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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

iPhone-controlled beer cannon is the robot friend of our dreams

If your morning's been running low on a little thing called awesomeness, hurry past the break and gorge yourself on the stuff in the embedded videos. For the more patient among you, we'll set the scene. A young chap by the name of Ryan has repurposed an old mini-fridge from his college days into a beer-firing drone, which can accept instructions on beer brand, temperature, and destination, before launching it at the target with a force of 50psi. An embedded webcam assists the iPhone user in aiming the throws, while it's also said to record every toss and tweet it out for posterity as well. If this thing could slice bread, we'd probably offer to marry it.

World's oldest human remains claimed in Israel


December 28, 2010 The Qesem CaveEnlarge

A handout photo made available by Tel Aviv University spokesperson office shows the Qesem Cave near Rosh Haayin, in central Israel, where human teeth were found. According to Researchers from Tel Aviv University they have uncovered finds that indicate the existence of modern man (Homo sapiens) in Israel as early as about 400,000 years ago.

Israeli archaeologists have discovered human remains dating from 400,000 years ago, challenging conventional wisdom that Homo sapiens originated in Africa, the leader of excavations in Israel said on Tuesday.
Avi Gopher, of Tel Aviv University's Institute of Archaeology, said testing of stalagmites, stalactites and other material found in a cave east of Tel Aviv indicates that eight teeth uncovered there could be the earliest traces so far of our species.

"Our cave was used for a period of about 250,000 years -- from about 400,000 years ago to about 200,000 years ago," he told AFP.

"The teeth are scattered through the layers of the cave, some in the deeper part, that is to say from 400,000 years and through all kinds of other layers that can be up to 200,000 years. The oldest are 400,000 years old", he added."

Human teeth found in the Qesem Cave

A handout photo made available by the Tel Aviv University shows human teeth found in the Qesem Cave near Rosh Haayin, in central Israel. According to researchers from Tel Aviv University they have uncovered finds that indicate the existence of modern man (Homo sapiens) in Israel as early as about 400,000 years ago.
That calls into question the widely held view that Africa was the birthplace of , said Gopher, who headed the dig at Qesem Cave. 
"It is accepted at the moment that the earliest Homo sapiens that we know is in east Africa and is 200,000 years old, or a little less. We don't know of anywhere else where anyone claims to have an earlier sapiens," he said.

Gopher said the first teeth were discovered in 2006 but he and his team waited until they had several samples, then conducted years of testing, using a variety of dating methods, before publishing their findings.
Digging continues at the cave, the university said, with researchers hoping to "uncover additional finds that will enable them to confirm the findings published up to now and to enhance our understanding of the evolution of mankind, and especially the appearance of modern man."

(c) 2010 AFP


12 Totally Awesome (Yet Free) Photography Apps For Your iPhone

By AN Ja

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No matter how many applications you have installed on your iOS device, you are always on the lookout for the next free and fun iOS app and specially for photography apps that may help you capture and edit your photos taken from your iPhone. Thanks to countless iOS developers you have a plethora of such apps to choose from. To save your time that would otherwise be spent on searching for these apps, we present a wonderful list of  free and useful iOS applications for photography fans.
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LEGO Photo

Here’s an app to immortalize your favorite things and those special moments in LEGO form. Just point the camera, snap a pic, press the button, and watch the masterpiece build.

Panorama Free

Now you can take spectacular panoramic photos with your iPhone camera. This simple, easy to use camera app will allow you to take professional panoramic photos of anything you want.

Camera Fun

If you want to have fun with your iPhone camera, you can put Photoshop lens onto your iPhone camera and have a blast watching the world differently using Camera Fun.

Crop for Free

Crop for Free is a simple yet useful app for your iPhone because most of the time you would need to use any complex app for simple task like cropping the images.


You can make hilarious pics of your friends in unbelievable places like put them next to a charging bear, friendly sumo etc.


This app will help you recolor your photos by brushing with your finger to create amazing new artwork and effects. Create things like multicolored apples, blue lions, green polka dot strawberries, and so on. Your imagination is the
only limit.

HDR for Free

HDR (High Dynamic Range) images use a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of a scene than normal digital imaging techniques. Basically, for us non-technical folk, it makes images look sweet! Those lame and vanilla looking outdoor photos will look awesome.

Color Splash Free

Color Splash Free lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color.

MyEyes Free

My Eyes allows you to easily switch the eyes in your image and create new looks by choosing from different color, silly, and unique eyes. Have fun creating new images of yourself, your friends, or even your pets.

FilterFX for Free

Filter FX is an application that allows the user to enhance their photos using different filter effects. You will love this app if you like using the filters on photoshop, lightroom, camerabag, etc

Live Effects Cam

Live Effects is an advanced real-time camera application that lets you view fun, crazy and sometimes artistic effects live through your iPhone or camera equipped iTouch.

Most Popular…

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express software lets you use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos from your mobile device. Enjoy having your photo and video library right in your hand, without wasting your device’s valuable storage space. But the dropbacks of Adobe Photoshop Express are that most of the above effects can not be acheived with it.

Mortal Kombat Returns


I don’t know about you, but during the 90s I played a lot of Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, and Mortal Kombat 3; even more than the Street Fighter games. Ever the last decade, however, the series has seriously lost its way and become a real joke. In fact, aside from Mortal Kombat vs. DC (which is considered MK8) not many people can name off Mortal Kombats 5-7. Well, now with Warner Brothers Games owning the franchise, and the Chicago-based development team re-branded Netherrealm Studios; things may be looking up for the fighting series.

This April a rebooted Mortal Kombat is due out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (with a PC version a remote possibility). The game is going to focus on the classic characters from MK, MK2, and MK3 and is promised to be a return to traditional 2D gameplay, although with current three-dimensional graphics. The HP, LP, HK, LK controls are being replaced with a Tekken-style system where each button corresponds to an arm or leg. And the online system is planned to be extremely robust with a lot of attention paid to recreating the competitive nature of the old arcades.

The game is coming out in a standard edition, and there will be two different special editions. There’s a Kollector’s Edition that includes a Scorpion statue and art book, and a Tournament Edition that comes with a pretty nice arcade stick that almost looks like it was ripped out of an old Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet. The Kollector’s will go for $100 while the Tournament will set you back a whopping $150, but some people feel that’s worth it for an arcade stick.

Restaurant With Robot Waiters Opens In China!

At Dalu Robot Restaurant, a hot pot joint in China, you'll never have to tip the server or worry that he sneezed into your soup. The new eatery, which is coincidentally owned by a man who also heads up a robotics firm, is using C3PO-like bicycling robots to serve its customers. A few others look like R2D2, running along tracks.

But if you're expecting 4-star restaurant treatment, these aren't the droids you're looking for. They don't serve you so much as just stop long enough so that you can pluck off what you ordered from a tray.

Another video after the jump!

The restaurant also has creepy-looking humanoid robots that are made to dance and entertain. Since these haven't yet traipsed pass the "uncanny valley", they aren't exactly as charming as Summer Glau.
Still, the whole thing sounds a lot more sanitary than these monkey waiters (see below).


20 psychedelic strains of Star Wars-themed marijuana


20 psychedelic strains of Star Wars-themed marijuana

(image via lookingthemoon)