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Thursday, December 24, 2009

20 years of awesome musical “the simpsons” guests

Posted by gary tijuana


all through 2009, the simpsons have been celebrating an amazing run of 20 years on tv. as the party winds down, here’s a look at some of the amazing (and often surprising) musical guests that the show has lined up through two decades of hilarity.

landing musical guests like yo la tengo, sonic youth, and smashing pumpkins (at their peak) is no small feat. neither is an uncredited guest spot by none other than michael jackson. but the top spot goes to a true legend who you’d never expect on this show. although he didn’t provide music, the episode where a johnny cash-voiced coyote takes homer simpson on a hallucinogenic journey to find his soul mate is truly one of the most amazing moments in animated television.

now… can you remember all the others?

fox is famously stringent with keeping user-submitted clips of the show off youtube and other online sites, but has they’ve placed a sizeable selection of snippets on hulu. if you get anxious for more (or need a can’t-miss present for someone), amazon’s got the hookup.