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Friday, April 16, 2010

Hold on, where do you think you're going? Skydiver grabs glider's tail fin as they fly 2,100 metres up at 100mph

By Daily Mail Reporter


A skydiver has pulled off an astonishing stunt by climbing out of a glider's cockpit, crawling along the wing and then somersaulting underneath and stepping onto the wing of a second glider flying below.

Paul Steiner then moves back onto the main fuselage of the second glider while the first glider turns upside down and flies overhead so that he can reach up and hold the tail fin at 100mph, forming a human link between the two aircraft. He then leaps off and parachutes back to the ground.

The spectacular stunt, captured on YouTube, was carried out by the Red Bull skydive team 2,100 metres above the mountains in Styria, Austria. And they look mightily relieved as they returned to their airfield.



Austrian skydiver Paul Steiner reaches up to grab the tail fin of the upturned glider which he had been flying in only minutes before


Steiner sits on the wing of the lead glider at 100mph as he waits for the second glider to approach below


Steiner flips over the wing in preparation to jump on to the second glider as it approaches


Steiner sits on the wing of the second glider and lets go of the lead glider 2,100 metres above the mountains in Austria

Texas High School Gets $60 Million Football Stadium

Dr. Wedge Buster

Everything is bigger in Texas. And that includes high school football.

Allen High School, located in a growing suburb of Dallas, has approved the construction of a new stadium to house their football team that will break ground next month. The price tag is a whopping $60,000,000 and comes at a time when most school districts are slashing budgets just to keep their doors open.

So how does a school of 5,000 students justify a new, state-of-the-art stadium that seats 18,000 and a video scoreboard?

It’s because football is big business in Texas. Heck, they have the largest high school band with 800+ people (see video) so you can see that they go all out in Allen, Texas.

Allen High School is one of the largest schools in the state and their football team is one of the best. The Allen Eagles are winners of the Texas 5A state title and finished as the No. 2 team in the RivalsHigh Top 100 football rankings in 2008.

Allen Texas High School $60 Million Stadium

The new stadium will feature:

  • Video Scoreboard
  • Two level press box with film deck and Observation deck
  • Home side reserved seating with seat backs
  • 1,5000 additional parking spaces with 4,500 total parking spaces
  • 18,000 seat Stadium with upper deck seating including:
    • 5,000 reserved seating,
    • 2,700 General Admission
    • 4,000 Students
    • 5,300 Visitor
    • 1,000 Band

Their old stadium seats around 8,000 and was built 30 years ago. They bring in another 7,000 or so portable seats for fans to max it out. Many people stand to watch the game and a trip to the bathrooms can take quite awhile.

The facilities are outdated and overrun so having a new stadium constructed is not unexpected. Dropping $60 million is a little outrageous but this is the team that helped fill Texas Stadium with 50,000 last year.

And one way to look at it is that the new stadium is just half of the expenditure.

The stadium was part of a larger $120 million bond package passed in May 2009 that included nearly as much money for a state-of-the-art auditorium for performing arts.

The new Allen Eagles Stadium is set to open in 2012. You can take a virtual look at the new Stadium by clicking here.

20 Most Inventive Cupcakes Known To Man


Cupcakes are the new black. From kids’ birthday parties, to weddings, to any festive event, you will likely run into them. And why not? Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? But leave it to the creative culinary freaks of the web to take the trend to some crazy new levels. Whether in the form of a bakery devoted exclusively to cupcakes, a book, a blog, or even our new web series, “Copy & Pastry“, cupcake madness is clearly here to stay. But don’t take our word for it. Below, check out 20 of the most inventive cupcakes known to man. For some, we’ve even included links to recipes for you to try at home if you’re bold (or bored).

1. Cookie Monster Cupcakes

What says “yum” like two desserts in one? This creation is made up of vanilla cupcakes, blue icing and blue-dyed desiccated coconut to give Cookie Monster his puppet-like face. Just add the signature cookie in his mouth to round it out. Move over kids—nothing tempts adults like edible nostalgia.

2. Big Quench Slushie Cupcakes

It takes a true “Glee” fan to come up with a cupcake to honor Fox’s hit TV show. Or any red-blooded American who’s been hooked on slushies and 7-Eleven since they were a kid. Just start with some basic cupcakes, add colored icing, colored sugar, a Twizzler for the straw, and you’re all set.

