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Monday, August 20, 2007

If you think setting up dominoes takes talent, take a look at this...


Chismillionare's Save or Spend-

The latest issue of Money addresses whether you should spend extra for certain things because it is worth it or save on it because the cheap stuff is good enough or the expensive is not noticeably better. Lets take a look shall we:

Fridge Save
Microwave Save
Knives Spend
Cabinets Spend
Pepper Mill Spend
Garbage Disposal Save
Pots and Pans Spend
Food Porcessor Save

Chismillionare agrees on all counts except the garbage disposal and food processor which gets a who gives a F&^$

Sofa Spend
Blinds Save
Coffee Table Save
Flowers Spend
TV Save
Theater Save
Cables Save

Chismillionare disagrees on the Flowers, TV, Theater and cables.
Flowers have a very short lifespan with high maintenance and a limited audience. No need to spend more on them.

While you may get as good a picture on your 700 dollar Shinsonic plasma, Chismillionare feels paying a bit extra for materials, fit and finish and warranty is worth it, particularly with an asset having a useful life of 5-7 years. Don't think for one minute you've got the same thing as the guy with the 50" Pioneer Elite plasma because you don't.

Same thing with speakers. The home theater in a box at Wal Mart for 599 may be loud and have 5.1 surround, but it can't hold a candle to anything over at Bang & Olufsen or Bowers and Wilkins or KEF. Think about this- saving on these guarantees your speakers can never be a conversation starter. Not a good thing.

Cables are what hold your pricey equipment together. You are going to spend thousands on equipment and cheap out on a few hundred in cables?? Makes no sense. Don't be the guy who spent 200 extra on his receiver so now he can't get anything other than red yellow and white banana plugs!!!!

Desk Chair Spend
Printer/Scanner/Fax Save
Shredder Spend
Laptop Spend

Chismillionare says SAVE on a laptop. You can get a 15" screen with a Core Duo and 1GB of memory and a 120BG hard drive for about $500 running Vista Premium. Why spend $2000. It makes no sense. It they are selling you that to protect yourself against future obsolesence then it won't work because that is what their schtik is all the time. Why buy now then if it's just going to be worthless next year? Buy cheap, you won't notice a difference and if it gets all trashed, you don't have to worry about throwing the money out the window or making a homeowners claim. Exception for Mac laptops- thoughtful design, durable, a great user experience, terrific user support, great software(Iwork 08 is amazing) and it just plain works. Worth the $1500 I suppose but wait for Leopard before purschasing

Chismillionare says SAVE on a desk chair. Why is it that only people at work have $900 chairs, but at home nothing like that. A $200 leather office chair from Staples is fine. Actually a big green pilates ball works well too. Helps stretch the hips and lower back!!! As we all now blood flow is key. It's so these silly HR ergonomic people can have jobs and Herman Miller can say what cool people they are.

Mattress and Box Spring Spend
Sheets Spend
Comforter Save
Special Occasion Suit Spend
Everyday Suit Save
Diamonds Save
Pearls Save
Jeans Spend

Chismillionare says SKIP the everyday suit. To me, every time you wear a suit it should be a special occasion. It tells people, you mean business. It is the home field advantage of clothing. Chismillionare gets his custom done in Bangkok and Hong Kong for the price of everyday suits state side. In fact, the savings of international custom over domestic often pays for Chismillionare's trip. George Zimmer may tell you you'll like the way you look, but with top shelf stuff he won't need to, you'll know!!!

Driver Save
Grill Spend
Stationary Bike Save
Drill Save
Treadmill Spend
Golf Balls Save

Chismillionare says Spend on the driver but only when the tech is truly a breakthough(Shop for the shaft, it is the engine of a golf club). Fujikura, Aldila NV come to mind.
Same for the golf balls. Spend on the Pro V1 or Nike Platinum if you aren't a complete hacker. They are clearly better than anything else out there even though they are 45 a dozen.

SPEND on the drill!!!!!!. Come on, it's a few hundred. Buy the best you can afford as far as power and battery life. You'll have it for years. Bonus that the new lithium ion batteries allow smaller drills for female users to hang their nick nacks.

Cafe Con Piernas- Coffee with Legs-

El Capitan! Strikes Again


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Glamping - pseudo outdoor adventuring for the rich wuss crowd

When 6-year-old Ethan Bondick told his mom and dad he wanted to go fly-fishing in Montana, his well-heeled parents were stumped.

