't want to attract the Department of Homeland Security's attention. Doo doodee doo.
Just Trying to Make an Mpeg
R2 does raise a good point. Why waste time dealing with a crappy OS when you can just make a robot do your work for you? Although he's probably not as persuasive as Lois's bosom. Unless he uses his lasers. It's amazing the things robots can do with lasers. Click here to watch the clip on Hulu!
The Dumpster Couch
Thank God the couch was just in an outer-space garbage pile and not a curb in Brooklyn, or Luke Skywalker would be having serious bed bug problems. And it's not easy to conquer evil when your body is covered with itchy red sores…not that we would know. It...was in the news...honest. Click here to watch the clip!
Obi-Wan's Floppy Dong...errr Lightsaber
Why is it okay for us to laugh at old man Herbert getting a boner from watching a child? Oh, right, it's probably the fact that he's a cartoon. Regardless of helping out his "lightsaber," it seems his love of little boys worked against him in the end. Maybe that's what really distracted the original Obi-Wan too. Click here to watch the video on Hulu!
R2D2 Gets Pissed
It feels like this is what would have been in the original movie if somebody could have translated. Why can't somebody program “Robot” into Google Translate? Or why couldn't they have just built a robot that talks. They clearly had the technology!
Vader's Real Estate Blunders
Darth Vader is clearly the last person you'd want to argue with about anything, especially bad real estate investments in Glendale. It really eats him up inside. Maybe it's his humble upbringing…or his never-ending quest for power.
Cantina Band Rocks Out The Only Way They Know How
Why do they only know one song? Surely they could have at least paid the composer to come up with eight more bars. Is that asking too much?
The Time of My Life
Here is Herbert the Pervert, America's most (only?) lovable pedophile, singing what has undoubtedly become the most touching tribute to Patrick Swayze in history. Sorry Jennifer Grey, this version is better. Plus, it doesn't confuse everyone by clearly being an 80's song set in a movie that was supposed to take place in the sixties. Storm Troopers doing choreographed dancing to it makes more sense than that.
Pardon Me....
It's nice to know that Grey Poupon humor is universal. Even the Jawas get it. Or else they were actually trading the mustard for other goods. That's probably more likely.

Forget the Tata Nano, Oklahomans can get a new electric car for $865!

When automotive talk turns cheap, the most common vehicle that comes up is the Tata Nano, which currently holds the title as the Cheapest New Car in the World and is only available in India. So, Americans, how would you like to snag a brand-new electric car for the low, low price of just $865 right here in the United States? If you happen to live in Oklahoma, you can do just that... sort of.

There's plenty of fine print, naturally. For instance, the electric car in question, the Kandi Coco, is really a Low Speed Vehicle (or LSV) that is capped by law to a top speed of 25 miles per hour and restricted to roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. And yes, it's made in China and looks something like half a Smart Fortwo. Still, the Coco carries an MSRP of $10,599 and you may be able to score one dirt cheap thanks to a couple of available state and federal rebates.

The first deduction comes from the federal government and cuts the price by $4,435. Next, the State of Oklahoma deducts another $5,299 from the starting price for a total rebate of $9,734. Do the math, and that equals one Kandi Coco for $865 – but only if you live in Oklahoma, and only if you make the purchase before the end of the year. Now... go out and get that giant red bow before it's too late. And don't forget about the free EV option.

[Source: Kandi via Automobile Magazine]

Ford agrees Volvo sale to Geely


Volvo S60 on display in Los Angeles
Volvo has been for sale for a year

Ford has agreed the terms of the sale of its Swedish business, Volvo Cars, to China's Geely.

Ford said "some work still remains to be completed" but the deal will be finalised early next year ahead of completion soon after Easter.

Ford put Volvo up for sale a year ago to help pay off its debt and make its business more focused.

Geely was named preferred bidder in November. If completed, it will be the largest purchase by a Chinese car firm.

Emily Young, Business reporter, BBC News

Agreement has been reached at last. Volvo will almost certainly be sold to Geely.

The question for Volvo is whether its new Chinese owner will do more for the marque than Ford did.

On one level, the decade-long US-Swedish partnership can be seen as a successful. They benefited from each other's technology and expertise.

But although many new models have been introduced in recent years, Volvo sales have not increased much.

That may change under Geely, which will market Volvo in the fast-growing Chinese market.

Ford said that while the "substantive commercial terms" had been settled, financing still needed to be completed and government approval was also necessary.

The update on the sale is necessary for Geely to apply for government approval of the deal and with it, it is thought, the firm's financial backing.

No details were given of how much the deal is worth, but it is widely rumoured that Geely will pay Ford $2bn (£1.2bn; 1.4bn euros), less than a third of the $6.45bn Ford paid for Volvo in 1999.

Ford said it expects to continue co-operating with Volvo Cars, but did not intend to retain a shareholding in the business after the sale.

Benefits for all

Industry observers say the sale is good news for Volvo.

Volvo dealer in China
First Volvo made in 1927
Bought by Ford in 1999
Employs 20,000 worldwide
In 2008 sales fell 18.3% to 374,297

"In theory, the Chinese market could be an opportunity for Volvo," Nomura's auto specialist Michael Tyndall said.

"It's a well-known brand, has a good heritage and a range of products that should appeal to the Chinese consumer."

Equally, the deal should help Geely get into the Western market.

It is thought that the main sticking point in the talks between Ford and Geely had been disagreement about how to deal with intellectual property rights - setting the parameters of Geely's use of Volvo's technology, such as its famous safety equipment, and the extent and cost of using any technology needed from Ford's research.

Moving to China

Professor David Bailey from the Coventry Business School said that he expects much of the Volvo production to be moved to China, which recently overtook the US to become the world's largest market for cars.

