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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen Has Angered A Society of Warlocks

article written by: Andy Green

So, just when you think your brain couldn’t possible force in any more glorious Charlie Sheen winning, the internet goddess shines upon those of us who really don’t have much to do and from her tantalizing nether-regions squeezes out a golden game-changing egg filled with awesome like this.Charlie Sheen’s comparison of himself to the warlock community has set off a fiery seed within these harbinger’s of might and magic. Nay, shall they tolerate the insolence of someone who does not understand what it is to control the cosmos that goes around saying things that make “REAL” warlocks look silly!

A group of obviously unemployed mystics of the craft from Salem, Massachusetts performed a ceremony in which they “intervened” in Charlie’s use of the term “Warlock.”

Well, little do they know..that Charlie Sheen is not only a real warlock… he is one of the mightiest warlocks in the galaxy. Fueled by enough cocaine tiger’s blood to obliterate three solar systems.

Charlie Sheen continues his centuries long march across the sands of time to fulfill the curse placed upon his head by some mightier warlock…probably Gary Busey. This curse that sentenced Charlie to an insatiable zombie-like desire to bang as many prostitutes as possible while on the search for the ultimate state of mind.

So Salem warlocks/virgins, in the words of Iron Maiden — RUN TO THE HILLS… RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! You have tried to impose your will on the face of the almighty Sheen… and he proclaims with an echo through the mountains and a crash of lightning through the sky — “IT’S ON!”

March Madness Live Streaming Comes to iPad

By Jeremy Repanich

From every NCAA men’s basketball tourney game being broadcast in its entirety for the first time, to free live streams of each matchup on the web and iOS devices, the second half of March is pretty much booked for college basketball fans. Hopefully, their loved ones and bosses will understand.

Last year the NCAA signed a new deal with CBS and Turner Sports to share the tournament broadcast rights for the next 14 years. So starting this season, in addition to watching games on CBS, fans can tune in to TBS, TNT or truTV to catch the game they want to see most. Turner Sports also built on the existing March Madness On Demand online platform and Apple’s iTunes Store — to create live streams with enhanced statistics and social media integration for every contest, from the play-in game through the Final Four.

The result is a fan-friendly experience that lets you watch any game anywhere, which means streaming at work for many of us in those first couple days of March Madness. Luckily, the life-saving Boss button (clicked 3.94 million times during the 2010 tournament) is back to hide our viewing from disapproving superiors.

During the 2010 edition, 8.3 million unique viewers watched or listened to 11.7 million hours of online streams of the NCAA tournament. And 575,000 users saw the 2010 Duke-Butler championship online, a meager fraction of the 48.1 million people who caught the game on TV, but still a 70-percent increase compared to 2009. Michael Adamson, vice president of new products and services for Turner Sports, didn’t offer projections for this year to, but he does expect an uptick in viewers. That’s why his company been working to reserve backend bandwidth to ensure consistently smooth streaming for fans.

But the online experience wasn’t created just to kill our productivity at work. Turner Sports and the NCAA want you to log on at home, too, so it won’t just be a video stream. “One of our goals for this was to make March Madness On Demand a complement and a companion to watching the games on TV,” said Turner Sports senior VP Matt Hong.

Turner Sports crafted the interface with the knowledge that even when at home watching the games on TV, millions of sports geeks still have their computers Nearby. With MMOD, you’ll be able to queue highlights while the game is still in progress; enter your location and cable/satellite provider to find out which channel each game is on; track stats like team leaders, scoring streaks, biggest lead and foul trouble; and follow the buzz around the bracket with the social media interface, a new feature that Turner is pushing this year.

“There’s no question that the big buzz around the last two big live events — the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards — has been the impact of social media, and we wanted to tap into that,” Adamson said. “We’ll have people scouring social media services, paying attention to hashtags, to posts, to trends and being engaged every day.”

Each game will have a dedicated social media hub accompanying the live stream with producers populating a feed drawing on commentary from the sideline reporters, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the web. However, users won’t be able to directly input comments into the feed, so you’ll still need to tweet or update your Facebook status and hope the producers see it if you want your two cents added to the conversation.

In’s hands-on test of March Madness On Demand on an iPad, a laptop and an iPhone 4, those social media functions weren’t available through iOS apps, but you were able to tweet or post to Facebook without having to leave the app. Additionally, statistics are better integrated into the service’s web-based version, because checking game stats on the mobile apps shuts off the live stream. Then, switching back cues an ad to run before the game resumes and negatively affects the video resolution as the stream re-buffers. Despite these small quibbles, the interfaces work quite well with solid video streaming that looked great — even in full-screen mode.

The best new feature? Unlike last year, the mobile streaming apps are free.

