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Monday, October 1, 2007

20 Tools to Get the Junk Off Your PC

All that crud on your system is slowing it down and, likely as not, producing mysterious problems. Here are some great tools you can use to take out the trash!

Good stuff

7 Underground Wonders of the World: Labyrinths, Crypts, Catacombs and More

Paris 2

What motivates humankind to burrow deep into the Earth? From London to Paris, Budapest to Moscow, the USA to Australia, here are seven of the most amazing examples in the world. Some were built for military defense or shelter, many are abandoned while others thrive. These amazing images feature tunnels, caverns, labyrinths from seven underground location around the world.

following the acclaimed 7 Underwater Wonders and 7 Abandoned Wonders of the World.

7 Underground Wonders of the World: Labyrinths, Crypts, Catacombs and More

Youk & Papelbon do a JIG

Sunday recap-

NFL- Besides Favre breaking the all time touchdown record from Mr. Dan "Laces Out" Marino. the Biggest highlight has to be Donovan McNabb being sacked 12 times IN ONE GAME> That's like three or four years worth of sacks for Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. No wonder he's always throwing up and eating beef stew.

P.S. what are the odds San Diego even makes the playoffs right now. Colonel Sanders here and KC beat them down to 1-3. A tough tough climb. I don't think they can do it in that division.

MLB-- oh my goodness the METS. A Choke of epic proportions. At least that gets 1978 off the backs of Red Sox fans. One good thing about negative history, someone else can always come along and be worse-

Sox Party at Game On After clinching division

Sox Party At Game On!

Celebration After They Clinch The Division

Sox apparently brought the party to Game ON! hardcore last night after they clinched the division. Pretty cool to see everybody hanging out with the fans and getting trashed. I love how Coco was all business.

Check pics out here

Chismillionare's Monday Deal of the week

Klipsch iGroove HG Audio System For iPod 114.99 reg 249.99

The iGroove HG is a true two-way system that employs dual 2.5-inch woofers, crossovers and dual 1-inch MicroTractrix Horn-loaded tweeters. It is the only speaker system in this category utilizing horn technology, a design that reproduces genuine, lifelike sound as well as produce more output using less energy.