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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scream 4 Leaked Teaser Trailer

By Krystal Clark
scream 4 29 6 10 kc Scream 4 Leaked Teaser Trailer
Saturday night, Spike TV held its annual Scream Awards, which featured our favorite stars from the horror and sci-fi genres. The cast from “The Vampire Diaries” was there, the folks from “Lost,” plus the reunited casts of Back to the Future and Scream. Neve Campbell, David Arquette, director Wes Craven along with newbie Emma Roberts took the stage and presented the audience with their first look at Scream 4 and for those of us who weren’t in attendance, the footage leaked online and you can watch it below…

Out of all the bootlegged versions circulating out there this is a pretty good copy. The trailer itself without the intro is about 50 seconds long and uses every horror convention in the book, which is what Scream is all about. There are several flashes of stars including Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin on a couch (looking like prime targets), Alison Brie from “Community,” and a slew of other faces, too many to mention.

The ending features a split cut between Sidney and Gale, where they’re both being subdued by the killer and as usual Gale is giving him lip. “Go ahead if you have the guts” is the closing line as Ghostface slashes down into her flesh. Overall, we’re going to give this trailer a “C.” It’s not particularly amazing and even though it features all those familiar faces and the things we love, it doesn’t have any tension. It’s a smorgasbord of cameos and that’s about it.

To be fair, this is only a teaser trailer so perhaps the theatrical version will be a lot better.
Scream 4 opens everywhere on April 15th