Unfortunately, there’s bad news for Android users: Turner didn’t develop an app for their phones or tablets. Instead, it focused attention on Apple’s iOS and extending to the iPad. But Adamson assured that Turner plans to develop for Android in the future, and that because Android supports Flash, you can access the streams through your web browser like you would on a PC.

Now that you know you’ll have every game at your fingertips and on your big screen like never before, you’ve been given the blessing and curse of being even more dialed in to the gut-wrenching ups and downs of your bracket. Just remember the immutable law of the office NCAA pool: The person who knows the least about college basketball will most likely win. So have at it, Bracketologists.

Clear Creek Group employee on winning team of Gelande Quaffing World Championship in Teton Village!

by Jackson Hole

Gelande Quaffing from Expeer Visual on Vimeo.

Photo courtesy of Price Chambers/JH News & Guide

Employee Emily Schuparra and her team, TGTTNA, celebrating their win in the second round of the 2011 Gelande Quaffing World Championship on Wednesday in Teton Village. TGTTNA took the title from Storm Show Studios.

They even made it into photos on Powder Magazine’s website!


Imagine a contest based around sliding a beer down a table with the object being to drink as many beers in the shortest amount of time possible. This is a three round, two teams at a time, head-to-head contest with a scoring structure that awards extra points for catching beers a pint glass by the handle and doing a spin move beforehand. Yeah, you get the idea…an adult-beverage-fueled-kick-ass-contest. This is Gelande Quaffing.
Gelande Quaffing is an old Jackson Hole Air Force game that started back in the 80′s when a beer was slid down the bar at a local Jackson Hole watering hole and a JHAF member, acting on instinct, caught the pint moments before the beer hit the ground.

Carnival 2011 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Carnival Season for 2011 is nearing its end. All over the world, celebrations are held as a final party before the fasting of Lent, as a way to usher out the winter and welcome spring. Across Europe and the Americas, parades and festivals have been taking place for nearly a month, culminating in the largest, most famous party of all: the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The festivities in Rio continue until tomorrow, March 8th. Gathered below are images from the past several weeks of carnivals around the globe.

A Unidos da Tijuca samba school dancer performs during a carnival parade at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, early Monday March 7, 2011. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Naomi Cabrera Pulido, wearing a creation called "A hundred years of history" by Spanish designer Leo Martinez, reacts after being crowned queen in the annual carnival queen election gala at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife, March 2, 2011. (REUTERS/Santiago Ferrero) #

An entertainer dressed as a harlequin performs during a parade at the Barranquilla's carnival in Colombia March 5, 2011. (REUTERS/Jose Miguel Gomez) #

A woman dances amid orange smoke during the "Bloco da Lama", or Mud Block carnival group parade in Paraty, Brazil, Saturday, March 5, 2011. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) 

Disney's "Up" house created in real life and flown for National Geographic show

Visit for pictures from the amazing recreation of the flying house from Disney/Pixar's "Up" animated film.

For the upcoming show "How Hard Can It Be?" on the National Geographic Channel, engineers constructed a basic house structure and lifted it into the air for more than an hour by 300 weather balloons.

Discovery Leaving Space Station for the Last Time [500pics] — Discovery's astronauts got a special greeting Monday morning in advance of their departure from the International Space Station. Actor William Shatner, who played Capt. Kirk on the original "Star Trek" TV series, paid tribute to space shuttle Discovery's voyages over the decades. He said the shuttle has boldly gone and done what no spacecraft has done before.

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The iPad Stand That Attracted Over $100k Funding From Fans on Kickstarter

We had so many people sending us tips about the PadPivot stand today that I was beginning to suspect the designer had signed up for a multitude of alternative email addresses. Until I looked at Kickstarter, and saw that the $10,000 goal had been exceeded—by $106,426, with five days still to go.

At the time of writing, 2,851 people have backed the fundraising venture, pledging $116,426 to the cause. That's a lot of people desperate for an easier way to hold their tablets. The PadPivot doesn't just work with iPads, claims the designer, with all sorts of tablets and ereaders fitting in the stand's slot of sticking to the washable adhesive grap.

Take a look at the video below for examples of how the pivot works, on thighs and flat surfaces. I particularly like the way you can tilt the iPad for gaming, when it's used as a leg-brace. Most clever!

It'll be available from April, once the generous backers' money has been put towards manufacturing the stand.

[Kickstarter - Thanks to everyone who sent this to us!]

Color-Coded Plastic Ties Tell You Day Your Bread Was Baked

Turns out that the plastic tags and twists on loafs of bread aren't just for looking pretty, they are coded to indicate what day the bread was baked on, writes Wise Bread. The most commonly-used code for 5-day a week delivery is is blue for Monday, green for Tuesday, red for Thursday, white for Friday, and yellow for Saturday. It's a nifty "and now you know" factoid, though it probably won't save you from getting a stale loaf, because the shelf stockers for whom the code was designed are already doing that for you.