Founded in 1986
Started as refrigerator parts supplier
Employs 12,000
Production capacity of 300,000 cars a year

"I would expect development and research to remain in Sweden, and maybe some production, but the big scale production will probably come from China," he said.

"In the long run the question is whether they can continue to develop Volvo's safety profile and advanced engineering technology" he added.

Geely said that Volvo would continue to lead the trend of world auto technology in safety and environmental protection.

"It will quickly increase its unique competitive status in the Chinese market," the firm added.

10 Reasons why A Christmas Story Is the Best Christmas Movie Ever

By Staff | Wednesday, December 23, 2009

According to star Peter Billingsley, director Bob Clark had to agree to direct other schlocky films for distributor MGM and put up cash out of his own pocket to get A Christmas Story made. It’s a good thing he saw his vision through – what would Christmas be without Jean Shephard’s festive, wholehearted tale of the ups and downs of the holiday season as seen through the eyes of a bright-eyed child? A whole lot more empty, that’s for sure. Below are some of the reasons why A Christmas Story went from an underrated, critically divisive picture to the greatest Christmas movie that we’ve ever received, or ever will receive.

10. The Scut Farkus Affair

For every heavy-set tween who’s been rolled down a hill, for every acne-covered high school audio-visual-club kid who’s been trapped inside his own locker, seeing the yellow-eyed, yellow-toothed bully, Scut Farkus, turn yellow as Ralphie Parker pummels him in retribution was a universal score for the proverbial little guy. It was the slap heard around Hammond, Indiana.

9. The Bunny Outfit

Some moms tell you to put on your Sunday’s best for the Holiday. Mrs. Parker, oblivious to the humiliation she was putting her son through, ordered him to don the hot pink bunny pajamas his Aunt Clara made for him. Millions of fans hiss at the thought of having to sport that ridiculous get-up; luckily, the Old Man, despite his shortcomings, saved his boy from continued torture.

8. "I Triple-Dog Dare Ya!"

There have been numerous schoolyard attempts at disproving the infamous tongue-to-flagpole theory. They’ve all ended with the cops and fire department on hand to unhinge would-be thrill-seekers like Flick. It remains one of the most memorable sequences in Bob Clark’s holiday staple.

7. Nothing says Christmas like Peking Duck

Those blasted Bumpus hounds almost ruined the Parker family’s Christmas, but the old man wouldn’t let the mangy mutts have the last laugh. Instead, the whole gang hot-tailed it to the Chop-Suey Palace, where a soon-to-be-headless Christmas duck was on the menu. You may not want to make it a tradition, but it’s always fun to hear an 'alternative' take on Deck the Halls!

6. “Oh, Fudge”

Only he didn’t say "fudge." Thanks to Ralphie Parker, every foul-mouthed youngster knows what to do when caught dropping an F-bomb: Blame it on your best friend. [0:00-1:45 of the video to the right]

5. "Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine"

Growing up is tough on a kid. When you reach a certain age, you find out that Santa Claus isn’t real and your whole world is shattered. When Ralphie discovered that his Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring was merely a means of marketing chocolate milk, he learned a valuable lesson about the world.

. Peter Billingsley

Who says child stars always end up drug addicts? Well, OK, most of them do (we’re looking at you, Danny Bonaduce). Perhaps one of the most nostalgic things about re-watching A Christmas Story years after your first viewing is the knowledge that little Ralphie Parker grew up to be a successful, stand-up guy – producer of films like Iron Man and Four Christmases and director of this year's hit comedy Couples Retreat. Now that’s a Hollywood ending.

3. Santa in Wonderland

I’ve heard of children being scared of Santa before, and this trippy visit to the local mall Santa justifies that fear. Ralphie has to endure what could only be described as a Tim Burton-like run-in with the Claus, complete with fun-house-mirror North Pole rejects, a rushed-gift wish list and a spiraling slide of shame –effectively tarnishing his holiday spirit. This is every kid’s worst nightmare and one of the funniest scenes in the movie.

2. “NottaFinga!"

The old man's prized posession – the leg lamp – broken into a million little pieces. Who can say if Mrs. Parker broke the lamp on purpose? Only she knows for sure. What we do know is the box from which the lamp came was was marked 'Fragile' (frageeeley) and that may be the greatest foreshadowing in film history.

1. “You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"

Even if you haven't seen A Christmas Story (all eight of you), you're probably familiar with this iconic line. Since 1983, it’s become every mother's default response to almost all things projectile and they will use it to shoot down any attempts for a tyke to get his or her hands on “an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time.” Even though Ralphie’s mother, teacher and Santa Claus himself advised him not to mess with the coveted BB gun, you just can't stop a kid from dreaming.

20 years of awesome musical “the simpsons” guests

Posted by gary tijuana


all through 2009, the simpsons have been celebrating an amazing run of 20 years on tv. as the party winds down, here’s a look at some of the amazing (and often surprising) musical guests that the show has lined up through two decades of hilarity.

landing musical guests like yo la tengo, sonic youth, and smashing pumpkins (at their peak) is no small feat. neither is an uncredited guest spot by none other than michael jackson. but the top spot goes to a true legend who you’d never expect on this show. although he didn’t provide music, the episode where a johnny cash-voiced coyote takes homer simpson on a hallucinogenic journey to find his soul mate is truly one of the most amazing moments in animated television.

now… can you remember all the others?

fox is famously stringent with keeping user-submitted clips of the show off youtube and other online sites, but has they’ve placed a sizeable selection of snippets on hulu. if you get anxious for more (or need a can’t-miss present for someone), amazon’s got the hookup.