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Friday, August 17, 2007

More (and better) reasons to watch Cobra

I'm still not really sure why this movie is on my mind, but it turns out I'm not the only fan - the folks over at have a pretty darn good write-up on the flick. If they don't make you want to watch this movie (again), well... nothing actually. I just like it.

Ten things that make COBRA one of the most underrated macho badass action movies of all time!

Collection of Man Hole Covers


Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 Breaks 200 mph

Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 Breaks 200 mph

A "so bad its good" movie recomendation

Its completely awful. The pinacle of 80's action flicks - horrible (yet wonderful) one liners abound. ("Chill out." from Stallone after blowing a bad guy away on top of the frozen food section, anyone?) Its got one of the 80's creepiest villains (the Night Slasher) with his bad ass knife:

And we can't forget Stallone's equally bad ass (and physics defying) 1950 Mercury. So sad to see that one go in the flick.

You can catch the car chase out here (but don't spoil it for yourself if you've never seen the movie)

Definitely not one to sit down and watch with the wife (or girlfriend), but if you've got a couple hours to kill and are at least a passing 80's action movie fan, this one gets a thumbs up (in a so awful that its good in a nostalgic way).

Ambergis Cay, Belize

You know what day it is

It is another Van Damme Friday

Liquid Kiss

The 2007 "Six Man" Volleyball Tourney Photo Essay

The 2007 "Six Man" Volleyball Tourney Photo Essay

Remember the AVP is coming to Marina Bay this weekend.

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High-Res pics form the Dark Knight

DarkNight PICS

Renewable Petrolium from microbes

David Berry, 29
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