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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scream 4 Leaked Teaser Trailer

By Krystal Clark
scream 4 29 6 10 kc Scream 4 Leaked Teaser Trailer
Saturday night, Spike TV held its annual Scream Awards, which featured our favorite stars from the horror and sci-fi genres. The cast from “The Vampire Diaries” was there, the folks from “Lost,” plus the reunited casts of Back to the Future and Scream. Neve Campbell, David Arquette, director Wes Craven along with newbie Emma Roberts took the stage and presented the audience with their first look at Scream 4 and for those of us who weren’t in attendance, the footage leaked online and you can watch it below…

Out of all the bootlegged versions circulating out there this is a pretty good copy. The trailer itself without the intro is about 50 seconds long and uses every horror convention in the book, which is what Scream is all about. There are several flashes of stars including Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin on a couch (looking like prime targets), Alison Brie from “Community,” and a slew of other faces, too many to mention.

The ending features a split cut between Sidney and Gale, where they’re both being subdued by the killer and as usual Gale is giving him lip. “Go ahead if you have the guts” is the closing line as Ghostface slashes down into her flesh. Overall, we’re going to give this trailer a “C.” It’s not particularly amazing and even though it features all those familiar faces and the things we love, it doesn’t have any tension. It’s a smorgasbord of cameos and that’s about it.

To be fair, this is only a teaser trailer so perhaps the theatrical version will be a lot better.
Scream 4 opens everywhere on April 15th

Landscape Architect's Office Fits In A Trailer, Follows His Work

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto

mobile office design xs/la photo
Image: XS/LA

Design used to take up a lot of space, with big draughting boards, huge drawings and interns to do all the repetitive and boring stuff. The computer changed everything and reduced the space and staff required to almost nothing. Andreas Stavropoulos of XS/LA tells Alex at Shedworking about his mobile office, built into a 2003 cargo trailer.
mobile office design xs/la photo interior
Image: XS/LA
The landscape architect writes:
The mobile studio is designed to unite the designer with the site. Equipped with a drafting table, small library, solar power, and wifi, the mobile studio doesn't just sit pretty, but it works hard. This original design and fabrication features an translucent skylight, which allows diffuse light to fully and shadowlessly illuminate the interior. The studio is particularly useful during the concept design stages, when clients are invited inside to provide initial feedback on conceptual design sketches.
It is a wonderful idea for a design professional, being up close and personal with the site and the trades. According to Sunset Magazine,
This isn't exactly the norm in the modern, virtual reality-driven world of landscape architecture. But Stavropoulos​--who earned his MLA from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2007--is a back-to-the-land kind of guy. He wants to ground his garden plans in the realities of the site, and he retrofitted the 6- by 10-foot cargo trailer to help him do that.
Oh, and did I mention that he lives in an Airstream trailer.
Image: Lloyd Alter

It is a lot smaller than Robert Boltman and Alex Bartlett's BSQ shipping container office, but the principle is the same: Your office is where your work is. The trailer is also more mobile; the Bsq. Container is languishing on a dead construction site right now, while Andreas can tow his office behind his Honda. It is smaller, lighter and ultimately more flexible. More at Bsq. Office in a Shipping Container

nissan van photo
Too bad Nissan never produced their NV200; It really made the office mobile.

'Glee' does GQ --- Did Lea Michele, Dianna Agron & Cory Monteith Go Too Far

'Glee' does GQ


Glee Rachel Finn Quinn
Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith are on the cover of GQ this month ... and famed photog Terry Richardson got them to really losen up in some extremely racy photos. (NOTE: ALL PHOTOS PROPERTY OF GQ by TERRY RICHARDSON)

 Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-11 

Well, actually, Lea's photos are really the only racy ones.  (We saved the raciest for last, so make sure to scoll all the way down.)

Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-1

Dianna's poses, photos and outfits are tame in comparison ...

Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-3

And Cory appears to be wearing enough clothes to costume the cast for an entire episode of 'Glee.'

Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-2

We can't help but wonder if Lea is overcompensating somehow.  We love her to bits, and think she is extraordinarily talented and we want to believe it when she says she feels beautiful, but in comparison to what Dianna seems to be exuding, which is a more modest and self-possessed side, Lea seems to be trying really hard to show herself as a sex bomb.  (She's succeeding, but...)
Take a look at these photos and let us know what you think.  Is this all just good fun or are you reading into it like we are?  If so, what are you seeing and what message do you think is being sent?

Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-12
Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-10
Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-5

Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-9
Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-8Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-6
Glee Rachel Finn Quinn-4

Keith Richards’ Autobiography: Setting Fire to Playboy Mansion, Hallucinating Cops As Dwarves Etc. Etc

By Travis Woods

Johnny Depp To Direct A Keith Richards Documentary  Keith Richards’ Autobiography: Setting Fire to Playboy Mansion, Hallucinating Cops As Dwarves Etc. Etc.
In honor of the coolest guitarist of all time’s upcoming autobiography, Life, The Guardian UK has collected a series of 20 staggering revelations from Keith Richards’ long and ludicrously storied life.  From getting caught dropping acid and mistaking his arresting police officers for dwarves, setting fire to the Playboy Mansion, injecting heroin in his “bum,” and swapping wives and lovers with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, Life is a cavalcade of ridiculous and extreme living.  It’s also pretty hilarious.  Check out a collection of the top five revelations after the jump.

1.  On the night of the infamous 1967 Redlands drug bust, Keef was so far gone on LSD that when the police arrived at his Sussex country mansion, he mistook them for uniformed dwarves, welcoming them in with open arms.
2.  He has tight veins. So tight, in fact, that he and his doctors struggle to find them; when he took heroin he had to inject it into his muscles, and sometimes the flesh of his bum. He describes this practice in the book as “interesting” but “not politically correct”.
3.  He once nearly burned down the Playboy Mansion (in his words: “basically it’s a whorehouse”). At a party in the 1970s, he and sax player Bobby Keys accidentally set fire to a bathroom while playing “smörgåsbord” with their doctor’s drugs. When staff finally broke down the door to put out the fire, a drugged-up Keef, oblivious to the flames, asked: “How dare you burst in on our private affair?”
4.  He’s a fan of the corny James Bond pun. Take this corker, for example, describing the night Brian Jones was taken to hospital after throwing a punch at then-girlfriend Anita Pallenberg and smashing his fist into a metal window frame: “He was never good at connecting with Anita.” Genius.
5.  He used to live in a Nazi mansion. In 1971, Keith moved with Pallenberg and their first son Marlon to a French villa named Nellcôte. During the German occupation of France in the second world war, Nellcôte was the local Gestapo headquarters, and there were still swastikas on the radiators when Keef arrived. It was there that the Stones recorded their 10th studio album, Exile on Main Street.

Marijuana on The Big Picture (PICS)

Marijuana on The Big Picture (PICS) — With marijuana on the ballot in four U.S. states this November, most prominently California's Proposition 19, which would fully legalize the substance, the legalization of marijuana has become a hot topic of discussion in North America. If pot were to become legal in California, it is unclear how that would affect the ongoing drug wars in...

some great pics here:

eLEGS Makes Walking Possible for Paraplegics

Bionic legs offer new mobility for the wheelchair-bound.

By Jaymi Heimbuch 
San Francisco, CA From

bionics Screengrab via video from BerkeleyBionics
Few things are likely more amazing than regaining the use of your legs if you're wheelchair bound. Berkeley Bionics has created an exoskeleton that allows a paraplegic person to stand up and walk. Typically, the inventions coming from the labs at Berkeley Bionics help add strength and endurance to people traveling long distances with heavy loads, such as military personnel. However, they've upped the bar on their inventions, so to speak, and unveiled eLEGS last week.

CEO Eythor Bender stated in a press conference, “Many of the 6 million Americans who live with some form of paralysis today were highly active and at the top of their game when they sustained their injury. As they research their options for increased mobility, they discover that wheelchairs are pretty much it... We want to enhance their independence and freedom of movement."

You can see from the video below that the possibilities of strength training and freedom of movement are extraordinary, thanks to the electronic exoskeleton. While it will be used primarily for rehabilitation at medical centers, one day it could possibly be used as an alternative for wheel chairs.

eLEGS is battery powered, and can go as quickly as 2 mph depending on the user's abilities and strength. It works by sensing the user's gestures and intentions to move forward, and reacts accordingly, a little bit like the brain-powered wheelchair.