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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

World's biggest slip and slide looks like world's most fun activity ever

World's biggest slip and slide looks like world's most fun activity ever

Well, this looks like fun: It’s the “world’s widest slip and slide,” in a man-made reservoir in Hawaii. Holy moly, this looks like the best way to spend an afternoon. Just me, my friends, our bodyboards, some dish soap to cut down on friction, and a staggeringly beautiful (though clearly off-limits) tropical location. Ah, youth:

(In case you were wondering how one gets out of the world’s widest slip and slide, watch carefully for the staircase. You can see people climbing it at 0:16, and see it pretty clearly at :23.)
Perhaps unsurprisingly, this video comes from the same director that brought us the stunning — and hypnotic — video of a huge bike jump into a pond:

Thousands of sharks spotted off Palm Beach

Courtesy: Steve Irwin
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PALM BEACH, Fla. - Pilot Steve Irwin has quite a fish tale, and he wasn't even fishing.
Irwin is a pilot with "Island Marine Services" based in Fort Pierce.
He said he was flying about 100 yards off of Palm Beach, at 80 mph, when he spotted thousands of sharks.
He pulled out his iPhone 4 and began taking pictures. He recorded the spectacular sight and wanted to share it.
One year ago this week a shark attacked and killed a man kiteboarding off of Stuart Beach.
In October a wave turned red following a shark attack in California. Two months earlier a shark terrified swimmers after it washed up on a New Jersey shore.
This is the time of year when sharks migrate and head for warmer waters. They also typically swim close to the shore while chasing after bait fish.
Experts point out that most shark bites are cases of mistaken identity. Following some simple rules can dramatically cut your odds of encountering a shark at all.

Fan Made Zelda Sword & Shield Replicas

Posted by: Dutch Mechanic

We all grew up playing Zelda games and wishing that we could brandish Link’s gear and save all the princesses from the dungeons. Now with blademaster Aaron’s help you’re one step closer. He has created these amazing replica’s of the weapons you see in the games.
The blades are made with resin, aluminum reinforced, and finished with automotive paint. Supposedly they are entirely accurate to the game. And they certainly look to be. I would use these if I were over here.
This replica of Link’s Master Sword from Zelda: Ocarina of Time is probably the most accurate cosplay safe collector prop out there. I spent a great deal of time making it myself, paying careful attention to every tiny detail, and sizing overall proportions to the concept art. The sword and sheath are in pristine condition, with a polish smooth surface down to 400 grit sandpaper, and finished with chrome paint. The sword measures about 42″ long, and weighs about 3 lbs. The sheath holds the blade firmly in place, and won’t fall out if shaken around.
Link’s Hylian Shield from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The surface of the shield was made of very strong resin to resist light impacts, while the inside was filled with foam to keep the weight down during cosplay. The shield measures a 29” x 19” inch surface area, and has an overall weight of about 5 lbs. The automotive paint gives a reflective chrome shine to the prop, and creates the appearance of a steel replica. The back is also adorned with a sturdy handle and leather arm strap for wielding right handed.

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This is way too much 90s awesome in one place

Left to right: Michael Jordan, Kidd, Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Play

Mountain Goats are unbelievable


Mountain Goats are unbelievable

Are you brave enough to climb a wall like that?
Here is a picture from another angle:

Video of the mountain goats in action:

Below is another example of an impossible climb by a mountain goat.

Rapper narrates "Dazed and Confused" in 2 minutes flat — The Kansas City rapper is breaking out a new format of speed-verse

 Mac Lethal - Dazed and Confused (in 120 seconds)

VW’s New Diesel-Electric Concept Gets 261 MPG

VW XL1 image

Volkswagen’s latest concept vehicle may look like something from the very distant future, but it could wind up on the road within a few short years. The Formula XL1 Concept combines a two-cylinder TDI engine, an electric motor, a lithium-ion battery pack, and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to attain over 260 miles per gallon.

In addition to this diesel-electric’s innovative powertrain, it features a plug-in system, low drag, and a bevy of lightweight materials to maximize fuel-efficiency. The Formula XL1 can also cover just over 20 miles on electric power alone for emissions-free driving. Technology proven in Formula 1 racing has also found its way into the Formula XL1, including the extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer parts to reduce weight.
“When the new millennium was ushered in, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Piëch formulated the visionary goal of bringing to the market a production car that was practical for everyday use with a fuel consumption of 1.0 liter per 100 km,” VW said in a statement. “In the new XL1, Volkswagen is demonstrating that this goal is now within reach.”
Inside, Volkswagen promises that the interior is well-suited for everyday practicality. Wing doors also make it easy to get in and out of this tiny two-seater.

One of the biggest variables in whether the Formula XL1 will get the green light for production is cost. But Volkswagen says it has found ways to significantly reduce production costs, and that factor alone could help this vehicle become a reality — at least in limited quantities.

VW XL1 rear image

VW XL1 front image
VW XL1 top image