Make your own

3. Toilet Cupcakes

We’re not sure what sort of person finds culinary inspiration in a toilet, but we have to admit, this is pretty impressive. And since most of us have hung our heads inside a bowl on a Sunday morning, the thought of eating one isn’t that far-fetched.

4. Obama Portrait Cupcakes

There is certainly no shortage of creative imagery and photography of the President flying around. But this cupcake craftsman took it to another level, using over 1,200 mini cupcakes with several colors of frosting to create this imaginative, tasty mosaic.

Make your own

5. iPhone Apps Cupcakes

It’s official: Apple has taken over the world. When iPhone apps become things we want to eat, it sure feels that way. This recipe uses plain chocolate cupcakes with grey icing and fondant to create each signature app. These puppies won the 2008 Cupcake Decorating Championship.

6. Mojito Cupcakes

Now you can have your cake and drink it, too. Nothing says dessert like sweets mixed with booze. Add the mint, lime juice, rum and lime zest to traditional vanilla cupcake batter, flavor the frosting with dark rum and garnish. Salud!

7. Pac Man Cupcakes

Take a basic cupcake and that ever-malleable paste, fondant (it’s the sugary, gooey stuff inside a creme egg that can be molded for decorative purposes) and you can make just about anything. Think World of Warcraft cupcakes and Grand Theft Auto cupcakes are in our future?

8. Brain Cupcakes

Interesting. It looks like a kid made the cupcakes, then just messed up the icing. But there is more thought behind brain cupcakes than meets the eye. Make them for your next graduation party.

9. Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Looks savory, tastes sweet. The recipe is a little demanding. You’ll be baking two different cupcakes, slicing off tops, adding the burger part, etc. But you’ll be the hero of your next Super Bowl party with these guys.

Make your own

10. Popcorn Cupcakes

Movie popcorn? Love it. Cupcakes? Always awesome. Combined? Brilliant. Take plain white cupcakes and add mini marshmallows (using the yellow ones with the white to create the popcorn look). For an extra touch, stick some of those butter popcorn-flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans in the frosting.

Make your own

11. Apple Pie Cupcakes

It doesn’t get more American than this. This wise baker mixed apple pie filling right into the batter. On top, Dutch apple jam and cinnamon vanilla bean buttercream create the beautiful apple pie look. Clever, indeed.

12. Van Gogh Cupcakes

Take 24 cupcakes and the patience and artistry to attempt to recreate Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and you get some visually impressive dessert options. With just a mix of icings and a masterful brush stroke, you, too, can create edible art.

13. Christmas Tree Decorative Cupcakes

Cupcakes fit with every holiday—Christmas, especially. Take some of that sneaky fondant (again) and a little icing, and make your cupcakes look just like the balls you hang on your Christmas tree.

14. Apple for Teacher Cupcakes

This one is a little more complicated, and a half donut coated in red sugar creates that full apple look. But it’s worth the extra effort to become the teacher’s pet.

Make your own

15. South Park Cupcakes

With icing and patience, it’s possible to put anything on a cupcake. And with their round faces, the “South Park” kids fit perfectly on a cupcake. Keep an eye on the Cartman cupcake. It might eat itself.

16. Werewolf Cupcakes

While Twilight mania continues to grip women of all ages, Taylor Lautner and New Moon reminded us that werewolves are cool, too. This recipe also contains a lot of detail (get ready for some serious face time with marshmallows and red Fruit Roll Ups), but you’ll surely impress your guests with these cool, creepy cupcakes.

Make your own

17. Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

From the same masterful duo that brought you the Apple and Van Gogh cupcakes, here’s a summertime treat made a little sweeter. Just use colored jelly beans to make the corn, then add colored sugar for the butter, salt and pepper, and see if you can fool anyone at the barbecue.

Make your own

18. Shark Attack Cupcakes

Another representative of the macabre cupcake genre, these shark cupcakes are made with Twinkie halves, icing and red fruit leather. Add some chocolate wafer cookies for the fins, and you’ve got yourself a sweet shark surprise.

Make your own

19. Coffee and Donuts Cupcakes

Wow. Make a coffee-flavored cupcake with icing, and then put a mini glazed donut on top. Simple genius. Cops’ health insurance may skyrocket, but who wouldn’t want to devour all those things rolled into one?