"We looked at each other and said, 'Oh, god, now what?' " said Gigi Bondick, 37, a "reformed" attorney whose husband works as a private-equity partner in Massachusetts.

"We're just not the camping kind of people. We don't pitch tents. We don't cook outdoors. We don't share a bathroom. It's just not going to happen. This is a kid who has never flown anything but first class or stayed anywhere other than a Four Seasons."

After typing "luxury" into a Google search along with "camping" and "Montana," the couple settled on The Resort at Paws Up, a 37,000-acre getaway in the heart of Big Sky country. It's a place for affluent travelers who want to enjoy the outdoors but can't fathom using a smelly outhouse, a place where paying someone to light the campfire is a badge of honor, not the mark of a Boy Scout flunky.


More about the p*ssy vacationers here.


Rindone's Last Night at Mintz Levin, I think we did him well! 

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David Berry video on microbe Biofuels

LG U990

With that said, the new LG U990 might look a little iPhone like, but it has plenty extra packed inside; a 5MP camera with Schneider Kreuznach optics, a 120 frames-per-second video camera (for super slo-mo), 3G HSDPA, 170MB internal memory (expandable with MicroSD cards), a 240 x 400 touch-screen and a music player.
The camera is the big deal here, though. The digital zoom is controlled by a twisting collar around the lens, which is also reported to function as a jog/shuttle dial to scrub through all that high-speed video footage. The U990 will be available on the "3" network in the fall. No price has yet been set, but don't expect it to be cheap.

This day in History 1953- Soviets have H bomb too

Dissident Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov, father of the Soviet H-bomb.
Physicist Andrei Sakharov, who would eventually become one of the USSR's most famous dissidents, was one of the chief designers of its hydrogen bomb. That weapon carried the explosive power of 400 kilotons of TNT, making it roughly 26 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped by the Americans on Hiroshima eight years earlier.
Thus began a long rivalry of bomb-test one-upmanship between the world's two superpowers, dragging on through the 1950s into the '60s.
The Soviets, especially, developed a fondness for the hydrogen bomb and tested increasingly powerful versions. The tests culminated in 1961 with the dropping of the so-called Tsar bomb, packing a 60-megaton wallop, making it the most powerful thermonuclear device ever detonated.

Yellow Card on Blass

As if duplicating my earlier post on the most expensive beers wasn't bad enough, he's also reverted to his "too lazy to post a picture or story snippet" posting style.


Top 3 World's Most Expensive Beer

Top 3 World's Most Expensive Beer

Swimming anyone?

When I was a kid, my dad never got us a pool because he said "every damn kid in the neighborhood will be in my yard." I suppose this is what he was afraid of. The picture above is a wave pool in Japan. If that's not freaky enough, go to the link below to see a video of the waves in acation.

Can Never be to Prepared - Safe Bedside Table

Safe Bedside Table

The Top 3 World's Most Expensive Beers

Maybe after Rindone graduates and has secured himself some cushy MBA-type job, we can all fly over to the UK and have him treat us to a pint of Vielle Bon Secours (pictured above) for the bargain basement price of only $78 per pint. Its only served at one bar in London - the Bierdrome.

Read about the other two (including some Sam Adams!) here.

Euclid's Elements- Best Book Ever Written?

So says Mr. Babbage in New Brunswick NJ
THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN BY A HUMAN. I'm not kidding and I'm not exaggerating; there is no way to express the joy of reading Euclid without sounding like a lunatic. There are very few books which reach their umpteenth thousandth edition without promising a posthumous infinity of bliss. The bliss of 'The Elements' is admittedly finite, but it delivers right away. This is an electrifying piece of work which has produced a chorus of rapture and inspiration lasting two millennia. Poets have penned homage to its beauty. Philosophers and mathematicians have wept. Theologians saw God in its perfection. As war, pestilence and plague tortured humanity, as the empires of despots rose and crumbled, the devout risked death rather than surrender this book. Why? Because they had read it.
It is a cure for math-phobia, and can be read by anyone who is at least a little studious and over the age of 12.

Chismillionare's Monday deal of the Week!

Magellan RoadMate 2200T Portable GPS w/ Built-in Maps

$179.99 reg $449.