The traffic-stopping lights were changed by some ingenious and ever-so-slightly perverted prankster in a town in Nimwegen, Holland, which means that the video news report we have for you below is in Dutch. Just so you know.

To be honest, it makes it somehow more amusing for us as the intonation of the newsreader's voice varies depending on just what salaciousness he's talking about.

But despite its ingeniousness, there was one genuine problem with the prank – in order to keep seeing the green man and green woman, passers-by kept hitting the road-crossing button... making the traffic stop and start more and more.

"People kept pressing the button to see the couple having sex and of course every time they did, the traffic had to stop suddenly," one local police officer said. "We had quite a lot of rear end shunts from drivers who were too distracted."

Almost as distracting as these naked women showering on the side of the road, you might say...