Make your own

20. Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

You read correctly. It’s an Irish Car Bomb shot, cupcake style. Guinness, Bailey’s and Jameson never tasted so sweet They may not be as pretty or as kid-friendly as some of the others, but booze and chocolate mixed together for an edible shot is incredibly inventive.

Apple patent application for 3D viewing glasses

by Lin Edwards
Apple patent application for 3D viewing glasses


( -- Apple has filed a patent application for electronic video spectacles that will allow wearers to watch films in 3D on the inside of the glasses. Fans have already nicknamed the gadget iSpecs.

Users would attach their , iPod, or other device to the spectacles, which have a special lens that can split the image into two frames — one for each eye — and then project the image onto the spectacles. The two images would create a stereoscopic effect since they would appear to have been taken from slightly different angles, and this would simulate 3D.

According to the patent application (number 20100079356) the images would be equivalent to high definition in quality, and sensors inside the spectacles would detect the precise location of the wearer’s eyes to ensure the image is projected at exactly the right place and is comfortable to watch. The device could be controlled by the wearer’s head movements, such as nodding or head shaking, or by voice control. Sound would be provided by earphones fitted into the device. To enhance the viewing experience, the spectacles could even vibrate in response to content such as explosions.

The spectacles would also incorporate a small camera and infrared sensors embedded in the frames to stream video of the surroundings to a smaller screen in the glasses if anyone approached or tried to gain their attention while they were watching the film. The aim of this system is to make people feel more comfortable about wearing the glasses in public, such as during plane, train, or bus trips.

Apple patent application for 3D viewing glasses

There are already a few video glasses that can be plugged into an iPod to allow viewers to watch films, but none offer 3-D viewing or high-quality images. Another drawback of the previous is that wearers are unable to see what is happening around them, which makes them reluctant to wear them in public.

Some have suspected the is a hoax since news of it was published on the Web on April 1st, but the US Patent and Trademark Office is unlikely to be involved in a hoax and the application was filed in late 2008. never comments on patent applications.

© 2010

Glee's 'Vogue' Vs. Madonna's 'Vogue': A Comparison

The Sue Sylvester video remake of "Vogue" debuted after Glee last night and it was pretty flawless. We thought we'd put it side-by-side with the original to see how the two stack up.

The biggest difference seems to come at the end, but the Glee version is very faithful to the original with some simple alterations here and there. Jane Lynch does a great job as a stand in for Madge, even if her dance moves seem a little overly rehearsed. The vocal track is all Sue Motherfucking Sylvester, but the spirit is all Madonna. Caution: this video will definitely make you excited for next week's all-Madonna episode of Glee and may possibly turn you gay. Thanks to commenter Rina for the idea.

[Video by Matt Toder]

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Journeys to the International Space Station - The Big Picture -

Journeys to the International Space Station - The Big Picture -

The Space Shuttle Discovery hurtles toward space after liftoff from Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 6:21 a.m. on April 5th, 2010. The seven-member is delivering the multi-purpose logistics module Leonardo, filled with supplies, a new crew sleeping quarters and science racks that will be transferred to the International Space Station's laboratories. The crew also will switch out a gyroscope on the station's truss, install a spare ammonia storage tank and retrieve a Japanese experiment from the station's exterior. (NASA/Tony Gray and Tom Farrar)

The Soyuz TMA-18 space ship is rolled out of a hangar to the launch pad at Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, March 31, 2010 for the start of the new Soyuz mission to the International Space Station on April 2, 2010. (REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin) #

Click here to see the whole gallery 38 pictures in total - Journeys to the International Space Station - The Big Picture -

Giant hammerhead caught off NSW

hammerhead shark

MONSTER: The hammerhead shark caught off the northern NSW coast. Picture:Claude Williamson, Northern Star Source: Supplied

A MONSTER hammerhead shark caught off NSW's northern coast could soon become a Queensland tourism attraction.

Famed Hervey Bay shark hunter Vic Hislop has bought the 1200kg, 5m monster and this week transported the amazing catch to Queensland.

The huge shark made headlines in northern NSW last month when it was caught by a fishing boat four nautical miles off the coast of Evans Head.

It had eaten a smaller shark hooked by the fishing boat and then became trapped itself.

At 5m long, the shark is longer than a family car and could probably comfortably fit a few family members inside its massive belly.

Researchers estimate the shark was at least 40 years old.

Speaking to The Courier-Mail, Mr Hislop said he had not decided whether to house the spectacular specimen at his Hervey Bay shark show.

