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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

420 girl of the day: Trisha Uptown

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Beijing Olympics face another problem in run-up to the games _ too many squat toilets

Squat Toilets

The Beijing Olympics are being hit with another problem, at least by Western standards: too many squat toilets.

Beijing organizers have held more than 30 tests events, and the presence of squat toilets at many of the new and renovated venues has drawn frequent complaints. The issue came up again over the weekend when the San Diego Padres played the Los Angeles Dodgers at the new Olympic baseball venue. The portable toilets trucked in were the squat variety, the style used widely in Asia.

"We have asked the venues to improve on this, to increase the number to sit-down toilets," Yao Hui, deputy director of venue management for the Beijing organizers, said Wednesday. "Many people have raised the question of toilets."

Yao suggested it would be difficult to change every permanent toilet in the 37 venues, 31 of which are in Beijing. So he said the focus would be on satisfying three groups of visitors: athletes, journalists and the Olympic family, meaning primarily VIPs.

He said renovation was underway at the three most striking venues for the Olympics, the 91,000-seat "Bird's Nest" National Stadium, the "Water Cube" and the National Indoor Stadium. He said most of the toilets there "should be" the sit-down style.

Beijing is expecting about 500,000 foreigners to attend the Aug. 8-24 games.

"Most of the Chinese people are used to the squat toilet, but nowadays more and more people demand sit-down toilets," Yao said. "However, it will take some time for this transition."

Beijing is reported to be spending at least US$40 billion (€25.5 billion) on the venues and related infrastructure, all designed to feature a modern country that has grown in three decades to a political and economic powerhouse.

"I believe the Olympic games will be a great opportunity for us to speed up this transition," Yao added. "I believe the situation will get better and better."

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Watch Mario Kart Wii played with and without Wii Wheel

More than a month out from the release of Mario Kart Wii, MTV's Stephen Totilo was allowed to take the game for a (literal) spin, first employing the accompanying wheel accessory and then playing without. You can see the differences between the two with the aid of the above video and the sans wheel clip. . .

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Cool Stuff: Indiana Jones Artist Sketch Cards

The 90-card series will span the most memorable scenes from the original Indiana Jones trilogy with retro-inspired branding and packaging . While this is pretty cool by itself, that’s not exactly what caught my attention. It was the inclusion of Sketch cards…

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Stealthy Stars and Stripes

A pair of specially painted F-117 Nighthawks fly off from their last refueling by the Ohio National Guard's 121st Air Refueling Wing. Photographer: USAF Senior Master Sgt. Kim Frey Kim Frey, 121st Air Refueling Wing

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Mitsubishi’s new blu-ray player

Posted by Alex on 19th, 2008

Mitsubishi has just unveiled 2 new blu-ray players, sleek and stylish. The DVR-BZ200 with 500GB of internal HDD (which can deliver up to 880 hours of recording time) and the DVR-BZ100 with 250GB of internal HDD, support, obviously, AVC codec, but also AVCREC which allows you to record AVC to DVD (way cheaper than Blu-Ray discs).


But the 2 things that caught my eye and that set the new Mitsubishi blu-ray player apart remote.jpgfrom it’s competitors are the cool, slick mirror finish and the touchscreen remote controller which has a color display and flexible softkeys tailored for specific functions.

All in all this new blu-ray player promises to be great but, like all cool gadgets, it’s only for the Japan market (for now I hope).

Stoners Lack A Truly Great Movie About Weed

Hollywood has a general dislike for marijuana. Since 1969 they have failed to make a quality movie about the drug. Other drugs such as cocaine, alcohol and heroin seem to have many 'award winners.' Why not weed? Here are the 13 things necessary for Hollywood to make such a legendary movie about Mary Jane.

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Best Business Card of all Time

Great business cards

In case you can’t read the image, it says:


W. W. GREEN, President

Wars Fought Stud Service
Revolutions Started Tigers Tamed
Assassinations Plotted Bars Emptied
Governments Run Computers Verified
Uprisings Quelled Orgies Organized

I found this business card in an old book that I bought at a book sale. So I never met the person who made the card, and the mystery behind the business card remains intact. How many uncreative (boring) business cards have you seen in your life? This business card illustrates that a little bit of creativity can go a long way towards sticking in someone’s mind.

Nothing like a good Business Card:

Crop Advertising [pics]

These cropped lands looks interesting and very creative. If you have your own company you can think about that to advertise and promote it on this way, crop advertising. Check out the photos of those crop circles advertising which were taken from the sky.

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Suzuki S-Ride: a car that thinks it's a motorcycle

The Suzuki S-Ride features the kind of seating arrangement you'd see in a fighter jet: one person up front, one person in back. Who knows if this concept will ever be a reality. The S-Ride is aimed at a young crowd to whom the excitement of a motorcycle would appeal, but with the safety of a car. Check out the gallery for more pictures.

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I see Treehouse in it's future

is it 2-D or 3-D

Saints Rise Again with ‘Boondock’ Sequel

Boondock Saints

I am a very happy, happy movie fan today.

Troy Duffy, genius-to-be who was lost in the carnage that is Hollywood, as well as the writer/director of The Boondock Saints, has posted a video officially announcing the sequel that the entire cult following has been clawing and scratching for like Britney Spears at a “Free Crack Samples” stand — The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day.

There’s a documentary called Overnight that shows the story of Duffy and his band/friends/family as they blow up on the scene, selling Boondock and getting a record contract — followed by the seemingly immediate crash and burn as he tried too hard to make it all happen his way with some big wigs that just don’t take too kindly to being pushed. Anyone who has seen this movie will indeed worry about this sequel announcement and how it is ACTUALLY going. If Duffy has learned his lessons, I expect that it will go fine and we will see this play out… if he’s stuck with old habits, don’t go crazy just yet!