"It's a magnificent specimen that's for sure," he said.

"I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet though.

"If I keep it there (at the shark museum) I will freeze it first."

Some species of hammerheads are on the global endangered list, but they are rarely implicated in attacks on humans.

Although that would be of little comfort to someone faced with a shark bigger than most Great Whites, the most feared of all sharks.

And Mr Hislop had even more chilling news.

"That's not the biggest one I've seen either," he said.

"I've caught bigger.

Crazy Old Man Growling Like a Dog

This old man gets all excited and paints a perfect picture for you. I think had he stayed and showed the dog this, he would of won the battle for sure. I can see the dog running away now.

Browser Speed Tests: iPhone's Mobile Safari vs. Opera Mini


Browser Speed Tests: iPhone's Mobile Safari  vs. Opera MiniThis morning Apple surprised everyone by approving the Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone and iPod touch, bringing one of the most popular mobile browsers to the most popular smartphone. So how does it stack up?

First of all, it's worth pointing out that Opera Mini has one big roadblock for iPhone and iPod touch users: Apple doesn't allow you to set any other application as the default for web browsing, so if you're opening links from other applications, like Mail, you'll still launch Mobile Safari when you click that link. (To use Opera Mini, you'd have to copy the link, close Mail, open Opera Mini, and paste the link.) That's a pretty big hurdle, but it's not the end of the world, especially since more and more apps display links in-app unless you explicitly choose to open a link in Safari. All that aside, you probably still open Safari directly when you want to do a lot of basic web browsing, so nothing's standing in the way of just launching Opera Mini in those instances instead.

So let's talk speed and performance. I don't have all the same options for testing these as we have when we do our normal browser performance tests (most notably, memory use is missing, but since multitasking isn't on the iPhone yet anyway, that doesn't much matter), but we'll try to tackle as many of the same tests as we can. (Also like our other performance tests, these aren't exactly scientific, but we do follow our own set of guidelines to get as accurate of results as we can on limited equipment. For these tests, I'm using my iPhone 3G.)

Browser Boot Up/Load Time; Split Decision... Probably Mobile Safari

This is a little bit of a tricky category. What I found when pitting the two against each other in launch time is that, while the Mobile Safari took significantly longer to launch from a cold start—that is, after having rebooted my iPhone entirely—it apparently resides in the iPhone's system memory from that point forward, meaning subsequent launches are nearly instantaneous. Opera, on the other hand, had a better cold startup time, but it doesn't have the benefit of sitting in the system memory, so every launch for Opera Mini is a "cold" launch.

Browser Speed Tests: iPhone's Mobile Safari  vs. Opera Mini

Page Load Time; Winner: Opera Mini

To measure page load times, I timed five or so page loads on several popular sites over Wi-Fi, threw out the highest and lowest for each site, and then averaged them all out. In this category, Opera Mini absolutely pummeled Mobile Safari, especially on full versions of web sites like the New York Times front page (which partially rendered in Mobile Safari before it finished loading, but continued loading for over 40 seconds time and again).

Browser Speed Tests: iPhone's Mobile Safari  vs. Opera Mini

JavaScript, DOM, CSS Speed; Winner: Mobile Safari

We used Mozilla's very cool Dramaeo browser performance testing tool to pit Mobile Safari's JavaScript, DOM, and CSS chops against Opera Mini's. Unfortunately, we learned pretty quickly that, while Mobile Safari slowly chugged through the test (slowly compared to desktop browsers, that is), Opera Mini failed to run with any of them.

That's not necessarily a huge black mark against the speed of Opera Mini, per se, since we couldn't actually pit the two against each other, but it speaks pretty loudly about which browser is currently capable of offering a more desktop-like experience, and that's Mobile Safari.

Keep in mind that we're not saying that a more desktop-like experience is necessarily preferable; you're on a mobile device, after all, and that desktop performance does seem to come with some trade-offs—like the page load times mentioned above.


It's pretty clear that, while Opera Mini features seriously impressive page load times, it's still behind Mobile Safari on several levels—some of its disadvantages are due to Safari's advantaged position as the system default, some of them probably have more to do with the youth of Opera Mini on the iPhone platform. You will, however, notice the considerably faster page loads when you're using Opera Mini, and with the web, speed is everything. If Opera could keep the speed and fix some of the rough edges, it could be really impressive.