We’ll always wonder what the first movie would have been if it went as well as it looked like it was going to go; if Troy Duffy was to become the next huge thing, the next Tarantino, if they would have had all the budget and time they wanted… but would you really want it any different than it is now? Sure it’s got flaws and you can tell where budget and some better supporting cast could have helped, but the main characters and the way it all played out was some hard, rugged brilliance that this movie fan will always adore. I’m sure I’m not alone there.

As per the announcement, All Saints Day has been picked up by Sony Pictures Studios and is looking to start shooting this summer.

Fingers crossed that this happens as spoken!

Stay tuned kids.

Russia's 'Rambo' dies after shoot-out with police

A heavily armed recluse nicknamed Russia's Rambo of the Forest has been gunned down in a shoot-out with police.Alexander Bichkov, had lived a semi-feral existence in the woods for 20 years, terrorising locals and the police if they ventured near him.A giant at 6ft 7in with a wild straggly beard, the man lived in an old shack and self-made camps.

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Skysail Completes 12,000 Mile Journey and Proves Concept

Deployment of the 160 square-meter towing kite offset up to 20% of the engine’s power (and carbon emissions), saving an initial $1000 per day in fuel costs.

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Old China to German Drunks: 4 Anti-Cold Cocktails That Work

Here are four field-tested cold remedies -- including all-natural, over-the-counter, and drug-based -- that can help you prevent and get rid of colds.

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7 (More!) Abandoned Wonders of America [+PICS]

Ever see an impressive derelict structure and wonder just what itshistory is? Many abandonments across America are more historicallysignificant than most people realize, such as the home of the firstautomobile production line or the largest beer brewery in the US. FromAlaska to Virginia, here are seven more amazing abandonments ofAmerica.

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Rainbow iceberg in the Antarctic

While most icebergs are white due to tiny bubbles trapped inside, which scatter the light in every direction, some pick up a multitude of colours due to various natural phenomena.

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Google Code University - Free Training from Google

Want to learn how to program? Develop in mySQL? Enhance your skills as a developer or programmer or just learn the lingo. Tutorials, lecture slides, and problem sets for a variety of topic areas including AJAX, Distributed Systems, Web Security, Languages and a ton of other great classes - at no cost!

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MJ's Neverland

Everyone knows the Neverland Ranch, will be up for sale/auction.

here are some pics of the park

SL to join AMG's Black Series Lineuip

If you had any doubts that Mercedes-Benz intends to boost the sporting credentials of its facelifted SL roadster, you don't have to go any further than its upcoming SL65 AMG Black Series.

The two-seater is set to make its world debut at the German Grand Prix in July. Based on the SL65 AMG, the latest of AMG's Black Series models follows the route taken by the SLK55 AMG and CLK63 Black Series cars, with major changes to the mechanical package and bodywork--all aimed at boosting performance to a level that promises to see it challenge the 650-hp, supercharged 5.4-liter V8-powered McLaren-built SLR 722.

Details of the new Black Series car are scarce, though insiders indicate it gets a series of lightweight carbon-fiber panels and a fixed roof that brings additional rigidity to the body structure. Under the hood lurks a reworked version of the SL65 AMG's twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine, tuned to deliver in the vicinity of 680 hp.

"We could have easily got 720 hp without any significant modifications. In the end, though, we decided to dial it back," said an insider privy to the new car's development.

Separately, Mercedes-Benz's AMG division is planning to add twin turbochargers to its 6.2-liter V8. However, the new development is not about raising power, according to well-placed AMG insiders. Rather, the addition of turbochargers will accompany the introduction of direct injection, helping to boost efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

"There will be a slight increase in power, but really it's all about creating optimal conditions for the introduction of direct injection," a source said.

Fast Lane Daily

2000th Blog Post: a Special Van Damme Edition

iPhone Users Are Having More Fun

Stacey Higginbotham, Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 9:45 AM PT Comments (16)

New data from M:Metrics for the month of January confirms that folks who own an iPhone tend to do more entertaining things on their devices — such as watch video and visit social networks — than those who own smartphones. However February data from mobile ad network AdMob points out that iPhone users are still a relatively small part of the overall mobile phone market in the U.S. Good thing, otherwise we’d never get anything done.

Saudi 11-year-old marries 10-year-old cousin

An 11-year-old boy has married his 10-year-old cousin in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.
Mohammed al-Rashidi and his unidentified cousin will seal the marriage they contracted under the sharia laws of Islam and move in together after a ceremony to take place in the summer, Al-Shams newspaper said.
"I am ready for this marriage. It will help me study better," Mohammed, who goes to primary school in the northern province of Hail, was quoted as saying by Al-Shams.
"I invite all my classmates to do like me," the boy said, adding that he wanted to "crown a love story through marriage".
The schoolboy's father, Muraizak al-Rashidi, told the newspaper he was busy sending out invitations for a summer celebration to seal the marriage.
Dahim al-Jaber, the headmaster at Mohammed's school, said marriage at such a young age was "inappropriate" but wished the couple a happy life together.


Faces of Meth

Click on one of the pictures to see the toll meth has on it's users. Some are quite shocking.This stuff is no good!!

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18 Billion Suns : Biggest Black Hole in Universe Discovered

The biggest black hole in the universe weighs in with a respectable mass of 18 billion Suns, and is about the size of an entire galaxy.

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Vista SP1 officially released

Looks like all those rumors yesterday were true -- Microsoft has just posted up the official standalone version of Vista SP1

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