Speed aside, use Opera Mini for a while and you'll quickly miss the smooth zooming of Mobile Safari and the nice font rendering. (When you're looking at a desktop version of a site zoomed all the way out on Opera Mini, the type renders as big blocks of color and is generally unreadable.)

Browser Speed Tests: iPhone's Mobile Safari  vs. Opera Mini(Click the image above for a closer look.)

Still, I'm holding out hope for Opera Mini. The speedy page loads alone make it an ideal browser for a quick lookup, and its tabbed browsing interface is, in my opinion, superior to Mobile Safari's.

If you've been kicking the tires on Opera Mini since its release this morning, let's hear how its measuring up for you in the comments.

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Chandler Woman Renting Out Retired Drug Dog to Patrol Teens' Bedrooms

Attention Valley teens: Just when you thought your weed stash was safely hidden from your parents, get ready to say "fuuuuucccck!"

A Chandler woman has started a business called Desert Drug Dog, where she rents out her retired, drug-sniffing dog to parents who suspect their teens of using drugs.

Amy Halm and her dog, Dargo, will come to your house and flip it for drugs like it's a mini-van at a border-patrol checkpoint. She'll even do it when the kids are at school so they'll never know how you found their stash.

Amy Halm Dargo hard at work

Dargo used to work for a police department in Indiana but has since retired and come to live with Halm in her Chandler home.

Halm tells New Times that Dargo had to leave his job as a working drug dog because, while he was great at sniffing out dope, he would often freak out if -- while he was searching for drugs -- a loud vehicle sped by.

Dargo's specialties are cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, and just about any other mind-altering substance your kids probably don't want you to find.

Halm's operation is fairly unobtrusive to parents -- Dargo doesn't scratch or dig when he finds something, just indicates that it's there, at which point Halm will come and put a sticky note where the dog suspects drugs to be hidden. Parents can handle what they find as they see fit.

Halm isn't limiting Dargo's work to suspect teens, though, Dargo's services can be used in businesses and schools, too.

For more information on Desert Drug Dog, click here.

Galatea SPA chair with laser touchscreen would relax Gen-X geeks

By Pankaj

galatea concept

When was the last time we heard of people spending more time and more money on those beautifying treatments? Um…sorry, we can’t even remember, since we have been noticing an upward rise in trend of people bringing these aromatherapy spas or whirlpool spas to home. However, there’s always a better way to experience that maximum comfort in the confines of your bathroom, and this is the reason why the personal SPA chair concept is being thought up. This personal SPA chair with an adjustable privacy dome provides personal entertainment on a laser touchscreen as you are being given a body massage. Dubbed Galatea, this SPA chair is equipped with internet access, electronic books, TV, music player, etc. and is operated through voice commands. Hiding the voice recognition receiver and speakers inside the dome, Galatea can talk to the individual and acts according to the command. Sounds like Minority Report!

STRIPPER LOVE! - The Wonderful World of Strippers (Graphic) There’s more to strippers than dollar bills, revealing clothes (or none at all), and a long slippery pole! Here are some interesting facts about the less risqué side of exotic dancing.

A Look at Stripping
Via: Online

Dutch Comedy Central Makes Real-Life South Park


To promote the new season of South Park, Dutch Comedy Central made this live-action video featuring our favorite kids. It seems some things are better animated, and Cartman's girth is one of them...this kid doesn't have nearly enough authori-tay.

[via The Daily What]

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The Roof...The Roof...The Roof is on FIRE!!

Definition Of Calm

Definition Of Calm

Lemme just finish my cig...then my beer...then I'll go. Maybe.

The Best 5 Year Old Baseball Player … EVER!

Ariel Antigua is The Best Five Year Old Baseball Player Ever!

April 12, 2010 – Matt Anaya

Wow, this kid is a stud.

Five year old Ariel Antigua from Lyndhurst, NJ is a do-it-all middle IF who is already hitting 85 MPH fastballs in the cage. A slick fielding potential shortstop, Antigua is on his way to something special and everyone around him knows it, just watch how people talk about him.

I do not know what I like most about him, yet. Perhaps his ability to go the other way so well as a five year old, or his slick fielding abilities. Either way, I love him.

Matt Anaya

Winscape - something out of Back to the Future 2

ryanhoagland April 13, 2010Introduction to the Winscape. See for more details.

Happy Van Damme Friday!! - Baby Birth!!